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How Do Streaks Work on Snapchat? Find All About It Here!

Written by, Sandeep Kumar

Updated May, 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered what streaks are on Snapchat and how they work?

Talking about streaks, we’re sure you’ve heard of Snapchat — a messaging app with a difference – messages that disappear after a set period. Additionally, this makes it ideal for quick sends and temporary messages without worrying about them being stored somewhere.

With this in mind, streaks are basically a way to keep track of how many consecutive days you have sent a snap to a particular friend.

But, something tells us that you have more questions related to Snapchat streaks, so with no further delay, let’s find the answers to them.

Let’s start by giving you a thorough answer on

What is a Streak on Snapchat?

It’s widely known that one of the Snapchat app’s most popular features is streaks. They’re a fun way to keep track of how often you and your friends are messaging each other, i.e., sending snaps on the app.

Streaks Snapchats work by counting the number of consecutive days you have sent a message to a friend — miss a day, and your streak resets back to zero. Furthermore, the longer the streak, the more emojis appear next to the person’s name in your contact list.

All in all, you can look upon them as a motivating factor to keep using the app – and many do.

What Are The Signs That You Have a Streak?

It’s pretty simple. When you and your friend have sent each other at least one snap on consecutive days (let’s say, five in a row), you’ll see a fire emoji (?) next to their name in your Snapchat contact list.

You’ll also notice a number next to the fire emoji – this represents the number of consecutive days you’ve been on a streak.

How Do Snapchat Streaks Work?

Well, it’s not at all complicated. To maintain a streak, both users must send each other a snap every day. These snaps can be pictures, videos, or even text messages. The key to Snapchat streaks is to ensure they’re sent and received within 24 hours; this is when the streak stays alive.

Note: If you don’t send or receive a snap for 24 hours, you will break the streak, and the fire emoji will disappear.

However, you can always restart the streak by sending a snap to your friend.

How To Do Streaks on Snapchat?

It’s easy to start a streak – just send a snap to someone every day.

Once you press on ‘Send to,’ you’ll immediately get a ‘delivered’ status (with a red arrow before it).

And since this is a sort of a waiting game, now you need to wait for a snap back.

Once your Snapchat friend opens your snap, they’ll be shown a ‘Press and hold to replay’ option, and they can send right back one.

As soon as this “game” of sending and receiving snaps starts, you need to keep it going, which can be hard sometimes, especially if you’re busy or live in different time zones.

How To Maintain a Snapchat Streak?

Here are some tips for maintaining your streaks:

Why Are Young People so Concerned With Streaks?

There are many reasons why streaks are important to young people:

What Happens If You Lose Your Streak?

As we said already. Losing your streak is no big deal since you can always restart it.

The most important thing is to look at it as an authentic way of keeping in touch with a friend that matters, rather than a reason to continue using Snapchat.

So, if you lose a streak, just send a snap to your streak partner, and you’ll be back on track in no time.

How To End a Snapchat Streak?

Stop sending snaps to your streak partner — that’s it, you just ended a Snapchat streak. I guess sooner or later, they’ll get the message, and the streak will be over for good.

So, no matter how attractive and exciting streaks may be at first if you’re not feeling them anymore, it’s better to stop using them. However, don’t let Snapchat streaks be the reason for losing a good friend over.

Just talk it out and call it quits.

How To Get a Snapchat Streak Back?

So, now you’re missing the old Snapchat streak, and you want it bad? You can have it right away. Just send a snap to the person you want and let them know you’re starting again. We’re sure that they’ll be happy to reply with a snap.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Snapchat streaks are a creative and original way to keep in touch with friends and family. And hopefully, this article gave you a good insight into it, and now you understand it much better.

We have you covered, from what Snapchat streaks are, to how they work and what’s the best way to maintain them. However, you’re aware that they aren’t obligatory, so any of you can start, pause, and end a snap streak whenever they want.

Stay cool and unique, and snap streak away!


No, streaks can only be between two people. Group chats don’t count!

Yes! You can have a streak with as many people as you want. Just remember that you’ll need to send a snap to each person every day to keep the streak going.

If your Snapchat streak disappears, you’ve broken the streak by not sending a snap to the person for 24 hours. To restart the streak, just send a quick snap to that person and let them know you’re starting again.