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How Do You Get Verified On TikTok? The 2023 Guide!

Written by, Jalluri

Updated March, 14, 2023

Are you after that blue checkmark on TikTok?

You’re not quite a celebrity like Rihanna, but you sure want to become TikTok famous?

Here’s how do you get verified on TikTok and how YOU, as an individual or a business account, can benefit from it.

What is Verified on TikTok?

When you get TikTok verified, a badge (a little blue checkmark of authenticity) appears next to your name — let your fans know they’re following the official you.

But what does it actually mean?

These TikTok accounts stand a better chance of being seen by new users, leading to more followers and engagement.

So, if you’re wondering whether you should try to get verified on TikTok, the answer is probably You Do!

It won’t hurt, and it might just help you get more views and followers.

What are The Criteria for Getting TikTok Verified?

Are you wondering how many followers you need to get TikTok verified?

There isn’t a loud and clear number. Instead, metrics and engagement are what matters, aside from being obviously original and kind of a celebrity or famous (you don’t need to be the next Beyonce, but you have to be original and recognizable).

Also, there’s not really an answer to how many likes you need on TikTok to get verified.

For example, Tom Cruise doesn’t have a single post on the platform but has a TikTok verified badge just for being who he is.

In fact, TikTok doesn’t publicize any strict guidelines and criteria for getting TikTok verified. Plus, there is no fill-in form to ask for a certificate.

Proven Ways To Get Verified on TikTok

Let us tell you that getting verified on TikTok is a code verification process, where the TikTok officials and overlords notice an account for being famous and with a positively confirmed identity.

Supposing that you’re not a celebrity already, things might take longer.

So, if you’re searching for a guide on how to request verification on TikTok – don’t bother because there isn’t one!

TikTok has a special devoted team that evaluates algorithms and reaches out to potential accounts and profiles that have the potential to get verified.

Here are some of the basics to look out for:

Unofficial ‘leakage reports’ rumored that a constant daily growth of 500 – 2K followers is a granted way to get noticed and invited to become a TikTok certified account.

Yes, you are trying to get followers – but they’re just like you – ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things – online.

Many people support the exact cause and niche as you. Therefore, make sure you ‘break an extra sweat’ and devote 30 mins each day to commenting and replying to viral brands and trends from your niche.

Sure, your niche can be about anything, a healthy lifestyle AND family matters? Just remember that switching niches and trying to over-expand might kill your authenticity. So, stick to your niche!

Although TikTok’s concept of getting verified is crucially different from applying to be certified and having some strict community guidelines, like those on Instagram. Still, getting recognized by other social media sure is a few steps in advance when getting certified on TikTok.

Luckily, merging with other popular social media (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) is an option on TikTok.

Similarly, with social media exposure, getting attention in other TV and news media outlets is a huge deal when getting a TikTok blue badge.

This is because the community has heard about you – you’re getting out there, and TikTok is more likely to grant you their attention; because you seem highly likely to attain it in the future.

For instance, check out this Tinx girl TikTok video, and you’ll be more clear about what we’re referring to.

You have to be on point with your content. Never stay behind, and stay up-to-date with recent challenges and TikTok trends.

Also, include strategic and critical hashtags currently being used throughout the network and beyond. Incorporating trending music is also a MUST on TikTok.

Did you manage to go viral? Good for you!

That’s another way of attracting more attention and followers, aside from still not obtaining the TikTok tick badge. Furthermore, placing more viral content will certainly get you that badge as soon as possible. After all, that’s what the world of TikTok and social media is all about! All eyes on me – right?!

With this precisely, TikTok clearly points out the ‘social’ aspect, opposing the selfish and narcissistic aspect that many have thought would grant them a verified blue tick badge. Boy, were they wrong!

At the same time, by engaging in activities with other users, being supportive, commenting, liking, or even co-hosting and guesting TikTok Live videos, you’re obviously increasing your chances of being supported by them.

An eye for an eye – but in a good way 😉

Being original doesn’t necessarily have to be to the point of breaking the rules. After all, TikTok is a serious online community that doesn’t tolerate many ‘law breaks.’ Additionally, this particular platform it’s about fun and socializing.

Whatever you do, make sure you know their rules before posting any content that might be disturbing or against their terms of use.

Why Is It Important To Get Your TikTok Account Verified?

Getting verified on TikTok is a big deal – since you’re getting noticed by them and not actually applying for the badge. Simultaneously, getting verified grants your authority on the platform and unlocks endless potential for marketing and further collaborations with influential brands or entities.

Briefly, getting verified on TikTok is proof that you’re a unique and original TikTok creator, with some perks.

You know how there are so many Rihanna fan pages, but badgalriri is her actual account? Many scammers are trying to get attention out there – and this isn’t passing on TikTok.

Only one can be the true self, representing the true identity or concept of meaning on TikTok.

Getting a verified badge on TikTok is kind of like a double standard.

You must get noticed and pop out from the crowd to get it – and when you do, you will start getting recognized and have more followers. This will eventually enable you higher chances of going viral and growing big.

Tip: Content created from a verified account has more chances of landing on the Explore page and the FYP.

Notice how each of these suggested accounts for me is a TikTok verified account?

I was checking content from another verified account in the field, experimenting – and that’s what my suggestion field looks like. Therefore, getting verified will put you on the topping list of suggestions from accounts and brands from a particular niche.

Similar to the popular belief that ‘the popular kids stay in their circle’ – the same goes for verified TikTokers.

They’re the metaphor for popularity on the network, and it’s most likely to meet a celebrity, become partners with a celebrity, or have a brand collaboration if you get verified.

What is a TikTok Verified Badge?

Verification on social media is when a social media platform confirms that an account is the official page or profile of a public figure, celebrity, or entity.

This is often done through verification that differs from one platform to another, and it often includes submitting proof of identity.

Once an account is verified, it gets a special badge that lets users know that the account is legit.

The ’TikTok verified’ badge serves as confirmation that the account holder is who they say they are. And it also gives the account a certain level of prestige.

Finally, not everyone can get their hands on a TikTok verified badge, so you know that the account holder is someone special if you see one.

Closing Words

Are we clear now on how you get verified on TikTok?

There is not a how-to step by step to get verified since the TikTok verification badge isn’t earned by specific criteria, like having 100K followers.

At the same time, it’s of great relevance for your future brand, or income, if you want to become a TikTok marketer or promoter and build a career on the platform.

Getting a TikTok tick badge is like winning a competition in which you don’t even know the rules – but it’s absolutely crucial to keep playing the game!


1. Can you purchase TikTok verification?

Suppose you were hoping to buy a TikTok verified badge – sorry to inform you that it isn’t happening. Therefore, if you’re being offered and promised a verification badge in return for some large bucks, don’t be fooled and put your money away.

2. Does TikTok automatically verify you?

Once you reach their secretive and unclear criteria – you’ll automatically get the long-cherished TikTok blue badge.

3. Does TikTok email you to get verified?

There isn’t a clear answer on whether you’ll get an email congratulating you on your verification. Still, there’s a high probability that you will get notified by the TikTok team on such a huge thing.