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6 Must-Know Benefits of Using Promotional Products to Build Your Brand

Written by, Raj

Updated June, 22, 2023

Promotional marketing campaigns have been used by small, and large, businesses around the nation to great success. By giving out free branded gifts, you’ll make customers appreciate your kindness and will make your brand’s public visibility explode. This strategy has been used time and time again to help companies soar to new heights of success. Here are six of the must-know benefits of using promotional products to build your brand: 

1. Unlock Low-Cost Marketing

When you use promotional marketing strategies, you are using a tried and true method of boosting and building your brand. However, most people don’t realize that it’s also an incredibly affordable way to market your brand. Most promotional material, even when it’s custom-made, can be bought in bulk for an incredibly low price point. You’ll be investing in a solid way to show customers that you care, and demonstrating that your brand has value for them. Many people buy bulk branded pens and other such merchandise, so they always have a free gift to hand out to customers. If you can successfully do so, you’ll find your brand becoming more successful than ever before. 

2. Boost Your Visibility

Visibility is everything when it comes to succeeding, especially if you’re in a crowded and competitive industry. For local companies especially, making yourself as visible to the public as humanly possible should be your number one marketing goal. If your product and/or services are quality, all you have to do is get yourself out there, and into the hands of consumers, for your business to become a success, after all. Promotional marketing helps your brand get in front of new eyes in a positive, value-filled fashion for a low, low price point. Few marketing strategies could hope to offer as much, for as little, as promotional marketing-based strategies. 

3. Organic Marketing Potential

If you’re giving away items that can be used or worn in public, you’re potentially creating an organic, IRL marketing campaign that can significantly boost your company’s reputation and reach. Imagine that you give out t-shirts or water bottles with your company’s name on them, and then the people that received them use them in public. People will then have either a  subconscious or full-on awareness of your brand. You’ll be reaching people who may have otherwise never known about your business, and the value it can bring to their lives. The more attractive you make your product to use/wear, the more successful your marketing campaign is likely to become. 

4. A “Usable Business Card”

Having a business card can do wonders for small businesses. Being able to hand out your information and brand in a non-confrontational, easygoing manner is great for making new potential customers. With promo items, you can add this same information to whatever you hand out, creating a “usable business card” that will help you score immediate brownie points with potential future customers. Giving away these gifts also serves as a wonderful icebreaker that can get you the “in” to discuss what your brand can offer to the potential customer. If you play your cards right, promotional marketing campaigns can work wonders. 

5. Built-in Repeatability 

Since you’ll be buying a bulk order of the promotional items you use for your campaign, you’ll likely have enough stock to use this marketing strategy again, and again, and again. Few marketing strategies have this type of built-in repeatability, so make sure to take advantage of this quality. Your creativity regarding how and when you hand out your promo items will be the only barrier that you’ll have to surpass. The more time and effort you put into brainstorming uses for your promo products, the better your overall campaign will become, after all. There are tons of potential ways to reach out using promotional marketing items, so be sure to research them, and find the strategy that will work best for your brand’s desired image. 

6. Crafting Customer Loyalty

If you’re giving out promo items to pre-existing customers, the free gift will help build and foster customer loyalty. If you’re competing with other similar businesses in your area, this is your weapon for getting the advantage and keeping customers coming into your shop. You never want to be overly aggressive with promotional marketing giveaway campaigns, but you do want to be consistent while using this strategy. With the right effort and luck, it could literally revolutionize your business in 2023. So, be sure to research what products will be best for your campaign, and start crafting your visibility-boosting promotional marketing campaign now.