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Rovux Footwear Review (2023) - Are They Truly Worth It? Find Out Here!


  • High-end style shoes at affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Good all-round style, comfort, and performance


  • Lengthy shipping times
  • The returns are limited to damaged or wrong items

Average Rating: 4.5

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You may have heard of Rovux Footwear; they produce quality modern shoes and athletic shoes. USA-based Rovux Footwear creates shoes that are meant to be versatile, which means you can wear them casually or to boost your game, gym, or running performance.

Rovux is a newish name in the shoe market, and it’s getting quite a few fans out there. We’re guessing their unique style and versatility are hard to resist. But, let’s not waste any time and kick off this Rovux footwear review. We will go through some of their bestsellers, customer reviews, ratings, and more, to give you a comprehensive overview of the brand.

Rovux Overview

Let’s find out more about Rovux’s background; how it started, what’s their story, what’s the vision behind their stylish sports shoes.

About Rovux Footwear

Rovux was founded in 2018 as an apparel and footwear brand that aims to create premium products and shoes that deliver a similar look, feel, and performance to top sneaker brands without costing you a fortune. Their fitness, streetwear, and athletic culture are evident in their motto, “Fashion Meets Fitness.”

Their headquarters is based in Miami, Florida, the U.S., and they already have a prominent online presence with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook).

They even have an impressive roster of fitness-focused ambassadors that reflect their athletic culture and motto. These include the four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Josh Crockett, and fitness influencer Yarishna Ayala, who has over 2 million Instagram followers.


Who is it best for?

Rovux Footwear is best for people who want quality, style, comfort, and performance of the top athletic and streetwear brands without spending excessive money.

We could easily say that they offer a versatile and different option in a sneaker industry dominated by a handful of brands.

Where can we buy Rovux?

Rovux Footwear is primarily available through their official website, and you’ll also get free worldwide shipping on orders.

Nevertheless, there are third-party vendors, like for example, TheLiveLuxe, selling Rovux Footwear. Though, our research did not show any official resellers or distributors for the brand.

How big is the network?

With more than 100.000 customers to date, they have a small but growing network. In other words, the brand continues to grow around streetwear and athletic culture.

Who makes Rovux shoes?

As much as we tried, we couldn’t identify the makers/ owners of Rovux Footwear. However, throughout the research, we did come across independent shoe reviewers, who are loyal supporters of Black-Owned Businesses. They were pretty specific that these are the businesses they support 100%.

Therefore, we are left with nothing else but the information that most probably Rovux Footwear is a black-owned business.

What are the best-selling shoes in Rovux?

In a nutshell, the following are considered among the best selling Rovux Footwear shoes:

  • Rovux Stride
  • Rovux Spartan
  • Rovux 3X
  • Rovux Shock
  • and Rovux Geneva.

Do they have a warranty?

Unfortunately, Rovux Footwear products don’t come with any warranty.

However, you can use their covered/ tracked shipping alternative available at checkout. This is the only option they have for you to look upon as a money-back guarantee.

Rovux’s Customer Service

Rovux offers customer service in the form of email and phone. Therefore, you can contact them by leaving a message on their “Contact Us” page — they usually get back to you immediately. At most, they may take 24 hours to reply to your email.

They also offer customer service over the phone. Their customer service is highly praised by their customers, as you will learn ahead, and during our research, we found this to be true.

Rovux’s Best Selling Shoes

Here we will dive deeper into our Rovux Footwear Review and look at some of their top best selling shoes and review each one in some detail.

The Rovux Geneva shoes are bestsellers, owing to their retro and futuristic blend of style. They catch the eye with their poppy and contrasting color accents and represent a high-fashion streetwear product for people who want to stand out from the crowd.

The Rovux Geneva shoes are instantly recognizable because of the orange on black “What do you want?” labeling across the toes of the sneakers. They are a bold response to anyone staring at your flashy footwear in awe or contempt.

Available in blue and black, these shoes aren’t just about style. They offer the same high standard of comfort and durability that comes with all Rovux Footwear products. However, the durable solid sole construction makes them slightly heavier than other Rovux shoes, like the Rovux Shock.

