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Dr. Squatch Soap Review


  • All the products produced by Dr. Squatch are natural
  • Have unique scents and are made for different skin types
  • Dr. Squatch helps users understand the scents and types of soaps


  • The products are pricier than other products in the industry.
  • Aimed for normal skin types

Average Rating: 4.5

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Dr. Squatch is a company known for producing handmade, natural soap for men. The ecommerce has its headquarters in LA, and in recent years, it has started to expand its line into shower products, cologne, and haircare. Even though all their other products and services have gained popularity, soap remains their best buy to this day, with opportunities to sign up for a subscription each month. 

Recently, Bustle magazine took notice of Dr. Squatch, and the CEO of the brand was also featured on a Celebrity Insider blog. So, the question remains – is Dr. Squatch’s soap really worth the hype? What’s so special about it? In this Dr. Squatch soap review, we will help you understand the brand, its products, promotions, and customer ratings so that you can decide whether it’s worth the buy.

Overview and Highlights

Dr. Squatch came into being when Jack Haldrup, the CEO, decided to pursue his passion of launching a brand that makes products with natural ingredients. When he was in his 20s, he tried to find natural soap for men in the industry and realized that there was a huge gap in personal care and hygiene for men. He then realized that he couldn’t be the only man facing this problem, especially when it came to finding soaps with a masculine scent.

That is when he decided to invest in soaps. He set up a small workstation in his basement where he would experiment with scents and ingredients, and by 2013, he was ready to introduce his soaps to the market. For those wondering what the story is behind the name of the brand, Dr. Squatch, here is what Jack says,

“During the first World War, BIG SOAP began stripping natural ingredients from soap to make production cheaper and faster…the term ‘natural soap”’ was as rare and mysterious as the Squatch himself.”

Fast forward to today, the brand is based in LA and manages to make 12 million in the form of revenue. Even though the brand’s origin is fascinating, there is a lot more that makes Dr. Squatch worth its name. Continue reading to find out more about the products.


Dr. Squatch produces 11 masculine scents in the form of lathery, foamy, and thick soap. Every soap that is part of the collection uses natural glycerin and olive oil, and coconut that helps nourish and moisturize the skin. Since the soaps do not contain any preservatives or harsh chemicals, they leave the skin feeling smooth and clean.

The website also contains a Squatch Quiz that allows users to discover the scents and soaps that would be best suited to their skin type. All the soaps produced by the brand come in different textures and colors, along with some bits of minerals that can be shown on the soap.

Here are some soaps produced by the brand. Keep in mind that we have only listed down the key ingredients. For more details about the soaps and to view the ingredient list, all you have to do is access the company website.

1. Pine Tar

Scent: Old growth forest

Scent strength: strong

Exfoliation: Oatmeal and Sand

Featuring: Pine tar

2. Gold Moss

Scent: Oak moss

Scent strength: Medium

Exfoliation: None

Featuring: Sea salt

3. Nautical Sage

Scent: An open ocean breeze

Scent strength: Strong

Exfoliation: None

Featuring: Cypress and Sage Oil

4. Cedar Citrus

Scent: Cedar infused orange

Scent strength: Medium

Exfoliation: Mint leaves

Featuring: Cedar oil

5. Cool Fresh Aloe

Scent: A fresh spring morning

Scent strength: Medium

Exfoliation: None

Featuring: Coconut oil

6. Deep Sea Goat’s Milk

Scent: Earthy and Floral

Scent strength: Mild

Exfoliation: Oatmeal

Featuring: Goat’s Milk

7. Crisp IPA

Scent: Grapefruit IPA

Scent strength: Strong

Exfoliation: None

8. Cold Brew Cleanse

Scent: Fresh brewed coffee

Scent strength: Medium

Exfoliation: Coffee grounds

Featuring: Fire dept. Coffee

9. Bay Rum

Scent: Island Tropics with Spice

Scent strength: Medium

Exfoliation: None

Featuring: Shea butter

10. Spearmint Basil

Scent: Mint Bliss

Scent strength: Medium

Exfoliation: None

Featuring: Pepper mint leaves

11. Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt

Scent: Eucalyptus

Scent strength: Medium

Exfoliation: Oatmeal

Featuring: Greek yogurt

All the Dr. Squash soap scents serve different purposes. Women, especially, love the scent of these soaps, making men feel more appealing as they pay attention to personal care. These soaps are known to make one feel like they have come straight from a fresh dip in the ocean or have just prepared freshly brewed coffee on a cool winter morning.

