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Clare Paint Review [2023] - Innovative, Safe, and Affordable


  • It offers larger sample sizes
  • Easy to apply
  • Self-priming paints
  • An extensive number of paint colors/ shades to choose from


  • Shipping to some states takes longer than usual

Average Rating: 4.8

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Have you been color-shopping lately? If so, we bet you haven’t visited Clare paints – yet!

What is it? Not much, just a color company focused on simplifying your color-shopping experience overall, from choosing, trying out different colors, guidance through the world of colors, to purchasing it and delivering it to you.

Stick around for this Clare Paint review, and learn more about this fantastic fresh color company that can make our lives much easier.

As the review progresses, you’ll find out more about the company, how they work, what they do, their offers, the prices they come with, and lots more.

Overview and Highlights

So, as we were saying, this non-traditional paint company has transformed the ‘interior painting experience’ we once knew. The company was founded by an interior designer, Nicole Gibbons, to make the painting process easier for the customers.

How Big Is Their Network?

We couldn’t find exact numbers regarding this question. Still, considering that Nicole talked about her innovative and inspiring color company at the Oprah Winfrey Show, we suppose we’re talking about quite an extensive network of customers.

On the plus side, Vogue and The New York Times have also been rumoring about Clare Paint’s one-of-a-kind approach in the world of colors and how it is delivered to customers.

Is Clare paint Good?

No, Clare’s paints aren’t good — They are fantastic! Moreover, Clare colors are premium quality, 100 percent acrylic, scrubbable, easily applicable, and withstand tear and wear. Could you ask for more?!

Is Clare paint Safe? Is There Any Warranty?

Clare reviews have indicated that these paints are safe and toxic-free. Whatsmore, they are free from any volatile organic compounds. And to vouch for it, the company also offers a (limited) lifetime warranty.

Who Is It Best For?

Interior designers look no further than Clare’s color selection; It is ideal for design-savvy individuals looking for good quality designer-curated colors.

However, it’s not only limited to interior designers or other professionals. The company offers its brilliant color palette to anyone looking to give their home/ office fresh new looks.

Clare’s Features

Deciding the right paints for your residential and commercial needs can be challenging. Clare wall paint makes the entire process easy by offering a range of quality colors and delivering them right at your doorsteps.

What Are The Features of Clare Paint?

There are numerous benefits and features offered by Clare, making them a great choice, including:

Zero VOC

The best thing about Clare paints and colorants is that they are zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Meaning it is free from pollutants and hazardous elements.

This feature is precisely what makes it safe to use, particularly if you have kids and pets. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about yourself or the people around you breathing in toxic fumes. 

Greenguard Gold Certified

These paints are Greenguard Gold certified, which means that they have undergone strict (year-over-year) testing to determine that they are free from any harmful chemicals. The best interior paint reviews highlight this is the highest safety certification for a product.

Ultra-Low Odor

Another health-beneficial feature of Clare paints is that it won’t leave your space smelling like traditional paints since their colors are ultra-low odor.

Self Priming

The paints are self-priming, reducing the cost and time typically required in traditional paints. Primer seals the surface to make it easier to paint with much fewer coats, providing longer-lasting colors. Moreover, by using priming you enrich the quality and shining of the color.

Even better, Clare also dedicates a whole page on primer paints, what they serve for, and how to apply them; So, you might want to give it a read if you are new to priming.

Superior Coverage

The coverage of the Clare paints is outstanding, mainly due to its self-priming abilities. There is no need for multiple layers of paint. A single paint layer will smoothly cover the entire wall.

Washable and Scrubbable

No matter how careful you are, the walls eventually get dirt or stains on them, especially if you have kids in your house. The good thing is that now there’s an option to clean it without the fear of messing up the entire wall. Hence, you can easily clean the walls and scrub them without any worry as Clare paints are mildew-resistant and washable.

How Does It Work?

The process of ordering Clare paints is pretty simple. You can use numerous helpful tools available on their website to find the right shade and even order sample colors. Also, you’ll have the paint shipped to home in just a few days.

What are the Supplies Available at Clare?

