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US Search review - Affordable and Convenient People Search Platform


  • Free report downloads
  • Budget-friendly
  • Users can request their data not to be shown


  • US-based only
  • Poor customer service

Average Rating: 4

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Feeling nostalgia for that one true friend from high school? Wondering where your long-lost cousin is right now? Or, maybe just looking to hunt down your previous colleague who never returned that lunch money from years ago?
Wonder no more, search no more. Luckily, today, all you need to find the whereabouts of anyone are name, last name, last known workplace, or just a city and (an old) number.

You must be asking yourself: How is that even possible?

It is. You have stumbled upon us at just the right time. Today’s article is all about US Search reviews – everything about it.
Let us take some of your time and tell you what US Search is all about, what it can do for you, how it can be done, and what’s the price you’ll have to pay to get yourself some long-awaited information.

Let’s see if this platform is what you were looking to find.

But, first things first, let me give you an overview of everything that I will elaborate on in this US Search review article:


  • US Search Bio and History
  • How Accurate is US Search?
  • US Search Interface
  • What Kind Of People Searches Can You Conduct With US Search?
  • US Search Features
  • US Search Report
  • US Search Privacy
  • US Search Device-Compatibility
  • US Search Pricing and Plans
  • US Search Accreditation and Ratings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Pros and Cons
  • US Search Alternatives
    • US Search vs. Spokeo
    • US Search vs. Checkr
  • US Search – Customer Support Service
  • How To Cancel a US Search Subscription
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

US Search Bio and History

What is US Search?

US Search is a search platform indeed, but not just any kind of platform. It’s a background checker, and people search data engine.

This is an online platform for anyone who wants to perform a fast people search, find old friends or relatives, and get a detailed report.

It is a fairly experienced and long-lasting platform, considering it was first established back in 1994. Moreover, we are talking about the pioneer in online people searching – yes, this is the company that started this whole concept of finding someone online with just as little information as possible.

With head offices in the Greater Los Angeles area, The West Coast, USA, it has been helping thousands of people to find long-lost relatives or old friends in a completely safe and legitimate manner for more than 25 years now.

What can it find?

It does much more than just finding a number or finding someone’s last name or current employment.
The reports you will get contain all the available information about the person you are searching for. It contains current employment, previous or new addresses, last name, contact number or an email, criminal records, debts or mortgages, etc.

How Accurate is US Search?

I know, people searching or checking on people’s background sounds like a big deal – and it is. You must be wondering how accurate something alike could be. This is why we decided it’s best to dedicate a whole section and assure you to relax while waiting for the results of the person you’re looking to find.

As far as accuracy is concerned, this platform provides detailed and up-to-date reports.


By the mere fact that this people search service is connected to not a couple of, but forty-three various technology tools over the internet, including

  • Google Analytics,
  • HTML5,
  • Android and iOS compatibility,
  • jQuery,
  • ViewPort meta, and more.

Or, in other words, having a connection to all of those, as mentioned above, enables a platform like US Search access to a massive number of constantly updated records. On the plus side, US Search is a registered trademark. I’d like to mention again that this is a company with a broad and highly appreciated experience of 25+ years.

Also, as a US Search subscriber, you are entitled to all information of other websites— websites within the US Search family, such as Intelius, Classmates, and PeopleConnect.

US Search Interface

No worries here. This service has an easy-to-use, straightforward interface that allows everyone to navigate simply through its platform.

You can search for someone by typing in only a name, phone number, or address.

The search parameters are the same for People Search, Background Check, Property Records, Criminal Records, Social Network Search, Email Search, and Reverse Phone Lookup.

What Kind Of People Searches Can You Conduct With US Search?

There are three different search sections (you’ll be able to spot them immediately when you visit their website).

  • Search by Person
    This search will bring you back information like:
    – First name
    – Last name
    – Contact number
    – Previous addresses
    – Household members
    – Home values
    – (Optional) background
    – Criminal check
  • Search by Phone
    If all you have is that person’s phone number, you can expect to get in return the following info:
    – The name of the phone’s owner
    – Current addresses
    – Previous addresses
    – Household members
    – Utility verification, and much more.
  • Search by Address
    It’s more than evident that such a search will get you the name of the person whose address you’ve entered.
    And what else? All the names of the people associated with the address entered, alongside age and contact number.

US Search Features

Let’s take a dive and see what US Search does with the little information that starts with the people searching adventure for any of us.

The following are its key features and services:

  1. People Search
  2. Reverse Phone Lookup
  3. Social Network Search
  4. Email Search
  5. Property Records
  6. Criminal Records
  7. Background Check

1. People Search

This is a simple and easy-to-use feature that allows you to search for someone by providing their first and last name. It will surely narrow down the search if you enter the current state/city.

