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DreamCloud Mattress Review


  • High-quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent temperature control


  • No option to flip
  • Edge support not ideal

Average Rating: 5

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One of the most comforting feelings a person can have is getting into bed after a long day. The softness of your mattress can only enhance the soothing embrace of the sheets and blankets.

That’s why buying a good mattress is one of the smartest investments you can make. We’re here to help make that decision easier for you.

In this DreamCloud hybrid mattress review, we will cover the following topics:

  • Features—What makes the DreamCloud mattress special?
  • Durability and maintenance—Is it long-lasting, and how should you maintain it?
  • Customer service—How good is DreamCloud’s customer service?
  • Terms of sale—Does it offer a trial period, and what’s the return policy?
  • Prices—How much does it cost?

What Makes the DreamCloud Mattress Special?


The DreamCloud is a 14” luxury hybrid mattress made up of the following layers:

  • Essential Base Layer
    This is the bottom-most layer. The foam base of this mattress is there to make sure all the other layers hold up well and perform as intended and support the coil layer above it.
  • Targeted-Support Coil Layer
    Right above the base, there’s a layer of individually-wrapped coils. They serve as a support system and provide the appropriate airflow to avoid unnecessary heat retention. The coils also give it the bounce and responsiveness that innerspring mattresses usually have.
  • Sink-in-Just-Right Layer
    Next is the special transition foam layer, which ensures that the mattress provides enough softness and comfort without letting you sink in too much. The low-motion transfer supportive foam works in synergy with the coils to isolate movements and vibrations throughout the surface.
  • Pressure-Relief Comfort Layer
    This part consists of gel memory foam. As you probably know, this material provides comfort by adjusting to your body. This layer is also infused with gel to stop it from trapping heat, which memory foam tends to do.
  • Soft-to-the-Touch Cover
    The mattress’s cover is made of quilted polyfoam and a cashmere blend. This layer ensures a soft and cozy finish and reinforces the “cloud” experience. It also gives it an elegant appearance.


DreamCloud says this mattress can serve as a compromise for couples where one partner prefers a softer surface and the other a firmer one. But according to our research, that might not always be the case.

The DreamCloud mattress is leaning slightly towards the higher end of the firmness scale. The company gives it a rating of 6.5 out of 10, 1 being extremely soft and 10 extremely firm.

However, some reviewers rate it as a 7 or a 7.5. This might be a deal-breaker for sleepers who prefer softer mattresses.

Differing views on firmness are not uncommon since this is a subjective factor. That’s especially true for people of different weights—those who weigh less will experience DreamCloud as firmer and vice versa.

As for sinkage, it won’t be an issue with this mattress since its layers are designed to prevent or minimize it.
There’s also no need to worry about support because DreamCloud offers a great deal of it through its individually-wrapped coils.

Temperature Neutrality

This is one of DreamCloud’s best features. Almost all layers of this mattress work towards avoiding heat retention:

  • The memory foam is gel-infused to disperse body heat
  • The coils provide excellent airflow
  • The cashmere blend of the cover is light and breathable

All this adds up to a mattress that stays cool throughout the day and night—great for anyone but especially helpful for hot sleepers.

Edge Support

DreamCloud says their mattress offers excellent edge support. People who tend to sleep towards the edge of their bed shouldn’t experience any discomfort or feel like they’ll fall off the bed.

Still, some reviews caution that the edge might not provide enough support for people with a higher weight. Others go as far as to say the mattress collapses significantly when you sit or lie down near the edge, making you feel like you might fall off the bed.

So, it would be safe to say that DreamCloud’s edge support is not its strongest suit.

Motion Transfer

Although the memory foam layers help isolate movement, the coils’ bounciness makes this mattress less than completely free of motion transfer.

This means that you might feel your partner moving about or getting in and out of bed, which isn’t ideal for light sleepers, but probably won’t be an issue for regular or heavy sleepers.

Durability and Maintenance

Now let’s explore what you can expect in terms of the mattress’s longevity and how you can maintain it to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Product Lifetime

DreamCloud doesn’t kid around when it comes to its mattress’s resilience—it offers a lifetime warranty.
If you find a defect in your mattress at any point, the company guarantees it will replace it with a new one—a testament to the product’s quality and durability.

