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How To Understand the Seven Layers Of The Human Aura? - The Ultimate Guide

Written by, Jelena Kabic

Updated May, 4, 2022

Do you believe that we each have a unique energy field surrounding our bodies? Do you classify to be more spiritual than the rest of your crew?

If you do, you’re not alone. In fact, many people believe in the existence of an aura – a spiritual field that surrounds living beings.

But what’s behind this phenomenon? And what can it tell us about ourselves?

Tune in to learn how to understand the seven layers of the human aura.

What is Your Aura?

Most people are familiar with the concept of an aura, but what exactly is it?

An aura is a field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds every living creature (trees, animals, and humans). The body’s natural electrical impulses generate this energy, and it can be affected by a variety of factors, including:

Auras, as energies – are contagious. That’s why you might feel different around different kinds of people, especially if you’re an empath.

There is some debate over whether or not the naked eye can actually see the human aura. Some people claim to have seen aura colors when they meditate or are in a state of deep relaxation.

However, most experts believe that the aura’s spectrum of colors is subtle variations in the electromagnetic field that special instruments can detect.

While there is still much mystery surrounding the human aura, there is no doubt that this energy field plays a vital role in our lives. The aura is thought to be connected to various aspects of our being, including our physical, mental, and emotional health.

That’s why aura is used as a tool for self-healing and is commonly included in Reiki — an alternative healing therapy that uses universal life force energy to promote balance and well-being.

How Can You See Your Aura?

As it is with crystal gazing, this practice of seeing a divine spirit shine in its light -requires effort, concentration, and persistence.

You can try meditating first, and then try some of the following ways to see your aura:

Focus on the shield around your fingertips. Move your fingers to make waves and be absolutely sure which color you’re seeing. This is your aura.

Sit down and try to really focus and fall into a deeper state of meditation. Then start rubbing your palms for about half a minute, and reach them out before yourself, aligning them with the center — the heart of your body. You’re still not opening your eyes.

Then, start detaching your palms, thinking about the energy field between them. Slowly start opening your eyes and squint them. Focus on the ‘energy ball,’ and you’ll see the color of your aura.

What is Aura Reading?

Practitioners have used the human aura, and its range of colors for reading emotional states since the concept of the aura was popularized (around the beginning of the 1900s). Since then, the practice itself has been an inseparable part of many famous holistic therapies.

There are practically two ways to read human aura: by holistic practitioners/ spiritual healers or by using scientific equipment.

Holistic Approach to Reading Human’s Aura

Many holistic therapists, spiritual practitioners, and healers can perform aura readings, which is the beginning of one’s journey to well-being in every manner — from healing emotional distress and wounds to healing existing human illnesses.

People who practice aura readings can sense a human’s aura without even meeting them — the tone of our voice has a way it vibrates and reveals the aura color.

Scientific Approach In Reading Human’s Aura

But since science confirms the existence of this electromagnetic power of each living being, there are also special instruments that have been a handy asset in discovering the color of your aura. That’s how aura photography became ‘a thing’, especially since the 1970s.

Aura photography took after Kirlian photography. The concept electrified objects and put them on dark backgrounds, so the photography taken represented their electrical discharge.

Now can you see the resemblance?

However, since you can’t do the same and electrify a human being, special aura cameras, a dark room, and two dark plates are all you need to read someone’s aura; this specific equipment can cost up to $16K.

Note: The person using the equipment is usually specialized in reading auras. Because the aura photography represents many different colors of the different layers of the human’s aura.

Benefits of Aura Reading

We live with ourselves throughout each day and night – since the day we’re born. It’s natural to forget who we are sometimes.

Here are some of the benefits of aura readings:

Understanding the Seven Layers of the Aura

Just as the Universe has its different spheres with distinct atmospheric pressure and elements — the human body’s shield (the Aura) has its seven different layers.

Each of these auric layers is directly connected with one of the seven chakras — a common map of the main energetic sources in the human body.

I guess we’re the U in Universe after all!

This auric level is the easiest to spot, mainly the vibrant red color. But also, this is the lowest-vibrating level of consciousness, according to the human chakras. Physically active and enthusiastic people will have an intensive red coloring in their aura, and those who are sick will be muddled.

This is the center of our emotions, and people that are caring or in love would radiate with the orange color. Still, in the very primal position of our human needs – love comes right after lust, and it’s not representing a high level of spirituality, considering that the sacral chakra is the second in line.

The yellow radiating solar plexus is the home of the mind, thoughts, and reason. Therefore, it’s the prime center of the human being in its awakened state. This force thrives the human society machine to aim forward.

The evolution of a human being happens only when they truly love another being, not by lust or desire – but in the same way a person would love and nurture themselves. A true partner’s love, friendship, or the mother-child bond resides in this layer of the aura, which colors with a tender or strong pink color.

People that are true to themselves and truly see the world have no fear. They are confident with themselves and their knowledge. Thus, they have nothing to hide away from and nothing to be ashamed of. These people are very rare – honest individuals who speak their minds.

Individuals radiating with strong white color are highly reasonable and spiritual. They see through – which is the interpretation of the third body, awakening with their strong sense and power of interpretation. These people are like mere Gods walking in the disguise of human beings.

Angels and extremely spiritual beings radiate with the color of golden/white rays. In all, the aura colors and layers and chakra alignment practices – The Crown chakra, or the ultimate level of spirituality, have rarely been touched by humans living in their social environments. That’s because to resonate on a higher frequency, a person must be exceptionally wise and able to surpass the clusters suffocating the human potential implanted in our everyday routines (jobs, public transport, overcrowded malls/ shops).

Understanding Aura Colors

There are 7 colors seen in each aura image of a human being. And according to a unified approach from scientists and holistic practitioners, these are their meanings:

Is There a Good and Bad Aura?

As the entire concept of this world is laid upon the premise of good and bad and the balance between, the same goes for your aura.

Though there are not strictly ‘bad colors’ of the aura – there are undoubtedly unwanted shades of an auric color.

For example, let’s take the green color. A dark shade can mean jealousy, resentment, or bothering with someone and what they have/ have achieved.

At the same time, a lighter, or emerald green, means that the person is thrived by love at the time of their aura reading.

We can conclude that people are not evil; distinct forces drive them at separate times in their lives. This means that an aura color is not eternal but represents the person’s feelings and position in life at the time of the aura reading.

Final Thoughts

The seven layers of the human aura are a fascinating and complex topic.

While we have only scratched the surface in this post, it is clear that there is much more to be explored when it comes to these energy fields.

By learning how to understand the seven layers of the human aura, you’d be able to gain insights into yourself and use the knowledge to improve your health and help the ones around you.