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Lume Deodorant Review 2023: Want To Get Rid Of Bad Skin Odor?


  • Cruelty-free.
  • Doctor-developed.
  • Naturally-based deodorant.
  • The brand offers various natural scent options.


  • No cancellation of orders.
  • The company doesn’t ship overseas.

Average Rating: 4.5

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Are you struggling to find something to mask the bad odor coming from your skin? We bet you’ve tried a significant number of deodorants or soaps to do so. Unfortunately, most of the time, these deodorants don’t change anything or make it worse by causing a nasty irritation on your skin.

Anyway, we have something for you that is well worth the try into fighting off unpleasant skin odor — Lume deodorants. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, you should know that this is an all-natural-based deodorant that protects your skin from smelling weird or bad for 72 hours at the very least.

If you want to learn more about it, like its features, what it does, which products you can buy, prices, etc., stay until the very end of this review of Lume deodorant. By the end of this article, you should be able to decide whether Lume is worth your investment or not.

Lume Overview and Highlights

  • What is Lume deodorant?

The founder of Lume, Shannon Klingman, while completing her residency as an OB/GYN couldn’t help but notice the significant number of women complaining about the bad odor in the intimate area.

Interestingly, many individuals talked about odor problems from other parts of their body, rather than just their underarms or. That was the turning point for Shannon to persist in creating a whole new deodorant formula. Consequently, in 2017, Lume natural deodorant was born in Shannon’s kitchen.

  • Who is it best for?

Straight to the point, Lume’s natural deodorant is made for anyone looking for a solution to body odor. Their aluminum-free products will give you the confidence you lack while out or around people. But, of course, it doesn’t mean that people who don’t have this kind of problem can’t use it.

  • Where can we buy Lume deodorant?

You can buy Lume deodorant products directly from their official website. Or you can head over to some of the more popular online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, and you’ll find a wide choice of their products there too.

  • How big is their network?

We can’t find an exact number regarding their network on their official site. But we were able to check out how great their online presence is. That said, Lume has built an excellent Instagram following list of more than 133.000 followers. At the same time, their official Facebook page has nearly 206.000 followers, which is pretty fantastic.

  • Do you have a warranty?

Lume deodorant has a fair money-back policy. The same clearly states that if you are dissatisfied with your Lume order, they’d be happy to refund you.

  • Lume’s Customer Service

If you have any inquiries or issues to resolve, you can turn to their live chat service that’s available only during working hours — from Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm CST).

Or, you can email them at [email protected]. However, apart from these two methods, you can visit their nicely elaborated Help Center and find some answers there.

How Does Lume Work?

The effectiveness of Lume is instantaneous. That said, once you apply it on your skin, it’ll work its way and prevent bad odor from spreading around. Additionally, following the information on their official website, after a two-week use, you’ll realize you need to use it less and less with each passing day.

What are the best-selling deodorants at Lume?

We mentioned that there is a broad choice of Lume deodorant products. So, why not check out at least their best-sellers.

Best-Selling Lume Products

With the Lume Coconut Crush Deodorant 2-Pack, you can expect to find two solid sticks . You can apply the stick directly on the underarms; furthermore, the product is labeled safe for any external usage.

The coconut scent is refreshing, and it is one of the best Lume scents; it can work your imagination, and suddenly you’re on the beach enjoying cocktails. However, if you are not too fond of coconuts, you can choose other flavors like Cucumber Melon, Lavender Sage, or maybe Pink Peony. And if you prefer to have one that doesn’t have any smell, in particular, you can purchase an unscented one.

The product is clinically tested, and in its formula, you won’t find aluminum, baking soda, or paraben. On the plus side, even the scent is naturally derived and mashed with a hint of pineapple.

If you’re worried about how long this product can protect you from smelling weird, don’t be. Instead, relax for 72-hour since this is the ultimate length of protection the stick enables.

The Lume Coconut Crush Deodorant Pack lets you enjoy not one, but two solid sticks so that you can look on this as a great purchase and value for money. Speaking of money, you can get this attractive 2-pack for only $25.98 (with the current discount of 13%).

It’s not easy selecting the scent you want to try. Sure, there are a lot to choose from.

Lume recognizes this problem, so they have developed mini deodorant tubes. With these, you can decide which scents you are fond of and which ones you wouldn’t want to use again before you decide to purchase a full-sized tube for everyday use.

One of the best Lume scents in the Beach and Blossom box must be Jasmine Rose and Twisted Lime. These sample deodorant tubes are 0.75 oz each and can last you for at least 37 underarm uses or 74 uses on other parts of the body. With each application, you can expect to enjoy 72-hours of odor control.

Using it is pretty straightforward. Since it’s a water-based formula, you can rub it on your skin just like any other lotion. However, it is better than other lotions because this one is aluminum-free. Plus, there is 0% paraben and baking soda in its formula, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

In the Beach and Blossom Sampler Box, you can find the following scents:

  • Jasmine Rose
  • Coconut Crush
  • Clean Tangerine
  • Sweet Lilly
  • Lavender Sage.

