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Bean Box Review


  • Coffees chosen from your preferences
  • Fresh coffee with interesting flavors
  • Multi-packs or coffee of the month
  • Customizable


  • Only whole bean
  • Price too high unless you pay for six months

Average Rating: A

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As the (un)official coffee capital of the United States, Seattle has many shopping alternatives when it comes to this wondrous brew. However, if you haven’t the time to check all of those stores out, there’s one that brings their business right to you. We’re talking, of course, about Bean Box, a coffee subscription box site which, according to all those raving Bean Box reviews, is one of the hottest around. If you’ve heard about it but have been hesitant to use their service; check out our Bean Box review to get a little taste of what you might expect from them.

What’s in the box?

So, what makes Bean Box stand out on the Seattle bean scene? Based on many Bean Box reviews we’ve seen so far, the Bean Box menu holds an impressively large selection of roasts from the best roasters in Seattle. Some of these roasters, however, come from Portland and other places around the US, which is a great way for customers to get their hands on some of the best roasts around the country. Every month, Bean Box picks featured roasts and lets you pick between several sampler boxes which contain four 1.8 oz bags. Naturally, all of the roasts contain whole beans and only whole beans – there are zero artificial ingredients in any of these roasts.

Bean Box always delivers your beans fresh so that they would retain as much flavor as possible before delivery, and their shipments take only about 48 hours to reach you (even though their official policy is 3-5 business days). While they usually ship on Wednesday, the folks at Bean Box try to synchronize their shipments with your particular plan and the roasts you’ve selected to make sure your beans are fresh when they arrive. You can also check the best coffee subscription box reviews, and see what good they have to say about Bean Box, and why they’re some of the best monthly subscription boxes around.

Types of Subscription

Bean Box offers monthly and yearly subscriptions for their samplers. As we said, they feature different roasts and roasters every month, but you aren’t stuck with their selection. Bean Box also gives you the option to pick a roast preference, so you can choose between light, medium, dark, and espresso roasts individually, in case you’ve got a particular taste for either of these. In addition, decaf lovers can choose from a selection of decaf roasts too.

In terms of size, Bean Box offers sampler boxes as a standard. However, they also offer 12-ounce bags too, and they offer special packages, like the Deluxe Seattle Coffee Tour package and the World Coffee Tour package, both of which contain 16 1.8 oz bags.

There’s also the Coffee of the Month offer that lets you purchase a single coffee bag according to your taste. Under the terms of this offer, you have the option to receive one bag of coffee a month, one bag every two weeks, or, if you really like your coffee, you can have them send you a bag every week.

All their shipments and subscriptions can be canceled or modified to your preference. If you’ve received a bag you didn’t like, you can contact them via mail at [email protected], and ask for a replacement. BeanBox.co also allows you to send gifts, both private and corporate. Some of the gifts are the World Coffee Tour Box, Deluxe Coffee Gifts, and Baskets, as well as coffee equipment for home brewing and corporate coffee gift baskets for when you really want to impress a client, and you find out they’re a coffee enthusiast.

Bean Box Reviews – 2021 Subscription Policies

One of the best things about Bean Box is their free trial. Upon your first subscription, your first month of Bean Box sampler boxes will be completely free. However, you will have to pay some $4 for shipping during that first month. After this, you can opt for a subscription for six months or a year. In case you decide to go with the Coffee of the Month deal, you’ll only pay according to the plan you’ve selected, and the offer shall automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. Naturally, all orders can be canceled at any time.

One of the best things about Bean Box is that they offer a loyalty program based on credit. For each purchase, you will get a refund of 10% in credits. You also earn five credits for referring a friend and one credit for each review you write. Also, if your referred friend decides to check out Bean Box, they get $5 off their first purchase. All of your credits get are valid for six months and can be redeemed on your next purchase during checkout.


Ok, but how much will all this cost you? Well, as we said, your first month of samplers is free. After that, you’ll pay $19 if you prepay for six months and $18 for a year. If you decide to go for Coffee of the Month, rates start at $23 a month, with the price coming at $21 for a six-month plan and $20 for the annual plan. Shipment of orders above $30 is free.

Gifts can be bought individually, but you can also gift a subscription. You can opt for a three-month plan, a six-month or an annual one, with the latter two saving you 10% and 15%, respectively. Naturally, these aren’t the only discounts you can benefit from, as there are great saving opportunities introduced by Bean Box promo codes as well.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, coffee enthusiasts, that’s our little Bean Box review. Indeed, this is one of the better coffee subscription sites out there, due to its outstanding selection and great pricing. Many Bean Box reviews by customers also praise the speed of their delivery, which, as you know, is crucial for the freshness of the roast. In any case, we highly recommend you try them out and check out their offers for yourself.