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Chegg Reviews - Affordable Tutoring Platform [2023]


  • Affordable price
  • A good platform for tutors
  • Easy to Access


  • Lack of social interaction
  • Complex cancelation process

Average Rating: 4

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It is overwhelming just how many educational platforms are out there. Thus, it’s hard to decide which platform provides the best services and whether it’s worth investing your money and time.

You can put an end to that burden, because in today’s article we’re going to present you Chegg—an online educational platform that provides studying solutions, online tutoring, test prep, etc.

Before we go in-depth on the subject, let’s see what topics we’ll discuss in today’s Chegg review.

Table of contents:

  • Chegg – Company Overview
  • Pros and Cons
  • Platform Key Details/Services
  • Chegg Plans and Pricing
  • Usability
  • Help and Support
  • Chegg Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Alternatives
    • Chegg vs. Slader
    • Chegg vs. Course Hero
  • Summary
  • FAQs

Chegg – Overview and Highlights

What is Chegg? What does it do?

Chegg is a publicly held educational tech company with a solid base in Santa Clara, California, the USA.

This company was first started with an initial goal to rent physical and digital textbooks only. Nonetheless, the platform decided to expand gradually by broadening the range of services and offering

  • online tutoring
  • scholarships
  • rental and sale of books
  • solving mathematical problems
  • creation of study flashcards
  • homework solutions, and other services.

Who is it best for?

This educational platform is of importance to anybody looking to learn, overcome a difficulty in certain subjects maybe. Or, some need that extra one-on-one learning time for a better understanding of the material.

Basically, anyone that needs help with studying, tutoring, or needs preparation for a big test/exam could contact Chegg.
But, who’s behind this platform?

This well-known company dates back to 2005; and its existence and successful mission are owing to Osman Rashid, Aayush Phumbhra, and Josh Carlson.

Awards and Recognition

Chegg has a shelf with some incredible awards and recognitions – and why wouldn’t they? Professionalism, stability, and quality are highly appreciated and recognized. With no further ado, let’s check some of their awards:

  1. Best HR Team (2021)
  2. Best Bay Area Company (2021)
  3. Best Product and Design Team (2021)
  4. Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards (2015)
  5. Best Places to Work (2015) – a valuable recognition in the SMB category.

Pros and Cons


  • A good platform for tutors
  • Affordable
  • Free Trial Available
  • Ease of Access


  • Lack of social interaction
  • Not competitive enough customer support service
  • A tutor’s position is highly competitive
  • Complex cancelation process

Platform Key Details/Services

Chegg is one of the many educational companies that have flourished in today’s post-internet age that facilitate easy learning.

This platform offers a huge variety of education-related services. In addition to this, Chegg also provides job and internship opportunities for deserving students. Last, but not least, there are many career counseling services at your disposal too.

For instance, you can find tutors teaching a wide range of subjects, like

  • Biology and Chemistry,
  • Maths and Economics,
  • Pre Calculus and Calculus,
  • Algebra, Linear Algebra, and more.

One of the best things this company has to offer is a free trial before you opt for any of their subscription plans (we’ll mention more details in a separate section regarding the free trial and pricing plans).

Now, let’s check out the products this platform covers:

  • Rental, buy and sell a variety of books

This is a great feature all-in-all, and it’s not something you can find very often with platforms of this kind. By having this offer on the table, Chegg enables you to save a handsome sum of money.

– For example, if you decide to go through them and rent a book/textbook you could save up to 90 percent off the actual price of the books/textbooks.
– Moreover, the rental feature is available throughout the college semesters.
– If you need the book for a longer time than what is allowed, all you need is to contact Chegg’s support and let them know it’ll be done for free.
– Also, if you fail to pass a certain course or class, you have a twenty-one-day return guarantee on books. If the books are returned within those three weeks, you won’t be charged.

  • Textbooks Rental

The textbooks being rented come with a four-week trial period by Chegg study. What makes them so good is not only the amount of money you’ll save, but how well-explained the material is—with step-by-step solutions, and access to a number of similar homework queries enlisted alongside the solutions. On top of things, the textbook shipping comes with free treats from the Chegg team in the shape of discounts and products which are among the students’ favorites.

  • Writing and Automatic Citations

This platform has it all, you can even request for someone to assist you by proofreading your paper, or check if there are some plagiarisms. Once they do all that, they’ll give it a thorough check-up: vocabulary choice, writing style, format, etc.
Of importance to you is to remember that this service is available to you 24/7, AND you are entitled to a free three-day trial.