You can choose to get a monthly subscription from the brand or can also get the soaps individually. One soap bar retails for $7, 2 bars for $14, and 3 bars for $21. It doesn’t matter whether or not you buy the soaps in bulk- you will have to pay the same price each time. Each of the soap bars is 5 oz- a sufficient amount to last the month. You can also mix up your shower scents and come out smelling different each time, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Soap Subscription

So, why do users sign up for Dr. Squatch’s soap subscription? Here are some advantages you can avail:

  •         You can enjoy 15 percent off on each soap bar.
  •         Store-wide shipping is provided for free.
  •         You can build your own soap package, along with the scent you want, quantity, and how often you want the soap bar to be delivered to you.
  •         You can benefit from different delivery options, including quarterly (where you can save $1 on every soap you buy) and monthly (where you pay $1 extra for handling purposes).


  •         Monthly subscription: 2 bars every month for $13, or 3 bars every month for $19.
  •         Quarterly subscription: 3 bars every four months for $18, or 6 bars every four months for $36, or 9 bars every four months for $54.

You can choose to subscribe to any of the 11 scents available. Moreover, the first shipment comes with optional add-ons.

The subscription for the Dr. Squatch soap is flexible. The brand allows users to change or cancel soap subscriptions whenever they want. Moreover, users can change the quantity and frequency, depending on their needs. After all, some people are super indecisive.

Dr. Squatch Shower and Hair Line

When writing this Dr. Squatch soap review, we found that the hair care collection by the brand is limited. The company only makes shampoo, conditioner, and a combination kit from which users have to choose. However, there are loads of natural ingredients used in the products – full disclosure is available on the company website.

Here are some of Dr. Squatch’s bestselling personal care products apart from soaps:

Moisturizing Shampoo for Men

Dr. Squatch’s shampoo for men is meant to restore and moisturize your locks so that you can go back to flipping your hair and feeling that you are part of a movie. The shampoo contains minerals and vitamins from the nettle leaf and tea tree. Tea tree helps soothe the scalp while repairing any damaged hair. Throw in some Cyprus oil, and you can experience the freshness of the Uplifting Ocean Breeze scent.

According to the brand’s instructions, individuals should use the shampoo once or three times a week, based on the hair type they have. If they have curly or brittle hair, the shampoo should only be used once a week. For those with straight or oily hair, it is recommended that the shampoo be used three times per week. For combination hair or for hair that is towards the dry side, twice a week should be okay.

Since the shampoo is potent, it should be used in small quantities- nothing more than a dime-sized amount. This ensures that all the dirt, sweat, and excess oils are washed away from the scalp without making it feel dry. Moreover, since the shampoo is used in small quantities, it also lasts longer. Every bottle retails for $20 and is 8 fl.oz.

Daily Conditioner for Men

There is a common misconception that men do not need to use conditioner or that products that say “2-in-1″ work well on the hair. This is not true. Using these products will only dry your hair out, making them feel brittle and damaged. If you want to have luscious locks, it is important to build a hair care routine that includes a shampoo as well as a conditioner.

The Daily Conditioner for Men by Dr. Squatch is formulated with the calendula plant that helps hydrate the length of the hair, while the peppermint present in the conditioner helps promote hair growth. Clary sage is another ingredient present that works by restoring the natural pH balance of the hair, which in turn heals dryness. The Uplifting Cool Mint/ Orange scent produced by the brand is one of its best-sellers.

Dr. Squatch Daily Conditioner, like all the other conditioners present in the market, helps hydrate the hair. While all conditioners are not recommended for everyday usage, the mild formula that Dr. Squatch is known for is designed to squash all the previous beliefs about conditioners. Each bottle of conditioner costs $20 and comes in a 12 fl.oz container. 

