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45+ Bitcoin Statistics You Need to Know In 2023

Written by, Sandeep Kumar

Updated March, 13, 2023

Cryptocurrency open-source software initiated from the blockchain, with Bitcoin achieving prominence as one of the first cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Fascinating Bitcoin Facts (Editor’s Pick)

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced to the financial market and has opened the doors for innovation and investments in the industry. Here are some fascinating Bitcoin facts:

  • Bitcoin has over 70 million users.
  • Bitcoins are being accepted by more than 15.000 businesses worldwide.
  • There are about 14.000 Bitcoin ATMs around the world.
  • Bitcoin, with a one trillion dollar market cap, has the largest market value cap in cryptocurrencies.
  • There are more than seventy million Bitcoin wallets currently.
  • The value of Bitcoin is predicted to reach $100.000 by 2030.
  • Over 300.000 Bitcoin transactions are recorded a day around the world.
  • Bitcoin’s total output value per day is at a current level of over 2M.
  • More than 800 new Bitcoins are being mined every day.

The success of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, in general, is hidden from no one. What started as tech innovation a decade and a half ago is now a significant part of the world’s financial market, with recognition from stakeholders’ world over.

Cryptocurrency open-source software initiated from the blockchain, with Bitcoin achieving prominence as one of the first cryptocurrencies on the platform. Ever since its arrival, Bitcoin has followed an upward tangent and has gone from one step to another to reach the heights it has today.

Read this article to find some fascinating Bitcoin statistics and facts. Prepare to be blown away by the progress of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Usage

Bitcoin’s popularity is spreading worldwide today as many people turn to it for anonymous or secure payment avenues.

1. Bitcoin has over 70 million users.

Source: Statista

Bitcoin is known to have over 70 million users today, following the latest recorded numbers since March 2021. Online crypto wallets make it easy to purchase wallets online and securely store your Bitcoin.

2. Slightly over 1 percent of the world’s total population uses Bitcoin.

Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

If we were to go by the number of Bitcoin users identified above, currently, precisely 1.3 percent of the whole world’s population uses Bitcoins.

3. Bitcoins are being accepted by more than 15.000 businesses worldwide.

Source: Fundera

The popularity of Bitcoins is at a growth curve as more than 15.000 global businesses currently accept these coins. The exact figure amounts to no more than 15.174 businesses which are spread across multiple industries.

4. There are over 18.5 million Bitcoins currently.

Source: Investopedia

It is believed that a total of twenty-one million Bitcoins can be mined. That being said, there are exactly 18.638 million Bitcoins inflow at present. Therefore, there is room for no more than 2.362 million more coins to be mined by miners, according to a recent report by Investopedia (2021).

5. There are about 14.000 Bitcoin ATMs around the world.

Source: Statista

A Statista report from 2021 stated that there are 14.000 Bitcoin ATMs, more or less, scattered all over the globe. Moreover, these ATMs help use Bitcoin for traditional cash payments.

6. There are Bitcoin ATMs in almost 60 countries across the globe.

Source: Statista

Following the January report for 2021 by Statista, it’s safe to state there are nearly 60 countries that offer Bitcoin ATMs. In addition to this, the biggest number of these ATMs are in the USA (11.386). Opposed to just one ATM solely, in countries like Kenya, Ecuador, Nigeria, India, or Barbados.

7. The Bitcoin blockchain has a size of over 330 GB.

Sources: Statista, Medium

The Bitcoin blockchain has rapidly grown from 2014 onwards and is currently at its highest. At present, the Bitcoin blockchain has a size of over 329.72 GB. Meaning, the blockchain is currently growing at a pace of 1 GB every few days.

8. Bitcoin, with a one trillion dollar market cap, has the largest market value cap in cryptocurrencies.

Sources: Bloomberg, Visual Capitalist

Bitcoin is the largest of all cryptocurrencies when it comes to market value. This cryptocurrency has a market cap of over 1 T dollars alone. The five cryptocurrencies coming after the Bitcoin on the list combined make up a cap of 422 bn.

9. The United States has the highest number of crypto users.

Sources: Statista, Medium, BBC News

The United States has the highest number of crypto users in the world. However, if you considered the total percentage concerning the total population, Nigeria would come on top. Just in 2020, more than 30 percent of the Nigerian population stated they own or were using Bitcoin.

