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Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review 2023 - Features, Pros, Cons, Alternatives, and More


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • It has a temperature control feature
  • The device has a sleek design
  • USB-C charging port/ Mini USB charging port.


  • The design is sleek but a bit slippery.
  • It needs a smartphone and WiFi connection to work.

Average Rating: 4.7

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Many of us are trained from childhood to clean our ears with cotton swabs after a shower, bath, or a dip in the pool.

It became a norm in our society until now, when research has shown that cleaning your ear wax can damage your ear.

How? Since cotton swabs are round and don’t have a hook that’ll latch on the ear wax, they push it close to the eardrum then pull out. As a result, most of us are damaging our ears without knowing.

So, what’s the best alternative to cotton swabs?

A growing company in West New York – Axel Glade, has found the solution, and we are here to evaluate whether their product is value for money or not. Therefore, in this Axel Glade ear cleaner review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the device, including its price, discounts, how it works, and what customers have to say about it.

Axel Glade Overview and Highlights

Axel Glade is a revolutionary product and the solution to our hygiene problem. That said, it lets you clean your ear efficiently by reaching corners a cotton swab won’t. Moreover, Axel Glade ear cleaner has a 3MPX camera that enables you to see inside your ear through your smartphone – you can download the Axel Glade ear cleaning app on your iOS and Android.

This product has been featured on many news channels (Fox News, ABC News) across the US and some of the most famous websites like Mashable.

After all, this is a product that we have all hoped to find sooner or later. However, if you are skeptical about sticking a silica swab in your ear, this Axel Glade ear cleaner review will help you clear any doubts you might have.

Who Is It Best For?

Axel Glade focuses on solving unpredicted ear-related hygiene problems, by offering an at-home solution. This is because the company noticed how this ‘ancient’ technology, Q tips, or cotton swabs, weren’t doing their job effectively.

Moreover, these methods of cleaning the ear were more harmful than good to your eardrums. Worst-case scenarios, you could end up losing the ability to hear if ear wax penetrates your eardrums.

Since the Axel Glade has been marketed to solve hygiene problems effectively, it does not have an exclusive market because it is the best solution for everyone.

Where Can We Buy Them?

These incredible ear cleaners can be purchased through Axel Glade’s website, Verishop, Axel Glade’s official Instagram account, and other online retailers.

Does It Support IOS/Android?

You can download the Axel Glade ear cleaning app on your iOS and Android. It is completely free for download and use.

Axel Glade Warranty

Axel Glade offers a one-year warranty for US citizens only. Additionally, the warranty kicks in as soon as the product is delivered to the shipping address.

Customers can avail of their warranty by contacting Axel Glade directly; even if the product is purchased from another source. Moreover, customers must provide the original bill of sale upon redeeming warranty services to Axel Glade or any of its authorized service centers.

How to Contact Axel Glade?

Contacting Axel Glade is possible both physically and online.

You can reach out to the company by going to their website, and if you have a question, you can view their ‘Help Center’ section. Otherwise, you can contact them via email at [email protected], and you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

Customers who prefer face-to-face interaction can visit Axel Glade headquarters, But we don’t think that would be necessary because they have a solid customer support team.

Key Features and Usage

What Are the Features of Axel Glade?

Axel Glade spade ear cleaner is a 21st century way of cleaning your eardrums, and it’s something we didn’t expect to show up on the market, to be honest. However, this goes to show that innovation is possible even in the most unusual places, like the inside of ears.

The Spade Camera

One of the most prominent features of the spade ear cleaner is the spade camera. It’s a small video device attached to the tip of the ear picks in the Spade ear cleaner.

This camera has 3MPX resolution taking you back to the days of Symbian cell phones. Nevertheless, who needs a 4K view of their ear? The 3MPX camera does an excellent job, and when it’s seen on the screens of the latest smartphones, you can see where you are poking.

The same camera can be used in the nose and mouth also, for better cleaning. You can also use this handy camera to view your kid’s cavities, and some out-of-the-box thinkers are using it as a magnifying glass to read books and legal documents.

Additionally, the Axel Spade camera has a temperature control system that keeps the device at the right temperature to give you a comfortable ear cleaning experience at home.

Cleaning Tools

The Axel ear cleaner comes with some of the best ear cleaner tools in the market that look nothing like cotton swabs. Instead of round silica, spade went with an ear shovel design. And the size of the ear shovel is just perfect. It slips inside your ear and cleans out wax-like taking out snow off your lawn in winter.

