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MacKeeper Review (2023 Features, Pricing and more)


  • Simple and modern design
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Notarized by Apple


  • Pricey
  • Limited free version

Average Rating: 5

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Buying a MacBook is certainly a considerable investment, so taking good care of it is crucial to preserve top-notch performance.

You may know MacKeeper as scareware that falsely informs users of non-existent threats to make them pay for their resolution. This behavior earned it a class-action lawsuit in 2014. But there’s no need to worry. MacKeeper is now owned by a different company—Clario and is certified by AppEsteem, guaranteeing there’s no foul play involved. So, what’s different now?

In our research, we tested the service and went through MacKeeper reviews online. Continue reading to learn more about the software:

  • Features
  • Pricing & licenses
  • Customer service
  • Reviews & testimonials
  • Alternatives

MacKeeper Features Overview

According to many MacKeeper user reviews, this software stands out with its wide array of services. It’s not only an antivirus app or a memory cleaner but a combo of a few useful features that work together to optimize and protect your device.


Privacy is becoming harder to maintain as the years go by, and MacKeeper knows this. Here are the software’s features that protect your privacy:

  • ID Theft Guard

Identity theft is not a joke. Passwords are a daily part of our online lives, and they can sometimes be hacked and leaked. This feature informs you whether any of your passwords have been compromised and helps you immediately change them.

  • VPN Private Connect

This nifty feature is praised in more than one MacKeeper review. It safeguards your privacy by hiding your location and the IP address from prying eyes. It does this by encrypting your data and sending it to a designated server that replaces your real location. This is especially useful if you often use public WiFi.

  • StopAd

The name says it all—it stops ads. Promotional messages have become an unavoidable part of our lives, but the StopAd feature makes them more manageable by blocking all browser ads and those sneaky ad trackers.


The online world is riddled with malware that can wreak havoc on your device. Our MacKeeper internet security review looks at the app’s two features that protect you against attacks:

  • Antivirus

Good old antivirus software has been an invaluable tool ever since we started using the internet. It protects devices from viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other forms of malware. Many MacKeeper antivirus reviews online speak highly of its performance and protection level.

  • Adware Cleaner

MacKeeper also removes adware for you, keeping you at a safe distance from annoying and unwanted ads.


Many factors influence the performance of your device. Here’s how MacKeeper deals with them:

  • Memory Cleaner

The Memory Cleaner performs a safe cleanup by freeing up RAM and monitoring your apps’ memory usage, thus speeding up your device.

  • Update Tracker

Holding your applications up to date is always a good idea. The Update Tracker feature makes this easy by reminding you every time a new update is available.

  • Login Items

This feature reduces your Mac’s startup time by helping you manage which apps you want to launch at startup.


Optimizing your MacBook’s storage is essential for keeping its memory uncluttered and making sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Safe Cleanup

This works like any other cleanup software—it scans your Mac to erase unwanted files helping it work faster and perform better.

  • Duplicates Finder

This duplicate finder scans for unnecessary replications of files that only take up valuable space. Many MacKeeper reviews are impressed by this tool’s ability to recognize duplicates, especially pictures.

  • Smart Uninstaller

The last cleanup feature we’ll cover makes sure everything you delete on your Mac is truly gone, and there’s no residual data left.

Pricing & Licenses

MacKeeper’s prices definitely place it in the high-end category of utility apps. There’s an option to try the MacKeeper for free, but it only lets you do a scan, and you can’t resolve any issues it finds. So the free version doesn’t give you a good idea of what the app can do.

Some reviews of MacKeeper argue that the price is too high and note that there’s no trial option. If you want to purchase MacKeeper, these are your options:

  • One-month plan: $14.95 per month
  • Six-month plan: $11.95 per month or $71.70 every six months
  • One-year plan: $9.95 per month or $119.40 per year

The company has a 14-day return policy, which means that if you don’t enjoy MacKeeper, you can return it during that period and get a full refund.

Customer Service

The quality of MacKeeper’s customer service is impressive. The app itself has a built-in LiveChat option where you can contact an agent at any time. The representatives are very diligent and respond within minutes, as noted by most customer reviews on MacKeeper that focus on support.

You can also contact MacKeeper reps by email or give them a call. These options are also available 24/7, but keep in mind that some user reviews for MacKeeper complain about slow responses to emails.

They also have an FAQ section on their website where you can find answers to common questions without getting in touch with an agent.

Reviews and Testimonials

We already mentioned the MacKeeper brand’s reputational troubles in the past. Let’s see how it has changed since.

Trustpilot MacKeeper app reviews are overwhelmingly positive—1,626 reviews give it a combined score of 4.7/5. Other websites, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), give the app similar ratings. Happy customers often highlight their pleasant experiences with customer service reps or their satisfaction with the benefits of using MacKeeper.

Most negative reviews complain that the app sends them too many notifications. There’s also the odd MacKeeper review claiming that the software is a virus, which is incorrect since it’s notarized by Apple, confirming its safety and legitimacy.


MacKeeper vs CCleaner

CCleaner offers a free version with some basic features, such as:

  • PC Health Check
  • Software Updater
  • Faster Computer
  • Privacy Protection

However, compared to MacKeeper, it has fewer features. CCleaner also offers a free trial of their pro version, something MacKeeper lacks (although you can take advantage of MacKeeper’s return policy). Plus, CCleaner is cheaper—the pro plan costs $19.95 per year.

If you’re looking for a basic cleanup app, we recommend CCleaner’s free version. But if you want a more comprehensive suite of services, MacKeeper is the way to go.

CleanMyMac vs MacKeeper

CleanMyMac is one of the most popular products of its type, and for a good reason. It offers various services that optimize, clean, and protect your device. The two apps have similar features and designs.

CleanMyMac has a decent free version that has a 500MB limit for junk file removal. CleanMyMac is also cheaper than MacKeeper—you can purchase a one-year subscription for $39.95 if you need the app for just one Mac.

Wrap up

We’ve come to the end of our MacKeeper review, and we have to say we’re impressed by the wide range of features wrapped in one package. It’s easy to use, and customer support is available 24/7. This is a great no-frills app that takes care of everything for you.

It is more expensive than other apps of its type, but it offers a wide range of features, meaning you don’t need a separate app for each of your Mac optimization needs.

We just wish MacKeeper would add more features to their free version to give more customers the opportunity to try it out.


1. Is MacKeeper a legitimate Apple product?

The MacKeeper isn’t an Apple product, but the company notarizes the app. This is basically a seal of approval and confirms there are no malicious components in the app. So, don’t believe the false statements of some people that MacKeeper is a virus.

2. How much does MacKeeper cost?

MacKeeper is subscription-based—the one-month plan costs $14.95, and the yearly package costs $119.40. You can also purchase a six-month plan for $71.70.

3. Is MacKeeper any good?

If MacKeeper reviews online are to be trusted—yes. MacKeeper users are delighted with the app. It offers a wide range of features that cover almost everything you need to optimize your Mac.