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30 Best Motivational Inspiring Quotes for WhatsApp DP

Written by, Sandeep Kumar

Updated May, 6, 2022

From time to time, we all seek some form of inspiration in our life.

Whether you’re feeling down or just need a little push, these WhatsApp DP quotes will do the trick! They’re witty, motivational, and sure to inspire you to reach your goals.

What’s more, you can use some as your WhatsApp Profile Picture or an image status to inspire the folks on your list.

Here are the best motivational inspiring quotes for WhatsApp DP.

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1. “Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn”

You don’t actually lose if you gain a lesson for life. Look upon it as a mistake that you shouldn’t repeat or some deeper wisdom to use in many life situations rather than the one you’ve picked it up from.


2. “You Have To Be Your Strongest When You’re Feeling At Your Weakest”

As much as life pushes us away from our path, especially when we are crushed and can’t imagine moving on — it’s then when we need to gather even more strength and hold on.

3. “Your Talent Is God’s Gift To You. What You Do With It Is Your Gift Back To God.”

The power of this quote lies in the reminder that each of us can contribute to the world in meaningful ways — it doesn’t always have to be big deeds that someone will write about. We possess unique talents and skills. And it’s our responsibility to use them for positive contributions to the world and back to God.

4. “Make Someone Smile Everyday – But Never Forget That You Are Someone Too”

This mighty quote teaches us to be humble and modest and put others’ happiness and feelings before ours. BUT never to the point where we become miserable and never wish for anything for ourselves and our well-being.

5. “It Never Gets Easier – You Just Get Better”

The support you (sometimes) need doesn’t always come gently, but rather in a ‘man-up’ kind of wisdom. There are times when you don’t need comfort but instead a reality check, which is exactly what this quote represents when it gets unbearably hard.

6. “If You Want To Fly – Give Up Everything That Weighs You Down”

This quote is often attributed to the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, and it speaks about the importance of being willing to let go of the things that hold us back and prevent us from achieving our full potential.

7. “I Will Win. Not Immediately. But Definitely”

Talking about a straight-forward persistency? This should be your everyday motivation if aiming to win a big game or a contest. Also, there’s another sight to it — you’re always the winner! Getting a step closer to winning your goal, financial status, dream house, etc.

8. “Embrace Those Things That Make You Unique”

Do you have brown eyes but wear green lenses? Die your hair different all the time? Not feeling good in your own skin?

This quote speaks to all of us who feel “uncomfortably” different because of some unique traits and qualities that make us stand out.

Encouraging our differences to the point that we embrace them and use them to our advantage is what they’re really meant to serve us.

9. “Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough People Do.”

A tougher version of “There’s always sun after the rain” is what this quote is all about. For those able to survive in hard times, under pressure, or learn to cope with those kinds of situations – life will become easier and happier.

10. “If You Can Dream It – You Can Achieve It”

This inspirational quote is often associated with Walt Disney – the man who has achieved so much. It means that you should never stop chasing or pursuing your goals. Anything is possible if we truly set our minds to it.

11. “Success Is A Series of Small Wins”

There is no single definition of success. However, one common interpretation is that it’s a journey or process involving small wins. These small wins can help build momentum and keep you motivated toward your ultimate goal.

12. “If Speaking Kindly To Plants Helps Them Grow – Imagine What Speaking Kindly To Humans Can Do”

Most people would talk behind your back or put obstacles on your path – because it’s human nature to be happy when someone doesn’t succeed.

Breaking that vicious circle can make you feel better about yourself; moreover, you’ll serve as an example for the people around you.

13. “The Cost Of Not Following You Heart Is Spending The Rest Of Your Life Wishing You Had”

This sounds more like a piece of advice rather than a motivation. But it does get you thinking – what better word than the advice of someone who’s been there and done that! In other words, the regret someone felt for not following their heart when they should’ve.

14. “No Fear. No Limits. No Excuses”

BAM! The 1, 2, and 3 of motivation right here!

Whether you’re speaking about achieving a goal with your looks, brains, muscles, or speed – you’ll never get there if excuses and giving up are all you do.

No matter how much better, stronger, or good-looking someone is, you mustn’t even think of quitting! On the contrary, deal with it, accept it, and keep pushing!

15. “Happiness Is Not By Chance – But By Choice”

Do you believe in the power of choice? Have you ever tried convincing yourself and pushing yourself in a certain mood of the day?

If you have, you must understand that where you are and how you feel is entirely up to you. Everyone around you is there if you give them the space to be there, and everything that happens in life is happening because you give them a reason to do so.

Faith is something you make for yourself.

16. “Failure Is Nothing More Than A Chance To Revise Your Strategy”

A failure is merely a form of feedback.

If something isn’t working, then you need to adjust your strategy. The important thing is not to give up because of being unable to achieve it this time — Keep trying and find a better way! Sooner or later, you’ll start walking on the path to success.