  • Studying – 24 hours, 7 days a week online tutoring

Studying has never been so easy and hassle-free. The platform gives you access to exam prep programs for free, alongside some very useful flashcards methods of studying. The flashcards are designed such as to cover a majority of subjects:

– Accounting
– History
– Veterinary material
– Sociology
– Law
– Biology
– Religion, and many more.

Moreover, you are free to design your flashcards too.

  • Internships

All those looking for some pretty great internships you should make your search through the Chegg platform. Simply because that way you can research thousands and thousands of internships. The search itself is straightforward, just enter a keyword, city, and state – click ‘start your search.’

  • Students’ Scholarships

Same as with the Internships, Chegg enables you to make an in-depth search and find the desired scholarship. We are talking about a search that will go in and out, throughout more than 25.000 scholarships.

All that’s needed from you is to provide the type of application, what’s your present level of studies, your age, and your GPA. Additionally, if you think this is something you can’t do by yourself, you can always request assistance from one of the many Chegg tutors on board.

  • Money Advice

Money is and will always be a topic of discussion. Therefore, the Chegg team has dedicated a whole section where the focus is on advising and solving money-related questions and problems. These money-related questions can either refer to school, life in general, or they can be even work-related.

More importantly, your questions are being handled by experts on financial advising, and the list of questions and answers goes on and on (way more than a thousand answers).

  • Math Solver

This is a handy tool, we must admit. The same comes with a free and a paid plan too.

The free plan includes the following features: three solutions a day and an ad-free experience (when using the application).

You can visit this section of their website and find many examples of mathematical equations related to

– Pre Algebra and Algebra
– Pre Calculus and Calculus
– and Linear Algebra.

Chegg Plans and Pricing

We’re sure all of the above services are much welcomed no matter whether you’re in high school or college. No, it won’t cash you out, on the contrary, the platform’s services come with an extremely affordable and fair price.

With no further ado, let’s find out next how much it costs:

  • The Chegg Study service goes for $14.95 a month. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want.
  • The Chegg Math Solver service costs $9.95 a month.
  • The Chegg Writing is $9.95 a month.

However, you can have all three services together – The Chegg Study Pack for $19.95 a month.

The above-mentioned subscription plans include the following services:

  • Help with homework, exams prep, one-on-one tutors.
  • Step-by-step solutions to problems in textbooks, solving math problems by sending just a snap.
  • Experts that can help you with all sorts of subjects (Anthropology, Science, Biology, Religion, Chemistry, Linguistics, and much more).
  • Forums with solutions to common math exercises.
  • Proofreading, Plagiarism, and Text checking all in all.

This platform is immensely beneficial to its users as it also offers a free membership trial that gets you live tutoring help for thirty minutes free of charge. It’s important to remember that these thirty minutes need to be acquired a week before you enroll with Chegg.

Note: You are entitled to have ONLY one account on Chegg, and you are not allowed to impersonate other people or use a name that is not yours. If not, Chegg has the right to shut down your account discreetly without prior notice to you.


Following plenty of Chegg tutoring reviews, the platform is no doubt extremely easy to use and navigate around. Especially since everything is separately categorized and explained. There’s no need for special IT skills to manage your way in and out, or to subscribe to a certain service they offer. Thus, the interface design is all about making the experience of the user efficient and easy.

However, Chegg nails it with the launch of its mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Thus, student’s needs for homework assistance and tutoring are a click away.

Let us introduce you to these apps with more details:

Having this app by your side leaves no space for excuses why you couldn’t prepare for your finals, or how you didn’t have the time to hand over your homework on time. In brief, this is what you can do via the app:

– You will be able to get your hands on millions of thoroughly explained textbook answers and assignments.
– The chance of having your homework revised and answered with just a snap of a picture—they guarantee you’ll get an answer in thirty to fifty minutes.
– Tutors, and experts in their fields on your disposal throughout the day, every day.
– You can study with the use of videos – videos that include step-by-step explanations and guides.

Needless to say how useful and handy this app may come to you, to anyone. If you’re struggling with the famous and not much loved subjects like Algebra, Calculus, Pre Calculus, Linear Algebra – go ahead and press that ‘install’ button on your Android or iOS device.

In order to take advantage of this app’s services, you’ll have to subscribe to it, in other words, it isn’t free.

Having this app makes it possible for you to read your lectures, notes, and study anywhere, at any time. For instance, via the app, you can underline/highlight important notes or data in your ebooks. Or, you can search for a topic or information by entering just a keyword.

What’s interesting about this app is it’s made for the students and the teachers. Moreover, this app works based on studying flashcards and quizzes—this has to be the most entertaining way of studying and remembering the material.

