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Hug Sleep Pod Review (2023) - Is It Really The Hug You Need?


  • Extremely lightweight
  • It helps overcome sleeplessness.
  • It is made of breathable material with a four-way stretch.
  • Deep Touch Pressure Therapy that enhances comfort.
  • Designed to improve sleep and provide anxiety relief.


  • Relatively small market presence.
  • Bit expensive.

Average Rating: 4.5

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Many people are high-maintenance when it comes to sleep. Some require a certain number of pillows, while others like pitch dark and silent environments, so they wear masks and noise-canceling earplugs.

Whatever your preference is, these old gadgets or accessories are designed to enhance sleep. Therefore, it has given rise to more advanced products, such as Hug sleep pods that provide a gentle, calming pressure to induce relaxation and comfort.

If you’ve never heard of it or are still on the fence about whether or not to invest in this highly esteemed therapeutic product, you’re at the right place. That said, we’ll be sharing one of the best in-depth Hug Sleep reviews in the market to help make up your mind.

Hug Sleep Overview & Highlights

Let’s take a deeper dive into one of the best swaddle blankets in the market:

What is Hug Sleep?

Hug Sleep is the ingenious creation of Mathew Mundt and Angie Kupper, a couple from Brookfield, Wisconsin, that gained recognition on the highly popular show for entrepreneurs, Shark Tank.

The product is essentially an ultra-soft swaddle for adults and kids or a hugging blanket, as they described it. It encloses the user like they’re in a bear hug. The compression from the Hug sleep pod fosters a hugging and spooning environment, which has been proven scientifically to enhance sleep duration and overall comfort.

Who Is It For?

Hug Sleep is designed to be a snuggly machine as it swaddles you in an ultra-comfortable, warm, and soothing environment. Making it ideal for anyone who struggles with restlessness, insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), anxiety, etc.

Where Can We Buy Hug Sleep?

The brand recommends shopping for its products directly from its official website hugsleep.com to take advantage of exclusive discounts and sales. However, you can also find their Hug Sleep pods on Amazon, Walmart, and Shark Tank Products.

How Big is Their Network?

Following the successful Hug Sleep Shark Tank pitch, the couple landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Grenier.

Consequently, the brand has expanded its network across the digital realm on highly acclaimed sites like BuzzFeed, Yahoo, and Fast Company.

2021 sounds like a big success since the brand has more than 15.000 followers on Instagram and nearly 5.000 likes on Facebook. In less than two years since the brand’s inception, they have garnered over $490.000 in sales from all their distribution channels.

How to Contact Hug Sleep?

The easiest way to contact Hug Sleep is by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page on their official web and submitting your query.

You can also subscribe to the company’s mailing list to stay up to date with the latest offers and product availability. Whatsmore, you can send them an email at [email protected] for returns or exchanges.

However, for real-time queries, you can reach the team through Messenger and Instagram so the social media team can get back to you accordingly.

Key Features

What are the features of the Hug Sleep Pod?

This fantastic wearable blanket has many features. Therefore, here are at least some of them:

  • You can find it in dark heather-gray color only.
  • There are multiple sizes for both adults (from S to XL) and kids and tweens (from seven to ten years).
  • This is an American handmade product.
  • Designed to be a hugging or wearable blanket.
  • Made from 89 percent polyester and 11 percent lycra, it is comfortable and stretchable.
  • The shape reminds us of a bean bag or sleeping sack.
  • The brand gives you a 30-night sleep guarantee.
  • It’s a lightweight and 100% breathable product that can be machine washed.
  • Doesn’t require special care or attention. However, avoid washing it together with clothing that has zippers.

How Does it Work?

What is a sleep pod?

Hug Sleep’s Sleep Pod is a cocoon-like blanket that covers the entire body and uses its 4-way stretch poly span material to provide a calming pressure that simulates the sensation of being swaddled or hugged. Hence, you will feel like you are asleep in a hug blanket.

Additionally, the product is designed to be breathable and allow for ventilation, so it doesn’t trap carbon dioxide or heat.

The Sleep Pod also creates a natural spooning effect that

  • reduces blood pressure,
  • releases feel-good hormones which can keep pain and depression at bay,
  • and decreases stress, thus, enabling you better sleep quality and longer hours of sleep.

The Hug Sleep Pod also enables a Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, which is ideal for those who have a hard time falling asleep or sleeping.

How Do You Use it?

Hug Sleep Pods are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is put them on, just like when putting on a pair of pants.

In brief, here’s how:

  1. Sit down on your couch/chair or your bed’s edge.
  2. Set your sleep pod down under your feet, just like a sock.
  3. Place your feet into the hug sleeper; afterward, pull the pod up and over your legs (up to your chest).
  4. Lay back, put your arms in, and let the pod do its magic.

Note: If you like to keep your arms free, you can pull them up to your hips or waist and cover your body up to your chest.

What is it Made Of?

As mentioned above, the Hug Sleep Pod is made of 80+ percent polyester and 11 percent lycra blend.