10. A small part of less than one percent of Bitcoin is used for illegal activity.

Source: CNBC

In a CNBC report (2020), it was stated that less than a percent, or to be more precise, 0.34 percent of the total Bitcoin transaction volume is used for illegal activities by internet hackers and scammers. Compared to 2019, this points out to a drop of more or less two percent of the total transaction of cryptocurrencies.

11. Above two million Bitcoins are yet to be mined.

Sources: Investopedia, Onya Magazine

According to the latest source leakage (2021), there are still precisely 2.362 million more coins waiting to be mined.

12. Today, you can track and monitor your Bitcoin’s transaction status live.

Source: Blockchain

Live Bitcoin transactions are happening on the blockchain every few days. All you have to do is visit one of the sites that make this possible. For instance, go ahead and visit this site and witness the transactions live.

13. Bitcoin is traded in 44 countries worldwide.

Sources: Statista, World Economic Forum

While it is hard to determine Bitcoin usage by country, we did some in-depth research and came up with as many as 44 countries worldwide that participate in the legal trading of Bitcoin resources. Here are some of those countries:

  • Nigeria – thirty-three percent of their population is using Bitcoin.
  • Vietnam – twenty-one percent of them have been or are still using Bitcoin.
  • Philippines – twenty percent of the population is involved in Bitcoin trading or usage.
  • Peru – sixteen percent of the total population, has indulged in Bitcoin trading and usage.

14. A thousand US dollars are worth 0.024 bitcoins today.

Source: WalletInvestor

How much is $1000 in bitcoin today? Following the WalIet Investor online exchange calculator, today for $1.000 you can get precisely 0.024 BTC.

And if you want to check whether this exchange is accurate, you can do so with the many online bitcoin exchange calculators. Since their value is updated daily, you are in for accurate conversion.

Bitcoin Trends

Bitcoin is fast emerging as a force to reckon with and has several trends going in its favor.

15. There are more than seventy million Bitcoin wallets currently.

Sources: Backlinko, Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, Statista

The world of Bitcoin is expanding quickly, as there are more than 64 million Bitcoin wallets currently. We know that more than seventy million people have invested in Bitcoin, so it is fair to say that the distribution of wallets is just as we would have expected.

However, Coinbase seems to be the leading provider for Bitcoin wallets, as it has over six million monthly transacting users. With that said, you should know that these figures were recorded in the first quarter of 2021. Though, when you sum up these figures, it turns out that nearly 11 percent of all Bitcoin wallets get hosted on Coinbase.

16. Bitcoin is being adopted more and more by a number of Institutions.

Sources: CoinDesk, Forbes

Institutions around the world are adopting and implementing the use of Bitcoin across their processes. Seems like exchanges such as Coinbase Pro are considered the preferred institutions to buy and sell Bitcoin. Nonetheless, institutions that deal in Bitcoin prefer such exchanges due to the authenticity of their operations.

Another proof of the significant increase of institutional investments coming to Bitcoin is Forbes’s latest reports. Forbes reported that even the local areas are considering converting their funds into Bitcoins as well.

17. Bitcoins are mined in over 10 countries.

Sources: Statista, CNBC

Many countries mine Bitcoins, but the prominent bulk of most mining is done in no less than ten countries, as per Bitcoin mining stats. However, out of these ten countries, China accounts for the highest percentage of mining—developers in the country use systems to mine over 65 percent of the world’s total crypto load. Following China are the United States (with 7.24 percent) and Russia (with almost 7 percent) mining shares.

18. The value of Bitcoin is predicted to reach $100.000 by 2030.

Source: Medium

Given that the market volume and the value of Bitcoin are directly related to the number of transactions done with the currency. In other words, when people start transacting with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency sees a significant rise in popularity and market rate.

Consequently, analysts and researchers are convinced that the upward trajectory is expected to continue through much of the 2020s and that expected Bitcoin projections will hit a peak of over $100.000 by 2030. This will most certainly lure investors looking for extraordinary returns.

19. Some analysts speculate for Bitcoin to gain a value of a million dollars a coin somewhere in the future.

Sources: PrimeXBT, Libertex

We already know that Bitcoin is foreseen to reach $100.00 just by 2030. However, by the looks of things, Bitcoin is giving away signals that it shouldn’t come as a shock if it reaches a value of a million dollars a coin by 2050. But, these are predictions way into the future. Presently, Bitcoin is considered a decent investment avenue with a significant return on offer.

20. The increase in trading is one of the three most prominent crypto trends for 2022.

Source: Acquisition International

There are various reasons why the cryptocurrency market is so popular, and real-time market circumstances are among them. Cryptocurrency is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology that creates decentralized ledgers and tokens completely independent from outside influence.

