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Jambys Review 2023: Features, Best Picks, Alternatives, FAQs


  • All products can be machine-washed.
  • Valuable and frequent discounts and bundle savings.
  • Inclusive sizes: from XS to XXXL.
  • Made from super-soft, ultra-comfortable, and breathable material.


  • The inventory is limited.
  • Lack of third-party customer reviews.

Average Rating: 4.6

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When it comes to loungewear, you want something comfortable and cozy without the quality and design being terrible or lazy.

Luckily, a brand recognizes this need and caters to customers to provide high-performance outfits for casual days. We’re talking about no other but Jambys.

You might want to stay for the whole of this Jambys review. Stay, and you’ll learn more about the company, the quality, and the material they use for their products. Plus, we will also discuss customer reviews, policies, and promotions so that you can decide whether Jambys is the place for you to shop.

Overview and Highlights

What is Jambys?

One day, Jack Ambrose and Andrew Goble realized they wanted to bring back the perks and fashion of comfortable loungewear, so they decided to launch Jambys in 2019.

Jambys is such a brand that ensures its customers’ demands are met so that they can enjoy premium quality products. Unlike other brands, this one produces loungewear that you can wear around the house. You can also wear their comfy unisex outfits when going to the grocery store, while running everyday errands, etc.

Long story short, it didn’t take long for this Brooklyn-based brand to become a favorite in the world of comfortable inactive apparel.

Who is it best for?

Jambys is for anyone that enjoys ultimate comfort and still looks stylish enough to take its loungewear out on the streets or in the store. On the plus side, if you are someone who struggles with finding the correct sweatpants that won’t weigh a ton or cause rashes on your body, Jambys is the perfect option for you.

After all, we need to remember that loungewear doesn’t require too much effort. Also, it doesn’t need to be jazzed up with accessories. However, it still needs to look stylish so that you don’t look like you wore it to bed.

So while competitors continue to use unbreathable and itchy cotton polyester in their clothing, Jambys uses a combination of MicroModal fabric, along with French Terry cloth, so that each piece of their online clothing is elite. Some of their clothing pieces also use Spandex so that each customer can enjoy the extra stretch in their outfits.

Overall, Jambys produces flexible and airy apparel while being soft, comfortable, and stylish.

Where can we buy them?

Visit their website and start shopping immediately for the incredibly comfortable unisex outfits this brand has to offer. Apart from their official site, you can also visit the Zappos website and find several Jambys outfits there.

How big is their network?

Anyway, we checked out their official Instagram profile and found out they have 18.000 followers. Even though we didn’t come across an exact number regarding the broadness of their network., still, by the number of customer reviews we had the chance to go through, this brand seems like it’s reaching people’s hearts, i.e., their skin real quick. Moreover, popular online publications like Women’s Health, CNN, and The Today Show have also featured the brand and raved about the incredible quality of their loungewear.

It all points out that Jamby is becoming known as the ultimate place to shop casual inactivewear.

Do they offer any warranty on their products?

Yes, they do. You have 77 days before you decide whether their Jambys clothing suits you or not.

How to contact Jambys?

We know you are accustomed to brands offering you several ways of reaching out to them. However, that is not the case with Jambys. We only say this because you can contact Jambys by emailing them at [email protected]. Another way to reach them is by messaging them directly on their official Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Jambys Features

Let’s go through the main features that make this brand what it is.

  • Color Availability

Due to the variety of loungewear categories the brand has to offer, there are also many colors to choose from.

Like the following

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Lavender
  • Navy
  • Mint
  • Pink
  • Hunter Green
  • Cerulean
  • Cabernet, and many more.
  • Style

We already mentioned that Jambys’ focus is on delivering comfort and style in each clothing pieces.

Therefore, you can find this in their rich range of loungewear:

  • Boxers with Pockets
  • Lounge Pants
  • JamTees (T-Shirts)
  • House Hoodies
  • Long-Sleeve JamTees
  • Cloaks/Double Cloaks
  • Affordable Price

Although this brand offers the ultimate comfort to lounge around your home or storm out of it in your lounge pants with style, there’s one more thing to it — It may not be the most affordable brand you’ll encounter.

