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Blueland Soap Review [2023]: Features, Pricing, Best-Sellers, and More


  • Cruelty and Vegan-free products.
  • The bottles are forever-reusable.
  • Environment-friendly products.
  • Subscribers save ten percent on products.


  • Their products are not disinfectant or antibacterial.
  • Some users report for the bottles to be easily breakable.

Average Rating: 4.5

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In recent years, environmental awareness has grown exponentially among US consumers. We are more responsible for our carbon footprint and trying our best to reduce plastic wastage. And in the quest to make the world a safer and better place, Blueland Soap is changing the sanitary industry with eco-friendly cleaning products.

But is this soap really the best alternative to our favorite household cleaning products? Find out in this Blueland cleaning review.

Overview and Highlights

What is Blueland?

Blueland’s journey began when Sarah Paiji Yoo realized her part in damaging marine life by throwing away plastic. She wanted to do her bit in reducing plastic wastage; However, it turned out to be impossible to find window cleaners, toothpaste, and other cleaning products that didn’t come in plastic packaging. As a result, in 2011, Blueland was born — a company that makes 100% BPA-free, eco-friendly and reusable cleaning products. Alongside a variety of forever-usable bottles, Blueland sells a variety of powdered cleaners, laundry detergents, hand washes, and other organic cleaning products.

Who is it Best For?

Blueland is an excellent choice for people who want to make a change. Since the products offered by this brand are eco-friendly, you’ll leave a smaller carbon footprint on this world and protect marine life.

Where Can You Buy Blueland Products?

The Blueland products are available only on their official website.

How Big Is Their Network?

This product was featured on the hit show “Shark Tank,” where Sarah landed a deal with Kevin O’Leary; therefore, Blueland Soap must have an extensive network by now. Consequently, following a ‘Shark Tank’ update, the brand, after the ‘Shark Tank’ show appearance, made no less than fifteen million in revenue in as much as two years of online sales solely.

Furthermore, the company made quite the buzz in the media. It featured on various prominent online magazines and portals, like the Washington Post, Well + Good, Fast Company, Real Simple, Vogue, and WSJ Magazine. They are also marking their online presence through social media (TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). For instance, Blueland Soap has 385.000 followers on their Instagram account.

What is Blueland Soap Made of?

The main ingredient in Blueland Soap is Sodium Coco-sulfate — made from the fatty acids of coconut oil. It’s a plant-based surfactant instead of petroleum, but it’s still synthetically made.

According to a Blueland spokesperson, the surfactant effectively lifts bacteria and viruses from the surface, making it easy to wash. Ultimately, we won’t call Blueland soap a “natural product,” nor does the company. However, we can see a significant effort in combining safer ingredients for the environment and the people living in it.

Is it Safe to Use?

Blueland Soap might not be an all-natural product, but it’s entirely safe for use. Hence, it won’t damage your skin or anything else you use it on. In fact, the Blueland Soap is much safer than other commercial brands that use petroleum and other harmful ingredients in their cleaning products.

Blueland Customer Service

Blueland has a somewhat ordinary customer support system. That said, you can contact them by submitting a web form on their site. And you can always check out their FAQs section where you might find an answer to a particular question.

Blueland Soap Features and Factors

  • Value

The Blueland organic cleaning products come with a specific value; you’ve got that right. Not only do they protect the environment and you, but they are also more affordable than other similar products. This is so because Blueland Soaps have developed a specific system that’s cost-effective so that you can take your pick at various product packs.

  • Quality

Quality and safety are guaranteed by purchasing these eco friendly cleaning products. Blueland uses such ingredients in their products that make washing an easy-to-do task. Ultimately, with the help of Blueland products, you’ll use less energy, save more time, and contribute to safer and cleaner water.

  • Ease of Use

According to many users, their products are extremely easy to use.

  • Certifications

Yes, Blueland soaps are certified by prominent names and organizations like these next ones:

    • B Corp Certified: this is the highest confirmation standard for social, public, and environmental safety performance.
    • Cradle To Cradle Certified: this certification proves achievement across five different environment-critical performance categories.
    • EPA Safer Choice: the label itself guarantees EPA scientists approve the product.
    • EWG Verified: verification that Blueland’s products meet the most rigorous health and transparency criteria.
    • Leaping Bunny: this certification clearly shows that the brand doesn’t perform any tests on animals.
    • Climate Neutral Certified since 2020: Blueland has 0 net carbon emissions while manufacturing the products throughout the year.
  • USDA BioPreferred: this label confirms the number of renewable bio components used in their products.
  • Aesthetics

Blueland’s kits/products (bottles, tins, etc.) are aesthetically designed and eco-friendly.