This strategic combination provides the ultimate level of softness and compression required to minimize restriction and optimize comfort. On the plus side, this is why they are excellent for machine washing. Meaning, you don’t have to invest in special detergents or hand wash them.

Ultimately, if you consider yourself a blanket person, you can double up with this light-hugging blanket on cold winter nights and let your body heat warm it up to a toasty temperature.

Best Sellers at Hug Sleep

The Hug Sleep Pod Classic is the brand’s initial and best-selling product designed to mimic the way you would have been swaddled like a baby and provide the best shut-eye you’ve had in years.

It’s no different to parents tucking their kids at night by securing an all-encompassing blanket. The Hug Sleep Classic encases your body similarly and protects your body from the cold. However, you can expose one foot or leg if needed with a strategically placed pocket at the bottom.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to fall asleep faster, this hug sleeper or swaddle for adults will work like a charm.

Have you ever gone on a winter camping trip by the lake or forest and covered yourself with a cocoon-like sleeping bag? You probably miss the warmth and cozy comfort. However, one thing you probably don’t miss is getting out of the sleeping bag to go to the bathroom.

Now imagine a sleeping bag that you don’t need to get out of – That’s essentially what this Adult sleep pod is. The Hug Sleep Move – Adults offer the same level of relaxation and comfort and a little more liberty. Hence, it allows users to cover both feet like a pair of large socks and move around their living space quickly — So, if you have a small bladder or a habit of falling asleep on the couch, this blanket version is worth the purchase.

Just like adults, kids, especially those transitioning into independent beds, struggle to feel safe at nighttime when trapped under heavy blankets and several pillows.

This is why the Hug Sleep Move – Kids is an easy-move option that allows kids to free their feet and rest more comfortably, thanks to less pressure from the compression fabric compared to blankets. The kid’s sleep pod is available in two age ranges – from 7 to 10 and 10 to 14. But, it’s not recommended for kids below the age of 7.


All Hug sleeping pods are sold for a reasonable price of no more than $99.99 plus shipping. To many, this might be a little on the higher side. However, you have to think of them as more than regular swaddles or blankets. This hug sleeping bag is so convenient that you can take it with you literally anywhere: on vacay, camping, to someone else’s house, etc.

These products are enhanced with Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, meaning they’re specifically designed to combat sleep troubles. Plus, compared to weighted blankets, which typically cost over $200, these are far more affordable and convenient, especially when washing and storage.

Discounts and Promotions

Although the brand’s price is quite reasonable compared to the benefits its products offer, Hug Sleep still offers different deals and discounts.

The latest offers include 20% off on all products during the 2021 Holiday Season and $10 off any purchase + free shipping upon joining its newsletter.

One of the best features this brand offers is frequent sales. Therefore, you can always catch Hug Sleep pods on sale and save a handsome amount of money.

Shipping Policy

Hug Sleep’s products are available worldwide through direct shipping, Amazon, and other affiliate sites. However, due to the COVID-19, shipping might not be available to certain countries. Anyway, you can easily find out whether your country is eligible to receive a shipment from Hug Sleep by contacting them or choosing a product and seeing if the order goes through or not.

If delivered to your region, your order will take at least 72 hours to process. And to check the status of your order, you can do so through the tracking link included within the confirmation email from the company.

Keep in mind that local orders typically take between two and three working days to be delivered. In contrast, international orders can take up to 2 weeks or 21 days.

Return and Exchange Policy

And while most of us think that everyone likes to sleep in a hug blanket, some may not feel that way. Consequently, Hug Sleep has in mind that its products might not be the perfect fit for everyone. This is why you can return the products if you don’t like them, just as you would return a soft or hard mattress.

For instance, the company offers a thirty-day warranty which starts from the moment the product is delivered. The brand recommends allowing your body to adjust to the pressure before deciding if it’s right for you or not.

If it’s not, you can send an email to [email protected]. However, Hug Sleep bears no responsibility for the return shipping cost. Once your return is accepted, they will refund you via the same payment method (Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay) you used to pay for the product. The same applies to product or size exchanges.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers two excellent options — The Classic and The Move.
  • There are offers for both adult and kid’s sleep pods.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • It is made of breathable material with a four-way stretch.
  • Designed to improve sleep and provide anxiety relief.
  • International shipment.
  • 30-night sleep guarantee.
  • It helps overcome sleeplessness.
  • Deep Touch Pressure Therapy that enhances comfort.


  • Because of COVID-19, specific shipping locations are temporarily ineligible for shipment.
  • You might need some time to adjust to the weight the sleep pod exerts on the body.
  • Relatively small market presence; hence, limited customer reviews.
  • A bit expensive for an unknown product.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Hug Sleep is a relatively new but highly intriguing concept. From the pictures alone, the products look super comfy. However, we’ve been fooled by thousands of products that promise one thing and deliver something else.

This is where reviews and ratings come in to help other prospects determine their worth and effectiveness. However, the first thing you need to understand is that ratings vary according to the product type.

