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Oranum Reviews - Best Alternatives, Reviews, Prices, and More [2023]


  • Has multiple service categories.
  • Professional psychics with years of experience.
  • Offers a risk-free option with post-trial payment.


  • It doesn’t offer phone-based sessions.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee.

Average Rating: 4

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Many people worldwide are growing intolerant of an uncertain future. And, while there’s no way to map your entire life, there are gifted people who can scoop some outlines that can offer a new perspective and other benefits.

So, whether you’re struggling with your love life or can’t pick a career, getting a psychic reading can help ease some concerns or even offer closure.

This is where Oranum, a renowned online psychic network comes in to offer the best psychic readings via video chat.
Before we give you more details and specifics about this platform, let us first take you on a grand tour of everything that we will elaborate on in this Oranum psychic review.


  • Oranum – Platform Overview
  • Highlights
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • How Does Oranum Work?
  • Types of Readings You Can Get On Oranum
  • Other Types of Psychic Readings On Oranum
  • The Best Psychics According to Oranum Reviews – Our Top 3 Picks
  • Alternatives
    • Oranum vs. Psychic Source
    • Oranum vs. Keen Psychics
    • Oranum vs. California Psychics
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Pros and Cons
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Oranum – Platform Overview

What is Oranum? Who is it best for?

As mentioned, Oranum is an online psychic network that offers the best psychic readings. Whether that’d be career and finance advice, or love and relationship matters, Oranum psychics can guide you and advise you via video chat, or a live chat session.

The platform has been in business since 2013 and is home to the world’s first global esoteric community in which you can interact with astrologers, healers, and tarot masters.

If you feel like you have an open mind and truly want to learn about yourself without any roadblocks, you can get all the positive experiences that Oranum has to offer.

Does it provide worldwide services or is it US-based?

To your surprise, this platform, unlike many others of its kind, is not US-based. In fact, its headquarters are in Luxembourg, the EU. However, that doesn’t stop them from providing their services worldwide.

Is it free or paid?

Oranum’s services aren’t free (we will dedicate a whole section related to their pricing, later in the review). However, there are things you’ll get for free. For instance, upon your registration, you are rewarded with $9.99 in the form of free credits.

These Oranum free credits will let you take advantage of any of the readings offered on the site.

How secure is it?

Oranum respects your privacy and uses the latest online security tools to secure your interactions with experts.

They also have a very transparent and straightforward safety and privacy policy. Thus, you can rest assured they take your safety very seriously. The website also has its anti-spam policy – you don’t want to receive numerous unrelated materials from third-party mail distributors.


Ease of Use

With an easy-to-navigate website and mobile app, you can sign up for free and explore what the Oranum psychic chat has to offer before adding any payment method.

Types of Communication Available

Instead of using conventional phone reading sessions, you can interact with experts via email and video chat. And, if you don’t prefer video chats, you can have a real-time chat-based conversation.

Effectiveness and Accuracy

No psychic reading service can promise 100% accuracy. However, Oranum has an accuracy rating between 85 to 90%, meaning the experts on the platform offer pinpoint predictions most of the time.

Availability of Customer support

Oranum.com offers a 24/7 live chat window through which you can interact with the team for information related to Oranum psychics, astrologers, tarot masters, relationship experts, etc.

Once you are on their website, you’ll see a contact number that you can dial if your issues are related to billing queries. And, have a look at their FAQs section which elaborates on quite many questions.

Is there any guarantee or refund policy available?

There is no satisfaction guarantee, however, they do have a refund policy. One, that’s somewhat limited, though existent. If you are not satisfied with the reading or the psychic, make sure to submit a refund request within 24 hours of your video/reading session.


We’ve already mentioned that Oranum offers talented psychics with unique gifts to users. Even if you’re new to fortune-telling, you can be assisted through a host of methods, such as astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, tarot cards, spiritual readings, and cartomancy.

With Oranum horoscope and online love reading, you can learn more about your energy work and romantic fortunes. Using their spiritual guidance, you can gain more insight regarding your current relationship, and even learn whether a special someone is about to enter your life. With plenty of psychic experts available, you can use the app or site’s filtering tool to sort your preferences in terms of contact, price, interest, and expertise.

Have no worries, even with such a vast esoteric community, the platform keeps your reading completely anonymous and confidential.


As far as pricing goes, Oranum is fairly affordable compared to other top-rated platforms. And unlike many of their competitors, their pricing functions a bit differently. In other words, this platforms’ billing is done through credits—the same is used to pay for your private reading sessions.

Initially, first-time users are entitled to $9.99 free credit upon signing up (as soon as you verify your card). Once you’ve utilized your free credit, you can purchase different packages. The packages start from $27.99 to $97.99, whereas, you can receive extra credits upon purchase.

Check out the available pricing plans:

  • Oranum Free Reading

This gets you 9.99 free minutes credit upon signup after setting up your payment account. With Oranum free reading, you can see how the service works and explore different reading options.

  • In-Depth Reading

The In-Depth Reading package costs $33.99 for 27.99 credits with a 1.99 free bonus.

