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Girlfriend Collective Review 2023 - Features, Best Sellers, and More


  • It offers a wide range of activewear and accessories
  • Each piece of clothing has been hand-dyed
  • Ethical and socially responsible activewear brand
  • Top-notch quality activewear with affordable prices.


  • You have to pay a restocking fee of $7 for returns.
  • Longer waiting period for US shipments.

Average Rating: 4.5

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Are you looking to find a clothing brand that is both sustainable and eco-friendly? At the same time, it cares to provide a more extensive choice, and by that, we mean bigger sizes other than XS and XL.

If this is what you’re searching for, you’ve found us at the right time. We will give you the round down on one such fashion brand, called Girlfriend Collective. This brand is focused on producing a sustainable yet eco-aware clothing line.

Nevertheless, this Girlfriend Collective review will help you understand more about the brand and introduce you to their best-selling products, along with promotions and customer feedback. This way, you’ll be able to decide whether you’d like to try out these brands’ products.

Overview and Highlights

What is the Girlfriend Collective?

As mentioned, Girlfriend Collective is an eco-friendly, sustainable fashion brand that caters to deliver activewear in various sizes, including larger ones. The brand itself is the product of a husband-wife duo; they launched it in Seattle (2016). Consequently, the founders, Quang and Ellie Dinh, wanted to use ethical means to produce high-quality, affordable activewear for their eco-friendly customer market.

Who is it best for?

Girlfriend’s Collective activewear clothing is ideal for anyone looking for comfort and affordable prices. But, what’s more, choosing them means choosing care and safety towards our environment.

You must know that this brand is made by using recycled materials. To be more precise, the brand takes post-consumer plastic drinking bottles that eventually convert into making high-quality apparel. For instance, you’d be surprised to hear that for a pair of leggings to be made, all that is needed is 25 plastic bottles – impressive.

How big is their network?

The brand seems to have a pretty great audience, especially since they’ve enriched their offering with a male activewear line as well. Following our research, we came across their official Instagram account with a terrific following list of more than 520.000 followers. This speaks for a solid online presence, even better since you can also find them on Facebook.

Where to buy Girlfriend Collective?

Not only that you can buy their Girlfriend clothing through the ir official website, but you can also find it at various online retail stores like the following:

Whatsmore, you can find Girlfriend Collective activewear in stores across the world: Canada, The UK, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, The UAE, and many others.

Is there any warranty on Girlfriend Collective products?

No, there is no warranty on their products. However, they do accept returns on orders, of course, under strictly specified regulations. Additionally, you’d be delighted to hear that you have 30 days to return an order because of some particular reason.

Girlfriend Collective Customer Support

Their customer support service is neatly categorized. For instance, they have separate emails for the US and Canada and another one for Europe regarding wholesale inquiries.

However, if you need some general answers or issues to sort out, feel free to contact Girlfriend Collective through their email at [email protected]. Additionally, the brand also has a dedicated FAQs section on their site that you can pay a visit to at any given time.

Key Features

This section will look into some of the brand’s main features.

  • Affordable

Going through numerous customer reviews, we couldn’t ignore the fact that the brand’s fans consider it very affordable. For instance, their range of leggings starts from $68 and doesn’t overpass $92. Even so, it’s still affordable, compared to other major brands that offer various activewear.

  • Quality

This feature can justify their price, though; we already said it’s pretty reasonable. With that in mind, you’d be happy to know that what you’re wearing contributes to environmental safety.

Their branding Girlfriend clothing line is made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), which derives from plastic. As we mentioned at the beginning of this Girlfriend Collective review, their activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Style

This brand’s style is very casual and comfortable above everything. It’s sporty, as it should be since they specialize in making activewear. Following the information on their site, we also learned their clothing is stretchy yet convenient to wear all day long. On the plus side, you can find clothing categorized according to the sports activity needed (Yoga, Chill, Bike, etc.).