Though, their price range is still reasonable for the perks they offer. With that in mind, you should know that their lowest price is no more than $10. What’s more, their price range doesn’t go over $134.

  • Quality (Material Used)

It’s no secret where does Jambys irresistible loungewear comfort comes from. You’ll find the answer lying in their proprietary Modal fabric knitted, which blends perfectly with the French Terry. And for their outfits to feel extra soft and silky, they add a natural-made fiber from beechwood trees.

Jambys Best Picks

It’s time to review some of Jambys best-selling loungewear pieces.


If you’re looking to spend an unproductive afternoon or just relax while watching your favorite Netflix show, the Lavender/ Gray Jambys shorts are all you need.

This unisex briefs with pockets are made with French Terry/MicroModal fabric for ultimate comfort. It uses no-crotch-flash technology, so you don’t feel conscious wearing them around the house.

These Jambys boxers come prepared with a stretchable elastic band so that the cloth doesn’t bite into your waist after a period of extended wear. Plus, you can wear them around your home in any season.

So, if you want to enjoy these easy-breezy boxer shorts, you can get them for $35. If you don’t like the gray and lavender variant, you can choose from the other 16 colors, like plain black or plain navy, hibiscus pink, or maybe a Leopard print.


The real deal is when you find an outfit so comfortable that you are willing to ditch your plans just to laze around at home in it. That is what the Black Long Jambys promise to offer.

These Jambys pants are the most comfortable joggers made using ultra-soft French Terry MicroModal material. For a complete look, pair them with the Jambys Black hoodie, and you are ready to spend an entire weekend in bed, enjoying a good movie marathon or a great football match.

The best part about these lounge pants is that they come with a drawstring waistband that you can adjust to make space for your food belly – if you have one!

The Black Long Jambys retail for $73 on the company’s website.


There are very few things in life that feel as comfortable as snuggling in an oversized, cozy sweater. That is why we recommend the Jambys Navy House Hoodie.

What’s unique about this hoodie is the mere fact that you can put it on no matter the season — especially when the temperature starts to drop and the weather becomes slightly pleasant. Interestingly, the brand says that you can wear this hoodie for 93 hours straight without any issue.

Furthermore, you can find this hoodie in various colors, even Leopard print. Hurry up, and buy Jambys hoodie for a readily available price of $79.


Many customers have called the Jambys Lavender/Mint JamTee an absolute necessity — almost like a staple clothing item everyone needs in their wardrobes.

This unisex outfit is designed to have a fuss-free back seam, along with a basic neckline and a two-inch side slit which makes tucking in the t-shirt an effortless task. Go ahead and combine it with any pair of jeans or trousers and enjoy a walk or two. Or, you can try a different combo with another Jambys product, maybe some of their boxers. Use the flexible, soft, stretchy material for your ultimate relaxation.

If the lavender/mint does not tug at your heartstrings, you can also find the JamTee available in gray/lavender, hibiscus pink, Tigerlily white, and many other colors. This item is available on the brand’s website for $47.


After experiencing the Coronavirus pandemic in its complete form, we believe that everyone has had one unfortunate experience of their mask being uncomfortable, almost painful to wear. Whether it is the highly tight elastic or the unbreathable fabric used in most masks, they can make breathing painful, leaving you gasping for air.

With the Jambys Gray/Black Face Mask, you don’t have to worry about this problem. The mask is soft, adjustable, and roomy enough to breathe in and out. And, of course, it does not let any germs in.

Intricately made with a mix of Spandex (3%) and MicroModal fabric (97%), this face mask can conveniently withstand cold mornings as well as hot afternoons. However, we strongly advise you not to use it for medical-related issues, but rather for everyday wear like picking up groceries or while in a closed space with other people around. You can find the mask in black/gray and light blue for only $10.

Note: The company aims to be as inclusive as possible and includes sizes from XS to 3XL. If you are concerned about your measurements, you can visit the website and consult the size chart for more details before ordering.

How do I wash and care for my Jambys?

