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Love With Food Review


  • High-quality snacks
  • Items for special dietary needs
  • Free delivery


  • Mystery boxes are sometimes too much of a surprise
  • You are stuck with a yearly subscription

Average Rating: A

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The Internet is flooded with positive Love with Food reviews because this brand truly cares about people in every possible way.

What’s in the box?

Are you tired of boring, tasteless and unhealthy selections? We know we are; therefore, each month, Love with food seeks the most delicious and authentic ingredients and products to help you experience the divine pleasure of food. Their boxes do not contain anything related to artificial flavoring, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

Each month, Love with food will send you a box with seven or more delicious snacks starting at only $9.99 per month. With their snack shop and these boxes, you can say goodbye to typical grocery selection and purchasing. Their boxes are a great mixture of quality and deliciousness, and that’s what places Love with Food among the best food subscription boxes you can sign up for.

Subscription Plans

Before we dive deep into this Love with Food review, we would like to point out that these boxes are completely guilt-free as they contain all-natural and healthy ingredients. Head over to the Love with Food website and check out their offer of three menus: tasting, deluxe, and gluten-free. Read any Love with Food tasting box review, and you will easily conclude that this is one of the fan-favorite subscriptions.

On the other hand, every Love with Food deluxe box review we’ve read so far mentioned that this box is the ideal solution for those who snack hard, as it offers double the number of goodies when compared to the previous one. Namely, the Tasting subscription gets you over seven surprise snacks while deluxe gets you more than 15. Finally, the gluten-free box comes with more than ten surprise goodies.

Furthermore, you can opt for the office plans to treat your employees with the most delicious and healthy snacks. Inside this box, you can find at least 65 tasty snacks of at least ten types. None of them contain hydrogenated oils, trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. You can choose to receive one or two trays of goodies each month. Finally, note that you can send each of the aforementioned plans as gifts for your friends, including the office plan as a corporate gift.

Subscription Policies

When browsing through numerous Love with Food reviews, we noticed that subscribers often had only positive comments regarding Love with Food’s subscription policies. Read on to discover why is that so.

Cancellation Policy

For whatever reason you might want to unsubscribe from your plan, you can easily do so without paying a cancellation fee. All you have to do is go to Love with Food, login, and select ‘Subscriptions’ from the menu. Then, click on ‘Cancel Plan’ under ‘Settings’. You will then be prompted to fill in a survey, after which you’ll confirm your cancellation. Shortly, you will receive an email notification that you have successfully canceled your subscription.

Free Trial

Currently, we cannot provide you with any information regarding this topic since they don’t have it on offer. However, you could look for a Love with Food deal among Groupon coupons for a chance to get a serious discount on any purchase. Furthermore, you can save $2 once you order of your first tasting box. Ultimately, if you sign up for their newsletter, you can potentially win a free 3-month subscription, and shipping is free with all plans!

Rewards Program

Their loyalty program offers a plethora of ways to earn some points and reduce costs. One of the ways to earn 50 points is to go to Lovewithfood.com and write a review about their snacks. What’s more, Love with Food box reviews are not the only option you have. For instance, you can earn extra points by signing up with your Facebook account, adding your Twitter account, etc. The points you collect can be used towards future purchases from their Rewards Pantry.

Referral Program

Referring your friends to subscribe to Love with Food snacks is beneficial in many ways. Not only will your friends snack on healthy goodies, but you will earn 1000 points for each buddy that subscribes, along with a Love with Food free box. Moreover, these 1000 points translate into $10 credit which you can use towards your future orders.


The price of each subscription box depends primarily on the size and type of box you decide to purchase. We all love discounts on our favorite products, so we advise you to redeem a Love with Food promo code and enjoy snacking without breaking the bank!

Home subscriptions are priced differently based on the menu you opt for. In that sense, Tasting is around $7.99–$9.99, Deluxe is $16.50–$19.95, while Gluten-Free is $19.99–$24.99.

Office subscriptions – according to a multitude of Love with Food snack reviews – promise great snacks suitable for anyone’s taste. You can choose to receive one or two trays of snacks per month, and pricing depends on the subscription length.

That being said, month-to-month deliveries of the single tray plan will cost you $129. A 3-month will cost you $119, the 6-month is priced at $109, and the cheapest option is to go with an annual subscription, priced at $99.

On the other hand, the double tray subscription will cost you $258 when delivered month-to-month, and you will pay $238 for a 3-month subscription. The 6-month plan is priced at $218, while the annual is, again, cheapest, priced at $198.

Love with Food Review Summary

As outlined in many Love with Food reviews, 2018 has introduced a vast variety of snacks sent in these food subscription boxes. What’s more, all of them are 100% healthy and guilt-free, so you cannot go wrong with signing up to receive them every month! Finally, note that a Love with Food subscription box would also make a great gift and is a convenient solution for snacking at the office as well!