  • Models

Girlfriend Collective models come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, the brand applies to anyone that wants to feel comfy and secure in their skin, plus confident at their performing activity. For everyone to be pleased, the brand has a vast range of clothing to offer.

And one more fantastic feature about their models is the Girlfriend Collective sizing. Their sizing goes from XXS to 6XL, which is rare for an activewear brand. But, as said, Girlfriend Collective works for everyone to make them feel nice and comfortable.

What are Girlfriend Collective made of?

To begin with, this brand’s factory owns a Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certification, which is proof that they don’t use any harmful substances in their products. Now let us get back to the fact that their clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles, which they collect from Taiwan.

The bottles are carefully divided into different categories. Afterward, the same are cleaned, and chipped before they are attentively selected for final usage.

How long do their leggings last?

Following the experiences of loyal Girlfriend Collective customers, the leggings seem to be quite durable and fit.

Some reviewers say these leggings have no trouble passing the squat test. We guess this is pretty important for those involved in everyday sports activities that require flexible body movements.

Girlfriend Collective Best Selling Clothing

Well, if you’re a fan of stylish neutrals, Girlfriend Collective is the best place to shop. Their collection includes activewear essentials for the eco-conscious population.

Among their vast range of clothing on their site, you can find:

  • Tees and Tanks
  • Outerwear (Fleece, Windbreakers, and more)
  • Leggings
  • Sport Bras, Tees, Bodysuits
  • Accessories (Hats, Socks, etc.), and many other types of sustainable activewear.

Who are the Girlfriend collective Best Sellers?

With no further delay, here are some of the best-selling Girlfriend models/apparel:

These Girlfriend leggings are compressive and high-rise — perfect for any sports activity. The compression in the leggings helps increase blood flow in the body, and the sweat-wicking properties help absorb sweat so that you do not feel any wetness when working out.

The fabric used to make these leggings is sheer-proof and pull-resistant as it snugly hugs all the right curves. The best part is that these Girlfriend leggings are made to withstand hard-core squats, so you can squat away without worrying about them ripping or stretching.

You can find the Compressive High-Rise Leggings in three inseam lengths and six colors.

Are you looking for this fabulous pair of leggings? Find them on the brand’s website for $78.

Finding leggings when pregnant is close to impossible since most brands do not cater to soon-to-be-mommies. That is why the Girlfriend Collective Maternity Legging holds a monopoly in the market — it is designed in a way to grow with you.

Whether you want to use these leggings for working out or lounging purposes, these maternity pants will support you throughout your pregnancy without compromising on comfort.

If you feel more comfortable with a mid-rise style, you can roll the waistband down and adjust it to your preference. The high-waisted band is made in a way to hug your bump and keep it snug all day long.

You can find it in five colors and two inseam lengths for $88.

If you’re looking for sustainable activewear, you’ve come to the right place. The Girlfriend High-Rise Bike Short is an absolute must-have in every girl’s wardrobe who enjoys cycling. You can find these shorts with or without pockets based on your preference. Whatsmore, they are compressive and squat-proof so that you can lounge in them, hit the gym, and even run errands, all the while looking your best.

It doesn’t matter if you are not fond of cycling; the Girlfriend High-Rise Bike Shorts are trendy — especially nowadays.

You can find them in five colors and only for $48. If you choose the shorts with pockets, you will have to purchase them for $58.

Are you looking for a one-piece that you can put on and take off instantly? The Girlfriend Collective Bike Unitard is a sports bra and shorts hybrid. It has a low-back to ensure that while working out, you feel fashionable. Moreover, this piece is comfortable and breathable yet compressive, making it an instant bestseller.

When writing this Girlfriend Collective review, we found hundreds of reviews of satisfied customers. However, while customers loved the fit of the shorts, some of them said that the compressive unitard bike shorts do not look flattering on everybody.

However, we believe that they are worth trying. Find them on the company’s website for $78 in five colors.

