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Even Financial Review


  • Online application form is simple and quick.
  • Competitive rates considering your exact loan
  • Educational resources are free


  • No chat option
  • Limited number of lenders for people with bad credit

Average Rating: 5

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Many people find satisfaction and excitement in making home improvements or going on a long-wished vacation. However, often you need to look for the right personal loan to fulfill your biggest dreams. But there’s no need to worry about it. Instead, you can pin your hopes on Even Financial personal loan reviews, which will give you an insight into the vast number of advantages that this New-York based company offers.
What’s practical about this online marketplace is the easy application process, competitive Even Financial interest rates, and a wide range of personal loan options going along with high-credible lenders as your match. A proof of this exists on Even Financial BBB reviews.
In continuation, read more about the Even Financial review if you need a quick money loan or emergency funding without having to leave your home.

What Do You Need to Know About Even a Financial Personal Loan?

  • Expected Loan Amount: The expected loan amount offered by Even’s personal loan providers ranges from $1,000 to $100,000, with a minimum credit score of 550. The amounts are based on the credit score of the clients and their demanded amount.
  • Annual Percentage Rate: The APR depends on the creditworthiness with a start rate of 4,99% up to 35,99%.
  • Monthly Payment: It varies due to different loan amounts, loan terms, and interest rates. You can use Fiona or Even Financial’s algorithm to find what type of loans you could qualify for. By filling in your information, the available loan options will appear instantly together with the estimated monthly payment.
  • Loan Term: As a follow-up to the aforementioned statement, the loan term scopes from 2 to 7 years.
  • Fees and Penalties: The actual fees and penalties depend on your personal loan provider, so you should be careful when choosing an offer and lender. Nevertheless, the benefits are that Even Financial won’t charge you for the origination fee, prepayment penalty, late payment penalty, and returned payment fee. Instead, the lender you choose will make all the charges.
  • Types of Interests: The variation of an interest rate is based on credit and loan size, so if your credit is good then you will be provided with an unsecured personal loan containing the lowest rates. And when considering personal loans, a fixed type of interest rate is more commonly applied than an adjustable rate.
  • Unsecured or Secured: Credit cards and student loans are considered unsecured loans. Additionally, when talking about unsecured personal loans, you will be offered various types from different lenders available on Even’s Financial platform.
  • Automatic Withdraw: In the case of being sick and tired of making manual repayments, many lenders will allow you to make an automatic withdraw.
  • Arbitration: Even Financial is a loan service that doesn’t provide any arbitration services.
  • Fine Print: Even though we have already said that Even Financial doesn’t possess any hidden fee charges, it is advisable to read the fine print before signing a contract to avoid any issues.
  • Personal Loans Features: Various lenders offer a set of personal loan features such as customer service via phone, mobile app, no origination fee, etc. But you should note that Even Financial isn’t included here since it doesn’t own any personal loan features. After all, it has an absence of a loan officer.
  • Typical Approval Time: You will probably cheer up after finding out that the typical approval time of an application is just a couple of minutes.
  • Typical Funding Time: The standard funding time does not depend on Even Financial. Therefore, it may differ due to its lenders.

What is Even Financial Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria?

The good news you’ll find about this platform, not only in this review but in many other Even Financial reviews, is the undemanding personal loan eligibility criteria. It suggests that almost any US adult is allowed to apply for a loan and receive services. But the most eye-catching characteristics to our customers are also the minimum length of credit history requirements and minimum income threshold. That’s why many customers opt for a personal loan by Credible.

  • Years of Age: You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to apply for a loan via Even Financial. So, if you are already 18 and want to apply for a loan then you can check whether you qualify by filling in basic information on Even’s site as your Social Security number, the estimated amount of your credit score, loan purpose, loan amount, and a couple of additional questions.
    To your pleasure, Even Financial responds within seconds by calculating your estimated monthly payment.
  • Citizenship: Even Financial provides its services only to US citizens or permanent residents.
  • Minimum Credit Score: The minimum credit score should be at least 550.
  • Income Threshold: Even Financial doesn’t require a minimum income threshold. So, if you are decided to take a loan and you satisfy the eligibility criteria in terms of age, citizenship, and minimum credit score then you are free to take one.
  • Minimum Length of Credit: No minimum length of credit history is required.