You can purchase this particular sampler box for $29.99.

The Whole Body Bundle contains one solid stick and one tube. One of its best features is choosing which ones you want to have in the bundle. From the stick scents, these are the following choices:

  • Unscented
  • Lavender Sage
  • Pink Peony
  • Coconut Crush
  • Sandalwood Citrus
  • and Cucumber Melon.

As far as the tube scents go, you can choose any of these next ones: Coconut Crush, Clean Tangerine, Bay Rum, Jasmine Rose, Lavender Sage, Silver Spruce, Unscented, Twisted Lime, Sweet Lilly, and Warm Vanilla.

The usage is pretty simple. The stick can be applied directly to the skin, while you can use the tube for travel purposes. All you have to do is use a tiny amount of the product on any body part. Moreover, you can rub the product like a lotion to absorb it into your skin without leaking onto your clothes or making you feel sticky.

Both products that are part of this bundle ensure that you remain odor-free for 72-hours and are doctor developed.

Since the Lume Whole Body Bundle comes with a stick and a tube, you can test out both and decide which one you like better. This product retails for $27.98 (when discounted) — the total price is $33.98.

The Starter Pack is ideal for those of you trying out Lume’s products for the first time. The pack lets you build your bundle, and in it, you get: a stick, mini Lume body wash, a tube, and a wipes-pack.

Moreover, what’s great about it is that you get to choose between multiple scents (Pink Peony, Sandalwood Citrus, Coconut Crush, Unscented, etc.) of each product.

It’s more than clear how to use their stick or tube. As far as the body wash, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is use a small amount of it while in the shower and rinse nicely. And the wipes come in pretty handy; plus, they are biodegradable.

You can purchase this starter pack for $49.21. Or you can pay $33.98 with the ongoing discount.


There are different prices since there is a variety of products they offer. Nevertheless, the prices are the following:

  • $14.99 per stick
  • $18.99 per tube
  • from $33.98 to $56.97 for bundles

However, Lume is more than just a brand that sells sticks and tubes. For instance, in their offering, you can also find:

  • Soaps
  • Body wash
  • Wipes
  • Body Butter.

Are there any subscriptions with Lume?

Yes, there are. Lume provides its customers with a subscription program that helps them stay devoted to the brand. When you sign up for a subscription, you can take advantage of the Lume deodorant discount of 10% found on most products available on the website.

Additionally, customers are given the option of receiving a delivery every one, two, or three months, based on their needs.

Shipping Policy

You’d be happy to hear that US residents receive free shipping on $25+ orders. And those living in Canada can also order products from this brand but for an extra charge.

However, Lume doesn’t ship to the following places at the moment:

  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • and the US Virgin Islands.

Once you make an order with them, it immediately enters the system. You can expect to receive it in seven or fewer working days if it’s about a domestic order. If you want to know exactly where your order is, follow the tracking information sent in your confirmation email.

Note: You need to remember that Lume doesn’t cancel orders. Therefore, check before you make a final purchase.

Return Policy

Lume deodorant has a pretty transparent policy. If you find that Lume’s products aren’t according to your hopes and needs, feel free to contact their customer support and arrange a return. Moreover, if you do not like your products, you can also use the Lume money-back guarantee.

But, keep in mind that if you want to return a product, you better do that in the first 60 days after receiving it — you can consider this a Lume deodorant free trial period. Lume deodorant promises that they will refund you in the same manner that you paid for the order in the first place.

Note: If your return order includes mini products, you’ll need to return them all to get a refund.

Payment methods available with Lume

Lume accepts credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard), American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Any Lume Gift Cards?

Well, if you want to give something to a loved one, you can always buy a Lume eGift card. There are three eGift card sums to choose from: $25, $35, and $50.

Pros and Cons


  • The products do not contain any aluminum, baking soda, or paraben.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • The brand offers various natural scent options.
  • Doctor-developed.
  • It doesn’t leave any stains.
  • The product is safe to use on any body part.
  • Guaranteed 72-hours controlled odor.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Naturally-based deodorant.
  • USA-made.
  • Free shipping for US products over $25.


  • Lume’s products are pricier than other deodorant products in the market.
  • The company doesn’t ship overseas.
  • No cancellation of orders.

Customer Review and Ratings

Before anyone invests in Lume’s products, it is natural to know what other customers think. This is why we went through all the comments and reviews on the brand’s website and those on Amazon and other rating sites.

Here’s what kind of reviews and comments we’ve come across during our Lume deodorant review:

Positive Customer Reviews


(Source: Sitejabber)


(Source: Trustpilot)


(Source: Walmart (Jasmine Rose Stick))

Negative Customer Reviews


(Source: Sitejabber)


(Source: BBB (Better Business Bureau)

After reviewing each comment, we can confidently say that Lume has a vast customer base with loads of people raving about how amazing their products feel on the skin.

