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Teachable.Com Review: Is It Worth It?


  • Affordable and great place to earn
  • Offers amazing customer support
  • Can create an unlimited number of courses
  • Free plan available where you can earn money


  • Some sort of fees even on the free plan
  • Sales pages can be tedious to design

Average Rating: 4.7

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The Teachable platform is perfect for anyone who wishes to design and sell online courses. Teachable is for anybody who wants to avoid the additional labor and technical difficulties of developing an online class on a WordPress website.

In essence, it enables you to design and produce online courses without dealing with all of the technical aspects of coding and web construction. The Teachable app on Android makes it easier for students to take advantage of coaching services by experts around the world.

Let’s take a closer look at whether getting online courses from Teachable is worth it! 

What Features Does Teachable Offer?

The Teachable platform offers many amazing features that you can take advantage of whether you plan to teach online courses or take them yourself.

Simple to Use

The primary interface you use to build and manage your course(s) is user-friendly. It’s a significant advantage of Teachable: it allows doing any of the primary things you would need to perform, such as uploading course materials, checking statistics, monitoring payments, issuing refunds, and communicating with students, really straightforward.

It saves you a lot of effort, so you can devote it to designing and marketing your course. Teachable’s Curriculum Editor is used to organize the actual material for every course. You may organize materials into groups based on themes and topics. These simple organizing and customization tools make any course a winner even if you aren’t very computer knowledgeable but still want to structure and sell the course in your way.

Teachable is wonderful since it allows you to design and tweak the offer without having to deal with difficult technology. The drag and drop feature enables you to rearrange and reorganize your workspace quickly. The interface is simple and clear, making it simple to comprehend what’s there, but the appearance and experience of the area your pupil’s view is quite basic at the moment, as you’ll see lower down.

Branding and Image

The appearance of your online course is vital; we don’t just mean the student usability, but also the branding and stance you want to convey.

You need to have a professional look that is easily identified as yours, whether you’re a corporation or an individual. Teachable recognizes this and provides marketing tools to help you personalize your course.

Teachable recognizes your requirements and offers a professional-looking theme for any online course web pages right out of the box. All you have to do now is submit your logos, photographs, text, and color schemes. 

On all levels, from Basic to the highest Professional level, you may host your course on yourTeachable custom domain, and you can remove the Teachable branding on some pricing plans as well, but it isn’t bothersome if you do retain it.

Such marketing integrations can be quite beneficial in creating and promoting your course in the manner that you see appropriate. The Power Editor tool allows you to customize the design of your landing page and course homepage, albeit it does need knowledge of CSS or HTML coding and is not particularly user-friendly.

You could hire someone to do it for you, but that would contradict the purpose of Teachable. If you care about the look and feel of your course, WordPress could be the way to go.

Teachable aims to achieve a mix between simplicity and sophistication, so if you’re seeking sophisticated design elements, you may not find what you’re looking for.

Uploading Is Simple and Quick

You’re likely to get many things to upload while constructing your courses, such as videos, pdfs, documents, or spreadsheets.This needs to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Teachable excels in this area. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to import your files from any location.

It integrates well with online storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, and there’s a bulk upload feature that saves a lot of time. Uploading may be a pain for course makers, but Teachable makes it as easy as possible with its drag-and-drop technology.

Good File Management

Teachable supports all common file kinds, including photos and videos. There’s no need for further code, manual linking, or embedding. Your files are now available to use after they’ve been uploaded.

The video has been well-optimized for high-quality playback on a variety of devices, such as iPads or other tablets. It can handle a variety of bandwidths, and one may play video material at various rates.

This intuitiveness helps Teachable’s general simplicity of use by removing the burden of dealing with different file formats while delivering digital goods.

Analytics & Monitoring

Developing a course and making it available online is merely the beginning. It’s critical to be able to monitor how the course is developing, how many students have registered, and how involved they are with it after it’s gone live.

Teachable makes this simple by providing instant access to statistics on student numbers, income, and tracking a student’s progress so that you can know how far they’ve progressed through your course.

You may then utilize this information to engage with students who are having difficulty or to solicit testimonials from the most dedicated students.

You may also use Google Analytics or conversion pixels to see where your students are coming from and which parts of your material are turning them into students.

You can discover which portions of your site to improve and where to concentrate your marketing efforts to maximize conversions by analyzing such sales funnels.

Students’ Communication

Even while online courses are fantastic for autonomous study, it’s still necessary to communicate with students, whether it’s to provide feedback or simply to make sure they’re satisfied and on schedule. All Teachable programs include student email as a regular feature.

You may contact students directly from the Teachable platform, eliminating the need to go back and forth between email programs.

The platform also has connectors with MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Infusionsoft, but you’ll almost certainly need to utilize Zapier to communicate with other email clients.

Email marketing can be a fantastic way to promote and promote online courses. It helps you to communicate directly with your present and potential consumers, and it has been shown to be among the most effective digital marketing platforms overall.


When you place your trust in a third-party platform to build and sell your course, it’s critical to know that you’ll have access to competent and trustworthy customer service if you have any concerns or difficulties.