As with most of their products, the Rovux Geneva shoes come at an affordable pricing of $180, which is currently marked down to just $99.99.

The Rovux Shock shoes are a performance-centric option from Rovux that is best for people ready to face any footwear challenges. These deliver everywhere thanks to their comfy knitted fabric and shock-absorbing rubber soles, whether running, wall climbing, or a walk around town.

The Rovux Shock shoes are versatile due to their stripped-down color options of black, brown, white, and mint, making them great for casual wear and the gym. However, the mint color option is odd because of its unconventional and eye-catching color scheme.

A pair of these will set you back $161, but they are currently on sale for just $79.99.

With their stunning style and durable spring soles, the Rovux Spartan shoes are another popular choice among customers. The spring soles, in particular, make them ideal for people who want a spring in their step, i.e., that energizing kind of walk, for activities like training or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts.

Unlike the previously mentioned shoes, these are unisex and highly noticeable due to their range of eye-catching color options of dark green, orange, and neon green.

Their retail price is $161. However, they are currently on sale with the 33Y model at $109.99 and the 77X model at just $79.99.

The Rovux Hydra is a fantastic sports shoe, especially for those men looking for casual stylish-looking street footwear to take around town or to the gym.

When first looking at them, you’ll notice they look like traditional running shoes but more stylish. And have you seen the soles? It’s identical to the one on the Rovux Shock. The rubber soles give you that elevated and comfy feeling, simultaneously absorbing the impact. Hence, this is an excellent pair of shoes to take to the gym or on a running track.

What we also love about this model is the distribution of colors. You can choose whether you want them in white and orange, black and orange, or white and red combo.

Though this shoe model can’t be found on their official site, you can visit TheLiveLuxe and indulge yourself with this exact model or any other Rovux model.

However, the Rovux Hydra shoes are more expensive than the ones mentioned above. That said, you can find them at the price of $355, or you can buy them now for $277 (due to the present discount).

The Rovux Vulcan is a good-looking shoe. As you can see from the picture, it has a lot of distinctive elements. For instance, the upper part of the shoe is made from woven mesh. This is quite a breathable shoe, and the suede on the sides and the heel side give it that fashionably stylish look.

We like the sock-like tongue, which gives you great ankle support and an excellent fit. The elastic lacing system adds up for an additional fit, which is a plus on Rovux’s side.

Furthermore, just looking at these shoes’ soles, you can’t be thinking of anything else but comfortability and responsiveness. The outsole is all rubber + EVA midsole, which makes it a great combination that vouches for a long-lasting comfortable feeling, combined with a great arc.

This is a men’s Rovux Vulcan model, and you can find it in three color options: black, white, and brown. When it comes to pricing, it holds the same price tag as the Rovux Hydra. Therefore, you can purchase this model for the price of $355, or right now, go ahead and take advantage of a discount promo offer and get them for $277.

Shipping and Promotions

Do they have any discounts/ promotions?

You would be surprised how many websites have fantastic promo offers, deals, and discount codes for the Rovux shoes. Whatsmore, there’s a sale going on right now on their official site, so you might want to hurry up and check it out.

This ongoing sale offers incredible value for money because some of their bestsellers are marked down to almost half price. And in case you miss out on the chance and use their current sale, head offer to these following sites to use some fantastic deals on Rovux offers:

What are the payment methods available with Rovux Footwear?

There are plenty of payment options you can use to purchase any of the Rovux footwear offers. This is possible because Rovux Footwear accepts all major credit/ debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Sezzle). They also offer digital payment options (Apple Pay and Google Pay).

As a “buy now, pay later” scheme, Rovux Footwear has partnered with Sezzle to provide four free payments (with no interest) for your order.

Is it shipped right to the door?

Rovux Footwear ships its products directly to your door and offers a guaranteed delivery option at checkout as well.


All Rovux Footwear orders are processed within no more than three days of the order date. Your order is expected to be delivered from 12 to 20 business days after shipping. In comparison, remote areas can take up to four weeks.

