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Nolah Original Mattress Review


  • 100% temperature neutral
  • Soft without sinking
  • Excellent pressure relief


  • Lacks bounciness
  • Not suitable for heavy people

Average Rating: 5

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An average person spends roughly 26 years of their life sleeping, so it’s safe to say that choosing the right mattress is a big deal.
In this review, we’ll take a look at the Nolah Original mattress to help you decide whether it’s a good match for your sleeping needs.

Company Overview

Nolah Sleep, the Nolah mattress company, aims to improve widely used materials and designs by introducing innovative technology.

I’m sure you’ve heard about memory foam. Well, Nolah Sleep made it its mission to create something better—their proprietary Nolah AirFoam™, which the company asserts keeps everything we know and love about foam but eliminates its shortcomings.

In-Depth Look Into the Nolah Original Mattress

The company offers three mattress models:

  • Nolah Original
  • Nolah Signature
  • Nolah Evolution

This review will focus on the Nolah Original, briefly comparing the other models towards the end.


The Nolah Original is a 10” all-foam mattress consisting of four layers:

  • The base of the Nolah mattress is made up of a 7” high-density (but still breathable) foam. Its function is to support the upper layers, especially around the edges.
  • Above the base is another part made of foam—a 1” supportive layer that the company says is “more durable than latex.” Besides giving the mattress a certain bounce and resistance, it provides extra support for the sleeper.
  • Next up, we have the star of the show—the Nolah AirFoam™. This 2” layer is the company’s effort to give memory foam some worthy competition.
    Here’s why Nolah believes the AirFoam is superior:

    • It provides support without making you feel like you’re sinking into your mattress
    • It doesn’t trap body heat, guaranteeing a cool sleeping experience
    • It’s four times better than memory foam at providing pressure point relief, especially for your shoulders and hips—great news for side sleepers
    • It’s long-lasting—the Nolah AirFoam is designed to be more durable than memory foam
  • The Botanic Origin Tencel™ Cover is yet another proprietary product by Nolah. It’s removable and provides softness and lightness through its blend of viscose and polyester. The cover is also designed to be breathable.


The Nolah Original is a medium-firm mattress. The company gives it a score of around 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

But some reviewers say the AirFoam feels a lot softer than most mattresses. Of course, this is subjective and depends on the sleeper’s weight—the heavier you are, the softer it feels.

This mattress may not provide enough support for people with a higher weight, as they might press through the softer layers and feel the firmer ones below. We recommend it for people with a lower/average body weight.

Despite being soft and contouring, the Nolah mattress is responsive—more so than a regular memory foam mattress but less bouncy than an innerspring or latex one. So it won’t “swallow” you to the point where it’s difficult to move.

The Nolah Original is also very quick to recover its shape and respond to pressure, making switching sleeping positions almost effortless.

Temperature Neutrality

The ability to stay calm throughout the night and day is one of the most vital selling points of this mattress.

Even though foam mattresses are notorious for trapping heat, the Nolah Original is touted as 100% temperature neutral. Here’s how it achieves this:

The open-cell, low-density Nolah AirFoam™ is designed with temperature regulation in mind—it dissipates heat 20% faster than memory foam.

  • It’s free of the chemicals found in memory foam that trap heat—all of its materials are temperature neutral.
  • It doesn’t change seasonally. Unlike memory foam mattresses that may feel softer in the summer and harder in the winter, the Nolah mattress retains its firmness in all seasons, helping it maintain the same temperature.

The Nolah Original outperforms many similar all-foam mattresses in temperature regulation, making it perfect for hot sleepers.

Although the Nolah Original mattress passes the temperature neutrality test with flying colors, it may still be unsuitable for heavier people. As we mentioned earlier, they are likely to sink into the mattress, which may interfere with its airflow and ability to regulate temperature.

So for sleepers heavier than 230 pounds, we recommend looking at other options.

Edge Support

The Nolah Original mattress has above-average edge support for a foam mattress, but it’s still not its strongest suit.
Because of its softness, you might feel unstable when sleeping towards the rim of the bed or getting in and out of it.

Although you may experience some sinkage when sitting or lying close to the edge, sleepers don’t report feeling like they might fall off.

If you are a couple looking to buy this mattress, we recommend opting for a larger size to make it easier to avoid the edges.

Motion Transfer

Like other all-foam mattresses, the Nolah Original has minimal motion transfer.

This means that you will barely feel any movement from the other side of the bed. This is great news for couples, especially the light sleepers, as their sleep won’t be so easily disturbed by their partners moving around.

Durability and Maintenance

As Nolah Sleep is a fairly new company (it was launched in 2015), we don’t have any first-hand information from customers about Nolah mattresses’ durability.

We can, however, make an educated guess based on the average lifetime of a typical all-foam mattress. We can expect the Nolah Original to have above-average durability as it’s made from high-quality materials, so its lifespan should be around eight years.

To prolong the life of your mattress as much as possible, you must maintain it properly.
First and foremost, keep your mattress clean. That means that you should avoid doing things like eating and drinking on it. You might even consider getting a mattress protector for some extra shielding. Wash your bedding and the removable cover regularly.

