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10 Ways to Network on LinkedIn in 2023

Written by, Eme Emilija

Updated March, 14, 2023

LinkedIn is a social media platform that networks people in a professional matter.

Want to reach out to your industry and find potential and prospective new jobs and colleagues? This is the place to be in 2022!

However, few people have figured out how to use LinkedIn’s tools properly and make the most out of them. But, no problem. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use LinkedIn to its full potential.

Are you ready to start networking like a pro?

Let’s do this!

10 Proven Ways To Successfully Network on LinkedIn

Suppose you have an idea of the fundamental working concept of LinkedIn and its intelligent algorithms. In that case, we’re here to smooth that knowledge with some basic ‘how-tos’ and easy steps for your instant success.

We’re sure you have the potential, so all you need now is to read these ways to network on LinkedIn, and you’ll clear out your doubts immediately.

1. Optimize your profile and thrive for endorsements.

Most people understand LinkedIn is more than just a place to share your CV and professional achievements.

But if you’re not taking advantage of ALL the features LinkedIn offers, you’re missing out on a powerful networking tool.

Here’s the first tip to making your profile look more professional and eye-catching for professional business strangers.

Don’t worry – handling this on LinkedIn is easier than you think. The network’s innovative mechanism will guide you through the step-by-step process.

For example, if you’re a marketing professional, include keywords like “marketing,” “strategy,” and ” branding.”

So, by following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making the most of LinkedIn for networking purposes.

Why wait?! Get started today and see just how much your business can grow!

2. Connection requests

LinkedIn is definitely one of the most remarkable networks connecting professionals out there right now. The most basic and obvious option is hitting the ‘connect’ button on someone’s profile.

If you’re new to the network – you’ll be absolutely hyped and thrilling to connect with old university mates, colleagues from the first job you’ve ever had, or a ‘lost’ friend from abroad.

However, do have in mind that there is a daily limit of 80-100 connections, so be careful not to spam your potential contacts.

And if it so happens that you reach the limit, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before you can connect with anyone new.

So make sure to use your connections wisely!

3. LinkedIn searches

Looking for people through the search bar on LinkedIn is probably the most transparent way and sign that you’re networking.

But, instead of looking only for familiar people and names – go a step further. Learn how to use LinkedIn’s advanced search features to find potential connections in your industry/ niche.

A simple example is using the right and proper keywords for your professional background.

Or, use these handy Boolean operators (computer searching methods):

4. Use the ‘people you may know’ section.

You know that common talk – “I heard it from a friend of a friend”? Well, that’s how things work in the virtual professional networking pathways on LinkedIn too.

Gathering connections from people, you are already friends with and your previous background searches narrow down a list of people you can approach through the ‘My network’ tab.

From here – a list of ‘people you may know’ will appear.

This is a perfect way to narrow down your search results and make them more qualifying and worthy instead of an endless list of strangers with no specific connection.

Still, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to strangers. On the contrary! That’s what networking is all about – right?!

5. Build a more personalized approach.

Or, better yet, instead of just clicking the connect button, the more efficient thing will be to introduce yourself and your intentions — you might be surprised by the reaction you’ll get from others.

To do this, use the inbox – explain yourself: be witty and engaging simultaneously. But don’t be pushy and direct. Instead of asking for a job, explain what THEY could benefit from your background. Or maybe give them a few keen thoughts and praises on their recent accomplishments.

6. LinkedIn Events (webinars).

Probably the biggest and “loudest” way to connect on LinkedIn is by enrolling in events, i.e., webinars and courses related to your profession.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn events:

You’ll want to be sure that the event is relevant to YOUR industry and that it’s being hosted by a reputable organization/ individual.

You can easily browse other attendees’ profiles since they will all be visible. This is another hook for getting in touch with more background professionals in the field.

You should make this approach in a more personalized way. For instance, use a joke to approach them or some phrase you both shared as like-minded individuals at the event.

You can check out this option by going to the ‘My online events’ section inside the ‘My network’ tab.

Or, you can enter a keyword from your professional background and switch to Events instead of People.

7. LinkedIn Groups

Similar to events, the LinkedIn groups gather a larger amount of professionals and like-minded people from the same background – making them an excellent way for proper networking.

By joining a LinkedIn group, you can participate

This is a brilliant tool to use when you’re actively searching for a job or a new employee of a higher rank.

What’s more, you can also join groups specific to your industry or geographic location.

However, remember that to get the most out of LinkedIn groups, you must be active and regularly participate in discussions. And along the way, take the time to connect with other members and build relationships.

The hunt for LinkedIn groups is easy as 1,2,3.

8. Update your status and engage in activity from your background.

Regular posting brings NOT only traffic and contacts – but increases your overall visibility on the network.

From small achievements, like getting endorsements and LinkedIn course certificates, to re-sharing important stuff from your professional background. Make sure to post daily, but don’t overdo it!

But remember, though LinkedIn is a professional network, this doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your personal life titles and post about being a parent, a husband, or a daughter from time to time.

People don’t want to see the stiff businessman/woman but rather a human being with emotions and intellect at the same time.

9. Thrive for endorsements!

LinkedIn endorsements occur when someone attests to your skills in a specific professional area.

For example, if you’re a great and skilled writer, you can get endorsed for skills like ‘copywriting,’ ‘SEO editing,’ ‘content creation,’ etc.

Therefore, to get endorsements, the best strategy is first to endorse others. Doing this makes people more likely to return the favor right back at you.

Or, you can always ask for endorsements with a polite and personalized approach, such as: “I would really appreciate your endorsement for my writing skills. I know you are a great writer yourself, and I would love to get endorsed by someone of your high rank.”

10. Engage your network through polls and ask questions.

An efficient way to engage your audience and people that are NOT on your list is by creating and posting polls.

People love to voice their opinions, which is a great way to get them talking and show that you care about their views and opinions.

To create a poll – click on the ‘Create poll’ button after clicking the ‘+’ button on your personal LinkedIn profile, and follow the prompts and steps.

Once you’re done creating your poll – post it on your profile and share it as much as you can!

Note: When creating a poll, ask questions relevant to your industry or target market. This will ensure that people who see your poll are more likely to be interested in what you have to say.

Some Final Words

By now, you’re probably convinced that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business networking. So, it’s only important to make the most of the site by being present, active, and engaged.

From freelancers to professionals and CEOs of major companies – your presence on LinkedIn is crucial for your rising career or your already approved professional title.

But, don’t forget that real-world relationships are still the key to success.

Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential? Or are you relying on old-fashioned face-to-face networking to get ahead in your career?