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Joybed Mattress Review [2023]


  • Budget-friendly
  • Handcrafted
  • Offers sturdy edge support


  • Less conforming than memory foam or latex mattresses
  • Too bouncy for some - doesn’t have the best motion isolation

Average Rating: 5

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Who would say that choosing a mattress can be such a difficult decision to be made? We bet you are thinking now: I should have gone through a review or two, before heading to the dealer first.

Today’s article will focus on Joybed’s mattresses. Stay with us and find out what their mattresses are all about (comfort, motion, prices, types of mattresses, etc.).

Before we reveal everything we found out about these mattresses, let us give you a tour of everything this Joybed mattress review is going to embrace and elaborate on.


  • Joybed Mattress Details
  • Joybed Pricing and Discounts
  • Shipping and Return Policies
  • Customer Service
  • Joybed Mattress Reviews and Ratings
  • Pros and Cons
  • Joybed Mattress Alternatives
    • Joybed vs. Saatva
    • Joybed vs. Avocado
    • Joybed vs. Awara
  • Summary
  • FAQs

Joybed Mattress Company Details

Joybed is an American mattress brand that sells mattresses without toxic foam. This brand has been around ever since 1889 (no wonder why they are known as veterans in their branch) and has certifications for organic natural materials that are used in their mattresses.

Joybed has managed to find a formula that successfully combines comfort, good sleep, healthy and renewable materials, reasonable prices, and skillful hand craftsmanship, all at once.

Everything that we just mentioned is made from the place where it all started, Grand Rapids, Michigan, the USA—yes, this is an all-American product.

Moreover, the mattresses they produce are from natural fibers, and as a result, the mattresses are free of synthetics, poly foams, or gel-infused foams kinds of materials.

Who is the Joybed mattress ideal for?

The Joybed mattresses are JUST ideal, all in all. For instance, this is the type of product you want if you are into using all-natural, breathable materials. Now would be a good time to mention they have a vegan option mattress that does not include wool.

Back sleepers, as well as stomach sleepers, will love their mattresses—there are various levels of firmness and thickness you can choose from, plus, they offer solid support.

The Joybed has a solid airflow, and you are not going to sink into the mattress like in a memory foam bed, this makes it ideal for hot sleepers. Additionally, the Joybed support doesn’t require flipping, so you can prevent mildew because it has great airflow. Whereas, rotating the mattress, won’t do any harm to it.

Joybed Mattress Types

The Joybed Mattress is a foam-free mattress, handcrafted with high-quality organic materials. Therefore, it is built without latex or harsh chemicals and is created with what mother nature can only produce: plant fibers, wool, and cotton.
It has a coil-on-coil system that can support heavier body types (and we all know how vital support is when buying a mattress).

This handcrafted natural wellness sleep brand offers three kinds of mattress:

  • Joybed LX (Firm) – If you are looking for firmer and solid body support, look no further. The LX mattress ranks at 7, on a 10 scale of firmness. Like all Joybed mattresses, this one too has layers of wool and cotton, that help the mattress to breathe and enable perfect airflow.
  • Joybed LXC (Medium) – this type of mattress is ideal for those who aren’t fans of the firm nor too soft mattresses. The LXC offers a medium firmness, and it comes with layers of cotton. This Joybed offer could easily be described as a vegan, completely natural mattress.
  • Joybed LXP (Plush) – this the model you want, if you need that extra softness of cotton and wool embracing you.

Let’s move further on and learn more about the materials used in the mattresses that we just mentioned.


What is a Joybed mattress made of?

The Joybed Mattress basic materials are natural and renewable (cotton, wool, and plant materials). Whereas, the coils used for greater support, are the product of steel that has been recycled.

Additionally, the brand itself has certifications for organic materials that are used in the bed; like the Oregon Tilth certification. That being said, even the boxes they use for their products are made of 100% recycled components, and the same can be used again for recycling.

We mentioned the plant fiber materials. Interestingly, the fiber materials used to act as a natural flame retardant. And, the GOTS certified organic cotton makes the Joybed a natural hypoallergenic—excellent for those suffering from allergies.

Mattress Layers

According to all Joybed mattress reviews, starting from the top to the bottom, Joybed has seven upholstery layers. Layers from 2 to 5 represent the comfort layer of the bed, while layers 6 and 7 represent the support layers and form the bed base. All of these layers are wrapped together to create a 13 inches height.

