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Keen Psychic Reviews (2023) - Highlights, Readings, Price, Alternatives


  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Refund Policy Available.
  • Keen’s services are available 24/7/365.


  • No video chat reading sessions.
  • Some psychics readings can get very expensive.

Average Rating: 4

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If you are interested in psychic readings and looking for a trusted platform to connect with people with psychics, keen.com may be a good option.

In this Keen.com review, we will share our transparent observations and findings with you to make an informed choice. It is nonetheless advisable to read a couple of more Keen Psychic reviews to make a solid decision.


  • Keen Psychics Overview
  • Highlights
  • Keen Top Features
  • Pricing
  • How Does Keen Psychic Work?
  • Keen Alternatives
    • Keen Psychics vs. Psychic Encounters
    • Keen Psychics vs. Kasamba
    • Keen Psychics vs. California Psychics
  • Pros and Cons
  • Keen Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Keen Psychics Overview

What is Keen Psychics?

Keen.com has been around for two decades (present since 1999), connecting thousands, millions of people with reputable psychics.

The platform is well-reputed and works as a community where live psychics answer people online or over the phone. The platform features spiritual advisors who provide psychic readings to help people self-discover and live a balanced life with peace of mind.

Who is it best for?

It suits anyone who wants to gain clarity in different aspects of life such as love, career path, finance, family, and relationship.

In other words, you can ask Keen any question and their seasoned psychic advisor will provide you with relevant advice, helping you get in a better state of mind.

Is it Free or Paid?

Your initial three minutes with any of Keen’s psychic readers are free. And, after the expiration of the same, the services and conversations with Keen psychic advisors would follow their regular rate per minute. Consequently, the platform charges per minute, which ranges between $1.99 and $19.99.

However, as a new client on the site, if you seem to find a ‘perfect’ psychic that gets you and establishes a connection with you, you can take advantage of the offer where you get ten minutes for the price of $1.99.

How secure is it?

Being in the industry for two decades, Keen is a platform that has a stellar market reputation and trust for its quality services delivered safely and securely. Moreover, they have a transparent privacy policy – one that could be read on their official website. One that strongly forbids providing services to underaged (children under eighteen of age). The website also ensures users will remain 100 percent anonymous and that their information will always be kept confidential. This is one of the many features that make this platform stand out.


Ease of Use (Interface)

We’ve gone through many Keen customer reviews, and not a single one said they had whatsoever problems navigating through Keen’s platform. On the contrary, their interface is straightforward, and everything is neatly categorized. Therefore, anyone who’ll try it will find it extremely easy to use.

Is it web-based? Do they have an online app?

Keen’s website has a design that ensures smooth work through any desktop device. For the ones always on-the-go, or with tight schedules, there is a mobile application. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The web version and the app offer equally efficient and smooth services; Ones that are easy to use and navigate. Of course, even via the mobile app, you can get in touch with their psychic advisors and maintain a decent conversation (make sure you have a stable internet connection).

Do they offer any guarantee or refund policy?

Yes, we already mentioned that Keen Psychics have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee enables Keen to make up (with credits) for a single unpleasant conversation every thirty days—the guarantee vouches to make up for conversations valued no more than $25.

As far as their refund policy, the request can be sent through any of the following

  • via the Keen customer support center/representatives
  • by contacting their support agents via the phone (you’ll be asked to verify your account)
  • or, submit a refund request via Keen’s Support Form.

Is there Customer Support Available?

There are various ways of getting in touch with their customer support center. Those are the next ones:

  • as mentioned already, report unsatisfied readings via the Satisfaction Guarantee section
  • you can also fill out a web form on their page
  • give them a ring at 877-533-6435; Mondays through Fridays – from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. – PST, and Saturdays and Sundays, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST.

Keen Psychics Top Features

There are different types of psychic reading offered on Keen. These include:

  • Psychic Readings

This is the most popular service on the site. A professional psychic reading helps you cope with all life challenges. Besides this, these readings are low-priced and work great for those tight with money but still desperately in need of some psychic help.

  • Love and Relationships

As the name suggests, the love and relationships service is ideal for those who want to overcome problems in their love life. Get your accurate Keen advice on love, and let their psychic advisors help you navigate relationship problems smoothly, like soul mates and divorce.

  • Tarot Readings

Keen tarot is famous for many reasons. Tarot readers offer practical advice through psychic tarot reading, thus, helping people in all fields of life. They provide a deeper understanding of people’s past, present, and future through 78 tarot cards. Moreover, with Keen’s tarot readers, you can get a tarot horoscope too.

