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Cuts Clothing Review


  • Modern clothing for any time of day
  • High-quality, minimalistic clothing for maximum versatility
  • Offers a variety of hems with classic and versatile designs
  • Made with durable, high-quality, custom-engineered Pyca fabrics


  • Only offers neutral tones
  • Starting at $50, Cuts t-shirts are costlier than most other brands

Average Rating: 4.5

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You may have heard about Cuts Clothing from social media platforms, minimalist enthusiasts, or while searching for a high-quality, durable t-shirt.

Today, we will review the brand and their shirts in our Cuts shirts review to give you a comprehensive outlook on the brand, their t-shirts, and their fabrics. We will also discuss their t-shirt designs, fabric features, customer reviews, and more for a detailed review.

Overview & Highlights

Let’s start by taking a look at the brand, what they are known for, and who their ideal customer is.

What Is Cuts Clothing?

Cuts Clothing is an ecommerce t-shirt brand that offers minimalist style premium clothing. Cuts t-shirts are made with quality fabrics, and the brand makes them so they can be worn for “office,” “travel,” and even “date night,” as mentioned on their online store.

Success is not common for brands like Cuts Clothing because ecommerce t-shirt brands rarely make it big in such a competitive industry. Founder Steven Borrelli spent years struggling to find a high-quality minimalist t-shirt that he could wear to work and a night out.

The lack of good-fitting, quality t-shirts in the market did not stop him, and in 2016, he founded Cuts Clothing. He designed t-shirts he could wear and actually be proud of. In 2017, he turned to Kickstarter to raise money to create Pyca, a durable, breathable custom-engineered fabric for his products.

Today, quality Pyca fabrics and minimalist designs, or “cuts,” is what Cuts Clothing is all about. Some of their long-term customers swear by their products and consider them to be one of the best clothing brands in the market.

Who Is It Best For?

Cuts Clothing is best for the modern man, who wants a quality t-shirt to wear for work, travel, and a night out. Their motto reads, “designed for the ambitious” and “confidence you can wear,” which gives us an idea that it is made for ambitious people who want to feel confident.

Staying true to their vision, Cuts Clothing also offers other minimalist apparel suitable for people who want modest clothing without compromising quality.

Where Can We Buy Cuts?

Cuts Clothing products are available on their official ecommerce website or online store – www.cutsclothing.com – where you can find Cuts t-shirts among other apparel products and accessories.

How Big Is the Network?

Cuts Clothing is a popular t-shirt brand and ecommerce store with a name that is instantly recognized by fashion enthusiasts and minimalists around the world. This is made possible thanks to their strong online and social media presence.

They have popular ambassadors like athletes, celebrities, and influencers, and they also run a highly-effective ambassador program for their brand. It incentivizes influential personalities and makes it easy for them to promote the brand on social media platforms.

You can see exactly how big they are by searching their official, catchy hashtag “#madethecut” on social media platforms like Instagram. Despite having such a strong brand, Cuts Clothing has less than 100 employees in total.

Is Cuts Good Quality?

Cuts t-shirts are made with quality fabrics like the custom-engineered Pyca fabric. All their other products carry the same high standards and are made with breathable and durable fabrics. Compared to most other brands, Cuts provides good quality clothing for their customers.

Do Cuts Have a Warranty?

Unfortunately, Cuts Clothing does not offer any warranties with its products. However, given that their quality fabrics are focused on durability, you can expect them to last longer than similar competitor products.

Moreover, our Cuts shirts review and testing showed that their products lasted longer than expected. This is likely because most of their fabrics offer 4-way stretch and shape retention.

Contact /Support Information

Customers and visitors can easily contact Cuts Clothing through their help center. You can leave a message and expect a reply from Cuts Clothing within a few hours. You can also mail them directly at [email protected].


In this section, we will discuss a few features of the Pyca fabric from Cuts Clothing. 

What Are the Features?

Cuts Clothing is very particular about the quality of their t-shirts and other products. This is why they custom-engineered the Pyca fabric. Currently, they use three types of fabrics, including Pyca Pro, Pyca Slub, and Hyperloop French Terry.

The first two are fabric upgrades to the original Pyca they initially created. They include the following features.

  • Color Retention

All Cuts Clothing fabrics are great at retaining colors. This means you can keep them for longer without worrying about fading or discoloration, which is common with most other t-shirts because they are made with inferior fabric and material.

