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  • Flexibility
  • Easy recipes
  • New interesting dishes


  • Need 6-days notice to cancel
  • Website not super user-friendly

Average Rating: A

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Realizing that bad eating habits in combination with a general lack of cooking skills results in obesity and health issues sparked an idea for Nick Taranto. After a long day at work, microwaved food isn’t satisfying and ordering from a restaurant is too expensive. So, he partnered with Josh Hix to find a better way to source food and deliver it to customers. Soon, they developed the concept behind Plated- deliver pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to help customers make chef-designed meals at home. Many Plated reviews of satisfied customers confirm that Taranto and Hix’s mission is successful, so let’s see what does this subscription box offer.

What’s in the box?

Plated is one of the best food subscription boxes, committed to making your cooking experience seamless. You won’t have to go shopping for groceries; instead, they will come to you. Plated will send you a box of fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as meat free from added hormones and antibiotics.

All ingredients are packed individually and are pre-portioned in order to cut down the prep-time and food waste. Apart from the ingredients, there’s also a recipe for the chosen meal which outlines the steps for preparation. The recipe card also includes the prep time, number of servings and nutritional information. As many Plated food delivery reviews state, the kits don’t include pantry essentials, but they email you regularly to let you know what would you need to have on hand for the upcoming box.

How does Plated work?

Plated aims to save you the hassle of cooking by sending pre-portioned ingredients to your doorstep, thus saving you the trouble of shopping for groceries and planning the meals. The whole process is quite simple. First, you have to choose a meal-kit plan, depending on how often you want to cook in one week. Plated offers meals of two, three, or four servings which can be delivered to you two, three, or four times a week. You can change your meal-plan and delivery date anytime in order to fit your schedule.

There are 20 weekly recipes divided into four categories – meat, seafood, vegetarian, and desserts – adjusted for every cooking level and designed to satisfy a variety of dietary preferences and tastes. Moreover, Plated recipes range from quick preps to real culinary adventures which will make dining an unforgettable experience. If you can’t decide what meal to pick, you can always turn to Plated meal reviews to find the highest-rated customer favorites, also known as ‘Encores’.

If you want to share your experience, on the Plated website, you will find the option to gift your friends with credit that they can use at their own convenience. Choose dishes of two, three, or four servings to be delivered two, three, or four times per week, during a 1 – 4 weeks period.

Plated Reviews – 2021 Subscription Policies

Committed to providing the ultimate flexibility, Plated enables you to change the chosen recipes, servings, nights, and delivery days whenever you want. Also, you can skip a week as you like without being charged, which is a huge benefit according to most Plated reviews by customers. However, make sure to modify your box, skip a week or cancel your subscription at least six days prior your scheduled delivery.

Plated delivers to continental US, but not to Alaska, Hawaii, and a few cities in Texas. To make sure you’re in a Plated delivery area, enter your zip code when you sign up. Although Plated free trial is not available, you can enjoy free shipping. Note that Plated free delivery doesn’t apply to weekly plans under $60 for which the shipping fee is $8. Usually, the delivery arrives by 5 pm on the chosen day, but even if you’re not at home your food will stay nice and fresh at least until midnight of the same day, thanks to the insulated packages.

How much does Plated cost?

Plated prices are calculated per serving. As already mentioned in our Plated review, you can choose two, three or four servings per night. Discover the prices for each plan below, along with the discount that new customers are eligible for.

Number Of Servings

Price Per Portion

Weekly Subscription Price

New Customers Discounted Price

Two Servings $11.95 $47.80 $35.85
Three Servings $9.95 $89.70 $44.77
Four Servings $9.95 $79.60 $59.70


The prices for a gift card credit range from $55.75 for two servings, two times a week to $636.80 for four servings, four times a week for a month. Make sure to look for a Plated promo code so that you reduce the meal-kit prices significantly.

Bottom Line

When it comes to Plated reviews, Yelp provides the reviews given by existing customers, so make sure to check it out. According to Yelp, this meal delivery service enjoys a score of 2.5, similar to Blue Apron reviews, which is not so high. However, other Plated reviews suggest that it’s a great option for those who like eating thoughtfully sourced food, love cooking and care about portion control. The bottom line of our Plated review is that the company offers a fair range of options and competitive prices. Moreover, their dinner plans are highly flexible and their menus versatile. Its focus on simplicity and quality makes Plated stand out among its competitors, so it’s definitely worth a shot.