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20 Best Lesbian Love Quotes: Love Me Tender, Love Me True.

Written by, Eme Emilija

Updated March, 14, 2023

Are you in love with another woman?

If so, then you’ll undoubtedly appreciate these classic lesbian love quotes.

These quotes are perfect for when you want to express your love for your partner or simply remind yourself of how amazing it is to be in a relationship with another woman.

So without further ado, here are the 20 best lesbian love quotes of all time.

1. “Even If You Press Every Inch Of Your Body Against Mine, I’d Still Tell You: “Pull Me Closer.”

Have you ever felt like you want to become one, but still be able to hug, kiss, and hold them?

That’s the crazy true love, the never-ending sparkle of passion among two soul mates.

2. “Every Day I Spend With You Is The Best Day Of My Life”

Whatever you do, and wherever you are – the most breathtaking view and the most fantastic concert just aren’t pleasurable without her there.

At the same time, just lying in bed with her or having a boring TV night feels like the best day ever.

3. “My Prince Charming Is A Princess”

The LGBTQ society has become so much stronger and bigger lately. And it’s not as if they weren’t present all the time, but more suppressed and suffocated, with ideas like Prince Charming and Mr. Perfect that have been spread throughout our entire culture.

This quote breaks those standards with a single sentence.

4. “Love is Not About Two Different Genders; It’s About Two Thirsty Souls”

Whether someone accepts the gay community or not, this quote really makes them think. Gay and lesbian love is no different when two souls are hungry for each other’s love and touch.

5. “He’s a She – And She’s Amazing”

The quote to say when some loud outside crowd is constantly nagging about the one you’re not sharing with them. The ‘Mr. X’. Well – It’s a ‘Miss X” – and this is the ultimate quote to say or share to make that clear.

6. “The Best Feeling Is When You’re Able To Say: Yeah, She’s My Girlfriend”

Constantly, we see movies where the girl or boy are being hidden from friends or not going out in public — the same goes for same-sex relationships.

Feelings are universal, and jealousy and the feeling to stand out or show off are no less present in a lesbian relationship.

Being able to present yourself in your true colors has always been important.

7. “She’s My Role Model, My Travelling Companion, My Most Reliable Source Of Light, My Fortitude”

Being complete, a true friend, or someone with the same hobbies and interests, style, and glamour – is much easier in same-sex relationships.

8. “You Are The Woman Who Owns Me Completely And Irrevocably”

Imagine being tagged on this quote by the person you cherish the most?

Or, why not simply do the opposite and be the one to share this and tag her instead?

9. “The Best Smell In The World Is The Woman That You Love”

On the bright side – you can also share the same perfume with your loved one!

10. “When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Girlfriends, It Feels Like You’ve Won The Jackpot.”

What’s love without friendship?

And for straight couples, this rarely comes into consideration — that’s mostly the source of their future disagreements.

It’s not as if lesbians don’t have their own friends, but in most cases, lesbian couples were initially friends, to begin with.

11. “They Say You Only Fall In Love Once, But That Can’t Be True. Every Time I Look At You, I Fall In Love All Over Again.”

This quote is absolute proof that lesbian love can be and is romantic beyond anything.

12. “True Love Is Like A Pair Of Socks – You Gotta Have Two And They Gotta Match”

Not as if there isn’t a possibility for true love among straight people – but this quote perfectly touches the essence of lesbian relationships and lesbian love.

13. “We’re Both The Girl In The Relationship – That’s Kinda The Point”

Oh, SNAP! Another one of those quotes to shush boring stubborn questions coming from people who look at lesbians as “freaks.”

14. “Staring At Her And Thinking – How Did A Girl Like Her End UP With A Girl Like Me?”

This is the perfect quote to pay tribute to your girlfriend when you can’t think of what else to say to make her day. Or even you can use it in a way to tell you’re sorry after a fight.

15. “I Kissed A Girl And The Whole World Melted Away”

You can either interpret this as the first lesbian kiss for someone – or that it was the kiss that sealed the destiny between two girls.

16. “I’m Not A Lesbian, But My Girlfriend Is”

Funny, silencing, and definitely – the last sentence to end a stupid, meaningless conversation about same-sex relationships.

17. “I’d Never Fallen In Love With A Woman. But When I Did, It Didn’t Seem So Strange.”

This famous quote echoed the global society after ‘Sex and The City’ star Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) spoke about her lesbian relationship after a lifetime of dating men exclusively.

FYI, she’s now married to her lesbian girl, Christine Marinoni.

18. “I Didn’t Know How To Not Be With Her”

Stand-up comedian Tig Notaro has devoted this quote to her loving wife, Stephanie Allynne.

And what’s a better way to say that you’d be lost and unable to survive without your other half of the soul?

19. “You’re The Girl That I’ve Been Dreaming Of Ever Since I Was A Little Girl.”

Stylish, barrier-breaking, and profound. This quote connects the past and future in a simple sentence and breaks the myth that there’s no such thing as a ‘born lesbian.’

20. “I Crown You The Queen Of My Heart”

Hearing wedding bells ring? This can be perfect for your wedding vows or simply – a quote to share with your girl to let her know how important she is to you.

Maybe you want to move in together? Or take your relationship to the next level? This quote says it all!

Finishing Up

Love is a universal feeling.

The goosebumps, the feeling of being incomplete without your girl. Her smile. Her lazy morning coffees. And her angry eyebrows that are making you fall even more for her.

Haven’t we explained it all through these 20 best lesbian quotes of all time?!