Moreover, the brand also has brilliant ratings on Amazon. For example, the deodorant sticks have 4/5-star ratings out of 3.400+ reviews. On the other hand, the deodorant tubes have 4.2/5-star ratings out of a total of 1.430+ reviews.

Of course, with good comes bad. Some customers didn’t have a great experience with the brand. But, we’d say this is something that you should expect. Each skin reacts differently, even if we’re talking about an all-natural deodorant.

Unfortunately, not all products work for every customer, especially those with super sensitive skin. Hence, we recommend doing sufficient research before buying any of the products, especially if you have any specific sensitivities or allergies.

Customer Ratings

Check out the table and see how good Lume deodorant products rank on different rating sites and retail stores.

Website Name Rating Stars and No. of Customer Reviews
Amazon (Lavender Sage Stick) 3.9/5 star-rating — 49.902 customer reviews
Lume Deodorant Official Facebook Page 4.4/5 star-rating — 8.840 customer reviews
MakeupAlley 3/5 star ratings — 45 customer reviews
Walmart (Jasmine Rose Stick) 4.5/5 star ratings — 107 customer reviews
Trustpilot 2.7/5 star ratings — 46 customer reviews
Sitejabber 1.8/5 star ratings — only 5 customer reviews
BBB (Better Business Bureau) 1.22/5 star ratings — 18 customer reviews

* Lume deodorant doesn’t have accreditation by the BBB. But, they do have an F grade rating.


Lume deodorant sounds fantastic. However, it’s not the only natural deodorant on the market. So, we decided to compare this brand against others of its range: Paper Cosmetics, HIKI, and Curie Deodorant.

Lume vs. Paper Cosmetics

Here we have two brands entirely focused on delivering all-natural body deodorant to fight bad odor. Paper Cosmetics takes it up a notch by eliminating even silicone and sulfates.

But, Lume and Paper are firmly against testing out their products on animals or using cruelty, for that matter. On the plus side, people with sensitive skin will be happy to hear their products have 0% paraben, baking soda, and no aluminum.

However, if you’d like to try out more scents, even unscented products, then Lume deodorant is your go-to brand. Compared to Paper Cosmetics, Lume comes with plenty of choices, not just scents, but also products (body wash, soap, wipes, tubes, etc.). You won’t find this kind of rich choice with Paper Cosmetics.

Regarding the price, if low price natural deodorant is what you’re after, well, Paper Cosmetics has you covered.

Lume vs. HIKI

Lume and HIKI are very similar in their goal and the line of products they place in the market. However, we’re not saying there are no differences between these two brands.

In HIKI’s product line, you’ll find powder, while this isn’t available among the products offered by Lume. Nevertheless, both brands are efficient. Hence, they let their customers create their bundles of various products.

One of the best things about these two brands is that they are conveniant and you can take their products with you even when traveling. But, Lume deodorant is the one that offers a much richer choice of scents + unscented products too.

Lume vs. Curie Deodorant

Curie Deodorant, same as the previous ones, is all about fighting bad odor all the way. However, they are also concerned about those who don’t have the financial means to afford some basic hygiene stuff (toothbrushes, soap, etc.). This is why every time you decide to purchase something from Curie, you donate a Curie stick for those who can’t buy it.

Lume and Curie have lined up fantastic all-natural hygiene products. However, both brands offer something different in their array of products. For instance, Curie has a Clay detox mask, moisturizing body oil, and hand sanitizer. But, if you visit Lume’s official site, you’ll be blown away by the many naturally derived scents it offers.


You may have seen Lume deodorants ads online or have heard your closest relatives rave about them, making you wonder whether or not you should try them out yourself. But, according to the countless reviews that we have read, all customers claim that their line of products has helped boost confidence.

The best part about Lume is that its products are versatile, natural, and completely safe for the body. Additionally, they offer reasonable subscription offers and discounts to take advantage of.

However, let’s not forget the extensive range of scented and unscented products you can use to feel better, confident, and free from smelling bad.

You’d be delighted to hear that Lume products are all-natural, vegan, and free from paraben, aluminum, and baking soda. Still, if in any doubt, you can visit their site and see all the ingredients used before purchasing anything.

In case of sensitive skin or allergies, we would recommend carefully looking through Lume’s ingredient list and consulting with a dermatologist to ensure that they are safe for you.

We certainly hope that our Lume deodorant review was helpful enough and you’ll consider at least trying out some of their products.

Do something about yourself and fight the bad skin odor. You deserve to feel and smell your best!


1. Do Lume deodorants really stop odor?

Following the information on their site, Lume deodorants form a barrier on the skin’s surface that blocks bodily fluids, like nasty smell/sweat, from forming. But, this isn’t a long-term solution. Instead, their products help prevent the bad odor from being felt for 72 hours only.

2. Does Lume stain clothing?

No, it doesn’t. This is primarily because they have a lotion-like consistency that the skin quickly absorbs.

Is Lume FDA approved?

Various sources confirm that Lume’s product manufacturing follows all regulations imposed by the FDA even though their line of products belongs to the cosmetic category, where FDA approval isn’t obligatory.