  • Spiritual Readings

Keen has more than twenty psychics specializing in spiritual readings that incorporate guidance from spiritual guides and ancestors.

A spiritualist reader at Keen can help you take a more in-depth look into your past and future, get to know and understand your soul, and find out why you are here and your role in life.

This kind of reading can get you to uncover pieces of yourself and find answers to questions related to marriage, the loss of someone dear, etc.

  • Astrology Readings

The Keen astrology reading is a great way to gain complex insights and a deeper perspective into the steps you need to take further on in life. You’d be surprised what the stars and your birth chart can unveil for you.

  • Psychic Mediums

This service is ideal for individuals seeking comfort and closure after losing a loved one or going through an immense tragedy. At Keen Psychics, they can help you communicate and connect with deceased family members, pets, and friends.

However, it is essential to understand that Keen mediums don’t offer psychic predictions. Moreover, connecting with the other side and recognizing the shape a human soul takes after death, channeling their energy, or the one from your spirit guide is what is in their field of expertise.

  • Financial Outlook

If you have any questions or queries about money, take advantage of their financial outlook readings. This is excellent for dealing with financial problems as psychic readers can give you quality advice on how your future looks regarding financial standing and career progression.

More importantly, you’ll learn how you should move on with it to achieve the best results or navigate potential financial problems that might come your way.

  • Life Questions

When facing trouble in making big decisions in life, the Keen advisors, alongside their psychic cards reading, can be pretty helpful.

Keen psychics can encourage and offer support, getting the peace and clarity you need to move forward with the most important decisions of your life. These can be things such as understanding your soul’s purpose, a big move, or a career change.

  • Free Horoscope Readings

The Tarot horoscope is yet another feature that makes this platform both popular and unique. Whether you are a registered or non-registered Keen user, you can still benefit from their horoscope readings for free. You can access daily, monthly, and annual horoscopes.

Best Psychics on Keen

Keen’s team makes sure their psychics are top of the line, and most of all, genuine; Genuine, and authentic in what they feel and transmit to the people seeking answers. Therefore, the psychic advisors available on Keen’s platform undergo a thorough background check and verification of identity.

After having gone through numerous Keen customer reviews, there were names that we came across frequently. Though all psychics registered with Keen are excellent in their domain, the following are some of the top-rated psychics and most suit after by customers: Oracle of Giza, CindyJoy, and Advisor Suzan.

Let’s read more about them:

  • Oracle of Giza

Her specialties are

–  love and relationships
–  destiny and life path
–  career, work, and money
–  divorce

This lady comes from a land known for oracles predictions and a long line of spiritual awareness guides. According to the many reviews, she’s straightforward, kind but doesn’t sugarcoat things, and she’s honest in her answers. She uses various reading methods to offer you accurate and truthful readings, among which: Tarot, clairvoyance, Angel readings, and numerology.

  • Advisor Suzan

Suzan’s specialties are

–  work, career, and money
–  spirit guidance
–  love and relationships
–  phobia of commitment

With thirty years of experience in the psychic world, Suzan holds a reputation as one of the best psychics on Keen. And don’t disregard the fact that she has more than 32.700 reads on Keen, and more or less fifteen years of her rich experience are done right here at Keen.com.

She’s known for providing excellent and accurate readings to her clients, and, even better, she’s not there to judge but to lend a helping hand and understand your situation. To provide answers and advice on your dilemmas/life questions, she uses methods that involve: empathy, clairvoyant readings, remote viewing, and chakra cleansing.

  • CindyJoy

With nearly 50.000 readings on Keen.com, it is no wonder that she is among the most wanted and best psychics on Keen’s team. These are her specialties

–  infidelity
–  grief
–  love and relationships
–  career, work, money, and prosperity

Cindy is an empath, and as such, she feels profound and makes strong connections with you or the person that is the focus of the reading itself.

Even though she doesn’t do general readings, Tarot, remote space viewing, locating misplaced/lost objects, and time frames are where her energy is channeled and most robust.

As we focus on all aspects in our Keen.com review, let’s dig deeper to learn about their pricing. Keen offers a wide range of specialties at different price points. However, to be specific, their advisors charge by the minute.


As we just mentioned, Keen’s psychic advisors charge by the minute. However, you can still get a free psychic reading or a free live Tarot reading.

Before we get to the ‘free stuff,’ it’s worthy of mentioning that you can expect to find a starting price of $1.99 a minute. To be more precise, the cost per minute varies between $1.99 and $9.99 or more.

Please note that some of the psychics may charge you well over $30 per minute, making it one of the most expensive psychic reading services in the market.