  • Awakened Package

The Awakened Package is Oranum’s most popular option and costs $78.99. With this package, you also get 67.99 credits with 5.99 free Oranum credits.

  • Cosmic Package

And, at last, the Cosmic Package is for more active users and costs $111.99. With this offer, you get 97.99 credits with a 7.99 free bonus.

Keep in mind that like most platforms, Oranum offers minute-based pricing. So, once you add credit, you can choose a psychic and start talking to them. Every psychic expert has their minute rates which typically range from $0.39 to $9.99.

Oranum has specifically imposed a $9.99 maximum limit so psychics don’t charge unnecessarily excessive amounts.

How Does Oranum Work?

Oranum offers an extensive website and a simple mobile application. Whichever option you prefer, you simply have to sign up for a free account. Once you do that and make it through the verification process, you can browse around to find what kind of psychic reading you’re looking for. You can also search for Oranum psychic reviews to see how the platform fares compared to others.

Yet, as simple as it may sound, let’s do it together, step-by-step:

1. Visit their official website

Now, go with the pointer to the right top corner of your screen, press on an icon with three lines (a dropdown menu), and select ‘join now.’

2. Fill in the necessary details

A nickname, valid email, and think of a strong password to protect your account.

3. Add Your Payment Account

Once you add and verify your payment account, you can tune into different live sessions as a guest before choosing an expert.

4. Choose Your Psychic Reading Expert

Oranum psychic chat has a powerful filtering system using which you can effectively pick your advisor from different categories. You can also click on their bios to learn more about them, their Oranum reviews, and rates.

If you happen to come across a psychic whose reviews you can’t see, we suggest you move on and opt for a different one.

5. Engage in a Private Chat

Once you’ve picked a psychic you like, you can engage in a private, encrypted chat with them. However, you need to ensure you have sufficient credit in your account for this purpose. If you don’t prefer video chat, you can switch to email or live chat.

The Oranum Mobile App

The Oranum app is available for both, android and iOS devices, and it is completely free. Numerous Oranum psychic reviews describe it as extremely easy to use and navigate (same as the desktop version).

Lately, the app has seen some bug fixes, so you won’t have any inconvenient interruptions while video chatting with your psychic advisor. Additionally, you can browse, choose psychics, read your horoscope for free, and reach Oranum’s support service whenever needed.

Types of Readings You Can Get On Oranum

At Oranum, you’re likely to find whatever type of psychic reading you’re looking for. This is one of the great things about them.

The twelve main categories listed on the website are sorted into further subcategories. If you have any specific needs, this will help you narrow down your search.

Here are some of the most popular services provided by Oranum:

Tarot Cards

From the card reading category, certain subcategories enable users to pinpoint the exact tarot card reading they require. You can always go the traditional route with your tarot reading, or opt for something a bit more interesting, like gypsy card or rune card readings.

Love and Relationships

A few different subcategories fall into the category of Love and Relationships, including karmic love readings and horoscope interpretations. Since this is one of the more popular psychic categories, you can take your pick between numerous specialists.


Where most platforms offer a regular horoscope reading, at Oranum, you can choose between Vedic, Indian, Chinese, karmic, or western readings.

Dream Interpretation

Trying to figure out the meaning of that one recurring dream that wakes you up every night? Here’s where you get your answers. Oranum’s spiritual advisors which are excellent in dream interpretation are all the guidance you need.

Home and Family

Within this category, you can access subcategories such as body, mind, career, etc. What makes this category so famous is because people are curious about what fate has in store for them when it comes to things they hold dear.

Spiritual Guides

This is a broad category that is getting different interpretations by different people. Luckily, Oranum offers a transparent and neatly organized interface to go through as many brief personal stories of spiritual advisors to ensure that you receive the experience you’re looking for.

Palm Reading

While palm reading is widely available, finding someone who can do it sufficiently online can be difficult and tricky. Thanks to Oranum’s video chatting feature, advisors can offer accurate palm reading services.

Rituals and Energies

Oranum offers brilliant options for people seeking different types of healing that lean more towards the energy aspect, rather than taking a psychic direction. Another thing that distinguishes Oranum from other psychic sites—the wide range of subcategories of spiritual healing that varies from holistic to chakra, and reiki healing.

Other Types of Psychic Readings On Oranum

Oranum’s services are so extensive and inclusive that you would have difficulty not finding the type of reading you’re looking for. If you’re uninterested in these popular categories, don’t worry. Other Oranum services include readings for clairvoyance, numerology, sound healing, and much more.

The Best Psychics According to Oranum Reviews – Our Top 3 Picks

1. Countessstarella
Countessstarella is a former TV and radio personality and counselor, who has been working as a spiritual healer since the age of six. She is one of the top advisors in the Oranum spiritual wisdom and clairvoyance category. Presently she has more than 730 followers on Oranum.com.

2. Marina5
Marina5 specializes in empathy, clairvoyance, and energy channeling, making her one of the best psychics on Oranum. She can offer effective spiritual diagnoses with her reading skills and offer guidance regarding love and relationships, career, and life in general.

3. Sensei
Sensei is a reader that specializes in claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. He is one of the few advisors on the platform that doesn’t use tools. His expertise can help you improve your finances and find your true life path.