Layer 1 – Organic cotton cover – The 100% organic cotton enables some initial softness and wraps up the mattress.
Layer 2 – Plant fiber blend – It is created from plant fiber stems and leaves. Therefore, there aren’t any chemicals or artificial additives.
Layer 3 – Organic Cotton – A thin layer that offers some gentle cushioning and sinkage.
Layer 4 – Wool – The finest wool that helps keep away moisture and heat and it gives the mattress additional breathability.
Layer 5The second layer of cotton – contributes additionally to the softness, and breathability of the mattress.
Layer 6 – The nano coils are a product of recycled steel (as already mentioned). Joybed uses them to ensure proper pressure relief, especially in the hip and shoulder area.
Layer 7 Pocketed coils – The individually wrapped coils, and the innerspring, achieve a good weight and pressure distribution of the mattress.


When it comes to firmness, all Joybed mattresses have a different kind of firmness.

Described by Joybed plush review, the Joybed LXP and the Joybed LXC mattresses have two options of firmness that you can choose from:

  • Medium-Firm

Back sleepers and those who want a firmer sleeping surface should choose this choice. On a firmness scale, this mattress option is 5, where 1 is firm and 10 is soft.

  • Medium-Plush

This option is recommended for side sleepers and back sleepers. On the firmness scale, this option is 7.

However, the Joybed LX has only one standard option to choose from and on the firmness scale is 7.


The three types of mattresses come with different levels of firmness, therefore, the comfort offers varieties. Though overall, any of the mattresses they offer are really comfortable.

Let’s hear about the degree of comfort for each of the mattresses, separately:

  • Numerous Joybed LX reviews indicated the LX is rather a firm mattress and is mostly suitable for strict back and stomach sleepers. The LX design is similar to those of hybrid models—a hybrid mattress, without foam that is.
    Made of all-natural components and breathable layers (cotton, wool, plant fibers).
  • On the contrary, the Joybed LXP is a somewhat softer version of a mattress. That being said, the LXP is somewhere between a medium and medium-soft mattress, and it is best for side sleepers. This mattress helps side sleepers cradle their hips and shoulders to avoid putting pressure on the joints. In other words, it creates a “no-pressure” feel. The comfort layers of this mattress consist of cotton padding layers, a layer of wool, and a layer of mini coils too.
  • According to Joybed mattress reviews in 2021, Joybed LXC is categorized as a medium-firm mattress, hence, best for back and stomach sleepers. Though, combo sleepers seem to prefer it too.

On the plus side, this is a vegan option mattress, thus, it has no wool, but has more cotton (two cotton layers), and layers of plant fibers too. Choosing the Joybed LXC natural queen mattress is the most desirable option for those caring about being truly environmentally friendly.

Motion Isolation

Almost every Joybed review says their mattresses don’t have good motion isolation. It has a moderate amount of motion, and motion transfer is possible if someone bounces on the mattress’s coil-on-coil system. The low to moderate motion isolation is mainly due to the layers of cotton and wool that help prevent motion.

Edge Support

Plenty of Joybed mattress customer reviews mention that Joybed has excellent edge support because of the double column of coils that surrounds the margins of the bed. This could easily be felt on the LXC mattress, where the coil-on-coil system reinforces stability.

Temperature Regulation

The google reviews for Joybed natural mattress show the mattress’s temperature regulation is pretty good. This temperature regulation responsiveness is before the pocketed innerspring coil system. Also, the mattress is made out of naturally breathable organic components and enables better airflow than a memory foam mattress will normally have.
This way the mattress doesn’t let you sink in and less of the material will cover your body as most high-density foam mattresses do.

Washable Cover

As you know already, having a mattress protector or a pad is desirable, to add that extra protection of the mattress altogether. Moreover, on Joybed’s official website you can find mattress pads and mattress protectors that are washable and made of all-natural components, just like their mattresses.

But, If you happen to notice some form of staining on your Joybed mattress, you can spot-clean it and take it out to air-dry. Lastly, for maintaining better hygiene of the mattress you should not soak it in water because it will cause mold and mildew.