Hair Care Kit and Subscription

If you want to save some bucks on your conditioner and shampoo, you can get the Hair Care kit that retails for $37. This will help you save $3 that can be used elsewhere.

If you want to save more, you can register for the Hair Care subscription. However, this is only available for those who opt for quarterly delivery. Like the subscription for the soap, you will save 15 percent on your products and can also take advantage of the free shipping. You have the choice to decide the number of products that will be shipped to you for which you will have to pay the standard prices:

  •         Hair care subscription: $28- you end up saving 18 percent.
  •         Shampoo subscription: $17
  •         Conditioner subscription: $17

Shower Boosters

If you couldn’t tell by the name, shower boosters were produced with the aim to boost each individual’s shower experience. The Soap Saver, retailing for $15, helps individuals preserve their soap bars by using a rustic-looking cedar block to secure them. You can also buy the Bigfoot Soap Saver that allows you to hold three bars in one go for $25. The brand states that the blocks will help extend the life of your soap by double as they prevent the soap from dissolving in water or slipping in the shower.

The brand also provides a Soap Gripper for those individuals who always drop their soaps. This is an innovative soap accessory that attaches itself to any soap by the brand with little spikes so that the soap does not slip out of the grasp of users.

Pros of Dr. Squatch

  •         All the products produced by Dr. Squatch are natural and free of skin irritants, harsh chemicals, and preservatives.
  •         All the soaps have unique scents and are made for different skin types. 
  •         The Dr. Squatch quiz available on the website helps users understand the scents and types of soaps that would suit them best.
  •         The brand offers a satisfaction guarantee to all its customers on all products.
  •         Those who have subscribed to the soap and hair care can take advantage of free shipping in the US. Site-wide subscribers get a 15 percent discount as well. 
  •         The hair care and soap products are made for men, as well as women.

Cons of Dr. Squatch

  • The products are pricier than other products in the industry.
  • Aimed for normal skin types

Reviews and Ratings

Like with any other brand, we cannot complete this Dr. Squatch review without discussing customer satisfaction. We found that almost every product on the website has a minimum of 70 reviews, and each of the bar soaps has crossed 1000 reviews. Every product on the website has a rating of 4.5/5 or 5/5.

Here are some reviews we found:

1.   Nautical Sage Soap

“Smells great and gets oil and grime off from my mechanic work without being harsh on my skin.”

2.   Cool Fresh Aloe Soap

“Great smell and leaves me feeling smooth. My skin also feels much more hydrated.”

3.   Hair Care Kit

“Ever since I started using this, my wife can’t stop running her fingers through my hair. The smell is fantastic, and the tingle on the scalp is so refreshing every time I shower.”

4.   Bay Rum Candle

“I put it in my room and lit the wood wick and sweet mercy. It filled the air with everything I wanted a candle to be.”

We obviously could not only trust the reviews on the company’s website, so we looked for other reviews. What we found was interesting- Dr. Squatch has a rating of 2.4/5 on Trustpilot out of 21 reviews. According to a Ph.D. chemist, “their claims which are not misleading [on YouTube] are outright lies.” Moreover, other reviewers also complained that Dr. Squatch has loads of ads on YouTube, many of which were annoying. There were also some negative comments about late deliveries, most of which were related to deliveries during COVID times.

Is Dr. Squatch Worth it?

After endless research on Dr. Squatch products, we believe that the brand is worth a try. There are millions of happy customers, and even though we found some unfortunate reviews, many of them came from the pandemic times- something we can understand. The multi-million-dollar company has a huge fan following; hence we believe that their products must be amazing enough to earn them a name and reputation in the market.

We did find that all of Dr. Squatch’s products are more expensive than the market rate, except their Shave Kit and Colognes. Many people may not want to pay $7 for a bar of soap, especially if it does not last that long. By subscribing to the company’s packages, customers can save some money, but this brand is not a wise choice for those who are trying to save up.

That being said, we believe that Dr. Squatch is trying its best to produce products that are great for the environment. Since the skin is the human body’s largest organ, it deserves some extra love and attention. Hence, if you are trying to make a difference to the earth, you should definitely check out this brand and invest in its products.