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Verbling Review


  • Option to pick a teacher yourself
  • One-on-one classes
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • High price for some teachers’ lessons
  • Few teachers of less common languages

Average Rating: 4

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Verbling is a platform for online language learning that connects students and teachers. It started operating in 2011 and has become quite popular since.

On Verbling, lesson plans depending on the teachers. The platform offers classic language courses, conversation-only lessons, and test preparations—all available in 69 languages. Verbling reviews around the web evaluate it favorably, and Verbling ratings on most sites are high.

We’ll go over the platform’s interface, offerings, and pricing. We’ll also look at reviews from students and teachers who’ve used it. So, if you want to learn more about this service, keep reading!

Essential Things to Know About Verbling

Who Can Benefit from Verbling?

Anyone who wants to learn languages independently can benefit from Verbling’s courses and training. You have the freedom to explore teachers and pick the one that works best for you. Teachers present their materials on the platform and can develop a lesson plan that fits your needs.

Besides individuals, Verbling serves companies too. Sometimes, employees are required to learn a new language or simply brush up on their knowledge.

Verbling makes that possible through one-on-one classes. Every employee in the Verbling Enterprise program can choose a teacher and take part in devising a course plan that suits them.

What Services Does Verbling Offer?

Once you set your sights on learning a new language on Verbling, you’ll have over 10,000 teachers to pick from.

The platform makes it easy to find a teacher of your language of choice. What’s more, you can browse through tutors’ schedules to find the best time for you to attend lessons. Prices vary among teachers, so you can choose one whose rate you can afford.

Tutors also offer demo classes so you can make an informed choice. There are currently 69 languages on offer.

According to Verbling user reviews, these languages are in high demand:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Arabic

Verbling teaching is also available in less popular languages, such as Hebrew, Urdu, and Punjabi. To explore what’s in store at the moment, go to Verbling’s website, scroll down a bit and click on “browse them now.” You’ll see the complete list of offered languages.

Verbling Pricing

How much do classes on Verbling cost? As many Verbling user reviews note, the price of lessons varies significantly from teacher to teacher. We surveyed the rates per hour for classes in the most popular languages and put together this list of typical prices:

  • German – $30
  • Japanese – $21
  • Italian – $21
  • Mandarin – $21
  • French – $19
  • English – $18
  • Spanish – $18
  • Portuguese – $17
  • Russian – $15

Verbling free trial lessons are available if you’re new to the platform. If you want to take any lessons after that, you have to pay. However, some teachers may decide to offer demo lessons free of charge if they aim to attract more students.

Classes usually cost between $5 and $50, but some teachers give students discounts to book several lessons. If the standard price is $20, booking five or ten lessons may bring the price down to $17 per hour.

New students can obtain coupons for trial lessons. Promotional offers or discounts for future classes are also available from time to time.

If you decide to stop learning with Verbling teachers, you’ll be happy to know that cancellation is effortless. You only need to pay for the classes you took, and there’s no cancellation fee.

As for rescheduling, if you send a notice at least 12 hours before the class, you get reimbursed. And if you send it after that, you’ll get 50% back, which seems fair.

Ease of Use

Verbling positive reviews often focus on the user-friendly interface of the platform. The website is easy to navigate and has an intuitive design.

What’s more, it’s easy to get the hang of the software used by teachers for the actual lessons, according to Verbling student’s reviews. Some learning platforms rely on Skype for this, but that’s not the case here.

The free mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android, is also easy to use, according to Verbling app reviews.

Help and Support

Verbling’s website has a support page with possible issues organized by topic. It offers solutions to both students and teachers.

New students can find information about the way the platform works. Users who experience issues with things, such as refunds or the mobile app, can also find answers on the support page. It contains frequently asked questions about each topic.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can submit a request, and their support staff should respond promptly. The button for that is at the top right of the support page.

In the bottom right corner, you can also find a bubble that says “help.” It allows you to search for a particular issue and get a step-by-step guide on solving it.

Verbling also has an active community. On their discussion page, members share info on a variety of topics.

Verbling User Reviews and Testimonials

Review Website Rating
Trustpilot 4.4/5
Glassdoor 4.2/5
Indeed 4.7/5

Before signing up for new services, it’s always a good idea to check their ranking on credible review websites.

Whether you go through Verbling reviews on Reddit or Verbling Trustpilot reviews, you’re likely to notice that most users were satisfied with the service. Of course, there are some complaints and negative comments too.

Some of the most common features highlighted in positive reviews include sharing documents with teachers and using flashcards to recap the material. Many users point out that the platform is user-friendly, and students often praise the teachers’ abilities.

We went through a bunch of verified Verbling reviews and noticed a few unfavorable ones, too.

Some of the students who gave Verbling negative reviews focused on connection issues and making lessons less coherent. To be fair, that could happen on any online learning platform and often depends on the user’s internet speed.

Some of the Verbling customer complaints are by teachers. They bemoan the small number of students and attribute it to the many teachers on the platform.


Verbling is hardly the only platform like this on the web. Several others offer a similar experience to students and teachers. Let’s compare and contrast Verbling to some of its competitors.

Verbling vs. italki
Both Verbling and italki are easy to use and offer many different languages. Verbling is a bit pricier than italki, though. One notable difference is that on italki, you can only teach your native language, while that’s not the case on Verbling.

Verbling vs. Cambly
Verbling and Cambly offer very similar features and services. We looked at Verbling teacher reviews and compared them to those of Cambly, and we concluded that, overall, teachers rate Verbling higher than Cambly. Teachers often cite reasons, such as compensation, benefits, and career opportunities.

In Conclusion

Whichever language you decide to study, you are bound to find a qualified teacher on Verbling.

You have many options for teaching plans and schedules, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Their interactive platform and one-on-one classes will surely help you achieve the level of mastery you aim for.


  1. How Much Does Verbling Cost?

Verbling reviews point out that the cost depends not only on the language but also on the teacher. You’ll find classes usually range between $12 and $50, although there are exceptions.

2. How Do I Cancel Verbling Classes?

You can cancel a lesson and get a 100% refund up to 12 hours before the class or 50% after that. Go to the dashboard, find the lesson you wish to call off, and then click the cancel button.

3. How Long Are Verbling Lessons?

All lessons at Verbling are one hour long.