Take a look at the three most significant crypto trends that await in 2022:

  1. More use cases will appear from cryptocurrency.
  2. The market will note higher trading activity.
  3. Cryptocurrencies will mark a more extensive acceptance by the traditional financial system.

For instance, El Salvador became the first country to make bitcoin a legal currency in September. At the same time, other governments are attempting to develop their own crypto assets that are supported by the central government.

21. By the end of 2025, Bitcoin is predicted to be worth $126.127.

Sources: NextAdvisor, Analytics Insight

Thoughts regarding bitcoin’s price prediction for 2022 are divided. Some are convinced its price will go up, while others not so much.

With no further delay, let’s go through some bitcoin price predictions (2022-2025):

  • Bitcoin started the year (2022) at precisely $46.657.53. Given that critical trading variables have remained constant, the price prediction shows that many people believe Bitcoin will touch $50.000 by the end of 2022.
  • Experts predict that BTC will end 2023 at a price of $79.538.
  • It is anticipated that the mid-year 2024 value of BTC will be $87.354, implying that a single coin would be worth more than $100.000 at the finish of 2024. Compared to the 2022 bitcoin value, this would be an enormous growth.

Remember that this is just a guess, i.e., expert’s predictions; things may shift drastically over the next several years.

22. By 2025, bitcoin’s market capitalization will reach over $100 million.

Source: techjournal

According to various experts on crypto market cap 2025 prediction, bitcoin will begin trading in 2025 between $42 and $61 million. Therefore, following this prediction, experts continue saying that by 2030, the crypto market value will be an incredible $406.000.

23. Bitcoin is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies that will undoubtedly survive the exchange crypto market.

Sources: The Money Mongers, Captain Finance

There are plenty of cryptos to choose from, but only a few are promising. Hence, only a few of the many coins that are now mining and tradeable stand out as potentially useful to a larger audience.

These are the other cryptocurrencies that stand an excellent chance of surviving the crypto market:

  • Ethereum
  • HTML Coin
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash
  • Monero
  • Binance Coin
  • Cardano
  • Decred, etc.

Bitcoin in Companies

The use of bitcoin across companies and institutions is on the rise. Here are some figures to prove we are not mistaken.

24. More than 33% of small to medium American businesses started to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Sources: 99 Bitcoins, Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, Coinbase

Many companies and global vendors now accept transactions done through Bitcoin. Some of these prominent companies include:

  • Wikipedia – donations can be made in the form of Bitcoin nowadays.
  • Microsoft – you can use your Bitcoins to recharge your account with them.
  • Overstock – you can make online purchases by using Bitcoin.
  • AT&T – payments are no longer a problem, not when you can pay via BitPay.
  • Burger King – Bitcoins can be used as a payment method in the Burger King branches in Venezuela and Germany (available for online orders).
  • Twitch – you can use Bitcoins to pay for the services they offer.

Apart from this small portion of businesses that started accepting digital money, there are many others too.

To start with, the online eCommerce industry is taking the trend forward through payment gateways that accept Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies. Additionally, hotels and restaurants, online casinos and charity events, and many other smaller and medium-size businesses (worldwide) are also promoting the use of Bitcoin.

For instance, charity events use Bitcoin funding as a means to generate resources. You can also pay for a hotel room (in some hotels), book a flight (also with certain airlines), etc.

It is more than obvious how Bitcoin acceptance as a medium of payment increases the coin’s popularity.

Bitcoin Engagement

Engagement levels for Bitcoin are also on the rise today and have reached new heights.

25. Nearly 61 percent of Bitcoin users prefer Chrome over all other browsers.

Source: Coin Dance

The latest Google Analytics pointed out that almost 61 percent of all Bitcoin users are known to carry out a significant bulk of their transactions through Google Chrome. On the other hand, nearly 7 percent of users trust Firefox, and more than 20 percent choose Safari as their trusted browser.

26. More than 60% of people use their Bitcoin wallets via desktop systems.

Sources: Coin Dance, Yahoo! Finance

Desktop systems are the favorite device for Bitcoin users to transact online. Google Analytics discovered that slightly over 62 percent of users access their wallets from desktops. In comparison, a bit more than 34 percent do so from their mobiles. And a mere 3 percent turn to their tablets for Bitcoin online transactions.