  • Sparkling-Clean Factor

Following many testimonials by verified Blueland Soap users, the brand delivers a high-level sparkling-clean effect.

How Does it Work?

As with all Blueland eco friendly cleaning products, you get a forever-reusable bottle and soap tablets. Fill the bottle with warm water up to the mark. Then add one soap tablet and allow it to dissolve. The process takes minutes, and there is no hacking required before use.

Let’s say that you want to wash your dishes by using some of the Blueland cleaning supplies, for example the powder dish. All you need to do is to put it into their forever-use shaker and shake a bit of it onto the sponge or directly onto your dirrty dishes.

If you’re wondering how to use the Blueland laundry detergent, wonder no more. The brand has dedicated single-dose tablets that don’t come into plastic wrapping. Whatsmore, you can purchase a steel forever tin and keep these tablets in them. Ultimately, putting one or two, if you need it for larger loads, would do the job. The same applies for when using the Blueland dishwasher tablets.

What Are The Best-Selling Blueland Picks?

With no further delay, the following are Blueland’s best-selling cleaning solutions:

Blueland Soap Starter Kits

By now, you’ve understood that the Blueland products can be purchased individually or through one of the essential kits. Whatsmore, the brand offers several starter kits; one of them is the Blueland Hand Soap Starter Set. This kit includes a reusable-forever bottle and three soap tablets (with different fragrances) for first-time users.

Moreover, the bottle has a premium feel and modern design, and it doesn’t move when you press the lever like most bottles do. Plus, the hand foam is released in a controlled and sufficient amount.

Is Blueland Antibacterial?

No, Blueland soaps aren’t antibacterial, and the brand doesn’t use any disinfectant agents either. Instead, Blueland relies upon its prime ingredient, surfactant that lifts bacteria off the surface, making it easier to wash them off.

What are the key ingredients in Blueland Hand Soap?

The hand soap from this brand is VOCs, chlorine bleach, and paraben-free. Moreover, there are no ammonia, phosphates, phthalates in its components.

However, among its key ingredients, you’ll find these next ones:

  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Coco-Sulfate
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • and Sodium Benzoate.

All of the ingredients above-mentioned are naturally derived, except for Sodium Benzoate.


How Much Does it Cost?

The Blueland Soap refill of three in a pack starts at $7.50, a reasonable price for keeping the environment safe for upcoming generations. But first, you need to purchase the hand soap starter kit for $16. After you buy the forever-reusable bottles, you only need to buy the hand soap refills, which, as we already mentioned, cost $7.50. For that price, you get three soap tablets that’ll last you half a month with a family of three people.

And here are the prices for other Blueland products, like their hand soap essentials and starter sets:

  • The Clean Suite Kit – $83
  • Clean Essentials Kit – $39
  • The Toilet Cleaner Starter Kit – $20
  • Bathroom Essentials Kit – $38
  • The Blueland and Disney Hand Soap Starter Kits – $16

Shipping Policy

Blueland packaging can be shipped all over the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. There is a Blueland free shipping only on $35+ orders. If the order is less than $35, your shipping cost might seem excessive.

Anyway, here is a breakdown of their shipping rates:

  • $2.99 for cleaning tablets and soap refill packs.
  • For orders including dish soaps and dishwasher refills, it’ll cost you $3.99.
  • $4.99 for orders that involve starter kits.

Whatsmore, the brand now ships to other countries like

  • Canada ($8.99),
  • New Zealand ($12),
  • The United Kingdom (£7),
  • and Australia ($12).

Note: The prices in the brackets refer to all orders to these countries, including Blueland cleaning kit orders.

The company usually ships within two to three working days. Depending on your address, it might take up to seven or ten working days. However, customers can choose expedited shipping by paying $15-20 additional charges. These charges may vary depending on your order.

For more accurate info about your order, Blueland offers a tracking option, which is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is log in to their website with your account information and track your order from there. Or, wait for the company to email you the tracking information once they ship the order — this is the most convenient option of the two.

Blueland Return Policy

The company’s return policy is strict, and you can’t get away by free-loading on the brand’s leniency. Blueland offers free returns on orders up to 30 days after being shipped. This means if the order takes five days to reach your address, you have 25 days to file a return.

You can initiate the return process by emailing the brand at [email protected]. You must title your email “Return Label for Order No (insert order number here)” to expedite the process and avoid confusion.

