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Emuaid Review (2023): Is It A Miracle Product?


  • The product is free from side-effects
  • Over-the-counter product
  • It's made from natural ingredients
  • Easily applied to the scalp area


  • Some of its prices are slightly higher

Average Rating: 4.5

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Product Type
Topical Ointment
Designed For
Improving and reducing skin conditions

Have you ever been struggling with a super stubborn skin disease or skin irritation/ infection maybe?

We bet you’ve tried all skincare products (creams, topics), and nothing worked. Or, it was good for a short while, i.e., just a temporary solution.

Luckily for us, some bold and super innovative companies aren’t afraid to test new and advanced dermatological research methods. Whatsmore, they are ready and determined to invest in this kind of research to find a suitable and long-lasting skincare product.

And one such fantastic product crossed our paths – EMUAID.

Briefly, Emuaid is a topical ointment that provides efficient, moreover, instant skin pain relief. Furthermore, the brand has more than 10K Instagram followers and is already a big name.

Therefore, we have written this Emuaid review to help you decide whether this cream is all the magic that people speak of. In short, you will learn more about how the Emuaid products can help you with your skin-related issues, their alternatives, and we will even present other reviews on Emuaid offers and much more.

But first off, let’s start with “What is Emuaid?”

Overview and Highlights of Emuaid

What is Emuaid?

Simply said, Emuaid is an over-the-counter cream that enhances your skin’s protective layer and battles infection. It does this by combining effective ingredients that promote the healing capabilities of your skin, i.e., it provokes natural healing. Moreover, this cream provides a long-term defense and relief against skin infection and inflammation.

Who is Emuaid For?

Compared to brands like True Botanica and Clinique, Emuaid is for mild to severe skin problems. For instance, people have used Emuaid for mild skin problems like acne treatments or sores, formulas like First Aid Ointment are best for people with eczema or psoriasis.

One of the best things about the Emuaid products is that there are no age restrictions for their usage. Adults and kids can safely use this product for skin irritation relief and other related problems. And as we just mentioned, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy this ointment because it’s an over-the-counter cream. Nevertheless, consulting with your doctor first won’t hurt.

Where Can You Buy Emuaid?

Emuaid is considered a pain-relieving lotion and a natural healing cream that can be bought in 1.000+ stores worldwide. And since Emuaid cream is an over-the-counter skincare product that you can purchase from any supermarket or retail store. However, you can buy Emuaid from their official website too.

You can also check the following sites for Emuaid products.

How Big is Their Network?

Even though we don’t have exact information on the extent of their network, many factors point to it being a massive one.

For starters, the Emuaid products are being sold in over 1.000 stores, retailers, and supermarkets. Furthermore, the brand has a robust reputation for working with some of the most known medical humanitarian organizations in the world like Operation Smile, ‘I Have a Dream’ Foundation, and others. On the plus side, Emuaid enjoys massive popularity among thousands of people around the world.

Is it Safe? Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Many over-the-counter creams come with several side effects that aren’t disclosed until customers experience them. Nevertheless, there are no reported Emuaid side effects on behalf of customers so far. For instance, the Emu oil is set side by side with other topical creams and has reported no unusual side effects.

What Are The Ingredients Used?

One of the most prominent Emuaid active ingredients is HPUS Argentum Metallicum, or Colloidal Silver, an active ingredient, and tea tree oil. For example, a lab test showed that tea tree oil can kill yeast and fungi and leave the human cells unharmed. Also, it’s proven to be pretty safe for topical usage; therefore, you can be sure of it.

For a higher level of confidence, you should know that Emuaid is produced in an FDA-approved facility, and under strict regulations.

Emuaid Customer Service

There are several ways to contact the Emuaid customer support team. For instance, you can always pop a question via their live chat. Or you can call their toll-free number (you can easily find it on their site). Another way to go ahead and reach them is by filling out a web form on their official page. However, if it isn’t urgent, you can try their FAQs page; it can provide valuable answers to some common Emuaid questions.

How Does it Work?

Emuaid is a safe and easy-to-use therapeutic cream that relieves most skin problems. It works by dissolving in the skin after applying and gently rubbing it in. Once the potent Emuaid ingredients are dissolved in the skin, they fight bacteria and other foreign viruses affecting you. 

How to Use Emuaid? Does Emuaid Really Work?

Using Emuaid is pretty straightforward. A simple sufficient amount of product layer needs to be applied to the affected place. Afterward, rub it in gently until the cream dissolves in your skin.

For example, the Emuaidmax contains ingredients to help soothe irritation and calm the inflamed places. With a simple application and gentle rubbing of this particular product, you’ll feel much at ease, and at the same time, you’d control the inflamed/ infected place. Once the cream is dissolved, Emuaidmax ingredients will start to work their magic.

You shouldn’t apply water to the area where you applied the Emuaid because some parts of the cream might still be on the surface. Let your hand or the place where you applied rest for a while after applying the Emuaid ointment.