  • Wrinkle Free Tech

Both the mentioned fabric upgrades to the Pyca fabric offer great style and a professional look because they are anti-wrinkle. You can wear them the whole day and not worry about creasing of any kind.

  • Long-Term Comfort

While all three fabrics are comfortable to wear, the Pyca Pro and Hyperloop French Terry fabrics, in particular, have a buttery soft feel. They keep you comfortable for longer and retain the soft feel for longer than most other t-shirts.

  • Versatile Designs

Cuts Clothing offers these three various fabrics to meet various demands of consumers. These fabrics are slightly different to accommodate the versatile design. For example, the Pyca Slub is spun into a slub yarn to provide a more textured surface that appears like heather fabric and is easy to drape.

While the Pyca Pro is exceptionally breathable, soft, and offers a 4-way stretch, the Hyperloop French Terry fabric has a higher weight density for warmth, softness, and a unique knit for breathability.

Apart from the Pyca fabric, Cuts Clothing also offers versatile designs with their various styles of t-shirts, particularly regarding the hems, which we will discuss ahead.

How Does It Work?

In this section, we look at how the Cuts t-shirts are designed, which ones are the best-sellers, and how you can wash them the right way.

What Are The Best-Selling Cuts Shirts?

The Cuts curved hem is among the best-selling t-shirt cuts they offer. Apart from this, other products like their Sherpa Full Zip, Commuter Jacket, Hoodie Classic, and the Cuts Clothing Polo shirts are also among their best-selling products.

These products are made from the same high-quality Hyperloop French Terry and Pyca fabric.

Different Cuts of Shirts

Most shirts and t-shirts brands are not highly dedicated to the design or the cuts of their shirts. They mostly focus on branding, colors, and t-shirt art to attract customers. However, brands like Cuts Clothing are known for their superior design or t-shirt cuts, fabric quality, durability, and comfort.

All Cuts Clothing polo shirts, t-shirts, and other shirts come with three options of hem design, which Cuts Clothing is well-known for. They include:

  • Classic Curve Hem
    This hem has an elevated regular bottom cut with a Cuts curved hem to eliminate bouncing around the waist.
  • Split-Hem
    Their Split-Hem offers a casual look with its polo shirt hem that is slightly longer at the back than the front. This offers more room throughout the body.
  • Elongated-Hem
    A contemporary look, the elongated hem has a longer torso and an extended curve at the hem to offer a more urban feel.

Moreover, Cuts Clothing also offers these t-shirt cuts with three different options for the collar shape, including Crew-neck, V-neck, and Henley.

How to Wash Cuts Clothing

You should always check the care label on your Cuts Clothing shirts and products for the best way to wash them. We recommend washing your Cuts Clothing Polo and t-shirts in cold water and lat them flat to dry. If you use a dryer, make sure the setting is at a low temperature.

It is also important that you wash them with like colors and avoid using bleach or fabric softeners. This is mainly because the Pyca fabric has a natural softness that lasts a very long time.


Here, we will look at the pricing, shipping, and return/ exchange policy of Cuts Clothing, along with some money-saving options. 

What Are The Pricing Plans?

Brands like Cuts Clothing often offer membership or loyalty programs for customers who want something extra for their dedication. Currently, Cuts Clothing offers a yearly “VIP Membership” for $125, which gets you the following perks.

  • 25% off on all items for the next 12 months of becoming a member
  • Free US & Canada Standard Cuts Shipping
  • 1.5 Rewards Points Multiplier
  • Early Access to Sales
  • Early Access to New Products
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Access to Priority Customer Support

However, the Cuts Clothing membership discount is only available for online purchases and is not applicable to gift cards and additional VIP Memberships. Moreover, you cannot stack discount codes with your membership.

Shipping Policies

Cuts Clothing ships its products to the US, Canada, and Internationally as well. Your shipping costs will depend on your location and the final price of your order.

  • Is The Shipping Free?

Cuts shipping is free if your order is $150 or more in the US, whereas international shipping is free for orders that are worth $200 or more. 

  • Other Shipping Details

The estimated shipping times are shown at checkout; however, they do not include the additional 3-5 days of warehouse processing time. This is because of the safety protocols they have introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is The Return/ Exchange Policy?

Brands like Cuts Clothing offer easy returns and exchanges. We tested it for our Cuts shirts review and found that their returns and exchanges are as easy as they claim on their website.