Shipping and Shipping estimate

As mentioned, Rovux Footwear offers free worldwide shipping. And this is made possible thanks to their sustainable approach to eliminating shoe boxes. Instead, all Rovux Footwear is delivered in reusable, eco-friendly drawstring gym bags.

Guaranteed Delivery

We’ve mentioned already that Rovux offers a tracked shipping option when checking out. This is your money-back guarantee once your order gets delivered.

Does it provide tracking information?

Tracking orders are offered at checkout, along with insured delivery.

What is Rovux Footwear’s Return/Exchange Policy?

Rovux Footwear offers free exchanges for their shoes, but only if there are problems related to size. However, you must remember that they don’t provide color exchanges on shoes. And for the exchange to be completed all such requests must be submitted within fifteen days of delivery.

Note: The apparel products which are marked down to 50 percent or higher are final sales. Meaning, they can’t be exchanged or returned.

Nevertheless, the delivery of damaged/ wrong items is eligible for returns. However, the COVID-19 pandemia is messing up things, i.e., they are not accepting any returns for now. Yet, the shoe exchanges because of size-related issues stay.

This brand prides itself on excellent customer service and experience. Our research shows that they deliver on their promises and replace products without taking back the original order.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s look at some pros and cons of Rovux Footwear.


  • High-end style shoes at affordable pricing
  • Wide range of selections from casual to eye-catching designs
  • Good all-round style, comfort, and performance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Free size exchanges, without requiring the original order to be returned


  • Their eco-friendly bag packaging means that products may often arrive crumpled at delivery.
  • Lengthy shipping times (from 12 to 20 working days).
  • The returns are limited to damaged or wrong items (like the wrong size).

Rovux Customer Reviews and Ratings

We went through hundreds of customer reviews and ratings online to give you a truly unbiased review of Rovux Footwear, as we do for all our reviews (Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau (BBB)).

However, we decided it’s best to present positive and negative reviews/ comments made by verified Rovux customers.

Positive Consumer Rovux Footwear Reviews




These reviews are from Rovux Footwear customers left on Trustpilot and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for Rovux Footwear. For instance, they have a 4.2-star rating on Trustpilot from over 270 customer reviews. Seems like most customers loved their products’ quality and all-rounded comfort, style, and performance at such low prices.

However, the biggest win goes to their customer service, which received the best comments and reviews from their customers. Friendly, cooperative staff was a common theme, and customers were super impressed by their easy exchange process without obligation to return the original order.

Negative Consumer Rovux Footwear Reviews




These reviews are from Rovux Footwear customers left on Trustpilot and BBB.

On the flip side, negative reviewers had concerns about quality, design, and size. However, upon deeper inspection, we found that some negative reviewers revealed that Rovux Footwear tried their best to accommodate them with discounts and exchanges, which still did not satisfy them.

The delayed shipping and subjective aversion to product design were the driving factors behind most negative reviews.

Customer Rovux Footwear Rating

Similar to their customer reviews, the BBB rating sits at an impressive 4.44/ 5 stars. Furthermore, the company doesn’t have a BBB accreditation and has a low grading, an ‘F’ to be more precise. Still, this high rating comes from reviews stating excellent customer service, attractive design, and overall sound quality and performance of shoes.

However, some negative responses were made regarding poor shoe construction and damaged deliveries. If we understood anything from our research, Rovux Footwear cares deeply about its customers. Even if you receive a damaged, wrong, or unfit product, they do their best to replace it immediately.

Similarly, like the BBB, Trustpilot gives Rovux Footwear an excellent rating of 4.2/ 5-stars. This rating is based on as many as 280 verified customer reviews. This excellent rating is primarily due to the customer service praisails, the kick-ass quality and performance this affordable brand offers, etc.

All in all, we did come across different types of comments and reviews, some more positive than others. However, the numbers are here, and it’s clear that Rovux is an attentive brand that tries its best to accommodate everyone’s expectations, even during this chaotic COVID-19 situation, which doesn’t ease up on the whole shipping arrangements from one country to another.

Rovux Footwear Alternatives

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best Rovux alternatives, i.e., competitors. For the sake of our review, we decided it would be best to compare it against these three: DSW, Resku.co, and Wolkyshop.

