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Byte Invisible Aligners Review 2023: Highlights, Pricing, Alternatives, and More!


  • Free online assessment.
  • No in-office dental visits are required.
  • The treatment is entirely remote.
  • Customers get a free retainer.


  • Easily misplaced.
  • Suitable for minor teeth alignment treatment.

Average Rating: 4.5

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Desperately wanting that perfectly aligned smile, but you’re too busy or scared from regular orthodontist visits? Luckily, there is a solution to this, and it goes by the name, Byte Aligners — a company that produces plastic aligners that deliver fast results.

In this Byte Invisible Aligners review, you will learn everything you need so that you can decide whether they are worth your time and money. Among the other things we will also present you with various Byte dental reviews from verified buyers, so stay with us.

Overview and Highlights

What is Byte?

Briefly, Byte is a teledentistry company founded in 2017 and offers aligner products for home use. Its programs and products are meant to help straighten one’s teeth faster. The best part is that Byte Aligners are cheaper than conventional braces, making them an excellent option for those looking for an affordable and quick dental alignment program to follow at home.

Who is it best for?

In a nutshell, Byte is suitable for anyone whose teeth aren’t aligned properly. For instance, Byte clear aligners are great for individuals who don’t suffer from acute malocclusion (badly/incorrectly positioned teeth). Or, maybe you prefer to work on your teeth at home while simultaneously under remote professional orthodontic supervision. If that’s the case, the Byte invisible braces are perfect for the job. They do not take much time to show results, they are also affordable, and within a few months, you will be able to flash a perfect smile.

Where can we buy them?

Byte’s products are available for online shopping through their official site.

How big is their network?

According to their site, the company has professionals (dentists and orthodontists) across the nation. That said, it must be quite an extensive network of professionals they are referring to. We also found out that Byte’s corporate partner is ATDA (American TeleDentistry Association) which only confirms the extensive reach this company has.

We were a bit curious to check out their online social media status. We discovered that Byte Aligners have more than 23.000 Facebook followers. And, their official Instagram demonstrates a robust online presence with 191.000 followers.

Is Byte safe?

Considering that 200+ licensed dentists and orthodontists in the US recommend it, we are sure it is safe to use. Moreover, Byte claims that they only allow adequate candidates to use their product. And who are these candidates? For example, individuals with minor bite issues are perfect for these company’s products.

However, Bytes products are not recommended to those with open bites, severe overbite, acute malocclusion, and overjet. The only reason why those mentioned above aren’t suitable candidates is that some of them require surgical correction and cannot be solved with Byte Aligner kits.

Byte Customer Service

Byte has a well-organized customer service that you can reach in various ways. Those are the following:

  • Text them at 310 272 5019
  • Give them a ring at 866 765 2327
  • You can also message them via Facebook
  • Or, you can visit their support page and choose one of the offered topics.

Note: Byte has fixed working hours, so you might want to look them up before contacting them.

And if that’s not sufficient, they also offer a nicely arranged FAQs section and a Blog community to turn to or share experiences with.

Byte’s Features and Usage

Some of you might feel confused on how to use the teeth strengthening kit. So, to clear out any doubts or fears, let us give you a thorough explanation and step-by-step guidance on how to use Byte’s online teeth straightening kit.

Step 1Home Impressions

Pretty simple, the Byte impression kit comes with instructions. Therefore, the first step to getting that perfect aligned smile is to take precise impressions of your teeth. Keep in mind that this step requires your ultimate attention. This is because Byte will do its further work, i.e., mold them based on the impressions you hand them with.

Moreover, the impressions will present a 3D visualization of your current smile, and Byte’s professional dentals will decide whether you are a suitable candidate to proceed with their treatment.

After buying the modeling kit and setting in the impressions, an orthodontist will go through the impressions and create 3D visualizations of your bite.

Note: Take your teeth impressions and send them to Byte Aligners in three days of the day of receiving. Plus, you won’t pay for shipping.

Step 2 — Doctor Prescription

We mentioned that Byte’s professionals will decide whether you are a suitable candidate for their treatment. Let’s assume that you are a suitable candidate for Byte’s strengthening products. You’ll have to be patient for at least three weeks before you receive the complete aligner kit (right teeth aligners, Hyper Byte device, a teeth whitening product) to your doorstep.

Note: If it works the other way around, and you are not their candidate, you qualify for a full refund for the impression kit purchase.

Step 3 — (Start) The Process

Your process starts by sending your teeth impressions. However, while you’re waiting to get the complete Byte Aligners kit, feel free to consult/ask the dental professionals/orthodontists anything at all.

Step 4 — Progress/Monitoring

Even though it’s a home alignment kit, still, you’re not alone. The highly-qualified professionals from Byte will be monitoring the progress of your treatment. In other words, you will be getting checkups by sending them photos (with the help of the cheek stretcher in your kit) every month.

Our further looking into matters showed that Byte customers usually change aligners week-by-week.

