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What Does PPV Mean on OnlyFans?

Written by, 16best Team

Updated August, 22, 2023

The world we live in is changing, and so are we. Generations in the future might have even more opportunities to boost their economic well-being. However, the present isn’t that bad either. In fact, young adults today are beginning to transition to a new-age version of employment. 

OnlyFans entered the market and took the world by storm during the pandemic. As the crisis pushed people to stay confined to their homes, some young adults took to the Internet to earn their income. Many signed up on OnlyFans because that was the best choice at that time. 

Today, OnlyFans has allowed many people an alternative to the busy and often monotonous routine of a 9-5 job. It has also revolutionized entertainment for many viewers around the world. 

Pay-per-view content is just a tiny part of OnlyFans, yet it has a lot of significance. With pay-per-view fans, creators can earn a lot more than regular subscribers. This is because they get paid per view! Here’s all you need to know about pay-per-view content on OnlyFans. 

Defining PPV on OnlyFans

Before we get into the definition of pay-per-view within OnlyFans, let’s discuss what it means for other entertainment services;

The Basic Definition of PPV

Pay-per-view is a model a television service or any other provider uses to allow viewers access to programs or content for a one-time fee. As the name suggests, they can “pay per view” by purchasing access to the content. 

This model was first introduced for shows, movies, and live events (including sports) to allow users to purchase access to a particular show, movie, or event without having to pay for the entire service. Viewers soon began to access boxing matches, live sports events, concerts, stand-up comedies, and movie premieres through pay-per-view. 

It was achieved through an order placed by the viewers to the provider, who would bill them for the one-time payment. They usually had access to the content for a limited period before the content expired. 

This has paved the way for content creators to generate more revenue from their popular content and allow users to choose the content they want to watch without getting a subscription that they won’t really use later. It has also directly contributed to the popularity of platforms like OnlyFans. 

PPV in OnlyFans

How does OnlyFans use pay-per-view content, and what does it mean for a creator? While OnlyFans allows most of its users to share content with subscribers on a monthly plan, it also assists viewers with the pay-per-view option.

Through this option, creators can choose to make some posts and media exclusive and offer them to their subscribers for a one-time fee. The subscribers would thus have to pay an additional fee to unlock the content. 

This can be used to share premium material creators might not want to include in their regular subscription fee. It allows creators to generate much more revenue through personalized photos, videos, and messages, along with special requests. Within the OnlyFans platform, this content is termed “paid posts.”

How PPV Works

Here’s how you can get started with paid posts;

How to Set Up and Implement PPV on OnlyFans

Creating a paid post on OnlyFans is easy. All you need to do is;

  1. Sign in: First, sign in to your OnlyFans account. Once you are in, hit the “Create a New Post” button at the top of the page.
  2. Set a Price: OnlyFans will soon prompt you to add a price tag to the post. You can do this by clicking on the dollar symbol. Choose an amount carefully!
  3. Post: After setting a price, choose a post type (video, photo, audio, text) and add the content. You can upload or simply link to a file on the cloud. Once you are done, go ahead and publish the post!

Remember, PPV can only be used by creators not using the subscription feature. If you are charging your fans a subscription price, you won’t be able to sell posts. 

How Does PPV Work on OnlyFans? 

PPV content, also known as a paid post on OnlyFans, is a post you can charge extra for using the OnlyFans PPV feature. Here, you can set the price according to your personal goals and understanding.

Suppose you posted a paid post worth $10 and got 25 views in the next few days. This means you have earned $250, as each user who views your video will be charged $10. In this way, you can create content for fans willing to pay extra cash for premium posts. 

How Can PPV Boost Revenue for Content Creators? 

If you already have an active following subscribing to your free content, you can earn a lot of revenue through OnlyFans. Paid posts can boost that revenue as viewers must pay to view the content. These posts can also help you gain popularity and get more viewers. 

Since paid posts are for people willing to pay to view your posts, you can also target that audience for future content!

How to Determine the Pricing and Accessibility of Your PPV Content? 

So, you have decided to opt for pay-per-view content creation. What next? How do you determine the pricing and accessibility of your content? 

A great place to start is researching what other creators are doing. What is the average price they set? Who are they typically reaching out to with premium content? What type of content do they keep inaccessible without payment? 

Creators may price their content according to their current following, the demand, and how popular their content usually gets. You can start by setting up a lower price if you don’t have many subscribers. You can even set a high price and message a loyal fan. 

Setting the pricing for OnlyFans can be a trial-and-error process. You may find that a certain price doesn’t bring in many fans. This usually means you should lower it until you get enough popularity on the platform. 

Moreover, the content you pick for PPV should be determined by how premium it is. Usually, OnlyFans creators set aside the best content they create for PPV. In some cases, they may also add a price tag to more intimate content that they don’t want to upload for free. 

Benefits for

Content Creators

Here are some benefits creators can achieve;

Higher Income

As discussed above, pay-per-view allows OnlyFans creators to generate much more income as you essentially charge your fans up to $50 to purchase premium content. The more your fans, the greater the benefit. 

Premium Content 

With pay-per-view, you can create a variety of content. Some of it is premium and set aside for exclusive fans that must pay for it. This can help you stand out amongst other creators, build connections, and increase your fan base. 

Best of Both Worlds

With OnlyFans, you get to experience the best of both worlds. You have a choice between the subscription and the pay-per-view model. You must decide which suits your content best and reap maximum benefits from the creation. 


PPV is a great option for subscribers as they can avoid the subscription fee for each creator they want to follow. With OnlyFans, you must subscribe to a creator if you want to view their content. However, you can follow free OnlyFans accounts and access premium content through a one-time payment. It’s a great alternative!

Strategies for Effective PPV Implementation

Here are some things you must keep in mind for successful PPV implementation;

  • Create high-quality, premium content regularly.
  • Message your most loyal followers first. 
  • Price your content reasonably at the start to avoid scaring off customers. 
  • Promote your offerings on your social media handles or other platforms. 
  • Boost your audience’s confidence by posting high-quality content on your OnlyFans. 
  • Cater to custom requests and allow subscribers to pay a fee for the services. 
  • Collaborate with other creators to promote content and tap into new niches. 
  • Encourage subscribers to leave tips to support your page. 

How to Balance Free and Paid Content?

Here are some tips to help you along the way;

  1. Variety: Don’t shy away from creating and putting up a mix of different kinds of content. Your subscribers need to be reeled in but not completely satisfied. Entice them to subscribe and reserve paid content for people who are willing to invest more. 
  2. User Sneak Peaks: Another way to have subscribers on the edge of their seats is to use teasers. Show just enough to pique their interest and push them to pay to view the full content. 
  3. Stay Active: Don’t shy away from regularly posting and engaging with your audience through comments or messages. 
  4. Bonus: A great way to gain a fan following is to offer discounts or fulfill special requests for your fans as a perk for subscribing to paid content. 
  5. Keep Them Interested: Try setting up suspense through interactive surveys or polls on the content your users want or by promising them to release exclusive content once a subscriber count is achieved. 

Considerations and Best Practices

When using OnlyFans, it is necessary to keep in mind the following considerations; 

  • Invest in good lighting and equipment to create high-quality content. 
  • Engage with your audience and be consistent with the posting. 
  • Protect your content and yourself. Avoid using any sensitive content that could be used against you outside the platform. 
  • Set fair pricing based on the market. 
  • Maintain boundaries with your fans and follow the legal age restrictions. 
  • Avoid sharing personal information, and try using an alias. 
  • