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How To Fix Couldn't Refresh Feed On Instagram?

Written by, Sandeep Kumar

Updated May, 11, 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in America.

A recent study by Pew Research Center found that 71% of American adults who use the internet are on Instagram. That’s a lot of people!

If you’re one of those users and you’ve been having trouble with the app not refreshing properly, tips like the ones we’ll show you might come in handy.

Keep reading to find out who those are.

11 Ways To Fix Instagram ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’

If you’re wondering Why Instagram Is Not Refreshing, just imagine the massive volume of versatile content uploaded and shared through the Instagram platform.

Here are some of the most effective ways to fix your Instagram feed:

Numerous glitches and in-app errors might appear because there’s no way for the servers to work without updates. You can visit the official Instagram profile on Twitter and check whether this is the reason for this issue.

The official websites of such platforms usually announce and report updates to the public. Or, you can always check on the downdetector website.

Depending on your Instagram presets (auto-playing video content, HD resolution, etc.), your Instagram feed might have problems loading due to poor internet connection.

You can either change the quality of the content you’re viewing at that time (especially if you’re using Wi-Fi) or, if using mobile data – switch from 5G/ 4G to 3G or even 2G, if optional.

This is probably the thing that has worked mainly for all mobile users. Sometimes, your profile’s connection might be timed-out, so logging out of your account is what you should try.

Open your Insta account

Go to Account and choose the More Menu

 Choose Settings and scroll down to the very bottom and tap on Log out.

Try logging back in and your Instagram feed should be good as new.

Recent updates are necessary for the application to function correctly. So having your Instagram account updated manually could be more annoying than setting an auto-update. Here’s how to do it:

Open the Playstore and type in Instagram.

Go to Settings > tap on Connection Settings > choose Auto Update Applications  > toggle enabled.

Open the App Store and type in Instagram.

Now, go to Settings and then find the About tab.

Finally, choose the Automatic Download section and enable Apps and App Updates.

If you did the most recent updates, but your problem still isn’t solved, try deleting the Instagram app and reinstalling it from the Play Store / App Store.

Each mobile device is usually pre-set to do automatic updates on its primary operating system. However, if due to some issue, this is not the case with your device, here’s how to do an update by yourself:

Go to the device’s Settings and open the tab which says About Phone.

 Go to ‘check for updates,’ install them (if any available), and restart device.

Open your iPhone Settings and straight to General.

Look for the Software Update section and the ‘download new files’ for the update.

Afterward, follow the instructions given on your iPhone and restart the device.

* You can update every device up to a certain level – this is why new smartphones appear on the market so rapidly. If your phone has been fully upgraded and still has issues with the Instagram feed, it might be time for a new model.

Cache files are temporary files that don’t carry valuable information and won’t delete any images, videos, or passwords. Clearing your Instagram account’s cache can de-clutter the app from unnecessary background files. Here’s how to do it:

Press and hold the Instagram icon on your phone > select About the application.

In this next window, choose Memory and click on Clear Cache (beware not to mix it up with clear data – the latter will delete some meaningful information).

Open the Settings on your iPhone and tap General.

 Go to the iPhone Storage and find the Instagram icon – tap on it and select Clear Cache.

You might be wondering how this setting is connected with Instagram not refreshing on your iPhone or Android – you’re in for a surprise!

If your time and date are incorrect, that might make a conflict for the network, resulting in not seeing some posts from particular dates or being unable to refresh the feed.

Here’s how to set the time and date to be automatically changed and set:

Go to Settings > choose System.

Select Date and Time > turn on the toggle Set time automatically.

Open your phone’s Settings > General.

Now, select Date & Time > turn on the toggle Set automatically.

Like any other social media, the Instagram society has its own rules – Community Guidelines. And if the service suspects that you somehow violate them, they can and will block your account.

To find out if you’ve been banned (permanently or temporarily), open your Instagram app > choose the Account tab below > tap on the Hamburger icon on the top right corner.

Select Settings > then Security > under Data and History, tap on Access Data.

Search for any messages and warnings on your recent activity. If there is one – follow the instructions to return to your access to Instagram.

Androids and iOS have a feature in Instagram where you can adjust the mobile data-target you spend in a specific time frame. If you’ve reached the target – Instagram’s feed might not be refreshing because of this.

To change it, simply go to Profile from your Instagram App > Settings > then choose Account.

Scroll down and find Mobile/ Cellular Data Usage > tap on it and increase your limit.

Contacting the Instagram support team should be your last option.

To contact the support team, once again go inside the Instagram app > choose Settings > Help.

Then tap on Report a problem. You will be taken to a different screen where you will be asked to specifically report and explain the issue you’re facing, where you should mention that the ‘Couldn’t refresh feed” error is what’s bothering you.

Were You Able To Fix It?

Instagram is a massively popular social media platform with over a billion active users. Therefore, it’s no surprise that something goes wrong from time to time – but we got you covered and prepared.

We hope this article helped you understand how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed – on Android, iOS, and PC.

This is one of the most common issues reported by users, and a vast number of potential solutions were covered in this article, trying to please all users out there.

Did they work?