Step 5 — Complete the Treatment

According to Byte’s statements, you should wear the All-Day Aligners for 3-6 months (22 hours, every day). Whereas the At Night Aligners should be worn ten straight hours, every night, from 5-6 months, and you’ll have the perfect Byte smile you always wanted.

Byte Products

Let’s check out some of the Byte products that you can find on their official site.

Each invisible teeth aligner kit comes with a HyperByte technology that uses high-frequency vibration therapy (HFV) and is optional. It is meant to be used for five minutes a day, along with the overnight aligner or daytime aligner. What’s more, it’s easy to use and comfortable to wear. Plus, the product is tested, therefore, pretty safe; and it can get you quick results.

Price: $699

Note: This type of therapy (HFV) is FDA-approved.

BrightByte is a 3-in-1 product formula (whitener, breath freshener, and foam cleanser). That said, while you’re taking care of your teeth’ alignment, simultaneously, you can make them more white. Plus, since this product’s formula contains a breath freshener, you can tick another thing off your list. 

Here’s are simple instructions on how to use the product in just a few steps:

  • Before putting on this product, make sure to brush your teeth nicely.
  • Use only a pump of the product’s foam directly into the teeth aligner. Make sure it covers the entire retainer tray.
  • Now, you may put them on and enjoy their effect.

Price: $30


You must be wondering how much do Byte Aligners cost? Well, there are two Byte payment plans:

  • All-Day Aligners — pay $82 per month or a one-time fee of $1.895.

The usual treatment takes up to four months. Plus, you’ll have to wear it for 22 hours every day. The package you’ll receive will contain the following: BrightByte, HyperByte, all-day aligners, and an aligner case.

  • At-Night Aligners — pay $99 per month or a one-time fee of $2.295.

If you prefer wearing your aligners at night rather than during the day, this pricing plan will pay off nicely for you. All you need to do is put them on before going to bed and stay with them for more than ten hours to get that desired smile you’ve been dreaming of. Also, please be aware that the night aligners might need five months to get you the teeth alignment you’re looking for.

You must remember that none of those mentioned above payment plans include a Byte Protection Plan.


We are happy to let you know that Byte accepts several payment methods, like FSA and HSA debit cards. Also, if you have dental insurance that covers these expenses and qualifies with Byte’s conditions, you can get a reimbursement.

Furthermore, if you’re a Splitit credit card holder, go ahead and use their services. And finally, you can also use the Healthcare Financing Medical CareCredit to take care of the costs of your treatment.

However, to be on the safe side of things, visit Byte’s dedicated section on their official site and check whether your insurance covers your dental treatment with them.

Byte Guarantee

There is a Byte guarantee. And you can go through the whole thing by visiting their official site. There are several things you need to pay close attention to.

Shipping Policy

We couldn’t find much details regarding Byte’s shipping policy. However, we did find out that their products are available across all US states. You’ll be happy to know that orders are usually shipped the very same day when received. And precisely because your order enters the system quickly, their policy doesn’t accept returns or refunds, for that matter.

As far as free shipping goes we didn’t encounter any information stating they offer one; therefore, we assume they don’t.

Byte Return Policy

Straight to the point, Byte Aligners doesn’t accept returns, as simple as that. Still, if you receive a broken or damaged order, you can fill out a support request, and they’ll take care of it.

On the plus side, if you turn out to be an unfit candidate for a dental treatment, automatically, you qualify for Byte Aligners refund, i.e., they’ll refund the money you’ve spent on the impression kit.

For extra protection, you should consider purchasing the Byte Protection Plan. It includes additional coverage of products, like, stolen or lost aligners. It also comes with a retainer replacement twice a year for up to five years when your treatment has come to an end.

Are There Any Discounts/Promotions?

Presently, you can avail of a $100 discount on Byte’s treatments on their official website. However, Byte offers exceptional discounts for military and students.

Military people can contact Byte at [email protected] and get all the info on taking advantage of this discount. At the same time, there is a separate email contact for students to find out more on how to use the discount they are entitled to.

Pros and Cons


  • No in-office dental visits are required.
  • The treatment is entirely remote.
  • Ineligible candidates can use the Byte Aligners refund to get their payment back.
  • Customer support is available seven days a week.
  • Free online assessment.
  • Two Payment Plans to choose from.
  • Customers get a free retainer.
  • The company provides customers with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Suitable only for minor to moderate cases of teeth alignment treatment.
  • With no in-office visits, the results are less predictable.
  • Some people report that Byte Invisible Aligners don’t match the tooth accuracy of braces.
  • Easily misplaced.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

No review is complete without the valuable opinion and personal experience of verified Byte Aligner customers. So, for a complete picture of the company’s products we decided to present you with positive and negative customers’ experiences.

Positive Customer Reviews


(Source: Trustpilot)


(Source: ConsumerAffairs)


(Source: Better Business Bureau)

Negative Customer Reviews


(Source: Trustpilot)


(Source: Better Business Bureau)

Though the at-home aligner treatments are new, most patients seem satisfied with their investment. What’s more, they said that they would choose these aligners over conventional braces because of the low costs and convenience they experienced.