Fearing that you might damage your brand new favorite clothing pieces? You don’t have to because Jambys offers straightforward wash and care instructions for their products. In a nutshell, you need to wash it cold and dry it with low heat.

Note: Before putting Jambys in the laundry, check how you’re placing them in. They shouldn’t be inside out because some other clothing may get caught up on the French Terry loops.


With no further delay, here are the prices per clothing category:

  • Boxers with pockets — $35
  • Long Jambys (Lounge Pants) — $73
  • JamTee — $47
  • House Hoodies — $79
  • Long-Sleeve JamTee — $54
  • Cloak — $98
  • Double Cloak — $134
  • Face Mask — $10

Jambys Shipping

Jambys’ shipping policy doesn’t reveal too much. However, we know enough to let you know that you can find their products in all fifty states. Following the information on their official site, Jambys’ goal is to sell their loungewear worldwide. We are excited to see that happening.

Jambys Returns Policy

Same as their shipping policy, the return one is quite simple to understand.

In case of any dissatisfaction or mishap, the brand gives you a 77-day guarantee to decide if you want to exchange Jambys’ order.

However, to use this perk, you must ensure that the products are in brand new condition (unworn and unwashed), after which you can use the online portal provided on the company’s website to submit a return request.

Note: Sale items or discounted items are final. Meaning you can’t return them.

Are there any discounts/promotions?

When researching this unisex brand, we found that Jambys offers its customers special promotions and discounts.

Check out the current Jambys promotions/discounts:

  • You can get 20% + free shipping on all their loungewear, except the cloaks, when using Jambys Outfit Builder.
  • Use the Jambys discount code: 3PACK and buy three Jambys picks with $15 off and free shipping.
  • Get three packs of Jambys boxers for only $90.
  • If you want more than just three, you can save some money by ordering five packs of Jambys boxers with pockets for $140.
  • The ultimate ‘bundle save’ is when you order a seven-pack boxer for only $184.

And if you want to take advantage of more exclusive deals and advantages, you can sign up for the rewards program provided by the brand, which helps you accumulate points.

Jambys Pros and Cons


  • Made from super-soft, ultra-comfortable, and breathable material.
  • Inclusive sizes: from XS to XXXL.
  • All products can be machine-washed.
  • The brand has a side blog that focuses on lifestyle tips and trends.
  • All products have a (no-questions-asked) 77-day guarantee.
  • Valuable and frequent discounts and bundle savings.


  • The inventory is limited.
  • The prices are higher than other loungewear brands available in the market.
  • Lack of third-party customer reviews.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Unfortunately, we didn’t find many third-party customer reviews for clothes orders by Jambys , making it difficult to understand how individuals felt about the brand.

But, still, we have just enough to present you some more positive and other less positive customer reviews.

Positive Customer Reviews


(Source: ThingTesting)


(Source: Jambys Official Facebook Page)

Negative Customer Reviews


(Source: Jambys Official Facebook Page)


(Source: Jambys Official Facebook Page)

Customer Ratings

Have a look at the Jambys ratings we found on several rating sites:

Name of Website Star Rating and No. of Customer Reviews
ThingsTesting 4.2/5 star rating, based on six customer reviews
Smart.Reviews 4.7/5 star rating, based on just one customer review
Jambys Official Facebook Page 3/5 star rating, based on six customer reviews


Jabys is one of the most comfortable, stylish-looking activewear brands, no doubt. But other brands deliver the same or similar comfort, just like Jambys. Therefore, we compared Jambys with three other alternatives: Under Gents, Tommy John, and MeUndies.

Jambys vs. UnderGents

Here, we have two brands focused on ultimate convenience and fit. However, the most striking difference between Jambys and UnderGents is that Jambys is a unisex brand, and UnderGents is for men only.

Another thing to mention, the offers of both brands aren’t much in number but still differ significantly. Jambys have little to choose from but still enough combinations for anyone (hoodies, t-shirts, lounge pants, boxers,etc.).

On the other hand UnderGents focuses on offering more choices of men’s undergarments (boxers, briefs, boxer shorts) alongside loungewear.