Aside from paint colors, Clare also sells other supplies to make the painting job easier.

These include the following:

  • Ceiling paints
  • Tray liner
  • Metal Tray
  • Roller Cover
  • Various Types of Paint Brushes
  • Primer Paint
  • Extension Pole
  • Painter’s Washi Tape
  • Drop Cloth
  • Roller Frame (including, a mini one)

Primer – $42

We already mentioned the Primer and explained why it is preferable to use it when doing interior painting. Therefore, make sure you get one before getting busy painting your new office room, or maybe a nursery.

The Primer will most certainly grant you a better quality of color, and it will also smoothen up any imperfections. Nevertheless, you will enjoy a more lasting color, which can resist stains simultaneously. Furthermore, you can use Clare’s primer on various surfaces like:

  • stone
  • wood
  • drywall
  • and surfaces that are harder for the paint to stick on (aluminum, paint that has oil, etc.).

Plus, don’t forget that their primers hold the highest safety certificates – the GreenGuard Gold certificate.

Ceiling Paint – $42

For those who weren’t aware of this fact, yes, there’s a special kind of paint used for painting ceilings. Though it isn’t a mistake to paint your ceiling with the color you used for the walls, still be prepared for quite a dripping from above. Luckily when shopping at Clare’s, you’ll find everything under one roof. Therefore, we recommend you go for ceiling paint and skip all the hassle.

Clare’s ceiling paint can provide excellent coverage, perfect for ceilings, that said. And same as with the Primer paint, this one too, is certified, zero VOC + self-priming.

What are the Colors/ Types Available?

There is a range of colors available at Clare’s. However, the best thing about this company is that you can order swatches of the colors you like, which are 8 inches in size and are removable wall stickers. This option allows you to see which color best meets your needs without removing different color layers of your walls.

The Clare Current Mood paint and Headspace paint color are among their most popular shades. But, still, there are other amazing shades available. As follows:

  • Sublime
  • Rosé Season
  • Irony
  • Penthouse
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Views
  • Windy City
  • Two Scoops
  • Snow Day
  • Meet Cute
  • Vacay
  • Summer Friday
  • Baby Soft, and many other colors.

Are the Colors Vetted and Narrowed Before Selling?

Briefly, yes, they are. We already said that Clare paints is all about making colors and their choices more approachable and straightforward to people, not the other way around.

That said, Clare understands how challenging it can be for customers to select the right color for their space. They have vetted and narrowed down the colors to provide their customers with a brilliantly curated selection of 67 colors.

Moreover, they provide detailed descriptions of each shade to make it easier to select the color you are searching for.

What are the Helpful Tools to Narrow Down the Color Search?

Clare has provided helpful tools on their website to narrow down the choices further. For instance, The Clare Color Genius is a quiz that inquires about your lighting and space situation, the decor style, and looks you want. Ultimately, it gives you three ideal choices.

Once you select the color, you can use the Paint Calculator to determine the amount of paint you need to cover the space. This can quickly do this by providing them with info like the dimensions of the place that you’ll be painting.

Can We Try The Colors Before Buying?

You can order color swatches of the shades you are interested in buying. They send out larger sample sizes as compared to the other companies, which are also in the form of removable stickers.

You can stick the sample on the wall to see which one works best in your space. This is one of the most efficient ways to paint a room by making the right selection.


Are There Any Pricing Plans? How Much Is a Gallon of Clare Paint?

The average cost to paint a room varies anywhere between $200 to $1.000; depending on the size of the room, and the type of paint you want. Clare doesn’t have any pricing plans but a gallon of Clare paint costs as much as $59. Whereas a gallon of ceiling paint and primer is $42, separately.

However, even with no pricing plans, there’s a ‘Paint Now, Pay Later’ option that some of you might be interested in. This option functions only if paying through QuadPay. In a nutshell, you can pay your Clare paint order in four fees and with no interest too. 

Note: The Paint Now, Pay Later option is only applicable to $100+ orders.

Also, you must know that the starting 25 percent of the total order will be deducted at the time of purchase.

What is the PaintCare Fee?