How to Apply for A Personal Loan with Even Financial?

Are you finding it arduous to apply for the right personal loan? Well, this question may be more complex than you can imagine. Yet, you don’t have to be distressed since you have Even Financial as an available option. Get ready to read the following instructions to see what information you need to prepare beforehand.

  1. Go to the Even Financial partner page.
  2. You don’t have to log in since the process is very quick and easy.
  3. Enter loan information as — loan amount you would like to apply for with limit up to $100,000, loan purpose – state the reason for requesting (debt consolidation, home improvement, student, special occasion, large purchase, auto), and credit score, starting with poor (<600) and ending with excellent (720+). And, if you don’t know your credit score, there is an option for checking it. If your credit turns out to be estimated as low, don’t lose hope. Even Financial personal loan for bad credit offers services to those customers as well, with the source lenders such as peer-to-peer lenders and loan aggregators (Fiona). However, it is advisable to avoid loan institutions like payday loans, banks, and credit unions since some of them require a loan advance against your next paycheck with a rate higher than 300%.
  4. Fill in your personal information: first name, last name, date of birth, the highest level of education (whether you have a high school diploma/associate’s degree/bachelor’s degree/master’s degree/other graduate degrees), and state whether you rent or own from the possible options provided (rent/own/own with a mortgage).
  5. Your contact information: zip code, city/state, street address, and phone number.
  6. Enter your employment details: your employment status (employed/not employed/military/self-employed/retired/other), your annual income in $USD, the ways you get paid (weekly/biweekly/monthly/twice monthly/other), and your Social Security Number.
  7. After filling in, go through the application once again before submitting it.
  8. Click on the small, empty box to agree with the terms and conditions provided. After checking the box, you won’t wait longer than 60 minutes since the application process of preapproval runs pretty fast. This is probably one of the most remarkable features emphasized in this Even Financial application process review.
  9. Immediate response with two options available will be given to you— choose whether you want your money into the bank or online. You can visit your bank if you like to receive a finalized loan or, you may want to opt for an online process.
  10. You will be given a period when your funds will be at your disposal.

Even Financial Alternatives

Regarding the number of lenders for people with bad credit, Avant is considered a decent option for anyone who prefers lower starting interest rates. In any case, probably the only deficiency of this lender is that you might be charged more since having a low credit score upon your approval.
OneMain Financial may also be a good fit for borrowers with poor credit. The company offers APR from 18%-35.99%, with loan terms starting from 24-60 months only to individuals possessing a recommended score of 580+.

Privacy and Security Policy

With Even Financial, you can take away your concerns about your personal data since it’s secured with 256-bit encryption — a high standard of security. However, you have to be mindful when writing emails to contact the company because they are unsecured.

Wrap Up

If you are tired of the personal loan search process, and you don’t want to do it physically, then it is more than obvious that Even Financial is the perfect choice for you. Various Even Financial reviews will agree about these notable features. But this doesn’t stop here, we are certain that Even Financial refinance reviews and Even Financial student loan reviews, are highly supportive of this platform’s incredible services since they offer consolidation and refinance of student debts from multiple lenders only in one monthly payment.
As a cause of an increased number of advantages about this platform, we can wrap up this interview with Even Financial rating — a magnificent A.


  1. Can I Refinance My Personal Loan?

Absolutely. Check the Even Financial platform to find loans from online lenders. Admittedly Even Financial loan costs may differ considering the moneylender. So, make sure to choose a loan with a higher interest rate that will improve your budget and will lower the sum of your monthly payment.

2. What Can I Use Even Financial Personal Loan For?

You can use it for bad credit. But upon fulfilling the application form, you will have an option to choose a personal loan source by entering the following loan information – home improvement, student, special occasion, debt consolidation, and others.

3. Can I Get a Personal Loan Online?

Yes, you can. As we have already said, the application process is managed online with a few simple steps before you get your finalized loan from a selected provider. 

4. Who Is Even Financial Personal Loan Best For?

Anyone is free to use the Even Financial platform, but the personal loan would be the best match for people who necessitate a rapid money loan and preapproval process.

5. What Is Even Financial’s BBB Rating? Is It accredited?

The Even Financial’s BBB rating is accredited with an excellent rating of A.