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Daily Harvest Review


  • Daily Harvest provides you with access to a bountiful array of peak produce at any time of year.
  • Because freezing the product locks in nutrients and freshness
  • Their single-serving containers help reduce food waste by providing you with perfectly portioned amounts of food.


  • The single-serving containers are non-recyclable
  • Daily Harvest may not be affordable for everyone.

Average Rating: A

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When compared to other Daily Harvest reviews, this one is going to take a slightly different route. Since there are many of you who would like to improve their nutrition by implementing more health-aware eating habits, we decided to give you an exclusive peek into this groundbreaking industry.

Ordering a cup of healthy, calorie-wise, and nutrition-dense smoothie or a bowl of savory food has never been easier. In this Daily Harvest review, you’re going to explore all the aspects of choosing, ordering, and using Daily Harvest cups and bowls, both at home or the office.

What’s in the box?

We all know how keeping ourselves away from snacks and low-nutrient food can be difficult when we’re overwhelmed with other responsibilities. There were probably too many times when you felt hungry and grabbed the first thing that came under your hand – a burger, a sandwich, or some other quick fix.

If you want to end the habit of settling for less, think about subscription boxes provided by Daily Harvest. As one of the best food subscription boxes on the market, compared to other healthy food companies, these boxes were made to give you the essential nutrients with each meal you choose.

A great thing is that you don’t have to limit yourself or choose between sweet or savory dishes. Daily Harvest has it all – their boxes include smoothie cups, savory bowls, sundaes, and lattes, which can be combined to suit your needs. This was the most praised aspect of their offer in many Daily Harvest reviews this 2018.

The content of the Daily Harvest boxes depends on what are your goals in regards to your diet. Are you thinking about creating a personal Daily Harvest weight loss plan? You should combine smoothies, soups, and bowls to get the most nutrient-dense, yet, calories-wise diet. For more information about the caloric values of each box, consult the Daily Harvest FAQ section on their website.

All the food that’s ordered delivered by Daily Harvest comes in packages with plastic lids and ice, to prevent it from warming during the transport. Although the delivery of the first box is within a 24-hour window from the time you place the order, all the food comes in frozen. Still, that doesn’t diminish its nutrition value – all the ingredients are freshly picked and packed, ready to be blended or heated.

Since we’re not going to dive into a detailed product review – you should check out other for more info on that – let’s talk more about how the Daily Harvest subscription works.

Types of Subscription

There are two basic subscription plans – a weekly and a monthly plan. The weekly plan comes in different choices depending on the quantity of the box. The smallest box of 6 cups/bowls per box is a great choice for a first-time buyer. For more experienced buyers there are 9, 12, and 24-cup boxes. All boxes can be customized to meet specific dietary requirements and come as vegan, paleo, gluten, or dairy-free cups and bowls.

The monthly plan brings a box of 24 cups/bowl to fit your daily needs for healthy, superfoods. It’s a perfect solution for buyers who would like to keep their daily goals met without worrying if they’re going to run out of their favorite Daily Harvest calories smart smoothies, soups, or bowl.

When you decide about the frequency of getting your tasty cups and bowls, it’s time to pick the flavors. There is various fruit and vegetable combination at your disposal. If you don’t know where to start, browse through the Daily Harvest website. Each cup or bowl is photographed, both as a pre-shot (to see what types of ingredients it is made of) and as a post-shot (to see the color of the blend afterward).

Besides that, cups and bowls come with detailed explanations about their nutritional values, benefits, and other relevant information that will assure you’re getting the product you want. Unfortunately, you can’t taste any cup or bowl before you purchase the box. So, consider checking out some Daily Harvest smoothie reviews – if that’s what you think of subscribing for – for first-hand insight on how they taste.

You could also check out a Daily Harvest overnight oats review, or one for just about anything they have to offer. As they have many subscribers, there are plenty of articles talking about their products online. That being said, getting a picture of what you can expect should be easy.

Healthy eating habits should be practiced both at home and at work. That’s why Daily Harvest provides special office subscription plans for companies that invest in the healthy lifestyle of their employees. Each office box includes up to six product varieties per box with 17 oz. single-serving cups or bowls.

To qualify for the Daily Harvest office plan, you need to have a blender (for preparing the meals), a liquid base (both milk or water will do the work), and a refrigerator to store cups and bowls. Additionally, you should have a microwave for savory bowls and soups, which are an at-work favorite as mentioned in many Daily Harvest soup reviews.

Daily Harvest boxes are a perfect way to educate your friends or family members on healthy food choices. A gift subscription can be purchased as a gift card voucher or a gift box. The difference between these options is in the level of commitment for the receiver. A gift card includes one of the existing subscription plans (weekly or monthly) while gift boxes come as one-time purchases.

Subscription Policies

Once you’re subscribed to Daily Harvest, each delivery is automated. However, you can still cancel your order anytime you want – as long as it’s done before 6 pm ET on Saturday prior to the shipping schedule.

One of the first things that are outlined in Daily Harvest reviews is the flexibility of a subscription. Besides choosing between a weekly or a monthly plan, you can modify the assortment of the orders to include new offers and products.

For those of you who wouldn’t like a firm commitment, you can both pause or skip a delivery at Daily Harvest. You can put any of your orders on hold without canceling the subscription permanently. Or, you can choose to skip a shipment for the upcoming week or month.

Daily Harvest doesn’t offer a free trial on their plans or a free shipping option. However, you can always check out the ongoing Daily Harvest coupon offer and get your hands on a deal.

For their loyal buyers, Daily Harvest gives an exceptional offer. Each time you send three cups to your friends, you get three more for free. By referring a friend to their website, you’ll enjoy more discounts and free cups/bowls of tasty food.

There’s no official affiliate program offered by Daily Harvest. However, there’s a partnership program a company can sign up for. If you’re considering to spread the word about Daily Harvest’s amazing products, a partnership program offers you the freedom to organize the venture according to your preferences and goals. You can also write your own Daily Harvest reviews on their official website or your blog or Facebook page, as a part of the collaboration.


No Daily Harvest review is complete without reviewing the pricing for the specific subscription options and boxes. The pricing policy is yet another great aspect of subscribing to Daily Harvest boxes, as we all know that a healthy diet can often be pricey.

The monthly subscription is, by far, the most affordable plan for those of you who care about their health and nutrition. The price per cup or bowl is $6.99, which totals $167.76 for the entire box of 24 cups each month.

Those of you who seek a more flexible plan, consider a weekly subscription. It comes at a slightly higher price when you compare it to the fixed monthly price, but it is still convenient if you don’t need a regular monthly box.

The smallest weekly box of six cups will cost you $47.94, i.e. $7.99 per cup. As you progress to a bigger box, the price per cup will drop – for a nine-cup box, you will pay $7.75 or $7.45 for a 12-cup box.

Daily Harvest boxes can be a perfect surprise for someone you love or care about. If you want to introduce them to extraordinary smoothies, soups, or sundaes, choose a gift card. How much will these unique gifts by Daily Harvest cost you? Gift card vouchers range between $25 and $250. You could also send a gift box with nine cups at the price of $75.

Bottom Line

As outlined in a multitude of Daily Harvest reviews, subscribing to these boxes is a great way to keep your body in shape and healthy without giving up on tasty and delicious bites. Daily Harvest has certainly found the way to make superfood accessible to everyone who cares about their nutrition. They have a reasonable pricing policy and an exceptional selection of smoothies, soups, and much more! All in all, Daily Harvest is definitely worth signing up for!