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Hint Water Review


  • The flavors are totally natural
  • Fast delivery
  • Mouth-watering flavors.


  • It is expensive
  • Shipping fee

Average Rating: A

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There are numerous Hint Water reviews, but there aren’t many that focus on the subscription types, policies, and other useful things that anyone who considers buying their products needs to know before making a purchase. In this Hint Water review article, you will find out how to book your monthly case of refreshing and healthy water delivered to your doorstep or office. If you’re tired of the plain water flavor, it’s time to make some changes.

What’s in the box?

You’ll surely agree that it’s not very convenient to make your own Hint Water at home. And if you had the time to test different flavors and aromas, there’s a chance you won’t get the unique taste that only Hint Water can deliver.

That’s why the company found the way to make your wish come true – by delivering the products right to your doorstep, completely on your terms. What makes Hint boxes one of the best monthly subscription boxes on the market is that they are crafted to suit everyone’s needs and requirements.

Don’t worry about changing the content of the box or delivery frequency or even your shipping address even after you’ve subscribed. The company has made the buying process so simple that you’ll have a lot of fun picking your favorite flavor and ordering a case of this naturally flavored water.

The best tasting Hint Water is designed to provide a rich fruity taste without using additional sugar or sweetener. How is that possible? By infusing the fruit flavor into the purified water, there’s no need for additional sweeteners and sugar to enrich the taste. Does Hint Water have stevia? The answer is no. It’s completely sugar-free and does not contain artificial sweeteners.

If that’s not enough and you want to find out what are the other natural flavors in Hint Water, choose between Hint original, Hint Fizz, and Hint Kick, the offsprings of the original line of Hint Water.

When you’re placing the order, you can choose between cases of three or six bottles in any taste you like. You can even change your preferences with every new order or choose between a variety of packs and custom-picked boxes.

Subscription Plans

In this Hint Water review, we mentioned the three main categories of Hint Water – original, Fizz, and Kick. We will now, however, take a closer look at what they bring to the menu. Hint Water Original is the perfect blend of fruit tastes. The flavors include pear, watermelon, grapefruit and pineapple (which is a limited-edition flavor), and even cucumber.

Then, there is Hint Fizz, sparkling water with delicious fruit flavors like cherry, strawberry and kiwi, grapefruit, peach, and watermelon, which will give you that additional note of refreshment.

Finally, Hint Kick is tasty flavored water with caffeine to help you get that boost of energy in the morning. The flavors are a bit spicier than the other two types of water, and you can enjoy apple and pear, black raspberry, and lemon and cayenne flavors.

One of the greatest things about Hint subscription boxes is that you can choose the delivery frequency and adjust it accordingly. You get to choose between bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly plans. The boxes come in different sizes, too. You can place a one-size order, but you can also use the benefits of ordering three, six, or twelve cases. Orders of at least three cases are delivered free of charge.

Office boxes, on the other hand, are crafted to make an essential addition to a working environment that invests in their employees’ health and proper dieting plan. The office box includes ten 12-bottle cases of Hint Water Original. You can place a one-time order or sign up for a renewable subscription which comes with a discount.

Aside from the office boxes, there is also a gift box subscription with the well-known Hint Water label. Gift boxes either include one or three cases, which become available after redeeming the gift coupon on the website. You can also send a coupon which can be used for purchases on any case of choice. Additionally, gift cards can be used for both full-price and partial purchases on the Hint Water website.

Hint Water Reviews – 2021 Subscription Policies

As outlined in may Hint Water reviews, customers appreciate the fact that they have the freedom to cancel their subscription anytime they want. If you want to do so yourself, log in to your account and choose the cancel option for one specific order or the whole bunch. The cancellation will be processed shortly. While there’s no free trial on Hint Water boxes, the fact that you can cancel your order anytime you want reduces the risk of making a rushed buying decision.

Hint Water doesn’t have a rewards program on offer, but they do offer a unique opportunity to become their affiliate partner. The benefits of becoming an affiliate include over 20% commission on each sale, 30-day cookies on your website, along with a $2 bonus for referrals that will register at Hint Water from the link on your website.


One of the things that many customers find intriguing is that some Hint Water retailers offer prices lower than the company itself. As stated on their website, it’s a matter of retailers’ choice when they’re going to apply certain discounts, promotions, and other perks for the customers. Another reason why Hint can’t offer lower prices on their products is that of the costs of transportation and shipping.

For shoppers who want to have a regular monthly supply of refreshing, soft beverage that will replace their need for soda drinks, the best choice is the home subscription. You can choose between single-bottle or pack subscriptions. Either way, orders can be customized by choosing the flavors you want and changing them with every new shipment.

The price for a single case of 12 bottles of Hint Water is $16. If you choose to subscribe to receive a pack for a certain period of time, you can get a significant discount. For example, for a Heck Yeah or a Variety Pack, you’ll get 14% off, and the entire box will cost you $18 (instead of $21, which is the price for a one-time order).

The Mega Pack subscription is a great choice for those who want to secure their case of fresh and tasty Hint Water each month. However, as mentioned in several Hint Water reviews, you will most likely want it to be a recurring automatic delivery which is available at the price of $48, both as a one-time order or a monthly subscription.

Business owners who want to improve the everyday habits of their employees or want to make a breakthrough in pursuing a healthier lifestyle within the working environment can opt for the office subscription. The office box contains ten cases of different Hint Water flavors and is available both as a one-time order priced at $164 and a monthly subscription which costs $150.

Note that office packs are excluded from regular Hint Water discounts such as the occasionally offered Hint Water promo code. However, they’re always delivered free of charge. Gift boxes, on the other hand, are available in two options. A single-case gift card will cost you $25, while a three-case gift box costs $66.

Hint Water Review Summary

As outlined in the majority of Hint Water reviews, this infused water is a great substitute for sugary drinks filled with carbs. There are plenty of delicious flavors to choose from, along with several convenient subscription alternatives. Regardless if you opt for making one-time purchases or subscribing to one of their plans, Hint Water’s pricing is reasonable anyway. Ultimately, a case of Hint Water would make an excellent gift – for you, your friends, or employees.