Although the high-grade materials used in its production ensure a long life, DreamCloud doesn’t estimate its mattress’s longevity. A product of this type and class usually has a lifespan of around five to seven years.


DreamCloud hasn’t shared any specific instructions for maintaining its products properly, but the general mattress upkeep tips apply here.

To slow down, wear and tear, you should clean your DreamCloud mattress often and make sure to wash your bedsheets every one or two weeks. Also, consider getting a mattress protector that will shield the surface from any damage and stains.

Another good idea is to let your mattress “breathe” from time to time by removing all bedding from it. It’s also advised to rotate it once in a while to give both sides a chance to go back to their normal shape. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t flip the DreamCloud mattress because it’s not two-sided.

Finally, we strongly advise against bending your mattress or jumping on it.

Customer Service

DreamCloud’s customer support is up to par. The company’s client service is called “Sleep Concierge” and is available on its official website. You can contact them seven days a week, 8 AM to 4 PM PST via chat or email. DreamCloud doesn’t share a phone number on its support page.

Reviews evaluating DreamCloud’s customer service tend to be positive. There are some complaints accusing customer representatives of being dismissive or unresponsive, though.

Terms of Sale

DreamCloud offers a 365-day trial period. The company believes that in order to commit to a mattress fully, you need to test it in all seasons. It advises customers to take a minimum of 30 days to decide whether they like their new mattress or not.

If you decide that DreamCloud just isn’t right for you, you can return it at any time during the trial period and get a full refund. The mattress will then be either disposed of or donated. The refund process usually takes two or three business days.

As mentioned earlier, the DreamCloud mattress has a lifetime warranty, meaning you can have it repaired or replaced at any time after your purchase if you find a flaw. A mattress is eligible for a repair/replacement if it has a manufacturing defect or an indentation larger than 1.5”.


Prices start at $899 for a Twin and go up to $1,399 for a King or Cal King size. The other versions in the range are a Twin XL for $999, a Full size for $1,099, and a Queen for $1,199.

DreamCloud often has discounts and promotions, so make sure to keep an eye on those if you’re looking to buy a mattress. For instance, at the time of writing, the company has a sale that includes a $200 discount on all sizes and $399 worth of free accessories.

Who Can Benefit from This Mattress?

This mattress has excellent temperature control making it perfect for hot sleepers. It’s also great for people who prefer a bit of bounce in their bed because of its spiral structure.

People who need a bit more time to decide will have a whole year to determine whether they like the DreamCloud mattress or not.

Couples can also benefit because of the mattress’s intermediate level of motion isolation, which is helpful when sharing a bed with another person.

The DreamCloud mattress’s pressure is just right to provide optimal comfort for back sleepers, especially those experiencing back pain.

Who Should Look Elsewhere?

People who prefer very soft or very firm mattresses may not be satisfied since DreamCloud is somewhere in between.

The DreamCloud may also be too firm for people who sleep on their side. For side sleepers, we recommend the DreamCloud Premier mattress.

Those who weigh over 230 lbs and like to sleep close to the edge may not get adequate edge support from this mattress.


The DreamCloud mattress provides excellent value. Its innovative design and high-quality materials give you a luxury experience for a relatively low price.

It’s a great no-fuss product if you’re looking for a simple, comfortable, and best mattress with an unlimited warranty and a long trial period.


1. How long does the DreamCloud last?

An average hybrid mattress’s lifespan is five to seven years, although it varies depending on how well you take care of it. About the same should apply to the DreamCloud mattress.

2. How much does the DreamCloud weigh?

It depends on its size. The lightest is the Twin, which weighs 50 pounds, and the heaviest is the Cal King, which is 107 pounds.

3. Is the DreamCloud mattress good for people with chronic back pain?

Yes. The DreamCloud mattress is an excellent choice for people experiencing chronic back pain. Its structure and firmness provide adequate support for the back, which helps alleviate pain.

4. Can the DreamCloud mattress be flipped?

Unfortunately, because of its unique structure, you shouldn’t flip this mattress. You can rotate it, though. It’s recommended to rotate your mattress at least one or two times per year to let each side recover its shape.

5. Does the DreamCloud mattress make any noise?

Although coil mattresses sometimes squeak, this is not the case with DreamCloud. It doesn’t produce any noise at all.