Joybed Mattresses Pricing and Discounts

All Joybed mattress price reviews suggest Joybed be one of the most affordable eco-friendly mattresses you can find online. The price range goes from $495 up to $1.990.

All three models come with different prices—the price also depends on the size of the mattress.

Have a better look at the different sizes, firmness, and prices each of these three types of mattresses come with:

Joybed LX Mattress Details




LX Mattress Prices

  • Twin $495
  • Twin XL $890
  • Full $1.090
  • Queen $1.190
  • Cal King $1.490
  • King $1.490

Joybed LXC Mattress Details




LXC Mattress Prices (Medium Firm / Medium Plush)

  • Twin $790 / $990
  • Twin XL $990 / $1.280
  • Full $1.190 / $1.490
  • Queen $1.390 / $1.790
  • Cal King $1.790 / $2.150
  • King $1.790 / $2.150

Joybed LXP Mattress Details




LXP Mattress Prices (Medium Firm / Medium Plush)

  • Twin $990 / $990
  • Twin XL $1.290 / $1.290
  • Full $1.390 / $1.390
  • Queen $1.490 / $1.490
  • Cal King $1.990 / $1.990
  • King $1.990 / $1.990


After careful research of numerous Joybed reviews, we found out there are plenty of sites offering Joybed coupons. Sites like Offers, CouponKirin, or Knoji have more coupon offers than any other website.

Presently, the Offers site has 11 active offers and some of them offer free shipping. Whereas, the CouponKirin site has the most coupon offers, just currently, it has 13 active offers that consist of four discount codes and nine deals. And, on Knoji, at the moment you can find 7 active coupons.

Shipping and Return Policies

Joybed mattresses are shipped in a compressed box and are usually delivered in three to five business days. The company delivers its product to your doorstep. They also offer white glove delivery, where they help you with the removal of your old mattress too.

You can order their mattresses online, and don’t worry about the shipping—Joybed has free shipping across the United States.

A Joybed return review claims that if you buy their mattress you get 120 sleep trial nights to fall in love with your product – this is also stated on their website.

If in your first four months of purchase you decide this bed is not for you, you can return it and ask for a full refund. Please remember, that you will be eligible for a full refund only, after the expiration of at least thirty days, not before that.

But if you like it and decide to keep it, then following Joybed warranty reviews, your mattress will be covered with a 10-year warranty.

Even though it offers a full refund for a return there is still a $139 processing fee. Therefore, if you do return a mattress Joybed will donate that mattress with your help to a charitable organization in your local community.

Customer Service

Joybed’s customer service can be reached on the following number 1-877-601-7035. You can reach their support agents, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. EST, and Saturdays, from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Or, if you can’t get hold of them on the phone, you can contact them via email anytime at [email protected].

You have nothing to worry about, because they have live chat support that you can use at any given time, just hop on to their official website.

But, before you opt for any of the above-mentioned ways of contact, make sure you visit their well-explained and answered FAQs section, first.

Joybed Mattress Reviews and Ratings

After reading more than 30 reviews, we realized that customers have an overall positive experience with Joybed. Of course, there are different kinds of reviews about them, not all are impressive and amazing, but that’s bound to happen. We can’t discuss different tastes or experiences.

Some of the customer reviews are on sleeping review sites, while others are on YouTube, you can even find demonstrations of all of the things that we mention in this Joybed review.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to dig out official ratings about Joybed from prominent rating sites like Trustpilot, or the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

However, we did come across lots of customer reviews on Joybed’s page. Most of them have excellent, or a 5-star rating. Out of nearly 300 reviews, 244 are five-star reviews.

Joybed has a 4.7/5 customer rating in general. Considering they have been around since 1889, that is plenty of time to build a good reputation, and make plenty of customers, both happy and satisfied.

Therefore we decided to list some of the verified customers left on Joybed’s official site. As follows:




(The screenshots are taken from verified customer reviews left on Joybed)

As you can see for yourselves, Joybed mattress customer reviews show the mattress is pretty unique and comfortable. It is eco-friendly, affordable, and different from other usual foam-like mattresses.

Quite a few people don’t like that it can be less conforming and more bouncy because it is firmer than other mattresses out there. Whereas, others are not satisfied with the level of firmness of some of the mattresses they have purchased through Joybed.