Teachable features a decent collection of pre-written customer service articles that address all of the most common issues, as well as a ticket system if you need anything more specialized.

Sales & Marketing

Teachable provides you with a variety of marketing and selling options for your online course. The money collection procedure is straightforward, and you can utilize coupons to create limited-time specials or alternatives to subscriptions and payment plans.

Whether you’re searching for a side hustle or want to make it a full-time job, these are useful resources. You may even start an affiliate marketing scheme or bundle and offer various courses as a package.

The Teachable Blog has a wealth of marketing advice and is a fantastic resource, with weekly pieces delving into specific strategies to reach out and recruit new students. Make sure you’re up to speed on the latest digital marketing innovations and advancements. Effectively promoting your course is often the most important factor in its success.

How to Use Teachable?

Using their easy dashboard and capabilities, you can quickly get the course up and running and selling -something that would take much longer on a WordPress system.

You may also set your own rates and have complete control over all communication with students for your Teachable classes (something you won’t be able to do with other online learning platforms Udemy). Even marketing decisions are left up to you when you develop online courses on Teachable. 

Teachable might be a wonderful alternative for you if you simply want to get your online courses up and running and concentrate on generating and selling online courses (a sensible use of your time).

The platform was created with this goal in mind: to take away the technical problems so you can concentrate on designing and marketing your course.

It’s designed to be a simple platform for those who don’t want to deal with sophisticated code.

How Much Does Teachable Cost?

Signing up with Teachable is free, and there are no transaction costs for operating free courses. However, if you want to access the major features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the expensive plans.

Here are four teachable pricing plans that you can choose depending on which one suits your needs:

The Free Plan 

  •         No monthly fee
  •         $1 plus 10% of all sales

Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the process of building an interactive course online and wish to learn more. The Teachable free course service allows you to test out ideas without paying a monthly fee, but you will be billed $1 + 10% of every sale you make, and certain capabilities are restricted.

With the free plan, you receive most of Teachable’s key features, but you do not have any guaranteed support or any of the marketing options, making it rather limiting if you want to earn a lot of sales.

You’ll discover that Teachable’s marketing features are among the most significant tools for promoting your course, so one of the higher-priced options below may be worth it.


  •         $39/month
  •         5% of all sales

All of the essential Teachable features are included in the base plan, including custom domains, built-in email marketing, couponing, drip-feeding course material, and operating an affiliate network.

However, you must wait to get the Teachable payouts for the money you’ve earned, which is sent to you via PayPal once per month with a 30-day delay -be warned that this might take up to two months in certain cases!


  •         $99
  •         No sales commissions

The most popular plan on Teachable is the professional plan. You receive extensive theme customization, sophisticated analytics, and, most crucially, rapid access to any cash you’ve earned on top of everything in the Basic plan. 

You also have a higher priority when it comes to supporting inquiries. This comprehensive strategy may meet all of your requirements if you are serious about pursuing this goal.

High Traffic

  •         $299/month
  •         No sales commissions

This is Teachable’s most comprehensive bundle, suited for bigger schools with several courses. You’ll receive two 1-hour onboarding meetings to assist you in getting started, as well as a priority response time of two hours to support queries.

You may also bulk import and enroll students in large groups. You can have up to 25 writers in total.

Pros of Teachable

  •         Free plan available where you can earn money
  •         Can create an unlimited number of courses
  •         Offers amazing customer support
  •         Affordable and great place to earn

Cons of Teachable

  •         Some sort of fees even on the free plan
  •         Sales pages can be tedious to design

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Most customer reviews find that the Teachable platform offers many amazing features and a chance for students to learn a myriad of different skills and knowledge bases. Marilyn remarks, “Teachable is very user friendly. I am not a very technically inclined person, and this program gave me the ease I needed to set our digital classroom. At the time we began using it, the company could not afford more than $100 a month, and Teachable was very affordable for our small nonprofit.”

Another has been with Teachable for a long time and still loves it, saying, “I’ve been a Teachable user for a few years (I was a user when the name was Fedora). Since then, Teachable has been one of the most mentioned names for online course creators. One of the things I like best about Teachable is how easy it is to use the platform. In a matter of time, you can create an online course, including curriculum and media. This is super convenient for both the novice online course creator and the more experienced ones. It’s a time saver!”

Popular review sites have rated it:

  •       Capterra: 4.4 stars out of 5
  •       G2: 4.1 stars out of 5


Teachable is one of the most popular hosting platforms for online courses and learning. It offers a huge range of features that you can use to create stunning courses, making it an excellent choice for beginners as well. It offers free plans as well as premium plans with more features. You can create your online school in just a few hours and take advantage of all the tips and tutorials written to help you!


1. Is Teachable a Scam?

No, Teachable is a legit company. It was launched in 2014 and has almost 200 employees working to cater to more than 70,000 different course creators.

2. Does It Have a Money Back – Guarantee?

Students get a 30-day money-back guarantee for their initial payment if they want a full refund.

3. What Are the Payment Options Available with Teachable?

You can use debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.