As a new user of their services, you can use your intro/welcome package. The package lets you enjoy ten minutes for the price of only $1.99.

And, yes, Keen offers a free trial. This is an excellent way for you to taste the waters; see how their physics work, their behavior, and a course of a reading session. The Keen free trial offer is for first-time users. They get the first three minutes with the psychic advisor (of their choice) at zero cost. You can get a free psychic reading, free live tarot reading, or engage in any other service you want but remember it’s only free for the first three minutes.

However, as the pricing varies by psychics, we are confident that you can find a seasoned psychic that suits your budget and is not overwhelmingly expensive.

Let’s wrap this section by enlisting all the possible payment methods you can use at Keen’s website:

–  MasterCard, Visa, and American Express card
–  PayPal
–  Discover Card
–  Gift Cards and Prepaid debit cards

How Does Keen Psychic Work?

No keen.com review will be complete without taking a look at how it works.

Therefore, here is a step-by-step guide on keen psychics service use:

  • First, open their website, and look for the green ‘Register’ button – up in the top right corner.
  • The signup process is simple and free. By clicking on it, it will automatically take you to a new window.
  • To create an account with them, all you need to provide is an email address and a password, also mention how you heard about the website (choose one of the choices they offer).
  • To finalize the creation of the account, thick the square box, stating you’re eighteen of age or above. Now, click on ‘Create Account,’ and you’re done!
  • You can now browse through their online directory of psychics.

Make use of their filter options to find the best psychic according to your requirements. This will further help you browse through subject expertise, pricing, and rating, thereby ensuring you find a psychic that is the perfect match for you.

You can also browse through the profile pages of each psychic to make an informed choice. After you choose a psychic, you can get in contact with them via call or chat. Thus, you can select between keen online psychic readings and psychic phone reading, or now is your chance to connect with a spiritualist reader.

Keen Psychic Reading and Tarot – Mobile Application

As mentioned earlier before, yes, there is a mobile application by Keen Psychics. One that you can use no matter where you are in the world. You can find the app under the name ‘Keen Psychic Reading & Tarot.’

The application is free to download either on Android or iOS devices. It is a mobile-friendly app, which ensures you have a smooth, uninterrupted reading session. You can still use and enjoy all of the features and services that the web-based platform has to offer.

Here’s a list of the commodities/services their app has to offer:

–  easily navigate and search through the app (explore, connect with psychics)
–  be able to see if your favorite psychic advisor is online and available
–  be able to schedule a callback (in case the psychic you want isn’t available at the moment)
–  read your daily horoscope free of charge (you can also share the same via a social account)

Why Keen Psychic?

There are numerous reasons to opt for Keen readings, such as:

  • They are trustworthy and legitimate as they have been providing quality readings since 1999 and have worked with millions of people.
  • Their team of credible psychics is only a phone, email, or chat away. You can connect with them round the clock (24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and seven days a week).
  • You can connect and seek advice from advisors at Keen from anywhere. Thus, their advisors can work with you no matter what part of the world you may reside in.
  • You can also access Keen.com and seek expert advice through their app available on both Android and iPhone.
  • Advisors at Keen offer many types of psychic readings; therefore, you can gain clarity on practically all aspects of life, including family, finance, love, and career.

Tips and pointers on how to save money and enhance a better reading

This part of the section will be of particular interest to those trying out a psychics service/reading for the first time. There are a couple of tips on paying less but getting more, i.e., get quality reading for a reasonable price.

Here are a few pointers to help you get there:

  • Make sure your phone/internet connection is strong and stable.
  • Schedule a reading when you know you have enough free time and your house is empty/quiet.
  • Have a notepad and a pen nearby if you’d like to write down some important info/advice you’ll receive during the session.
  • Before you go online with your advisor, make sure you write down what you want to ask them.
  • Stay precise and explicit on why and what you need to find out/talk about with the psychic.
  • Limit yourself on a specific topic, don’t get scattered around the place.
  • It’s advisable not to interrupt your advisor while talking to you. Instead, listen and take notes and stay prepared for your next question.

However, apart from the tips mentioned above, there are some beneficial pointers and articles you can read before scheduling a reading session. For instance, there are

  • Insightful Videos

Their collection of insightful videos and resources are beneficial to people who are new to psychic readings such as Keen tarot reading or Keen astrology. Their videos provide valuable guidance and understanding, how to ask the best questions, etc.

  • Keen Articles

The Keen website has tons of articles and information about psychic and spiritual readings. This content is accessible and helpful for both new and experienced users.