27. Over 300.000 Bitcoin transactions are recorded a day around the world.

Sources: Statista, YCharts

A Statista report (2021) unveiled the fact that there are nearly 400.000 Bitcoin transactions a day. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since we know how fast Bitcoin is making its way into our daily lives. However, this is a drastic increase of around 100.000, taking into consideration the year 2020. Since 2020, the daily number of Bitcoin transactions made was somewhat more than 320.000. And the numbers keep increasing as time passes.

28. Bitcoin occupies not even 1% of the money assets worldwide.

Source: Investopedia

Even though it seems like Bitcoin is occupying a considerable part of the money assets around the globe, that’s not the case. According to the latest report on Bitcoin value stats, it was declared that Bitcoin represents less than a percent of the total money world—to be more precise, 0.4 percent. However, this figure was evaluated back in 2020, and the ratio most certainly has increased due to the rapid rise in Bitcoin’s market value.

29. Six confirmations, on average, provide a guarantee of a successful Bitcoin transaction.

Sources: Coinbase, BITCOINS.net

The latest Bitcoin transaction analysis showed that, on average, six confirmations are just enough to be sure your Bitcoin transaction was a success. However, the number of confirmations differs.

For example, Coinbase needs a minimum of three confirmations for a Bitcoin transaction to be finalized.

30. The average Bitcoin confirmation time is no less than ten minutes.

Source: Zendesk

On average, it takes ten minutes for a transaction on the BTC chain to be confirmed. Bitcoin transaction speed is outstanding, and thanks to it, all you need is ten minutes to confirm one BTC confirmation. Hence, if there are three confirmations, you’ll need to wait for at least 30 minutes. However, keep in mind that the time can vary; it may also take up to an hour for the confirmation to take place.

31. The person with the most bitcoin is the unidentified Satoshi Nakamoto, with roughly a million bitcoins.

Sources: River Financial, Yahoo!Finance, ByBit Learn

According to new research from Traders of Crypto, ten of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency holders have net assets worth more than $1 BN.

However, Satoshi isn’t the only one with a bitcoin fortune, here are several names of people with most bitcoin:

  • Mickree Zhan (net worth $
  • Changpeng Zhao (net worth $2.600.000.000)
  • Jihan Wu (net worth $1.800.000.000)
  • Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (net worth $1.400.000.000), and others.

Bitcoin Market and Revenue

32. Bitcoin’s total output value per day is at a current level of over 2M.

Sources: YCharts, Blockchain

Bitcoin’s total output value per day indicates market growth and is ranked at exactly 2.292M (today). This is a stark increase from the 560.909 it was some five years ago. Bear in mind these digits are bound to change daily. However, these are the current figures of the time of the writing of this article.

33. The average Bitcoin price currently is over $50.000.

Sources: CoinMarketCap, CoinDesk, Statista

The average Bitcoin price at this very moment is no more than $51.383. The coin is hence traded around the same average. Yet, again, this is just its current worth; I am more than certain it could change in the next 24 hours, more or less. For example, just two days ago, its worth was over $55.000—this is how volatile its worth is day-to-day.

34. Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume went over $22 bn.

Source: CoinTelegraph

The most recent data on crypto research denotes that Bitcoin’s daily trading volume is topping slightly over $22 bn a day. Compared to the most incredible change of sixty bn in a week noted prior to this one, this is a significant increase, and we’re looking at a new all-time-high trading volume increase.

This figure was recorded at the start of 2021 and is increasing with time; we’re yet to see the heights it’ll reach.

35. Bitcoin miners marked a significant increase in the monthly revenue of 20+ percent for January 2021.

Source: CoinDesk

Looking at the mining revenue data from February, it is unavoidable not to spot the record-breaking revenue-generating of $1.3 bn. This figure demonstrates an incredible twenty-one percent increase since January’s revenue.

36. The average transaction fee of a Bitcoin is no less than $23.

Source: CoinDesk

The average transaction fee for a Bitcoin transaction is marked at twenty-three dollars. Furthermore, the latest analysis showed the BTC transaction fee ranges between $24 to $31—this is a minor percentage of the total BTC amount and will not burn your pockets.

37. Transaction fees solely form nearly 14 percent of the total BTC miner’s revenue.

Source: Decrypt

Mining revenue data is broken into multiple heads, including transaction fees. Nevertheless, Bitcoin transaction fees alone own no less than 13.47 percent of the total collection for Bitcoin miners. This itself denotes a significant collection amount.