17. “I’m Born To Express, Not To Impress”

We’ve all been there – the situation where your family and relatives want you to live your life and succeed by impressing and pleasing others around you. That is not the only road to success. Nor the right way to make friends (they’re not YOUR friends if you NEED to impress them).

Speak from the heart and be yourself – and you’ll attract the right crowd.

18. “If your Ego Speaks With Me, Then My Attitude Replies To You.”

The more profound interpretation of this quote is that we are more likely to be argumentative when interacting with others if we let our ego take control. This can lead to damaging relationships and conflict, as the other person may become resentful/ angry due to our aggressive/ narcissistic behavior.


19. “You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying”

This quote is associated with one of the greatest human minds ever lived – Albert Einstein.

As long as you keep trying, you will never indeed fail, even if you have been unsuccessful numerous times in achieving something.

Don’t stop trying. Instead, try a different method!

20. “To Heal A Wound, You Need To Stop Touching It”

Don’t poke it and provoke it.

A wound will never heal if you’re constantly touching it. In the same way, a painful thought will never go away if you don’t stop evoking memories about it.

Sometimes closure doesn’t hide inside a person, nor in their words – but within ourselves.

21. “If You Change The Way You Look At Thing, The Things You Look At Change”

This quote is very similar to the popular Buddhist way of thinking  – ‘What you think – you become’. A negative attitude and feeling that you’re always missing out, failing, or being left out, will produce that reality. In the same way, an optimistic attitude about life, even if everything is not perfect, will make everything fall into place and you feel good about yourself and your actions.

22. “You’ve Changed. – We’re Suppose To”

This thought can be found in various forms, like “If people were meant to stand in one place, they’d have roots instead of legs.” Or, “We can not become what we want to be by remaining who we are.”

The message it sends is loud and clear – change is not something we should be afraid of. Aiming for a positive change and giving welfare to our future is what we should be working on instead.

23. “The Soul Always Knows What To Do To Heal Itself. The Challenge Is To Silence The Mind.”

The mind can be a very ‘noisy’ place — full of negative thoughts and self-doubt. And what’s even more interesting is that those voices aren’t even our own, to begin with!

If we can learn to calm and lower the volume of the mind, we can allow our souls to do the healing work needed — listening to our inner wisdom and trusting ourselves.

24. “Life is Not a Problem To Be Solved – But a Reality To Be Experienced”

This quote is often attributed to the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, and it’s a good reminder that life isn’t something to be figured out; it’s not a math problem. Instead, you should live it and experience it.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t plan things or solve problems, but we should also enjoy the journey, even the bumpy holes on our road called LIFE.

25. “A Moment Of Patience In A Moment of Anger Saves You A Hundred Moments of Regret”

This is a typical reminder to stay calm during the storm.

Becoming angry or lashing out can often make things even worse, leading to feelings of further regret.

By pausing and thinking before responding, we can avoid such awkward and unpleasant situations.

26. “One Day or Day One. You Decide.”

You can interpret this quote in many ways:

Either one of these ways evokes deep thoughts and has a profound meaning in everyday life of a human being.

27. “We Mature With The Damage, Not With The Years” 

Not everyone’s life path is the same.

Some people walk through more rocky fields, while others enjoy parks and sunshine, metaphorically speaking. Sometimes, a teenager has matured rapidly due to the death of a parent, or a complex financial situation. At the same time, someone in their 35 is still blessed with never experiencing these traumas.

Thus, years can be irrelevant in life experiences, and “damaged” people are stronger and more persistent because of what they’ve been through.

28. “Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will”

To catch up on the quote “You never fail until you stop trying,” doubt is more of self-sabotage than a failure.

And ‘doubt’ is precisely what brings failure in the first place. But this goes only for ‘self-doubt.’

29. “Life is Like Photography – You Use The Negatives To Develop” 

It’s not only bad experiences that shape a person. But in most cases, it’s what gives a person its finest virtues.

In bliss and comfort, we become ignorant, careless, and rarely progress because we’re already living the life of our dreams. Hence, negative situations are necessary to develop strong character and keep moving forward.

30. “Follow You Passion. It Will Lead You To Your Purpose” 

This is one of the most popular modern-day quotes, and it’s believed to be a statement made by Oprah. She’s developed herself to be one of the most successful women in the world – and she had nobody to push her in life except her beliefs and passion.

It’s the same with the quote, “If you find what you love, you’ll never work a day.” You’ll simply enjoy what you do since it’s your passion, and you’ll never be stressed, or tired of it.

Summing Up

A single image can make a difference in today’s digital era.

We’ve shared some of the best motivational and inspirational WhatsApp quotes that you can use to keep yourself going in tough times.

But these quotes can also serve the other way around. That said, you can become an inspiration and support for your WhatsApp community through your WhatsApp DP.

We hope you liked them!