Furthermore, both brands deliver comfort by using different fabrics into their undergarments/loungewear. Jambys uses its MicroModal fabric, further knitted into an elegant-looking French Terry.

UnderGents has its CloudSoft fabric that’s made to deliver convenience, softness, and freedom while moving around.

When it comes down to pricing, it’s clear that UnderGents is the more affordable of the two. And it’s no secret that we’ve come across many customer reviews stating Jambys is a bit overpriced for a loungewear brand.

Ultimately, your choice depends mainly on what you’re looking for. Jambys is your loungewear that you can wear all day long in your home and outside running errands. Whereas, UnderGents is your go-to underwear delivering a non-wrinkling, super fit, and comfy design to get you through the day and night.

Jambys vs. Tommy John

Jambys and Tommy John are another pair with a fair amount of differences. Therefore, let’s start with the most obvious ones. Tommy John offers two separate lines: men’s and women’s. On the hand, Jambys is unisex, suitable for men and women.

There are undoubtedly several clothing items/sets you won’t find with Jambys. However, if you’re looking for more loungewear/underwear options, Tommy John is your brand-to-go. They have many to choose from (undershirts, pajamas, loungewear, boxers, briefs, thongs, bras, etc.).

From what we could find out, it’s pretty apparent that Tommy has tried really hard to bring to you materials that bring a certain distinctive comfort and breathability on various levels. That said, their fabrics are ranked as: soft, light, air, move, and cool. Each of these is knitted and designed in a distinctive way to produce the desired effect of comfort, fit, Airness, and movement.

While Jambys loungewear is all made from a super-soft MicroModal alongside a French Terry cloth for a more stylish look.

In terms of price, it seems that both brands more or less stand on the same scale. However, it seems like Tommy John is slightly more expensive than Jambys in certain areas.

Jambys vs. MeUndies

Jambys and MeUndies are the third pair we deliver to you that’s all about comfort and feeling your ultimate best while wearing their products.

With that in mind, MeUndies has a broad range of products to shop for, compared to the limited loungewear Jambys offers.

However, whichever brand you decide to go for, be sure that you’ll be purchasing ethically-sourced, super soft, stylish, breathable loungewear and underwear to help you go through the day and night effortlessly.

If you’re looking for a more affordable brand with more options, MeUndies might more adequately meet your needs. And if you’re looking for loungewear that you can take out while walking your dog, or grocery shopping, Jambys has you covered.


We are coming to the end of this Jabys review, so let’s recap what exactly makes them so special and worth your money.

Jabys offers a comfortable, breezy set of loungewear that is suitable to wear indoors and outdoors (depending on the occasion). There is no shame in wearing soft, breathable, stylish clothing when out for brunch, or casual lunch. On the plus side, there are boxers with pockets among their offerings – how convenient.

What makes Jabys outfits so comfortable and soft? The brand uses French Terry/ MicroModal fabric for all its loungewear. Therefore, it has managed to make a name for itself, quickly gaining a loyal set of customers who are willing to spend more on its products for the sake of comfort.

Though usually, both genders can wear a pair of cozy sweatpants, still many companies categorize them in male and female categories. That said, one of the best things about Jambys’ entire collection is the unisex design, along with the fuss-free fit. Moreover, the brand provides a vast choice of plain colors and combination of colors to broaden their offerings.

However, the brand doesn’t fall under the affordable category, so this is probably why it hasn’t been able to reach a higher number of customers. After all, a set of Jambys joggers can cost up to $73 – an amount that many people aren’t ready to spend on loungewear.

However, if you aren’t afraid to invest in highly-comfortable clothes, you should definitely check out Jambys for premium loungewear and let others know is Jambys worth it or not.


1. Are Jambys just for men?

No, Jambys is a unisex brand. In other words, both men and women can wear their products.

2. Are Jambys sustainable?

According to their official website, the fabric used for producing Jambys guarantees high sustainability.

Since the product is China-made, the fabric they use for it comes from the pulp of beechwood trees; hence, this is where sustainability comes from.