38. Bitcoin’s average cost per transaction is marked at around 172.

Source: YCharts

The average cost per transaction for Bitcoin is marked at 171.59 (today). Thus, this is a decrease of around 12% from the day before, but almost 553% from the previous year.

39. There have been 15 significant Bitcoin crashes to date.

Sources: Yahoo!Finance, Visual Capitalist, The Cryptonomist

Corrections in investment valuations are typical, and a bitcoin correction is no exception. For instance, any 10+ percent drop in the price of an asset from its previous peak is referred to as a correction.

Following data from CoinMarketCap, here are some of bitcoin’s historical corrections:

  1. In 2021, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla would no longer take Bitcoin for purchases, pushing the price down more than 50%.
  2. The price of Bitcoin dropped by 40 percent in the first two weeks of September 2017 — from almost $5.000 to less than $3.000.
  3. During mid-March (2017), the market experienced a tear of around two weeks and saw BTC’s price fall by 34 percent.
  4. The most significant correction took place in late 2013, when the price fell to 87 percent.
  5. In 2012, Bitcoin’s price fell by 56 percent from $16-$7 in three days.

ROI (Return on Investment) of Bitcoin

40. Bitcoin had an average ROI of slightly more than 302 percent (2020).

Source: UpMyInterest

The reported ROI on average for Bitcoin was no less than 302.8 for 2020—mainly because of the increase in prices. This was quite a jump compared to 2019 when the ROI was just 87.2 percent. Further data provided by various investors also provided reports regarding the ROI for 2018 (nearly -73), and in 2017 when the ROI was at its highest-ever pick (1318%).

Bitcoin Blockchain Stats

41. The average block size of a bitcoin network is 1.316.

Sources: YCharts, Wikipedia/Bitcoin Scalability Problem

The on-chain transaction capacity of Bitcoin is limited by the average block size of 1 MB, and the creation time of time between blocks is ten minutes. Whereas the total blocks mined a day are hence decided by this metric.

42. One hundred forty-four blocks of Bitcoin are mined every day.

Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide

It is believed that almost 144 blocks of Bitcoin are mined every day. There are 6.25 Bitcoins available on each block.

43. The blockchain goes through an aggregate number of 306.313 transactions every day.

Source: Blockchain

The blockchain has been researched to go through an aggregate number of 306.313 transactions every day. This is the number that indicates total blockchain activity.

44. One block of Bitcoin is worth 6.25 times the price of the crypto.

Source: Investopedia

The Bitcoin block count comes down to 6.25 Bitcoins available on each block. One block is hence worth 6.25 times the price of the crypto.

For instance, the value of Bitcoin as of May 2021 is over $55.000. This causes a decrease in Bitcoin inflation value, which will continue to drop every 4 years until the last Bitcoin is mined.

45. More than 800 new Bitcoins are being mined every day.

Source: Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, Exodus

144 Bitcoin blocks are mined daily, with 6.25 Bitcoins per block. Or, 144 x 6.25 is 900, so the number of new Bitcoins mined per day is 900.

Interesting Crypto Facts

  • Following Coin Metrics’ research, the price of Bitcoin has achieved its all-time high of $63.729.
  • The average rate of Bitcoin transactions per block currently sits at 1621.51.
  • Ten minutes is the average Bitcoin time between blocks.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who created Bitcoin, owns the most coins. Certain researchers claim this figure to be more than a million BTC.
  • There is room for 2.362 million more coins to be mined by miners. The figures were generated around March of 2021.
  • Bitcoin is currently trading at nearly 52.000 United States Dollars.
  • Ravencoin is the best CPU (Central Processing Unit) mining coin (2022).
  • Monday and Sunday are the days when the bitcoin is the lowest, hence, the best to buy it.
  • Crypto Briefing is one of the best crypto blogs out there in 2022.


Is Bitcoin the Future?

Bitcoin has set the stage for the crypto industry and has been a pioneer in this regard. Suppose historical trends and future predictions by experts are anything to go by; In that case, Bitcoin is the future of investment and finance and will continue to boss not only crypto markets but all other financial markets around us.

Bitcoin wallet vs. exchange

A bitcoin wallet is a software that allows you to keep your bitcoins. The wallet, in essence, is a collection of private keys that enable you to sign transactions digitally.

On the other hand, a bitcoin exchange is a virtual marketplace where bitcoins may be bought and sold in a variety of fiat currencies as well as alternative cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, a bitcoin currency exchange platform connects the buyers and sellers of bitcoin.