The device comes with the following components:

  • 23 EarPicks
  • a USB-C charging cable
  • Three Massage feathers
  • Three Alcohol Swabs,
  • and Two EarPicks rings.

Anyone can use the Axel ear cleaner, but adults need to monitor when their kids are using this device.

How Do You Use an Axel Spade?

Using the Axel Spade ear cleaner is pretty straightforward. Just attach the ear cleaner screws on the device, power it on, and connect with your cell phone.

Once you get a clear view from the camera, put it inside your ear and navigate through the sensitive areas to pull out the wax with its ear shovels.

What is the difference between Spade and Spade Mini?

Both products have the same camera (3MPX). However, they offer different perks and features.

For instance, the Spade has a six-axis directional gyroscope camera, whereas the Spade Mini offers only a three-axis directional gyroscope. So, with the Spade, you’ll be able to perform more movements inside the ear.

Furthermore, Axel Spade comes with twenty-three EarPicks, which is much more than what you’ll get with the Spade Mini (just two EarPicks). On the plus side, the Axel Glade Spade battery will last you for two whole months, and the Spade Mini battery life is no more than just two weeks.

You can charge the Spade via a USB-C charging port; and the Spade Mini through a mini USB charging port. Of course, both Spade and Spade Mini come at different prices.


How Much Does it Cost?

The Axel Glade ear wax removal tool offers three distinctive smart ear cleaner products with separate pricing:

  • The Spade Axel ear cleaner – which costs $126.99.
  • Spade Mini – just $62.99.
  • A Bundle: Spade + Spade Mini – the perfect bundle for no more than $189.98.

Aside from the offerings mentioned above, they have many accessories too. The accessories are categorized into which are compatible with the Spade product and which with the Spade Mini product.

Among them you can find the following offerings:

  • EarPicks
  • Annular EarPicks
  • EarPick Rings
  • A set of Clear EarPicks
  • Charging Cables
  • Massage Feathers,
  • and Spade Charging Kit.

Axel Glade Shipping Policy

The company’s shipping policy is well described and fully transparent since it can be accessed through its official site.

However, let’s go through the most important points from their policy.

How Long Does Axel Glade Take to Ship?

Axel Glade orders take one to two working days to process. Additionally, they offer two modes of shipping:

  • a standard shipping process that takes five to seven working days,
  • and expedited shipping that takes two to four days.

Do They Provide Tracking Information?

To ensure where your order is precise, the shipping company will send you a link to check/track the journey of your Axel Glade order.

Does it Offer Free Shipping?

The company offers free shipping anywhere in the USA; there are also discounted rates for international orders. The discount depends on your place of residence, but the international shipping charges are comparable to standard online rates.

Axel Glade Return Policy

Does It Offer Free Returns?

Axel Glade has a 60 days no-questions-asked return policy. To organize a return, customers have to contact Axel Glade via their email at [email protected].

Do Axel Glade Cancel Orders?

Lucky for those who change their minds, Axel Glade accepts the cancellation of orders. However, only if the cancellation is made before the order’s shipment.

Any Discounts/Promotions?

Currently, Axel Glade is offering up to a 22 percent end-of-year discount on their website.

These are the prices after the discount is applied:

What Are the Payment Options Available With Axel Glade?

Axel Glade covers almost all payment options available in the US and international markets. Therefore, you can pay via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, etc.).

Cash on delivery is not an option for international buyers.

Axel Glade Pros and Cons

Our reviews are dedicated to helping our readers make an informed purchase decision. Therefore, we enlist the pros and cons of every product we review, and Axel Glade is no exception.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • It has a temperature control feature
  • The device has a sleek design
  • USB-C charging port/ Mini USB charging port.
  • You can have a clear and exact picture of the inside of your ear canal.
  • Various accessories are being offered through their official site.
  • They offer free shipping on US orders.


  • It needs a smartphone and WiFi connection to work.
  • The design is sleek but a bit slippery.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

No review is complete unless you go through genuine and verified customer reviews and ratings. Consequently, we thought it would be best to do the right thing and present you with some more and less positive customer reviews.

Let’s check them out.

Positive Customer Reviews

The reviews mentioned above are by verified Axel Glade customers left on Trustpilot and the official Axel Glade Facebook Page.

What we mentioned is not even a tiny little bit of what we went through when reading Axel Glade’s customer reviews. However, one thing is for sure, most customers complimented the brand’s customer service and effectiveness of the device.

Negative Customer Reviews

The reviews mentioned above are by verified Axel Glade customers left on Trustpilot and the official Axel Glade Facebook Page.

