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Green Chef Review


  • Color-coded and easy to follow recipe cards
  • Recycled and reusable packing materials
  • Nice welcome bonus


  • Pricing structure is confusing
  • Shipping Fee

Average Rating: A


If you’re an organic foodie who looks for an affordable and convenient way to cook healthy and delicious meals at home, you may want to give Green Chef a chance. A meal delivery service dedicated to providing wholesome, sustainable, pre-portioned ingredients, and great recipes for delicious dinners, Green Chef is like having a personal sous-chef. We went through several Green Chef reviews by customers and ordered a box ourselves to discover everything you need to know about this delivery service.

What’s in the box?

At the very beginning of our Green Chef review, we want to emphasize that the company’s mission is to do the heavy part of the cooking for you. They design the menus, pre-measure, pre-portion, and prep the ingredients which means you can remove the planning, grocery shopping, and prepping from your cooking routine but still enjoy delicious and healthy meals. The company has partnered with local farmers and artisans to provide a wide variety of GMO-free, sustainable, and USDA certified organic ingredients.

Alongside the produce and meat, the boxes also come with pre-made dressings and sauces, as well as natural spices. Green Chef is one of the best food subscription boxes which has a lot to offer for even the pickiest of eaters. Every box contains a chef-crafted recipe card that outlines the meal preparation step by step. Additionally, each ingredient and a recipe card is color-coded which eases the whole process for you. All Green Chef recipes can be ready in 30-45 minutes, leaving you plenty of free time.

How does it work?

The subscription process is very simple. Create an account at Green Chef, login, and pick your dietary and delivery preferences. Green Chef offers two menu plans – a 2-person plan and a family plan. Furthermore, Green Chef offers three different, certified gluten-free menus – Paleo, Keto, and Gluten-free – which is a huge benefit for those with gluten intolerance. The 2-person meal plan offers Omnivore, Carnivore, Vegan, and Vegetarian meal plans. You will receive two portions of the selected menu, three times a week, or a total of six meals weekly.

The family plans offer only Omnivore and Carnivore plans designed to serve a family of four. With each family plan, you will get two family dinners weekly. All meal recipes are carefully crafted by top chefs and adjusted to please both adults and children. According to a multitude of Green Chef reviews, if you want to serve more people with a menu offered only in the 2-person plan, order two or three boxes.

The family plans, as well as the omnivore and carnivore 2-person plans, can be further customized by choosing to drop out certain proteins like lamb, beef, pork, poultry, or fish. Green Chef enables you to choose the delivery day and frequency. You can choose any day from Monday to Friday and set a delivery weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Moreover, you are free to change the menu plan when convenient for you. Just make sure to do so at least seven days before your scheduled delivery.

Subscription Policies

Your subscription at Green Chef automatically renews each week, but you can cancel or skip an order at any time, seven days before the next delivery. If you wonder how to cancel Green Chef, let us assure you it’s an easy process – simply log into your account on the Green Chef website, go to ‘Account Info’ and click ‘Cancel subscription’.

Home Chef delivers in almost every part of the continental US, but not to Hawaii, Alaska, and few cities in Louisiana. The ingredients will retain the freshness thanks to the insulated and refrigerated boxes, so you don’t have to worry about them spoiling. Finally, note that Green Chef doesn’t offer free delivery – it costs $9 for every shipment. However, you might come across a Green Chef coupon code to save on your subscription plan.

How much does Green Chef cost?

As we stated in our Green Chef review, with the 2-person plan, you will receive three meals for two persons – or a total of six meals – each week. Green Chef charges per meal, and you can see the pricing details in the table below. As mentioned earlier, there are certain saving opportunities you can rely on. However, when comparing Green Chef vs Blue Apron promo codes, the latter seems to offer bigger savings than the first.


Price Per Meal

Price Per Box + Shipping

Vegetarian $10.49 $71.94
Vegan & Omnivore $11.99 $80.94
Carnivore & Gluten-free $13.49 $89.94
Paleo & Keto $14.99 $98.94


Boxes from the family plans are also billed per meal, and you can see the prices in the table below. When it comes to saving on meals from this program at Green Chef, Groupon coupons are a place to can look for a good deal. On the other hand, there are also other food subscription services with similar offers. That being said, you might want to check out the difference between Green Chef vs Sun Basket promo codes.


Price Per Meal

Price Per Box + Shipping

Family Omnivore Program $19.99 $104.92
Family Carnivore Program $12.99 $112.92

Green Chef Review – 2021 Rewards and Referral Programs

At Green Chef, you can both treat your friends and earn rewards for yourself. All you have to do is share the referral link through email or social media to gift your friend four free meals in their first order. As soon as they place their second order, you’ll earn a $25 credit that will be automatically applied to your next delivery.

Furthermore, when you become a loyal customer at Green Chef, you’ll start receiving ‘Free Gifts’ in your account. These gifts enable you to send a free week of Green Chef to your friends. In return, you will again receive a $25 credit towards your next delivery.

Occasionally, you will also receive special offer cards in your box which you can gift to your friends and family. Different cards will have different offers eligible for new customers only. Note that these special cards are different from Green Chef’s rewards and referral programs and you won’t receive credit when the offers are redeemed.

Green Chef Reviews – Final Verdict

While researching Green Chef reviews written by customers, we came to realize they love that this service delivers everything from comfort food to specialties from global cuisines prepared only using the finest and healthiest ingredients. No matter whether you’re a meat lover, vegan, vegetarian, or you’re following a gluten-free diet, Green Chef provides a meal plan for you, living completely up to their motto: ‘More organic. More flavor. More options’. So, if your priority is cooking non-GMO, sustainable foods without compromising your free time, Green Chef is the way to go.