The deal is that Clare is shipping to states they refer to as PaintCare Fee states.

What are PaintCare Fee states? These are the 8 states that have mandatory recycling programs under the guidance of PaintCare.

Consequently, Clare’s customers are charged $0.75 to $0.99 for each gallon when they purchase paint online. This fee helps in multiple ways, like supporting transportation, collection, safe disposal, and paint recycling.

Shipping Policy

We love their straightforward shipping policy. And the fact that they can deliver their paints pretty much anywhere in the U.S. The only exceptions to this are Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

The shipping for standard orders under $100 is $9, but they offer free shipping for all orders over $100. Moreover, they also offer free shipping for color swatch orders.

Anyway, here’s a quick overview of their shipping fees:

  • free shipping on Perfect Color Swatch orders,
  • all $100+ standard orders are shipped for free,
  • all standard orders that are less than $100 have a flat $9 shipping fee.

It’s in everyone’s interest for their orders to come as quickly as possible. This is why some orders are being shipped the very same day (depending on what time they were placed). However, when the number of orders is very high, you’ll need to be a bit patient.  Meaning, give them at least two days to process your order.

Note: Be extra patient with Swatch orders that go through USPS — let them have from three to five days.

No worries, you’ll know your order is travelling to meet you as soon as it’s out. The company will email you with the necessary tracking information to check the status of your order. Whatsmore, the company takes care of your needs even when the weather conditions aren’t reliable, like extremely hot or cold weather.

Return Policy

The supplies or paints that you haven’t opened can easily be exchanged/ returned within sixty days from the date of delivery.

However, if this isn’t the case with your order, and you’ve already unsealed it, bear in mind that Clare won’t accept it back.  Plus, orders like apparel and swatches don’t undergo exchanges or returns.

Note: You need to pay a $7 restocking fee for every gallon of paint.

If returning anything, you can start the process by emailing them at [email protected]. Or, if it’s just one package that needs to be returned you can initiate the return by visiting their site.

Any Deals/ Promotions?

There are no current deals or promotions.

Any Gift Cards?

You can purchase a digital Clare gift card anytime you want. There are several amounts to choose from; The amounts vary from $100 to $500.

Pros and Cons

This Clare paint review won’t be complete if we don’t weigh its pros and cons.


  • It offers larger sample sizes.
  • You can purchase helpful painting tools from their site.
  • Easy to apply
  • Self-priming paints
  • They deliver to your doorstep.
  • An extensive number of paint colors/ shades to choose from.
  • Straightforward and extremely helpful purchasing process.
  • Safe to use (zero VOC, and ultra-low odor).


  • Shipping to some states takes longer than usual.

Reviews and Ratings

Though there aren’t many paint ratings and reviews yet available for Clare on leading consumer rating websites still, we successfully managed to dig up at least some for you. Check out some more positive and less positive reviews by verified Clare products with no further ado.

Positive Reviews

Some of the positive Clare paint reviews are the following:

Reviews from Clare paints users left on sites like ThingTesting and the official Clare Facebook page.

Negative Reviews

Here are a few negative reviews:

  • Sarah B. — Darker than depicted

The color swatch online is indeed the same color as the paint…when it’s wet. Much darker in person. I wish I had more color options to choose from in the future. Unfortunately, I won’t be using either this gallon or the other gallon of paint I purchased at the same time. Had to go to Home Depot.

  • Terese B. — Turbinado

Based on the picture of the color, and putting all my specifications in for your “analysis”—north-facing room needing warmth, etc. I went ahead and ordered a full gallon. However, the color does not appear warm as it does in your picture. There is green or maybe even black in the mix and there is nothing warm about it. I took it to my local paint store and they are the ones that suggested that green is in it, and they helped me find a much brighter beige. The product is probably fine. The color suggestion was poor. Not sure what I’ll do with the gallon I’ve got, but realize it was my mistake to not order a swatch first.

Reviews from Clare paint users were left directly on Clare’s official website.

Customer Ratings

Now let’s see what kind of online rating Clare parades.