Students can

– Make flashcards.
– Arrange and customize the materials by adding more text and pictures.
– Granted access to over 500 flashcards elaborating different subjects and topics.
– Learn foreign languages (Spanish and others), acquire coding skills, Biology, and many other subjects.

Teachers can

– Create and introduce as many as possible flashcards enriched with widely searched and useful material.
– Store, and upload whatever material you have prepared for your students on the Cheggs platform and app.
– Keep in touch with other teachers, and exchange and implement different ideas and flashcards. Do this to keep up your student’s interest and help them study in a fun way.

Help and Support

Reaching the Chegg support service won’t be a problem. They offer various ways of contact and are also available 24/7.

  • a live chat
  • email support
  • open a ticket
  • phone support
  • and, quite the informative FAQs section on their website.

One more really helpful and amazing thing is Chegg’s forum community. Feel free to post questions and expect answers from students or other online tutors.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

This online tutoring platform seems like a blessing, so let’s see how it is ranked among some prominent rating sites.

SiteJabber – Chegg has a 1.7-star rating, out of 5. This is a ranking position received based on over 232 reviews.

ConsumerAffairs – This site gave them a fairly low 1-star rating, based on somewhat more than 40 reviews.

Trustpilot – On Trustpilot, Chegg enjoys a 3.8-star rating, out of 5, and this is based on 3.186 reviews.

ResellerRatings – Another low one-star rating, a rating concluded on more than 860 reviews.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) – Let us first mention that Chegg is a BBB accredited business. Though it doesn’t enjoy a high rating position. The BBB gave this platform a 1.11-star rating out of 5. The site shows there are 115 reviews to be precise, and in the last year, more than 180 complaints were successfully handled.

Customer Reviews

This next thing is a well-known fact. There’s no company (no matter the field of expertise) that doesn’t have good, and somehow not-so-good customer reviews. Frankly, I don’t see why Chegg would be an exception.

Positive Customer Reviews




(The screenshots in this article are taken from verified customer reviews left on Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and ConsumerAffairs)

Negative Customer Reviews



(The screenshots in this article are taken from verified customer reviews left on SiteJabber, ConsumerAffairs, and Trustpilot)

Overall, the mere fact that a considerable amount of students have made use of Chegg at one point or another, and the fact this platform is still performing after all these years, makes it a respectable and trustworthy vendor to buy or rent your textbooks from.

And as for the divided opinions and customer reviews, you know what they say: Every experience is individual.


Though Chegg represents a big-shot in the business of academic service offers, still, those less satisfied with their work seek other alternatives

That’s ok since there’s plenty of other companies that are in the textbooks rental and online tutoring business. Though, the competition is fierce these days.

Anyway, since there are plenty of similar services like Chegg, we decided to compare it against two of its best alternatives/competitors: Slader and Course Hero.

Chegg vs. Slader

One of the main differences between these two platforms is that Slader is more focused on just providing students with answers and solutions. Opposed to Chegg, where there is a team of experts ready to check your homework, give you a step-by-step guide on different subjects and materials.

On the other hand, while you need to subscribe to Chegg, that’s not required with Slader. Slader doesn’t have any paid plans, nor do you need to have an account with them.

Both Slader and Chegg can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Chegg vs. Course Hero

The two are very similar in what they offer—much more than just to provide a correct answer to a question.
Course Hero, unlike Slader, isn’t entirely free, nor Chegg is. Course Hero and Chegg, have free and paid subscription plans – of course, the free plans let you use one or two options (limited).

A major advancement and difference is the existence of an ‘earn free access’ option on Course Hero’s platform. Basically, you share (upload) your study materials and elaborate answers for their community, rate and review content, and refer people to sign up for their services. Additionally, you get to unlock free options and perks on their platform.


To sum up. Chegg is an incredible online tutoring platform, and it also lets you study and get solutions while on the go, by downloading them on your Android or iOS device. From Math and Algebra to Anthropology, Religion and foreign languages, all the way to online tutors and renting of books and textbooks – you name it!

Moreover, you can take advantage of the options to start looking for internships and scholarships through their platform. Their plans are paid (with some free stuff here and there), however, the prices are more than reasonable and affordable.
We hope you find this Chegg review useful and informative—you know who to go to if you get stuck with numbers, or you need to Ace an exam.


1. How much can you earn using Chegg?

On average Chegg pays from $20-$30 for tutoring services. This is based on data gathered from employees (past and present) and users in the last 36 months.

2. Do professors know if students use Chegg for assistance?

Yes, they can easily compare your answers with those publicly available on Chegg for similarity.

3. What is useful about the Chegg account?

There are many useful things about having Chegg on your side. However, one of the most useful things about having an account with them is that if the answers on the backside of your book don’t make sense, you can always reach them and clarify things.