Judging by the thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, it seems like the perfect mix of Emuaid ingredients genuinely helps people to get rid of/ control their skin-related issues.

Difference Between Emuaid and EmuaidMax

Both products are manufactured by the same company (Speer Labs). However, they have different concentrations of Emuaid ingredients in them. While Emuaid is used for mild skin problems such as eczema, acne, bedsores, Hemorrhoids, and Cellulitis; Emuaidmax is for severe skin problems.

Consequently, Emuaidmax is best used for skin problems such as severe boils, cold sores, rashes, rosacea, dermatitis, and poison Ivy. Plus, Emuaidmax has 50 percent more of all the ingredients used in Emuaid.

However, this doesn’t mean that Emuaidmax is the better option. Instead, both products are produced with different values and for different causes. Nevertheless, remember that because of the higher concentration of ingredients, the Emuaidmax reacts much faster than a standard Emuaid.


Their pricing is pretty straightforward and transparent since all Emuaid prices can be seen on their official site. Our research showed that you can find Emuaid best price with other retailers like Amazon. That said, the lowest price in the shop is $9, and you can get the First Defense Inhaler; The prices range to $464 for Emuaidmax First Aid Ointment (16 oz).

What Are Their Top-Selling Picks?

The whole line of Emuaid is well appreciated, helpful, and it sells quickly. However, some products sell more frequently.

That said, here are their top-selling picks:

You’d want this topical around when facing skin conditions like

  • hemorrhoids
  • fungal infections
  • psoriasis
  • eczema, and other skin-related issues.

Emuaidmax gets you quicker and much-enhanced protection. It activates the skins’ healing functions and maximizes pain relief, whether that be an infection or inflammation. This is made possible because of the high concentration of all-natural-based healing ingredients. Hence, you can count on instant effects right after the first application.

The Emuaid can tackle more than 100 stubborn, itchy, and painful skin problems. It is made to go deep under your skin and nails and activate the healing process for instant relief.

Note: This specific product has tea tree oil as one of its base ingredients. If you react differently to it, i.e., you are allergic, you might want to consult with your doctor before using it.

The Therapeutic Moisture Bar is ideal for those dealing with the following skin conditions:

  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea
  • and eczema.

It cleanses and repairs damaged skin, and it will soothe your itching problem too. Additionally, alongside the moisture bar, there are oils that help with anti-aging and anti-wrinkling — quite valuable for the nourishment of your skin.

Though we presented only three of their products, it’s crystal clear that the brand has more than just one high point. Therefore, you can use it as Emuaid antifungal to treat fungal infections, soothe your itching problems, like moisturizer, or those with severe psoriasis can use Emuaid for scalp treatment too.

Emuaid Shipping Policy

Their products are widely available on different online platforms and retail stores. If you are ordering from the Emuaid official website, you won’t have to pay shipping charges for orders over $75.

However, the brand ships in select countries (New Zealand, the UK, Norway, Canada, Australia, etc.), and if yours isn’t on the list, you can shop from Amazon, eBay, or other online stores.

When shipping to other countries apart from the USA, orders less than $75 charge an extra $15. Additionally, you can expect to receive your order in 10 to 28 working days.

Note: The shipping policy about Emuaid products might differ when ordering through other online retailers like Amazon.

In terms of duration, for domestic shipping, there are two options to choose from:

  • First Class Shipping for $4.80 — the product arrives in seven to ten working days.
  • Express Shipping for $28.80 — the product arrives in three to five working days.

Note: Emuaid also provides a tracking number to its customers to monitor shipping addresses.

Emuaid Return Policy

Emuaid offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. But it looks like Emuaid doesn’t cover shipping charges on return parcels. For more information, you should contact Emuaid’s official site.

Note: The return policy for buying Emuaid products from a different source depends on the seller.

Additional Discounts and Offers?

There’s a current sale going on (at the time of writing this review). You can have a more detailed look in the Emuaid official shop. However, the sale doesn’t embrace all products, just a few of them.

We suggest you check with other online retailers to see if you can come across some valuable discounts. Or, you can follow them on social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) to stay updated.

The Pros and Cons of Emuaid

To keep this Emuaid review free from biased opinions and provide accurate information, we share several pros and cons of the brand. Go through them and decide whether this product is the best choice for you or not.


  • The product is free from side-effects
  • It’s made from natural ingredients
  • Over-the-counter product.
  • Easily applied to the scalp area.
  • The company claims its products can soothe/ heal skin irritation within 48 hours.


  • Some of its prices are slightly higher compared to other similar products.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

We dedicate this section to verified reviews made by Emuaid product users left on different prominent review sites. This is just another way of expressing that we aren’t taking sides. That said, we will present you with some positive and negative reviews too.

Positive Customer Reviews



Emuaid customer reviews left on Trustpilot and ProductReview.com.au.

As you can see, from long-lasting stubborn infections/ fungus to hereditary skin problems, people find remedy and salvation in the Emuaid products.