For instance, Sleep Pod Classic has a much better score on average than the Move variants, which, to be fair, are relatively newer. Anyway, let’s check out both positive and negative Hug Sleep Pods reviews:

Positive Reviews

  1. Jen rated this product with five stars, and this is what she wrote:I’ve been struggling with getting to sleep and staying asleep for years now due to severe PTSD. I’ve tried everything. Every product, every medicine, every supplement, every mattress, every pillow, every app, every sound machine, EVERYTHING. I have no idea what magic is sprinkled into this super-comfy sack, but it is nothing short of a miracle. I fall asleep quickly, and I stay asleep all night. I look forward to sleeping now! Thank you!!!
  2. An Amazon customer from the States also rated the product with five stars and wrote:I had trouble sleeping since college and I’ve tried everything. This product was life-changing for me. I toss and turn which has me waking up in the middle of the night but once I started using my sleep pod I started sleeping through the night! I notice a complete difference in my sleep if I don’t have my sleep pod. I highly recommend this product for anyone with trouble sleeping!
  3. Jack Nickeas (five-star rating) commented:6-month check in- I’ve been using this product for about 6 months now – and will simply not sleep without it ever again. My pod travels with me on work trips and has a permanent spot on my bed when I’m at home.

Was concerned initially if the product would hold up to regular washing (wash mine weekly) but have shown no signs of bad wear. Also – the compression has held up and not loosened at all.

Customer for life and will be ordering the new model if this one ever wears out!

Negative Reviews

  1. Joseph T Fisher gave it a one-star rating, saying:My wife teases but I love this. So comfy. Update 3 months after purchase it started to fray. The warranty is only for 30 days. They offered to sell me another one for 1/2 off. I’m sorry but for 79 dollars this should not fray after 3 months.
  2. ta_nefer rated it with three stars and said the following:I had really high hopes for this since there are so many positive reviews; the fabric is very soft and breathable, it’s just too large to provide compression. I wish there were more sizes and I’m disappointed. I’ve been isolated due to the pandemic for 18 months since I’m immunocompromised, and essentially I bought this trying to simulate a hug because I’ve gone this long without them. I also have ADHD, autism, and CPTSD along with multiple physical conditions. However, I’m 5’4″ and about 120lbs – the small size fits loosely around my legs, a kind of like a long skirt. I can simulate the compression that I think others love by kicking out both of my knees/legs, but this is not comfortable or sustainable to get the basic function out of the product. Ironically, it’s way too tight at the top – I’d prefer to wear it around my shoulders, but the elastic is so tight at the top It’s hard to keep it from feeling like it’s compressing my neck. I’ve tried children’s versions of this product before with no success, and I’m so disappointed by this too. Maybe they will be able to add different variations in sizes at some point.


Yes, this is a fantastic sleeping product; however, there is a vast market with many choices. Therefore, we compared Hug Sleep with This Works (another brand that offers various sleeping products).

Hug Sleep vs. This Works

To begin with, these two brands offer sleeping products, but ones that act in a very different manner. You already know what Hug Sleep Pods are and how they work.

This Works, in contrast, is a 24-hour skincare solution brand that produces sleep enhancement products (moisturizers, hand gels, candles, bath & shower gels, stress relief spray, deep sleep spray, etc.).

Although both brands offer different products, they still focus on improving sleep. Hence, they can be considered as competitors targeting the same audience.

However, opting for either brand depends on several factors, such as budget, preferences, and even beliefs. For instance, if you’re a makeup or skincare enthusiast, you’re more likely to invest in a cosmetic product like This Work’s Sleep Plus Pillow Spray. However, if you’re looking for something to wear that’s not a cream or spray, this cozy little sleep sack should last you years.


Is Hug Sleep Worth It?

No matter how many Hug Sleep reviews you come across, they’ll all recommend using it, and for good reasons.

These products provide a calming and gentle pressure that allows users to sleep longer and wake up like a healthy newborn — ready to take on the new day and its challenges with a well-rested mind.

We hope our Hug Sleep review answered all your questions regarding its products. So, if you’re ready to purchase the Hug Sleep Pod Classic or Move, head straight to the official website and take advantage of the exclusive deals and discounts.

Hurry, and get more value for your money along with a long-overdue quality shut-eye.


1. Is the Hug Sleep pod legit?

Yes, Hug Sleep pods are highly recommended products and among the best sellers on Amazon. The product may look like a simple cloth stack, but it is made from an extremely soft, breathable material designed to help people with sleep problems.

The company ran out of business during its initial stages following the COVID-19 lockdowns but came back strongly after the founders’ successful pitch on Shark Tank. All pods are manufactured in Milwaukee, the US, using high-quality fabric. Moreover, the product comes with a 30-day warranty.

2. How do I wash the Hug Sleep pod?

All Hug Sleep products are machine washable and don’t require any special detergents or extra care. Just toss them with the rest of your polyester beddings. However, the company suggests it’s best to flip the Sleep Pod inside out and wash it with lukewarm water.