Another good idea is to vacuum your Nolah mattress from time to time. Rotating your mattress every few weeks is also important to let the foam breathe and get back to its original form. The Nolah Original is not flippable, but the Nolah Signature 12 is.

Customer Service

As soon as you open Nolah’s website, a small live chat window greets you with a message from their support team offering to answer any burning questions you might have.

I decided to give it a try and asked them a question. I didn’t have to wait long—I got a reply in just a few seconds. Natasha, the person I spoke to, replied to my question and followed up to make sure I’d gotten a satisfactory answer.

So, it’s safe to say that their live chat feature works like a charm.

You can also contact the company via email through a contact form on their website.

Finally, if you don’t feel like typing, you’re in luck because they also have a phone number on their website. If you have any questions or issues, you can call them at 1-866-403-6615.

Terms of Sale

As is the case with many mattress companies, Nolah offers a trial period to test their product and decide whether it’s the right one for you.

Nolah offers a 120-night trial. The company describes the first 30 days as “the break-in period” and encourages you to wait at least that long to make your final decision about the mattress. You actually can’t return it during this first month.

If after those initial 30 days you still feel like you made the wrong decision, that’s okay. You have until the end of the 120-night trial to contact the company, and a driver will come to pick up your mattress free of charge. You will also receive a full refund, and your mattress will be recycled or donated.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about your warranty expiring since all Nolah mattresses come with a lifetime warranty.

Some terms apply to this warranty, though. If your mattress gets damaged during the first 15 years of owning it, Nolah will repair or replace it for free. After that, there are some additional costs, either for the repair or transport of the mattress.


The Nolah Original is relatively affordable.

Its prices start at $649 for a Twin, moving on to $799 for a Twin XL, $899 for a Full, $1,049 for a Queen, and $1,149 for the biggest ones—the King and Cal King sizes.

Although the regular prices are pretty good already, you can often find deals and discounts on their website. In fact, at the time of writing, they’re offering $150 to $250 off on all sizes of the Nolah Original.

If you don’t want to pay the whole sum upfront, that’s not an issue. You can choose to pay for your Nolah mattress in monthly installments.

Who Can Benefit From This Mattress?

  • Hot sleepers

The Nolah Original’s 100% temperature neutrality may be just what you need if you’re a hot sleeper.

  • Side sleepers

This is the perfect mattress for people who usually sleep on their side because of its excellent pressure relief properties.

  • Couples

With solid motion control, high responsiveness, and low to non-existent noise, the Nolah Original is perfect for couples, especially those that sleep light.

  • People who prefer all-foam mattresses

The Nolah Original would be a significant upgrade if you currently sleep on a memory foam mattress.

  • People looking for low-budget options

This mattress gets you a real bang for your buck and proves that good mattresses don’t have to come with a premium price tag.

  • Back pain sufferers

The AirFoam’s ability to relieve pressure points may be beneficial for chronic or acute back pain.

Who Should Look Elsewhere?

  • People who like a bouncy mattress

Bounciness isn’t typical for the Nolah Original, or any all-foam mattress for that matter. If this is something you’re looking for, we recommend looking at some innerspring mattress options instead.

  • People who weigh over 230 pounds

As noted, this mattress might not be supportive enough for heavier people.

  • People who prefer a firm mattress

The Nolah Original is definitely on the softer side, so it may not suit those looking for more firmness.

Nolah Original vs Nolah Signature vs Nolah Evolution

Below we compare the pros and cons of the Nolah Original to the other two mattress models offered by the company.

Nolah Original


  • Excellent pressure relief
  • 100% temperature neutral
  • Soft without sinking
  • Responsive
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for heavy people
  • Lacks bounciness

Nolah Signature

The Nolah Signature 12” mattress is another all-foam model, but it’s slightly taller and has a different design.


  • Flippable
  • One firm and one soft side
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Even better pressure relief than the Nolah Original


  • Pricier than the Nolah Original
  • Not great for sleepers who prefer medium firmness

Nolah Evolution

The Nolah Evolution is the company’s latest launch. It differs from the other two models in that it isn’t all-foam but a 15” hybrid mattress.


  • Maximum temperature control through the AirFoamICE™️ graphite-infused foam, the ArcticTex™️ cover, and the AirBreath™️ gusset
  • Excellent support due to the coils in its structure
  • Medium firmness


  • Most expensive out of the three
  • It can’t be flipped


It seems the Nolah Original mattress has more than a few strong points.

It’s soft and comfy and definitely an upgrade from a regular memory foam mattress.

Its trademarked AirFoam achieves tremendous results in temperature regulation and pressure relief. If you’re a hot sleeper or a side sleeper, you may have found your best mattress.

If you like all-foam mattresses, don’t overlook this one.


  1. Why is the Nolah Original called an all-foam mattress?

Because it’s made of different types of foam and has no coils.

2. Do I need a foundation or a box spring for this mattress?

No, a foundation or box spring is not necessary for the Nolah mattress. You can place it on any firm surface.

3. Do I have to pay for shipping when I buy the Nolah Original?

No, the company offers free shipping for its mattresses.

4. Where does the company ship?

Shipping is currently available in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

5. Does Nolah Sleep make their mattresses in the US?

Yes, all Nolah mattresses, as well as their materials, are made in the US.