The best-selling bra by Girlfriend Collective, Paloma Bra, offers incredible support with its racerback.

This is a supportive bra, yet comfortable and soft — perfect to spend the day in it. Take it to the gym, or just relax wearing it at home.

If you’re looking for some style ideas, look at the product page for this bra — it has been paired with the High-Rise Bike Shorts, and we have to say that the outfit looks incredible due to its long silhouette.

You can find the Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra in six colors, only for $46.

The Girlfriend Collective Dylan Tank Bra is a sports bra and cropped tank top hybrid that has won the hearts of everyone who has ever worn it. It has a high neck, longline fit, and racerback, automatically becoming a girl’s best friend.

The Girlfriend Collective Dylan Tank Bra is designed for medium-impact workout sessions. However, it comes with a reliable 4-way stretch and built-in support band. Most customers refer to it as a crop top as the material it is made from is so stretchy and comfortable that it can be worn all day and even on evenings out with your girls.

You can find this Tank Bra in six colors, retailing at $46.

The Girlfriend Collective Thong is made to mold your body perfectly. Depending on your preference, you can choose between its two styles, the Mid-Rise Thong and the High-Rise Thong. Both styles feature a leg opening and raw-cut waist, designed in a no-see fashion so that the panty lines are not visible through your clothes.

This thong comes with a moisture-wicking liner so that you can feel fresh and dry all day long, without feeling discomfort from sweat and moisture. At the same time, the High-Rise Thong has a bonded tape waist so that you do not have to tug and adjust your undies all day long. It’s this feature precisely that doesn’t let them slip lower or feel them as if misplaced.

Breathable and light, yet stretchy and soft, you can find this sexy, classic thong for $18 in 11 colors.


Of course, the prices differ from one model to another. However, by looking at their website, here’s a look at how the Girlfriend sportswear prices in different categories range:

  • Bottoms range between $48 and $92
  • Tops range between $28 and $60
  • Outerwear clothing ranges between $98 and $300
  • Girlfriend Yoga Wear — between $38 and $88

Still, there’s much to see on their website, such as Girlfriend athleisure wear, accessories, Girlfriend fitness clothing, etc.

And, if you want to catch reasonable discounted prices/ongoing sales, you better sign up to their subscription letter and get your hands on some real good discounted Girlfriend Collective clothing pieces.

By joining The Collective, you can get premium access to exclusive promotions. Whatsmore, they allow you to buy stuff and earn points — this ultimately leads to presents and early access to the brand’s new collections.

Girlfriend Collective Shipping Policy

Their shipping policy is crystal clear. At present, the brand offers shipping to the following countries:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • the UK
  • Canada.

For those living in the USA, the shipping fee is only $7. However, if you make an order that is $100 or above, you are entitled to free shipping.

On the other hand, those living outside the USA have to pay a $12 shipping fee.

Note: Free shipping is also applicable to Sage and Jade members of the Collective.

Do they provide tracking information?

Yes, of course, they do. Once they ship your order, you’ll receive an email containing tracking information regarding the order.

However, bear in mind that those residing in the USA will receive their orders between seven to ten working days. This waiting period is because they ship their orders from the factory where they make them, which is in Vietnam.

Girlfriend Collective Return Policy

As far as their return policy, we would say that is pretty transparent since you can look up every detail on their official site.

In a nutshell, the brand gives you 30 days to decide whether you want to return a particular item. After that, however, they will only accept the return order if you haven’t washed it, used it, or worn it.

What’s great about it is that they will refund you in the way you initially paid for it in the first place.

Note: The orders that are part of promotional purchases, free gifts, e-Gift Cards, or final sale items can’t be returned or exchanged.

Another important information regarding their return policy — All returns and exchanges within the USA and for Sage and Jade members are free of charge. On the contrary, there’s a charge of $7 for in-mail refunds for everyone else. Nevertheless, exchanges and restockings are done free of charge.