  • ThingTesting gave this brand a great 4.5-star rating, based on two customer reviews solely.
  • However, on Clare’s official Facebook Page, you can find several positive reviews. And you are in for an excellent 5-star rating too; Based on as many as seventeen customer reviews.
  • And if you’ve checked their review section (on Clare’s official site) then you are aware of the fantastic 4.8-star rating. This rating is earned thanks to the opinion of over 160 customers.


In our reviews, we tend to emphasize that a plan B is never a bad thing; on the contrary. Therefore, to help you make the right decision, here are some interior paint companies/ alternatives to Clare: Backdrop, The Real Milk, and ECOS.

Clare vs. Backdrop

To begin with, both brands have something in common — both strive to leave an impact on today’s way of painting and choosing colors. For instance, Clare and Backdrop offer ultra-low odor colors, and both are certified by Greenguard Gold. No doubt, the two brands provide safe and quality colors that you can use to paint inside and outside (with Backdrop).

Though there’s another difference we can think of at the moment. Unlike Clare, Backdrop is the first painting brand certified as being Climate Neutral.

Another difference is the price. Backdrop paints have lower prices and more samples to offer. Nevertheless, one of the main differences is that Clare provides more shades than Backdrop. But Backdrop has more potent and darker options, while Clare has lighter ones.

Clare vs. The Real Milk

Clare and The Real Milk brands are both inspiring, innovative, and eco-friendly; there’s no discussion about it. However, they are unique in their way.

For instance, what’s unique about Real Milk products is the fact that they make them from 100 percent organic milk, and they come in powdered condition. They do offer a lesser number of color choices compared to Clare, but they have an impressive offer of lots of other things too (oils, waxes, glazes, creams, pastes).

On the other hand, Clare has a more than fantastic palette of colors and shades to choose from, 67, to be precise. Their colors are zero-VOC and have an ultra-low odor. Plus, they are Greenground Gold certified.

When talking about pricing, The Real Milk comes with a higher price tag; That said, a gallon of a specific color goes for $62.99. In contrast, a gallon of color with Clare is $59.

In the end, whichever product you choose to go with, you won’t be mistaken. One is created with organic milk protein, making it an ideal alternative to oil-based and water-based latex paint. While the other one is self-priming and offers rich quality and various colors/ shades to choose from.

Clare vs. ECOS

Let’s kick off this comparison by stating their most significant similarity, both Clare and ECOS offer zero VOC and odor-free products, making them safe, reliable, and eco-aware brands.

Taking a closer look at ECOS, you’ll see an extensive offer of various products, colors, paints, etc. Their website has a great design and it incorporates lots of information, so you won’t feel the need to get hold of their customer support.

Unlike Clare, ECOS is a paint brand that has been around for more than three decades. It is undeniable that both companies worked hard to bring a clean, safe, certified, and purified color product to people around.

However, if we talk about brand recognition, Clare is losing this battle; ECOS colors are being shipped and used worldwide. For example, following their website, we found out that Microsoft, Google, and the French museum Louvre have used their delicate colors/ products.

What about the price? We’re sure you already know whose products are more expensive. Yes, ECOS products have a much higher price ($78.35 a gallon).

Therefore, if you are looking for a safe, eco-friendly, and affordable paint brand that offers various colors and shades, Clare is your best option of the two.

The Wrap Up

The question remains – Is Clare painting worth it?

With a range of paint options and brands to choose from that can leave customers confused and frustrated, Clare focuses on making the painting experience easier for its customers. They offer a limited selection of outstanding colors that narrow down the choices and provide other selection tools.

This Clare Paint review shows how the company’s unique approach restores accessibility, transparency, control, and focuses on preventing the customers from getting overwhelmed. Moreover, the paints are free from VOC, making them safe to use.

No wonder why some of the best paint reviews have indicated that Clare is gradually becoming a popular choice for many customers.

It is certainly worth using Clare paints for your home or commercial project.


1. Is it safe for home?


Clare paints are Greenguard Gold certified and zero-VOC, making them one of the safest paint options in the market.

2. Do you have to pay for paint samples?

Yes, you do. However, it’s a small price to pay. The sample paint swatches are available for only $2, + you have free shipping.