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Candle Color Meanings [For Spirituality, Magick, and Spells]

Written by, Jelena Kabic

Updated May, 4, 2022

Have you ever been curious about the different colors of candles and what they mean?

Candle colors have meanings that go beyond just the candle itself. Candle color meanings are important to understand when it comes to spirituality, magick, and spells. This guide will explore some of the most popular candle colors and their meanings.

So whether you’re new to this or just curious about candle color meanings, read on!

What is Candle Magick?

Candle magick (magic) is a simple spellwork that anyone can do. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to focus your intentions and work with the Element of Fire, which is utilized in religious and spiritual practices across the world. Furthermore, fire has special attention in the Pagan and Wicca traditions and rituals. This is true since neither Wicca nor Paganism is complete without a bonfire, tall candles dedicated to the Goddess/ God, or small tea lights marking the sacred circle’s boundaries.

Benefits of Candle Magick

You can use candle magic for various purposes. Like the following:

Candles can also help you to:

Some people also believe that candles can absorb negative energy.

Candle Color Meanings

Now that we’ve covered candle magic and some of the benefits of working with candles let’s look at the different Wiccan candle colors and their meanings. As follows:

How to Use Each Color of Candle Based on Your Purpose

The above are just general correspondences. You can use any color candle for any purpose. Remember that when using candle colors, it’s all about intention!

Supposing that you’re new to the whole thing, to get you started, here are a few suggestions on how to use each color according to your intentions:

Candle Colors and Days of the Week

We’ve covered the basic meaning of various color candles. Now it’s time to see how candle colors are connected with the days of the week.

Types of Candles You Can Use For Spellwork

Let’s take a look at the different types of candles you can use for spellwork.

Here are other props that will come in handy while using certain spellwork candles:

Now that you know the basics of candle magic, you can start introducing candles into your spellwork.

Tip: You must remember to be careful when working with fire, and always extinguish candles once done using them.

How To Do a Candle Ritual for Everything (love, work, and more)

We have already covered all the necessary things you need to know before diving into candle spellwork. Now it’s time to light the candles and focus on your intentions. Follow these steps:

Why Does Candle Color Matter?

It’s simple. Spell candle colors help to show and express your intention; thus, candle colors does matter. This is quickly done since each color has its associations that you can use to fine-tune your spellwork.

Therefore, trust and let yourself be led by your intuition when choosing a color for your spell; at the same time, follow the energy of the color.

How To Read The Flame?

The flame of a candle can tell you lots about your spell and the energy surrounding it.

Here are some things to look for in the flame of a candle:

When you’re finished working with your candle, snuff it out safely and dispose of the wax as we mentioned previously. you wish. Thank the Element of Fire for its assistance, and be sure to cleanse your space.

Lit vs. Unlit Candles

Which is More Powerful?

The debate over lit vs. unlit candles has been going on for centuries. There are proponents of both methods, and each side has valid points. So, which is more powerful? Let’s take a closer look.

Lit candles are often used for protection, healing, and banishing spells. The light of the flame is said to represent the power of the Sun, and it is believed that this power can be harnessed to achieve specific goals.

Whereas unlit candles are often used for growth, abundance, and fertility spells. It is believed that the unburned wax of the candle contains all of the elements needed to show your intention and that lighting the candle is a way to release this power.

So the power of the lit and unlit candle depends on your specific goal. For a more active form of magic, lit candles are the way to go. And, for more passive magic, unlit candles will do the job. In the end, the decision is yours to make.

If you are new to candle magic, it may be best to start with lit candles. Once you have mastered the basics, you can experiment with unlit candles and see which method works better for you.

Difference Between Candle Magic and Color Therapy

While both candle magic and color therapy can be used to achieve similar goals, there is a crucial difference between the two.

Ritual candle color magic uses the power of light and fire to manifest your intention. On the other hand, color therapy is a form of healing that uses the power of color to balance your energy and promote wellness.

Furthermore, candle magic and color therapy are used for healing, protection, and abundance. However, candlelight magic is a more active form of magic that requires you to take specific actions to convert your intention into a reality. On the contrary, color therapy is a more passive form of healing that relies on the power of color to bring about change.

No matter which method you choose, set your intention clearly before you begin your spell or session, and trust that the Universe.

Let’s Blow The Candle Out!

Candles come in a rainbow of colors, and each color has its unique meaning. Whether you’re selecting candles for a spell, choosing ritual colors, or looking for candle health remedies, knowing the symbolism associated with different hues is important.

The next time you need to light a candle for any reason, consider the message you want to send and choose the perfect color to match. You can easily do this now that you understand the true candle color meanings and how to use them.

Gather your supplies, light your candle, and let the magic begin!


Yes, you can combine colors when using candles for magic. Each color carries a specific meaning and symbolism, so combining colors can help you create a more powerful spell.

Tip: Make sure to choose shades that complement each other well.

Yes, the colors of the candles are associated with different chakras:

The best color candle to use for healing is green. You can use them to promote healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The best color candle to use for money is green — this color attracts financial abundance and success.

When dressing a candle for magic, it’s better to start by anointing the candle with oil. This is done by rubbing the oil on the candle from the wick to the bottom.

Once fully anointed, roll it in herbs, dust it with powders, or wrap it in a cloth. As you do this, visualize your intention and focus your energy on what you want to achieve.