Keen Alternatives

You are well aware of the vast selection of psychic services and websites. As great as Keen may be, there are some excellent alternatives to it. We decided to present to you at least three of its best options in this Keen.com review: Psychic Encounters, Kasamba, and California Psychics.

Keen Psychics vs. Psychic Encounters

Psychic Encounters is a top psychic reading platform offering engaging psychic services. Their specialties include psychic readings, love Tarot readings, future predictions, spirituality, and healing.

In comparison to Keen Psychics, Psychic Encounters is a bit more affordable. Readings at Psychic Encounters start as low as $0.99 a minute, while Keen’s starting price is $1.99.

Both of these psychic platforms offer easy-to-use and navigate mobile applications.

There is one significant difference between Keen and Psychic Encounters; the latter has video chat reading available. This is something you won’t get with Keen.

However, if you are looking for an experienced and reputed company for psychic readings, then Keen Psychics is your best bet. It has been in the industry since 1999, while Psychic Encounters entered the space in 2016. This makes Keen’s experience unbeatable.

Keen Psychics vs. Kasamba

Although similar to Keen Psychics in terms of pricing and expertise, Kasamba offers several other services. These include dream analysis, pet psychics, and crystal readings.

Keen Psychics offers a hundred percent refund policy, while you can only get up to a $50 percent refund with Kasamba.

Again, you can access both platforms via a mobile device. The applications they offer are equally easy to use as their desktop platforms are.

Another feature they both share is the lack of video chat reading options. This is a significant drawback for both Kasamba and Keen.

The customer reviews for both psychic platforms indicate their horoscopes tend to get a lot of attention from their clients. So, feel free to get your Kasamba weekly horoscopes or Keen’s daily/monthly/annually horoscope.

Keen Psychics vs. California Psychics (Ca Psychics)

Since 1995 and has served/helped more than six million people in the industry, California Psychics is a tough competitor of Keen Psychics. Ca Psychics is experienced and also offers more or less equally competitive pricing.
Spiritual counsellors from Ca Psychics can provide a variety of online psychic readings, including tarot readings, astrology readings, love readings, and dream interpretation.

Keen and Ca Psychics provide their clients/users with functional and user-friendly platforms and mobile apps.

The free horoscopes they provide are one of the highlights of their services, among their powerful and accurate various psychic readings.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Keen’s services are available 24/7/365, so you are not time-bound. No video chat reading sessions.
Free Trial available. Some psychics readings can get very expensive (around $30).
100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
Refund Policy Available.

Keen Customer Reviews and Ratings

In terms of customer reviews and ratings, Keen Psychic has a somewhat good standing and online reputation.

With no further ado, have a look at the table below regarding its online rating:
Website’s Name Rating and No. of Customer Reviews
Trustpilot 1.8-star rating, out of 5; 85 customer reviews
Sitejabber 1.7-star rating, out of 5; 155 customer reviews
MysticMag 9.8-star rating, out of 10; based upon a single user review
BBB (Better Business Bureau) 1.54-star rating, out of 5; 12 reviews only

*Keen doesn’t have a BBB accreditation.

Customer Reviews

In terms of customer reviews and ratings, Keen Psychic has a good standing and online reputation. Let’s go through some Keen reviews and hear what the people that have used their services have to say.

Positive Customer Reviews




(The screenshots are taken from verified customer reviews left on Trustpilot.)

Negative Customer Reviews



(The screenshots are taken from verified customer reviews left on Trustpilot.)

As you can see for yourself, while some find answers, guidance, and help, others encounter disappointment.

This is precisely why we emphasize that any customer review is a personal experience of one person. In other words, not all individuals share the same opinion or experience.


In a nutshell, we can say that Keen is a platform that one can trust. They have been offering expert psychic reading services since 1999, and that’s quite the period to receive a market confirmation and build a reputation.

People from all walks of life avail their services to get clarity and peace of mind on various life, love, spiritual connection, and finance issues.

The various customer reviews and testimonials ensure that it is a reliable website. However, before you start using Keen.com, we advise you to read some more Keen Psychic reviews to develop a good understanding and make an informed decision.

Good Luck!


1. Is it a Scam Psychic reading site?

No, it is not. Although many websites are psychic scams, Keen.com is a trusted platform offering quality advice and readings to people for more than twenty years.

After all, it can’t be a scam if it has been able to last for this long and provide valuable advice to people even today.

2. How can I request a refund?

The process of requesting a refund is straightforward. All you have to do is contact their customer support department with your request via phone or through their Support Form. After successful account validation, they will process your request.

3. Does it provide any affiliate programs?

Yes, Keen does provide an affiliate program. Go ahead and sign up by clicking on this link.