All refunds are issued to your original form of payment, but the shipping costs are non-refundable. They partner with Happy Returns to offer over 2,600 drop-off locations around the US as well. Cuts Clothing returns and exchanges must be made within 20 days from the delivery of the product.

You must also ensure that the product is unused, unwashed, and in its individual barcoded black bag. However, accessory items like masks are final sale and cannot be returned.

Any Discounts/ Promotions?

Currently, there are no exciting discounts on the Cuts Clothing website. However, they do offer promotional discount codes from time to time. Moreover, you can sign up for their newsletter to get a discount code for your first order.

Pros & Cons

Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Cuts Clothing.


  • Modern clothing for any time of day
  • High-quality, minimalistic clothing for maximum versatility
  • Made with comfortable, durable, high-quality, custom-engineered Pyca fabrics
  • Offers a variety of hems with classic and versatile designs


  • Only offers neutral tones
  • Starting at $50, Cuts t-shirts are costlier than most other brands

Reviews & Ratings

As with most of our reviews, we will look at some Cuts reviews and ratings from customers to give you a more comprehensive outlook on the brand and its products.

We went through hundreds of Cuts reviews, and it didn’t take long for us to realize that most customers are pleased with the brand and its products. Cuts Clothing has really changed the game for male t-shirts and quality minimalist clothing.

There were plenty of reviewers who praised them for the quality of their fabrics and the design of their products. Some long-term consumers were also delighted by their shirts’ fit, durability, and color retention.

However, not all customers felt the same. Some complained about the neutral tone of their clothing, while the biggest negative among bad reviews was pricing. They felt that paying $50 or more was not worth it for a Cuts Clothing shirt.

These negative Cuts reviews were few, and we noticed that many positive reviewers mentioned that it was the best value for money shirt they ever got.


It wouldn’t be fair to review Cuts Clothing without including some alternative brands that also create some of the best t-shirts for men.

Cuts Clothing Vs. BYLT

Similar to Cuts Clothing, BYLT is on a mission to improve the quality and style of premium basics, including t-shirts. However, unlike Cuts Clothing, they offer more fabric options, more bottom clothing like shorts and joggers, and they have an overall wider range of products.

While both offer durable clothing, Cuts’ fabric tends to be more comfortable and flexible than BYLT. We would recommend that Cuts Clothing offers better t-shirts, whereas BYLT offers more variety and better shorts and joggers. 

Cuts Clothing Vs. Corridor NYC

Corridor NYC is a New York-based brand that sells contemporary American clothing. They have a range of shirts that offer minimalist styling and mostly neutral tones. Once again, compared to Cuts Clothing, their shirts are not as comfortable or flexible.

However, they offer some quality clothing, including 100 percent cotton t-shirts, which Cuts Clothing lacks. Compared to alternate brands, like the mentioned ones, it is easy to see that Cuts Clothing offers some of the best t-shirts for men.

Conclusion/Wrap up

The classic, versatile, and minimalistic shirt designs offered by Cuts Clothing, made with their exceptionally soft, breathable, and durable Pyca fabric, are truly something that the market lacked before them.

This is probably the main driver of their popularity and success. While the pricing may not be ideal for some consumers, we think the durability and color-retention make their shirts worth the extra dollars. Overall, we had a great experience with their products for our Cuts shirts review.

Is Cuts Worth It?

Most of their customers shared our positive experience, and we would recommend you try them out, even if it’s just to form your opinion. The high-quality fabric and versatility you get are incredible and worth the extra bucks you spend over a typical t-shirt that won’t last two seasons.

We think that Cuts is worth it and it is easy to try them out because they don’t have a wide range of products or fabrics, which means you won’t need to buy ten different shirts to understand what you get.


1. Where are the Cuts Clothing made?

Cuts Clothing is made ethically from start to finish in the Philippines, India, and Vietnam.

2. Do Cuts Clothing shirts shrink?

Not entirely, Cuts Clothing shirts are made with Pyca fabrics, which is similar to pre-shrunk fabrics. This means that any shrinkage from initial washing is minimal. Moreover, they offer shape retention with certain shirts, which means that there is no noticeable shrinkage or loosening of shirts.

3. Do Cuts sell anything besides t-shirts?

Yes, apart from t-shirts, Cuts Clothing sells other apparel products like polos, jackets, hoodies, and even accessories like masks.