Any Discounts/Promotions?

Currently, there is a nice discount of up to 30 percent that you can take advantage of and get some real comfy and durable activewear.

Also, as soon as you visit their site, you can’t miss the banner that pops up, offering you an excellent 15 percent off your $125+ order. You can avail of this offer by signing up for their newsletter, just drop your email address, and you’re good to go.

Is there an affiliate program?

The ‘refer a friend to the brand’ is the affiliate program. This allows you to enable your friends $10 off their first order, that’s at least $95 or more. And it gets even better since you can have a free pair of leggings for your hard work!

Girlfriend Collective Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of Girlfriend Collective activewear:


  • It offers a wide range of activewear (bottoms, tops, outwear, socks), and many accessories.
  • Each piece of clothing has been hand-dyed to produce unique and attractive colors that differ from those you usually find everywhere else.
  • Ethical and socially responsible activewear brand.
  • An environmentally conscious brand that uses recycled plastic bottles for clothing production.
  • The brand’s sizing is inclusive — from XXS up to 6XL.
  • Top-notch quality activewear with affordable prices.


  • You have to pay a restocking fee of $7 for Girlfriend Collective returns.
  • Longer waiting period for US shipments.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

When writing this Girlfriend Collective Review, we skimmed through the brand’s official website to understand how customers view the brand and its products. We found that the site has rated all its products using a 5-star review system, proving that every piece of clothing on its website is popular among customers and is of high quality.

That said, we tried our best to find a few customer reviews to give you a better perspective of different experiences with this brand’s clothing wear. Therefore, we have aligned some more positive and less positive customer reviews.

Positive Customer Reviews


(Source: Trustpilot)


(Source: ThingTesting)


(Source: Trustpilot)

Negative Customer Reviews


(Source: Trustpilot)


(Source: ThingTesting)


(Source: Trustpilot)

Customer Ratings

Here are some product ratings on some well-known sites we came across while writing the Girlfriend Collective review:

    • Trustpilot: 2.1/ 5 stars out of a total of 35 reviews.
    • OutdoorGearLab on the Girlfriend Collective Paloma Sport Bra: 4.5/ 5 stars.
  • ThingTesting: 4.6/ 5 stars out of a total of 36 reviews.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau): F grade rating by the BBB; a total of seven complaints in the last three years (four of them were closed in the past year).


This Girlfriend Collective review illustrates the overall picture of the Girlfriend Collective as a brand.

It’s incredible how convenient, durable, and affordable this brand’s rich range of activewear is. And don’t forget, their clothing is made of recycled plastic bottles. So, if you ever thought of making a change that matters, you can do that by wearing activewear that cares.

For instance, in 2020, the brand successfully diverted nine million plastic bottles from oceans and landfills. Better yet, their sustainable method has saved more than 21 million gallons of water!

Apart from that, they produce activewear that loves your body, and all of its curves. Plus, it gives you that freedom of movement and confidence.

Is Girlfriend Collective Worth It?

Many customers wonder whether Girlfriend Collective is worth it. However, we believe that you realized just how worthy their activewear is by the end of this review. Whether it is its sustainable practices or eco-friendly clothing, athletic wear is priced fabulously, based on all the online reviews left by a significant number of customers.

Even though the brand might have room for improvement in certain areas, still, Girlfriend Collective is inclusive in terms of sizes. Moreover, it’s a brand that gives all its customers a chance to show off their bodies in their natural and best possible light.

Considering their impressive stats, Girlfriend clothing is every active, eco-friendly lady’s absolute dream.


Is Girlfriend Collective leggings a scam?

No, this brand isn’t a scam. And the fact that they have a solid online presence and incredible worldwide distribution is more than proof of how legit they are.

Girlfriend Collective has gained an immense amount of popularity, and that’s because their clothing is brilliant + eco-friendly, and sustainable.