Out of 223 reviews on Trustpilot, the brand only has 5% negative reviews, which is acceptable. Customers mostly complained about the device’s connectivity, and we noticed that the company was quick to respond on Trustpilot.

However, judging by the majority of negative reviews, it seems like there is a problem with the dispatch of orders or the courier they use. We say this because many comments were stating it has been months but they still haven’t received their Axel Glade order.

Customer Ratings

Here are some Axel Glade online ratings on various sites.

Website Star-Rating and No. of Customer Reviews
Trustpilot 4.7/5 – star rating — 220+ customer reviews
Official Axel Glade Facebook Page 3.7/5 – star rating — 30 customer reviews
AppGrooves 2.7/5 – star rating — 140+ customer reviews


We hear that Axel Glade is a one-of-a-kind smart ear cleaner product, however, that doesn’t mean there are no good-enough alternatives for it.

Axel Glade vs. Bebird

The Bebird and Axel Glade are more or less the same, of course, they have a few differences.

For starters, Bebird offers more ear wax cleaner products. Their products have a textured design that prevents slippage. Due to other excessive features, Bebird is, therefore, more expensive than most ear cleaners.

Nevertheless, as consumers and review analysts, we found that Axel Glade has all the ‘necessary’ features and nothing over the top. Although the design team of Axel Glade can take a few tips from Bebird, Axel Glade isn’t as slippery as people describe it to be. And yet, Spade doesn’t come with a CMOS image sensor, like the Bebird M9 Pro. But, Spade is equipped with a 3MPX camera to give you better visuals of the inside of your ear canal.

Good news everyone, both brands let you install an ear cleaning app whether that be your Android or iOS device.

The great thing about both Axel Glade and Bebird is that they have frequent promos and sales going on. And this makes for a perfect chance to get your hands on something really useful.

Axel Glade vs. Spade Mini

Axel Glade and Spade Mini share the same origins, but the former is the more sophisticated offering. Hence, both devices are similar in design but different in build quality.

Moreover, with Spade Mini, you get a device with only two weeks of battery life, compared to Axel Glade’s two-month battery. Plus, Spade Mini gives you only two earpicks and no storage base for them. Additionally, the battery life isn’t considered a massive downgrade because two weeks is enough time for an ear cleaner to be used.

However, managing different earpicks that you’ll eventually buy is a headache if you don’t have the storage base.

The Spade Mini is like the iPhone XR that you think you can live with, but it’s a compromise since most of the essential features are downgraded. For instance, you get three axes, a directional gyroscope, and a very slippery silicon chassis.


Alright, we’ve come to the end of this Axel Glade review, so let’s wrap it up.

Is Axel Glade Ear Cleaners Worth It?

The purpose of this review is to help you (our readers) make an informed purchase. If you lost track of all the information shared above, here is a quick recap.

If you want to practice good hygiene, Axel Glade is the way to go. It has an excellent silicon tip that’s comfortable to use and much safer than cotton swabs. It also has a camera that prevents you from blindly poking your ear. But features aside, the product has some excellent customer reviews, which make it a handsome investment. Ultimately, it can easily remove ear wax, saving you the trip to ENT (otolaryngologists) and a horrifying experience of ear wax removal.

However, as with most technological equipment, there is always room for improvement. The design could be more grip-friendly for starters because it can be slippery enough to go out of your grip. Perhaps the brand will consider this and make the necessary changes in its future models.

Nevertheless, Axel Glade has a reasonable price compared to what you get for the money. Whatsmore, you get 23 EarPicks and a storage unit that helps keep things organized. Investing in your Spade ear cleaner isn’t as risky as it might seem. You have 60 days to return the product, and you will be refunded the entire amount.

Overall, Axel Glade makes an excellent product with outstanding customer reviews. If you are looking for an easy and effective way to clean your ear, Axel Glade won’t disappoint you.


1. Is Axel Glade safe?

Thanks to its ear shovel design, Axel Glade is much safer than using cotton swabs. The device also has a camera that allows you to see what you are doing instead of poking around blindly. Consequently, the ear shovels grab if any ear wax and safely remove them from your ear.

Conversely, cotton swabs will push the ear wax deep inside and might lead to damage to your eardrums.

2. Do ear vacuums work?

Ear vacuums are effective (for some), but they certainly make up for an unpleasant experience. On the other hand, Axel Glade’s safety can’t be compared. After all, this is an effective at-home treatment that’ll save you at least $100 going to an ENT.