Blueland must receive your returns within the next 60 days after the shipping label has been sent to you. The product must look the same as when received and never used. After your return order is received, Blueland will email you whether it’s accepted or rejected.

Note: Refunds will be processed only if your return is accepted. Moreover, the money will be refunded to your original payment channel within five to seven working days.

Any Discounts/Promotions?

We didn’t come across any Blueland discount code as of this review. But you can regularly check their website for any upcoming promotions. However, you can save 10% off each purchase by subscribing to Blueland services. Furthermore, ongoing sales on specific products/kits can help you save from 15 to 35%.

Blueland Pros and Cons


  • Cruelty and Vegan-free products.
  • The bottles are forever-reusable.
  • Environment-friendly products.
  • Subscribers save ten percent on products.


  • Their products are not disinfectant or antibacterial.
  • Some users report for the bottles to be easily breakable.
  • Sometimes a refill order might arrive later, so ensure prior ordering of refills.

Customer Reviews

In this review of Blueland, we decided to go through other reviews regarding the brand from various verified users. That is how we learned that the company has substantial positive reviews on various prominent review sites, including their official website. But, to be entirely fair and honest with you, we will present positive and negative customer reviews and experiences related to the brand.

Positive Customer Reviews


(Source: My Subscription Addiction)


(Source: Blueland Official Website Reviews)


(Source: My Subscription Addiction)

Negative Customer Reviews


(Source: Better Business Bureau – BBB)


(Source: My Subscription Addiction)


(Source: Blueland Official Website Reviews)

Blueland Competitors

No brand, product, or company is unrivaled, which is the case with Blueland. Long story short, we compared this brand against two other brands that offer similar products on the market: Grove and Cleancult.

Blueland Soap vs. Grove

Blueland and Grove both strive for environmental protection, and both can be found among the best cleaning products on today’s market. Furthermore, both have certifications and labels to prove that.

One of the most significant differences is that Grove is a plastic-neutral brand. Compared to Blueland and their forever-use bottles and tins.

Another difference would have to be the range of products these brands offer. Meaning Grove comes in very strongly with a richer range of products, including personal care products, ones for babies and children, pets, etc.

On the other hand, Blueland’s focus is pretty clear. They are all about bringing an efficient and safe cleaning formula to your homes, offices, etc.

However, Grove takes the lead in the cleaning product category when comparing their effectiveness. But, for household purposes, you don’t need the most powerful cleaner in the world after all. Therefore, both brands are on equal levels regarding customer preferences.

Indeed, in terms of price, you’ll find lower prices with Grove. However, Buleland offers amazing starter kits with low-cost refills that are worth your attention.

Blueland Soap vs. Cleancult

Cleancult has a strong product lineup, but it comes with a lot of packaging. When comparing these brands in terms of aesthetics, Blueland wins because of its aesthetic cleaning supplies with gorgeous design and robust build quality.

As for the cleaning products, we found several customer complaints about Cleancult smelling like a chemical-based product when used for washing clothes. Whereas, we didn’t come across anything like that about Blueland. However, we read from many users that Blueland’s scents are pretty strong, and may not sit well with everybody. We’re guessing what this brand is lacking is a scent-free product.

Nevertheless, it’s impressive that both brands try hard to be more involved in everyday actions of saving the planet and cleaning up the environment. In other words, their products come packed into carton boxes; none of the products are wrapped into a plastic bag. They even use glass bottles you can reuse again and again.

Furthermore, they both offer refills, an excellent option for their users. When it comes down to prices, Blueland and Cleancult have more or less similar prices; Though, there are differences in some products’ prices with both brands.


Is Blueland Soap Worth It?

If you love your planet and want your future generations to enjoy marine life and the ocean, you’ll want to consider Blueland Soap. The company is trying its best to reduce your plastic wastage and monthly sanitary product bill. In terms of cleaning, Blueland Soap has plenty of positive reviews on its site to vouch for it.

Even though their products are environmentally safe, we have to mention their products aren’t antibacterial. Nevertheless, the brand not once claimed that they were. Moreover, they use specially designed formulas that make washing bacteria much easier than any regular product out there. In other words, the company focuses on its prime ingredient — surfactant that lifts bacteria from the surface, making them easily washable.

Hopefully this Blueland review brought to you all of the info needed for a definite decision. Decide today and become part of something as big as saving the oceans and the environment overall. Plus, you’ll get to be surrounded by unharmful and affordable cleaning supplies.