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Nike Flex Fury 2


  • Lightweight
  • Fit is enhanced by the Flywire cables


  • No Durability

Average Rating: A

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As mentioned in other Flex Fury 2 reviews, this model was created in 2016 to provide entry-level running shoes for people who previously opted for cheaper brands. While we weren’t dazzled with the original version, the Nike Flex Fury 2 is a step in the right direction, earning its spot among the best Nike running shoes. They’re distinguished by the cables on the inner and outer sides made out of Flywire that provide stability alongside aesthetic improvements.

Color options make a big difference when it comes to this model. This time the minimalist, Nike Flex Fury 2 black model wasn’t one of our favorites. Instead, we’d opt for the red color that provides more visual interest. Nike Flex Fury 2 women’s colors, on the other hand, are more captivating, especially the grey and bright orange ones. The color can greatly impact your first impression of this model. While it is inexpensive, it doesn’t have to look cheap, as the case is with the blue model. But why should you choose a budget-friendly Nike shoe instead of a lesser-known brand?

A Nike Flex Fury 2 review Runner’s World published agrees with our findings that this model has certain advantages over other starter running shoes. One of these advantages is the minimal mesh, which is usually only found on high-end models and allows unpaired flexibility and breathability while reducing the weight of the shoes. The Flex Fury 2 outsole stimulates the natural flexibility of your feet and, coupled with the cushioning system, provides comfort when running in them.

Another advantage is this model’s affordable price which can be further reduced by redeeming a  Nike promo code. Furthermore, you can find this model at many other online retailers and benefit from their discounts. For instance, you can purchase it at a bargain price using Walmart coupons.

When it comes to the downsides, more than a few Nike Flex Fury 2 reviews stated that it felt half a size too small. This is something we experienced as well. So keep in mind that you might need to go up half a size with this model. The midsection of the Flex Fury 2 feels too pinched, and we also don’t like that the tongue lacks padding, as it will scrape your skin if you don’t wear socks. However, at such a low price for a new model, the Nike Flex Fury 2 has a lot to offer. That’s why it has attracted praise from many reviewers, including us.