Customer Ratings

Look at the table below to determine how Byte Aligner stands on some more prominent rating websites.

Website Name Star Rating and No. of Customer Ratings
SmilePrep 4.6/5 star rating; by an individual reviewer
NewMouth 4.2/5 star rating; by an individual reviewer
ByteMe 4.9/5 star rating; based on 2.500+ customer reviews
The Teeth Blog 3.7/5 star rating; based on 99 customer reviews
InnerBody 5/5 star rating; by an individual reviewer
Trustpilot 4.7/5 star rating; based on 2.600+ customer reviews
ConsumerAffairs 4.6/5 star rating; based on 1.263 customer reviews
Better Business Bureau (BBB) 4.66/5 star rating; based on 3.000+ customer reviews

Apart from the excellent ranking mentioned in the table above, it’s our pleasure to inform you that Byte is a proud carrier of BBB accreditation. And that’s not all. The company is also A+ graded by the same organization.


Byte Invisible Aligners are among the best invisible braces on the market, but they are not the only ones. We found three alternatives/competitors to compare them with, Candid, AlignerCo, and SmileDirectClub.

Byte Aligner vs. Candid

These two teeth aligner companies strive for the same goal – to provide people with affordable online teeth straightening kits and monitoring of the same. However, both companies have their way of doing things.

For instance, Byte sends you an impression kit with instructions. Once they receive your impressions, they decide whether you’re suitable for their treatment. Hence, the whole process takes place online. On the other hand, Candid prefers the initial meet-up/check-up to be done in person. Therefore, individuals must attend mandatory dentist visits when they start their treatment and have almost finished their plan — This lowers the chance of errors and complications. Afterward, they decide whether your teeth problem can be solved using the treatment they offer.

Furthermore, there is another difference worthy of being pointed to. On Byte’s team of experts you’ll find dental professionals and orthodontists. Candid considers that expert orthodontists are the right people for this job, since unaligned teeth and bite issues are in their professional domain.

Nevertheless, Byte is more popular for its fast treatment and rock-solid customer service. However, it doesn’t have an onboarding process that is as detailed as Candid.

But, while Byte offers both day aligners and night aligners, Candid does not offer a night aligner due to a lack of verified published information that confirms their efficiency and safety. However, Candid aligners also provide complete arch treatment, which means that they treat the teeth in the top and bottom arches.

Still, both companies will require you to wear the aligners 22 hours for several months before you reach your final goal.

Byte vs. AlignerCo

From what we were able to find, it seems that AlignerCo has a reputation of being the most affordable and most cost-efficient at-home aligner option in the market currently. Though cheaper, AlignerCo takes longer to show results than Byte, which can represent a significant disadvantage for many. 

For example, individuals have to follow the treatment plan for eight to twelve months, whereas Byte’s plans only require four to five months on average.

Byte and AlignerCo have almost identical ways of work when it comes to the assessment of candidates and treatment. Both companies send out impression kits and wait until they receive them back to confirm whether the customer is eligible to proceed further on.

Therefore, it depends on you solely which one of these two will be your final choice. If it is about who’s the more affordable one, then, AlignerCo has you covered.

Byte vs. SmileDirectClub

At first glance, these two teeth alignment companies are very similar. Why wouldn’t they be? Both do their best to ensure people get their straightening kits at their doorstep for a price lower than that of regular braces. But, they do have many differences.

For instance, the effectiveness that Byte offers ranks higher than that one of SmileDirect. This is mainly because Byte uses a HyperByte technology that reduces the treatment length to three months, which is not the case with regular alignment treatments.

Another significant difference is the aligner cut. As you know, Byte has straight-cut aligners, while Smile adjusts their aligners according to each individual’s gum line — making them less effective by doing so.

There is another difference — pricing. SmileDirectClub has slightly higher prices than Byte. However, both brands offer adequate payment plans that you can take advantage of.

Ultimately, whichever company you decide to go to won’t be a mistake. If you are working with a tight budget, Byte would be a better option for you.


To sum it up. If you want to fix a minor misalignment and are looking for a fast, affordable, and remote option for your precious teeth, Byte is a tempting teledentistry company to consider. It is definitely appealing to customers who do not have time for dentist visits and want to see quick results.

Even though there are some risks attached to at-home aligner treatment, modern research shows that these risks are extremely low for moderate and mild malocclusions. This means that there will be no complications as long as instructions are followed throughout the treatment. In fact, the Byte Aligner can then be used as a safe and effective way of straightening teeth.

Hopefully, this Byte Invisible Aligners review gave you enough information to at least consider them and visit their website; maybe contact them and see if they’re the path to beautiful straight teeth.


1. How long do you wear a Byte?

Following the information on their official site, the usual treatment takes no more than four to five months.

2. What is the minimum age requirement for Byte?

Byte Aligners work well for individuals who are 12 or older. However, everyone under eighteen needs approval by their parents.