This feature provides detailed information about a person’s previous or current address, contact information, home value, or details on household members.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

The reverse phone lookup feature is used for tracing unknown callers.

This is an easy-to-use tool, and all you have to do is write down the unknown phone number in the bar and wait for the report.

The report will give you the caller’s name and current location.

3. Social Network Search

US Search provides comprehensive data on a person’s social media presence (the bad and the good of having a whatsoever social media account nowadays).

This report will hook you up with all sorts of information from Facebook, LinkedIn, IMDb, YouTube, Wikipedia, Instagram, etc.

4. Email Search

By using this feature, you can search for both the email owner and someone’s email address.

Enter either the email address or a person’s name, and in less than no time, you will get a report with the email owner’s name, phone number, and current address.

5. Property Records

The property records report allows you to look at ownership deeds, maps, and property details.
To get this kind of report, simply enter the targeted person’s current street address, ZIP code, and city.

6. Criminal Records

The Nationwide Criminal Search feature runs and compiles detailed data for US Search’s subscribers with the following information:

  • Filing date
  • Case number and charge
  • Sentence and date
  • Felonies
  • Offense details
  • Deposition
  • Arrest details
  • Traffic violations

Also, this feature allows you to run a Federal or State search and get the head to toes – full report on someone.

7. Background Check

This feature allows you to get information regarding:

  • family members,
  • classmates,
  • long-lost friends,
  • halt unwanted emails, texts, and calls,
  • check your new neighbors,
  • verifying social media profiles,
  • finding out a caller’s identity.

US Search Report

Once the search is done and narrowed, you can click on the ‘Get your report’ button, and reports will be available in a matter of minutes.

On your way to getting your report, you will come across the terms and conditions section, and all you need to do is to ‘agree’ with them and then continue to the payment option.

This service accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. Stay calm because it uses one of the safest and most reliable payment systems, where data is secured with a 256-bit encrypted connection.

As soon as the payment gets approved, you will get the report straight to your email.

Here’s what a US Search report contains:

  • The individual’s name, last name, alias, maiden name
  • Age
  • Family Members
  • Recent address
  • Address history
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Properties
  • Home value
  • Associates
  • Social network search (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Lawsuit/s (if any)
  • Criminal records (sex offenses, misdemeanors, arrests, etc.)
  • Felonies (DUI, etc.)

US Search Privacy

US Search’s search engine feeds several other data broker websites to make a complete background check.

You’re probably thinking, but if there’s everybody else’s information, mine should be there too. That’s true unless you have removed them. Is it possible to do that? Yes, it is.

This platform allows you to remove your data from the US Search database.

To do so, go to ussearch.com and enter the following information: first and last name, state, and email address.

Once you find your information, you can remove them by clicking on the ‘Remove this record’ button. You will receive a confirmation email that all your data has been removed.

US Search Device-Compatibility

What devices are compatible with the US Search platform?

The Us Search platform is compatible with:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

So, now that you heard (almost) everything, what do you think, any guesses on the price it comes with? The following things to be elaborated on are their plans and the prices they come with.

US Search Pricing and Plans

Let me start by telling you that US Search does not offer any free services, but there are four pricing plans you can choose from:

1. Once-off People Search – for a modest price of $2.45.
By choosing to subscribe to this plan, you will get one basic report with instant results.

2. Unlimited Basic Search – no more than $20 a month.
This price indulges you with unlimited basic reports and instant results for the same.

3. Unlimited Omnisearch – for not that high of a price of $40 a month.
This pricing plan lets you do unlimited in-depth reports and get the same that very day.

4. Once-off Criminal Record Search – for only $15.
By paying this amount, you are entitled to one in-depth report and a guarantee to get the results the same day.

Here are a few things worth knowing:

  • You can get your hands on US Search reports throughout the whole year.
  • Subscribers can use US Search services for as long as their subscription lasts.
  • Those that opt to go for a monthly membership have a granted free trial period of five days.
  • Cancelation on any of the plans can be done at any given time, with no questions asked.
  • In some circumstances, a discount of $1.99 is available for one-off people searches.

US Search Accreditation and Ratings

There is a massive number of reviews about this background check software. And that’s not a surprising fact, since we are aware of their 27 years long service and the fact they’ve served more than thousands of people. Moreover, many review platforms have taken the time to rate this people’s search platform.