  • Rovux vs. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)

DSW is a shoe store company and one of the most significant designers, producers, and footwear retailers in North America, generating a yearly revenue in billions. They offer various brand names, designers, casual, and streetwear for men and women, including some of the best athletic shoes.

They are gigantic, with an immense presence in the retail market compared to the Rovux Footwear brand. For instance, Rovux Footwear offers around two dozen shoes at an affordable price point. At the same time, DSW provides a plethora of footwear options at different prices, making this an apples-to-oranges comparison.

Furthermore, DSW represents the market that Rovux Footwear is trying to disrupt with their affordable options, targeting the high prices of similar branded and designer footwear. If we were to compare similar products, you would get better value with Rovux Footwear, but without the old-fashioned, top branding to back it.

Resku.co is Nike’s eco-friendly solution that offers refurbished Nike shoes that are either “like new,” “gently worn,” or “cosmetically flawed.” They offer various Nike models at lower prices because they are recycled shoes, albeit from the biggest manufacturer of the best athletic shoes.

It is a great concept, and you can get some expensive, quality Nike footwear for reduced prices but, availability might be an issue, and you don’t get a perfect product. Whereas with Rovux Footwear, you get a brand new product exactly how the brand markets it, and also for a reasonable price

It is a simple decision for most people about whether they want a recycled, refurbished product from a top, established brand or a brand new product from a growing, new emerging brand.

Compared to Wolkyshop, Rovux is a baby brand. We say this because Wolky has been on the market for quite some time, to be precise, 30 years already.

The same as Rovux, this brand also focuses on the outside appearance of the shoe, but more on the inside. Meaning, Wolky is all about comfort, lasting performance, and great fit.

What’s interesting is that though Rovux hasn’t been parading the sneaker market for as long as Wolkyshop has, its brand has a much stronger recognition than the latter.

That said, Rovux is known as a brand offering frequent discounts and sales, at least compared to Wolkyshop. Consequently, you can enjoy more payment options when ordering through Rovux; For instance, you can use the Sezzle installment option, or Google Pay—this is something you won’t find with Wolkyshop. On the other hand, Wolkyshop supports payments through Klarna financing, which is also an excellent option. But, still, they do offer a lesser number of payment options, all in all.


No doubt that Rovux Footwear is a relatively new player in the shoe industry to bring a different flavor and disrupt the status quo in the world of sneakers. At this, they seem to have been fairly successful. They want to offer quality, high-fashion streetwear, and athletic footwear at an affordable price, which they do.

Our research for this Rovux Footwear Review has revealed that their products are well-designed, nicely built, and offer high-end style at desirable prices. More than anything, we found that this is a brand that delivers on its promises and has the customer service to back it.

You can get an idea of their dedication because they regularly send customers new pairs (when an exchange is requested) and let them keep the old ones. Even with a few negative reviews reporting below the standard service and products, we come to realize that this is not their typical customer experience, and there are far more customers who love them, their products, and services. Thus, we could easily say that they offer a versatile and different option in a sneaker industry dominated by a handful of brands.

Even though their lower pricing may suggest an inferior product, we highly recommend trying them out to understand the value they are promoting.

So, yes, Rovux Footwear is a brand worth trying.


1. Does Rovux offer to track information?

Yes, Rovux Footwear offers tracking along with insured delivery for your orders at checkout.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, international product shipping is possible. However, some remote locations may require extra shipping time than usual.

3. Is Rovux Footwear legit?

Rovux Footwear is a legit brand that offers apparel and footwear for men and women. Even though it is a relatively fresh brand in the shoe market, it does have 100.000+ satisfied customers to back up its genuine work and products.

4. Is Rovux Footwear worth it?

Affordable, stylish looking, and offering excellent performance and commodity, what’s not to like?

In a nutshell, our research showed that thousands of people worldwide are delighted with Rovux Footwear. Everything from how they handled their order, the friendliness of customer support, and how comfortable and fantastic looking their shoes are, contributes to the sea of positive reviews we read.