Tips on how to save money and get a better reading experience

You are aware that it is you paying for these psychic services, so make the most out of it. For that purpose we have prepared short good-to-know tips before starting a reading session with a certain psychic:

  • Choose an appropriate time (for you). Maybe a part of the day when you are certain there’s no one at home or find a quiet room if you are to choose video chatting.
  • Prepare questions you want to ask.
  • Don’t interrupt the psychic.
  • Have a notepad and a pen, nearby – for taking notes.

And to save a good amount of money, take a look at these Oranum promo codes and offers on the following sites: Knoji, Coupon Birds, and Dealsport. Some of the promo codes will let you enjoy even more than 50% off certain Oranum services/readings.


If you’re wondering which platform offers the best psychic reading, check out Oranum’s main competitors/alternatives: Psychic Source, Keen Psychics, and California Psychics.

Oranum vs. Psychic Source

Psychic Source is an excellent platform for users looking to learn about their future. It has been active for over 30 years, and you can access different categories and talents according to your requirements. Their methods include tarot cards, astrology, numerology, dreams interpretation, and object reading, etc—Pretty much similar to the readings offered at the Oranum platform.

The biggest difference between Oranum and Psychic Source is that Oranum doesn’t offer phone sessions, while Psychic Source does.

On the other hand, every new client on Psychic Source receives three free minutes for their first reading, opposed to the $9.99 free credit on signup that you get with Oranum. Last, but not least, Oranum offers better starting rates.

Oranum vs. Keen Psychics

Keen is another renowned online psychic network that targets people facing financial struggles and offers affordable reading via phone or chat. The platform has over 1.700 readers you can choose from, compared to just over 60 offered by Oranum.

However, unlike Oranum, the platform does not offer video-based sessions and only offers phone and live chat readings. The most popular categories include mediums, love, astrology, and life issues. Keen, same as Oranum, offers 100% private and confidential sessions. In terms of pricing, Keen offers a relatively fixed structure with 10-minute ratings starting at $1.99. Compared to Oranum, and its credit structure-based pricing.

Oranum vs. California Psychics

California Psychics is among the oldest psychic reading platforms in the world and has been offering phone-based sessions since 1995. It offers hundreds of top-quality advisors you can choose from and much more diverse categories, including past life psychics, pet psychics, remote viewing psychics, and missing person psychics. As far as pricing goes, California’s prices start at $0.99 per minute for the first 10 minutes.

Pros and Cons


  • The only service offering a risk-free option with post-trial payment.
  • A wide spectrum of professional psychics with years of experience.
  • Free 9.99 credits upon registration.
  • A global esoteric community with multiple service categories.
  • 24/7 online video chat reading sessions.


  • It doesn’t offer phone-based sessions.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Let’s see how well Oranum ranks among some prominent rating sites.

SiteJabber – Oranum has a 2.3-star rating, out of 5. This is a rating based on precisely 70 reviews.

Trustpilot – Trustpilot rated this platform with a 2.4-star rating, on just 7 reviews.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), or any accreditation by them in that case.

Customer Reviews

Well, we’ve seen the not-so-great rankings on at least two rating sites. Now it’s time to move to some customer reviews. As you already know, all reviews can’t be 100% satisfactory. Hence, we’ll show you some more positive and less positive customer reviews/experiences.

Positive Customer Reviews




(The screenshots are taken from customer reviews posted on SiteJabber)

Negative Customer Reviews



(The screenshots are taken from customer reviews posted on Trustpilot and SiteJabber)


To conclude all of the above, Oranum is a platform that offers extensive reading styles and methods. They have plenty of psychic advisors ready to answer the unanswered and guide you on the right life path.

What we like about this site is the video chat option (you won’t find this often with other sites). And, not to mention the 9.99 free credits you get, just for joining their platform—consider it a free chance to get to know some of the psychics and see how good they are, and the methods they use.

If you’re still looking to find out how you can benefit from a more personalized psychic reading experience related to spiritual healing, fortune-telling, and clairvoyance, this is your go-to psychic site.

Hopefully, this Oranum review is of great help to you, and we are glad we have contributed to making your decision on which psychic platform to choose a bit easier.


1. Is Oranum legit?

Oranum is currently one of the most reliable, convenient, and professional platforms for users looking to find truthful psychic readings about home and family, love, career, and other aspects of life. It offers an excellent user rating thanks to its filtering options and live video chat sessions. Additionally, by being rewarded with 9.99 free credits on signup, you can try their psychics and see how true they are. The bottom line is: only individuals with closed minds consider Oranum psychics fake.

2. How Much Do Oranum Psychics Make?

Oranum psychics typically earn between $0.39 to $9.99 per minute, depending on their expertise, Oranum psychic reviews, and experience.

3. How many employees are working in Oranum?

Oranum currently has around 60 employees specializing in different methods and with unique skills and psychic capabilities.

4. Does it provide any affiliate programs?

Oranum offers an excellent affiliate program that provides excellent CPA or percentage for advisors, also a referral program for loyal customers. That being said, if you choose to join the Oranum Affiliate program, you will be awarded a bonus of $150.