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2023's Leesa Mattress Review


  • Excellent quality
  • Significant social impact
  • Suitable for wide range of sleepers


  • Discomfort for all side sleepers
  • Heavier and difficult to move

Average Rating: 4

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Leesa offers mattresses that come compressed in a box. Made in the US, beautifully designed, and with a blend of various kinds of foams, most of Leesa’s offerings are suitable for any type of sleeper.

The company aims to be socially responsible by helping local communities—it has donated more than 39,000 mattresses.

In this Leesa Mattress review, we’ll cover the following:

  • Construction
  • Firmness
  • Pressure relief
  • Edge support
  • Performance
  • Pricing comparison
  • FAQ


Before we dive into the construction of the mattresses, we should note that the Leesa collection consists of four models:

  • Original
  • Legend
  • Hybrid
  • Studio

All products are made of high-quality materials. They contain a mix of high-density polyfoam, proprietary foam, memory foam, and pocket springs that provide comfort and softness. These materials are embedded into four layers and create a 10-inch thick mattress.

Most good memory foam mattresses (Best Mattress) are between 10 and 14 inches thick. For context, the standard models of competitors Nectar and Casper are 11 inches. A thicker mattress means better support, durability, and less sagging.


The Original, Hybrid, and Studio models have four layers.

  • Cover
    This is a soft and breathable twill cover that’s similar in all models. The Legend has a combination of organic cotton and merino wool cover that’s also hypoallergenic.
  • Comfort layer
    This part consists of a proprietary aerated LSA200 foam. It has an open-cell design and a quick response time.
  • Transition layer
    The company calls this the recovery layer. It’s the same in all models and consists of two inches of standard memory foam that provides pressure relief.
  • Support layer
    The support layer is six inches and, depending on the type of mattress, can either be made of poly foam or pocketed springs. The Leesa Hybrid and Legend have springs, while the Original and Studio have high-density foam bases.

The Legend has an additional layer that consists of micro-pocket springs, which are zoned with exclusive polyfoam at the center. This layer provides better pressure relief for your hips and shoulders and also better motion isolation.


All Leesa models offer a medium to the medium-firm level of firmness. Their ratings range from 6 to 7 on a scale from 1 to 10 (where 10 is very firm). The Original is 6.5, while the other models have a rating of 7.

The Leesa Original has a firmer feel, while the Legend is softer. Customer reviews say that the flagship model is prone to sagging if used by sleepers who weigh more than 200 pounds. The Hybrid is a better option for heavier people as it’s the firmest one, although it still provides comfort and contouring.

The Leesa Studio is an all-foam mattress at an affordable price. This model offers more contouring but is made of low-density memory foam. This means that it’s best suited for kids and lightweight sleepers.

A good all-rounder is the Legend. It provides good firmness and supports heavier people, but it’s also pricier.

Pressure Relief

According to most reviews, the Hybrid and Legend offer the most pressure-point relief because they are hybrid mattresses (made of foam and springs). The Hybrid provides more support, while the Legend is more responsive and so more pressure relieving.

To get a good idea of how Leesa models perform in this respect, let’s explore the ratings below. Several YouTube mattress reviewers tested Leesa models and reached the following results:

Real-Time Pressure Map Ratings From YouTube Reviewers

Marten Carlson Marten tested the Leesa Original for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Based on the test:

  • There was no pressure on the mattress when the reviewer laid on his back or stomach.
  • While the tester laid on one side, green and red pressure spots appeared on the mattress, so it might not be ideal for side sleepers.
Logan Block Logan tested the Leesa Hybrid for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Based on the test:

  • There was almost no pressure on the mattress when the reviewer laid on his back and stomach. According to the test, the Hybrid is best for back and combo sleepers.
  • There were some green pressure spots on the mattress while the tester laid on one side, so it’s not ideal for side sleepers but acceptable for combo sleepers.
Zach Lough Zach tested the Leesa Legend mattress for sleeping on the side, stomach, and back.

Based on the test:

  • There was almost no pressure on the mattress when laying in virtually any position.
  • Sleeping on the side caused one or two red pressure spots around the area of the shoulder.
  • It performed exceptionally well for average and heavy sleepers with almost no red pressure spots.

Edge Support

The Leesa foam mattresses have weak edge support, and that’s expected from all foam products.

Compared with regular innerspring or coil mattresses, Leesa Legend, which is a hybrid, doesn’t have very supportive edges. Reviewers of this model say they feel safe laying near the rim of the bed but experience some compression and sinkage while sitting at the side. Most Leesa mattress reviews show that the Hybrid provides better edge support and is excellent for couples.


Leesa mattresses’ overall performance is excellent. Reviews indicate that the brand’s models are durable, provide airflow and coolness, and the right amount of bounciness and responsiveness. The Legend model is especially well suited for a wide range of sleeping positions and different weight sleepers.

Airflow and Temperature Regulation

As we noted in the construction section, the mattresses have foams with an open-cell design. This enables them to have significant airflow and temperature neutrality when sleeping. Plus, the twill and wool fabric of the cover provides better breathability and so more freshness to the touch.

Motion Transfer

Tests show that the Leesa Original and Studio have some motion transfer, but overall all of the mattresses provide good movement isolation. The Hybrid and Legend are a bit better in this respect.

If motion isolation is important to you because you or your partner are light sleepers, you can try out competitors such as Casper or Layla, which excel in this.


Most foam beds can last around 8 to 10 years. Leesa’s all-foam mattresses are made with low-density foam to provide airflow, but this could bring down longevity to about 7 years. The Hybrid and Legend models should be more durable—you can expect to use the Hybrid for a solid 10 years.

Pricing Comparison

Leesa mattresses’ prices start at the Studio Twin for $499 and go up to the Legend Cal King for $2,599 (discounted to $2,199 at the time of writing). There are many alternatives out there, but we’ll compare prices to two other brands—Casper and Nectar.

  • Queen Casper Original
    Price: $1,095
    100-night trial
    10-year warranty
  • Queen Nectar
    Price: $1,198
    365-night trial
    Lifetime warranty
  • Queen Leesa Original
    Price: $999
    100-night trial
    10-year warranty

This comparison shows that Nectar offers better terms but is more expensive. Other notable differences are that the Nectar and Casper are a little softer than the Leesa mattress.
What’s more, Nectar doesn’t have a hybrid version of mattresses, while Casper and Leesa do. Even though all of these models have less than ideal edge support, the Leesa Hybrid is better in this respect.


How comfortable is this mattress?

Leesa is neither too firm nor too soft—models have a medium to medium-firm feel. If you want a firmer mattress, the Hybrid is for you, and if you’re looking for a softer one, then the Legend may be the right choice.

What weight groups are they good for?

Leesa mattresses provide the best support for sleepers weighing 230 lbs or less. Heavier people may want to look at firmer and more supporting options. But it also depends on what type of sleeper you are—heavier side sleepers may be comfortable on Leesa mattresses.

What type of sleepers is it comfortable for?

Most Leesa products are preferred for back, stomach, and combo sleepers. Leesa Mattress reviews show that the Legend provides good enough pressure relief for side sleepers. But keep in mind that medium-firm beds are generally not that great for side sleepers.