Negative Customer Reviews




Emuaid customer reviews left on Trustpilot, ProductReview.com.au., and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The reviews/ complaints mentioned above seem to be related to some inconsistency in their refund policy. However, you can visit the BBB and you’ll find a prompt response on the complaint that takes care of it completely.

Furthermore, while going through many reviews, we also came across quite a few complaints about the product not being efficient for warts and skin tags.


Customer Ratings

Take a look at the table and see Emuaid rating on some major rating sites like Trustpilot, ProductReview.com.au, and others.

Website Star-Rating and No. of Customer Reviews
Trustpilot 3.9/ 5-star rating; 485 customer reviews
ProductReview.com.au 3.1/ 5-star rating; 17 customer reviews
BBB A+ rating; 10 customer reviews/ complaints
ShopperApproved 4.7/ 5-star rating; over 190.000 customer reviews

* This company has BBB accreditation.


Emuaid Alternatives

Emuaid products look promising, but how are they holding up against their competitors/ alternatives? Let’s check it out!

Here is a comparison between Gentell, Rejuvent Skincare, and BeautyCounter.

Emuaid vs. Gentell

Emuaid Gentell
Offers a vast range of topical products (inhalers, creams, lotions, ointments, moisturizer bars, etc.). It offers a broad choice of skincare formulas, body wash/ gels, deodorants, shampoos, shaving creams, etc.
It comes with instructions on how to use/ apply their products onto your skin. Provides services to nurses and medical professionals. The services come in the form of instructions, video presentations, manuals, training, and complete education.
First Aid Ointment is meant to be effective for the most common cuts, acne, psoriasis, itches, and other ailments. The Gentell products are meant for professional use only.
Orders $75+ get free shipping. Their products are Medicare part B approved.
The products come with a 30-days money-back guarantee. Gentell’s products offer a 60-days money-back guarantee.
You can order all Emuaid products through their official website or other retailers like Amazon, eBay, etc. To order any product from the Gentell line/ brand, you have to contact them at the number left on their site.


Emuaid vs. Rejuvent Skincare

Emuaid Rejuvent Skincare
This is a brand that focuses on skin healing and pain relief. The Rejuvent Skincare products are produced to nurture the skin and assist in keeping it youngish; it helps you battle anti-aging factors.
Their products are ideal for those battling long-term skin diseases like itching, eczema, fungus, dermatitis, etc. Among the Rejuvent Skincare, you’ll find products for lips/ body/ face treatments, also for neck/ hair treatments, and many more.
By visiting their site, you can come across frequent sales. And if you look online, we’re confident you’ll find lots more promos, coupons, etc. Presently, the Rejuvent Skincare site has some excellent valuable discounts and sales. Visit them and see what’s offered.
Unfortunately, there are no free samples of any of their products. Therefore, a purchase is a must if you want to see whether one of them will work for you or not. Luckily for you, if you go ahead and spend at least $100 on any of their skincare products, you qualify for receiving two free samples of other Rejuvent Skincare products.


Emuaid vs. BeautyCounter

Emuaid BeautyCounter
Emuaid is an over-the-counter product. By visiting their website, you can get hold of all their products and offers. Or, you can make an order via some BeautyCounter’s consultants.
You can buy their products online through Emuaid’s site or other online retailers. This is an excellent brand for people looking for safe and more clean cosmetics/ products. They have everything from skin cleansers, serums, moisturizers, to toners and mists, etc.
The brand boasts positive reviews and ratings throughout the most major review sites. Following our reading and research on this specific brand, we found that many people feel great affection towards their products.
This company enjoys broad popularity among other similar products. Furthermore, you can expect to find more flexibility when it comes down to return on orders. Unlike Emuaid’s 30-days window, you can take advantage of 60days period to return a product that you are dissatisfied with.
They have various shipping options for domestic shipments. Like Emuaid, BeautyCounter also has various shipping options to choose from, which is a great thing.



We can’t state enough how fortunate we are, knowing there are remedies/ products like the ones from Emuaid. We say this because someone who has never suffered from a severe skin-related disease, or stubborn and returning infections, has no idea what relief is knowing that there’s a product that truly can help you.

Furthermore, the other best thing about their products is the prices they come with. They may not be the lowest prices on the market, but they are certainly affordable. After all, there’s no price when it comes to your health.

Whatsmore, the Emuaid products can be delivered in multiple countries, which is another big plus on their side. Since this is an over-the-counter skin product, you can go ahead and visit their web or a retailers’ site and purchase it without waiting for a doctor’s permission. 

Ultimately, during our in-deep research of our Emuaid review, we came across thousands of customers feeling at ease now. Most of them have battled skin issues like eczema or fungus, some even have hereditary skin issues, and found the solution to their problems to be precisely Emuaid.

We hope that our Emuaid review successfully delivered a good-to-know/ have skin product or helped you with an already existing skin condition you may have been dealing with for a while now.