Let’s check out how’s US Search rating stands:

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) – We are happy to tell you that the US Search has a BBB accreditation with a shiny A-rating. From what we were able to see, all complaints filed on this site were resolved. That itself speaks of their loyalty and promptness towards their clients.
  • ConsumerAffairs gave this service only 1.3 stars, based on 81 reviews.
  • ConsumersAdvocate rated US Search with 3.8 stars.
  • BackgroundChecks gave it also 3.8 stars.

I’d like to mention that the above-written ratings are the present ones (at the time of the writing of this review).

BUT, no review is complete if there aren’t any customers to back up its good or not that good services or features.

Customer Reviews

I like starting with good and positive stuff. That’s why here are some positive customer reviews:



Now, moving further to some negative, or as I like to say, not that good customer reviews:



Even after reading all these reviews, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. I, for instance, like to think that all reviews are individual, and what worked for one didn’t for the other. As simple as that.
You won’t know until you give it a try.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides various reports: US Search allows its users to select the kind of report they are interested in, like Criminal Records, Background Check reports, Phone Lookup, and People Search reports.
  • Free report downloads: US Search service does not charge its users for downloading reports.
  • Users can request their data not to be shown to US Search clients (Californians only.)
  • Budget-friendly: This is an affordable people search platform.


  • Not FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) accredited, and it does not allow its users to use the service to screen potential employees or tenants.
  • US-based only: its users can search for people only within the USA.
  • Poor customer service: US Search does not offer 24/7 customer support service.

On the other hand, there are alternatives to this platform that offer some other benefits that this service either does not have or is not well developed.

And this is why having a plan B is never a bad thing. And by plan B, I mean having other options or alternatives.

See what other similar background check platforms have to offer and how do they differ from US Search.

US Search Alternatives

US Search vs. Spokeo

There’s not much to compare between these two, frankly speaking.
Both of them, boost with experience in this field of expertise. US Search has a bit more experience than Spokeo.

The pricing and the models they offer are more or less similar, so nothing big to compare in that view.

One of the differences is that Spokeo offers basic searches for free, while US Search doesn’t. Also, Spokeo can speak more highly of their customer support, unlike US Search’s (according to the customer service support reviews).

US Search vs. Checkr

Checkr is a relatively young platform in the people search and background checking business, opposed to US Search’s 27 years of fruitful experience.

One of the significant differences between these two is the ability for people/companies to run a background check on their employees or tenants—this is possible with Checkr, but not with US Search.

Another thing is that when with Checkr, you can track the progress of the background report (online). In contrast, US Search offers no such thing.

Nonetheless, one of the most distinguished characteristics and differences may be that Checkr has a digital process that eliminates manual errors.

US Search – Customer Support Service

On their website, you can find a rich and pretty well-explained FAQs section. There are all sorts of answers regarding accounts, services, subscriptions, reports, or how to cancel a subscription.

In addition to this, there is customer support via phone; however, available only from Monday to Friday (6 AM to 6 PM, Pacific Time).

If you can’t reach them through the phone, you can always try and do that via email: [email protected] or [email protected].

Note: there is no 24/7 online customer support service nor a mobile app.

How To Cancel a US Search Subscription

If you are already a US Search subscriber and you want to cancel the subscription, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that.

The good thing is that you can easily cancel any subscription model without contacting support services.
Just follow these steps:
1. Sign in to your ussearch.com account.
2. Click on the account menu on the top and go to account settings.
3. Finally, navigate to the informational membership panel – there is an option for canceling the US Search service.


In this US Search review article, we talked about its key features, options, benefits, support service, and many more things of interest to you.

We recommend this service for

  • Address Look-Up,
  • Online Background Check,
  • People Lookup,
  • Reverse Phone Lookup.

This online background check platform uses billions of sources for accurate checks, quick results, and thorough reports. Also, its services come at an affordable price, and it offers a straightforward, transparent pricing model.

Now, I’d like to hear from you what you think about this platform? Have you tried any of its features?
Feel free to comment below. I’d be happy to hear your opinion on this all-American people-finder pioneer.


1. Is US search safe?

This service does not break any privacy regulations and provides complete confidentiality. As already mentioned in the previous sections, this platform comes with a 256-bit encrypted connection.

2. Is US Search legit?

Yes, this is a legit background checking platform. US Search platform provides data taken from available public records, and while doing so, does not conflict with any regulatory law.

3. Are US Search users allowed to use its services for hiring employees?

According to the FCRA law, US Search services are not a consumer reporting agency. Thus, its users cannot use its services to hire people, screen tenants, and determine credibility.

4. Is US Search anonymous?

All searches done through this platform are highly private—meaning people will not get any notification that someone is pulling out reports for them.