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Finding the Right Stone Patio: The 6 Key Types

Written by, Jalluri

Updated July, 18, 2023

A patio is a stylish, useful, and valuable way to boost your home’s look. For those that are looking to create their dream home, investing in a quality stone patio is often a go-to first home improvement project. Before you can achieve your dream deck, however, you need to discover what type of stone you want to build your patio with. To find the right type of stone for your unique tastes, there are six types of stone to consider: 

1. Cobblestone Patios

If you’re looking for an eye-catching rustic look, you’ll love the way cobblestone patios pop. They are made using more natural-looking, old-world cobblestones that would be right at home on an old Savannah street. Those who have older homes, and want to keep that more ancient aesthetic, will hire craftsmen to build quality cobblestone patios. When it comes to building patios with flagstone and natural stone materials, cobblestone is one of the most unique and striking choices out there. The fact that cobblestone is more uniquely shaped and made, however, makes it take longer to install compared to the more widely manufactured nature of paver-style patios. 

2. Paver Patios

The term “paver patio” typically refers to pre-manufactured patios that use concrete, brick, or another type of more widely manufactured building material. This can cover a lot of territories, so the variety you’ll see in paver patios will make you see them in a different light right away. If you’re looking to install a patio quickly and need it done at a more budget-friendly price, you’ll likely want to go with some type of paver patio. There are plenty of unique qualities to paver patios, thanks to this amount of built-in variety. These are also easy to maintain and will keep your lawn care simple. The amount of different colors, textures, and styles you can get with paver patios is sure to allow your imagination to run wild. 

3. Granite Paver Patios

Not unlike the paver patios we’ve discussed above, granite paver patios are built using widely manufactured materials (just in this case, granite and thermal granite tend to be the main building materials). Typically, these designs use designs that incorporate variously sized rectangles or other shapes. Then, the borders of the patio use smaller, more uniform squares to create a fantastic-looking frame. Those that want to incorporate the look of paver patios with a higher-quality building material tend to find themselves attracted to granite paver patios for this reason. Your grill nights will never be the same. Even with this higher quality nature, however, granite paver patios tend to be highly affordable due to their more widely manufactured building materials. 

4. Fieldstone Patio

To get a completely natural-looking patio, you’ll want to go with stones that come straight out of the natural world. Patio artisans get fieldstone in mass, and then use their natural shapes (with minor adjustments) to create something truly wonderful to look at. The natural colors, textures, and shapes that make up fieldstone patios are absolutely fantastic. They can be difficult to install at first, but the time, money, and effort put into installing them will be well worth your hard-earned money. If you’re going for a hyper-rustic look that will compliment an older home, this is another great option to consider, and you’ll be certain to have a unique-looking final product. 

5. Bluestone Patios

If you’ve been at a suburban home that’s been built in the last two decades, they likely have a bluestone patio installed. These natural stone patios are used from stone that’s from the Northern US, and the unique colors and textures they have to make them incredibly popular (throughout the country). Many commercial walkways, sidewalks, and patios use bluestone as their primary building material as well. You can even get thermally heated bluestone patios installed if you want to make it more comfortable to use your patio year-round. The sheer flexibility that comes along with the bluestone material makes it great for those looking for a luxury patio. If you’re building a patio that’s meant to surround a swimming pool, the ability of the material to handle water well will make the option that much more attractive. 

6. Combination Stone Patios

Hybrid styles are common when it comes to any construction project, and patios are no different in this regard. When a patio artisan is using a combination of styles and stones, they are making a combination stone patio. These are often more expensive due to their more highly customized nature, but due to the variety associated with these designs, the range of how much they cost to install can vary wildly. Once you’ve determined your unique tastes and aesthetics, you can find the perfect patio style to install on your property.