Pros and Cons


  • All-Natural and renewable components.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Handcrafted.
  • It keeps you cool and dry.
  • Offers sturdy edge support.


  • Less conforming than memory foam or latex mattresses.
  • Too bouncy for some – doesn’t have the best motion isolation.

Joybed Mattress Alternatives

As we always say, having an alternative is never a bad thing. This is why we picked three alternative online mattress companies that are similar to Joybed. Those would be Saatva, Avocado, and Awara.

Joybed vs. Saatva

Saatva and Joybed do share some similarities when it comes to their mattresses. Both of them have innerspring and pocketed coils, and both mattresses are a bit firmer than most out there. However, these two have quite a difference. Saatva is a hybrid mattress that has memory foam, while Joybed is a no-foam kind of mattress.
As a result, we can conclude that Saatva is not as eco-friendly and all-natural as Joybed.

While, speaking of trials and warranty, both brands offer different terms and perks. Saatva offers 15 years, a non-prorated warranty for their mattresses, and a sleep trial of 180 nights. Opposed to Joybed’s 120 nights trial period, and a ten-year warranty.

Joybed vs. Avocado

Avocado is also somewhat similar to the Joybed mattress. Both of them have an eco-friendly company, natural and GOTS-certified organic components.

But Avocado is a hybrid mattress made with latex foam while Joybed doesn’t use latex in their mattress components, or foam for that matter. This latex foam layer maybe gives the Avocado a softer touch. Whereas, Joybed achieves a high level of softness by using renewable and natural cotton, wool, and plant fiber materials.

Avocado ranks out Joybed in terms of warranty and sleep trial period. They offer a 25-year warranty and a sleep trial of 365 nights. And Joybed, as already said, gives you a ten-year warranty, and 120 sleep trial period.

Joybed vs. Awara

Both the Awara and Joybed have coils, eco-friendly and organic materials in their mattress products. The difference is that Awara also has a latex layer, while the other one doesn’t. Though the latex that it uses is GOLS-certified (organic), and also certified by the Rainforest Alliance, still Joybed is the one winning when it comes to using 100% natural components.

Furthermore, Awara offers a lifetime warranty for their mattresses, alongside a sleep trial of 365 nights. Also, it is worth mentioning the fact that in terms of price, the Joybed mattresses are regarded as more suitable for budget-aware people.


Joybed is a pretty unique mattress. It is a foam-free and latex-free mattress built with natural and organic materials. With Joybed, you get free shipping, a 120-night trial, a full refund, and a 10-year warranty. Moreover, the brand has certifications for all organic natural materials that are used in the mattress’s construction.

The long-term stability of the mattress is enabled because of the pocketed coils. Furthermore, the Joybed mattress reviews show this is one of the most affordable beds on the market in its class considering that most mattresses online are foam-like.

We hope that we contributed to your final decision-making when buying a suitable mattress with this Joybed mattress review.


1. Is a Joybed mattress good for couples?

The double-column of coils surrounding the perimeter and giving it solid edge support makes it ideal for couples. Even better, their mattresses are suitable for sound-sleeping couples, as much as for the more restless ones. After all, there is a variety of Joybed mattresses to choose from.

For instance, some Joybed LX reviews, left by couples, suggest that it has an extra bounce in comparison with other mattresses, thus, couples rate it as a suitable mattress for their mutual intimate interests and activities.

2. Does the Joybed mattress offer a sleep trial?

Yes, they do. With the purchase of any Joybed mattress model, you have a 120 nights sleep trial.

3. How long Joybed mattress last?

Well, Joybed states that all models have a 10-year warranty. However, this does not mean that you should replace the mattress after the warranty has expired if it is still fine.

Nevertheless, if the mattress was given that extra layer of protection, like mattress topping, or a mattress protector – these should help obtain a lengthier mattress lifespan.
Moreover, we have done thorough research and concluded that coil mattresses should last about 10 years or so.

But what is the mattress replacement cycle?
The following are the most obvious signs that your mattress needs replacement: a feeling of lumpiness, sagging, mildew, or excessive squeaking. Eventually, you’ll start feeling back/neck pains, or waking up tired, instead of well-rested, well you know what time it is.

Given everything said so far, your Joybed mattress should be just fine and worthy in a range of 8-10 years, even a bit more with proper handling.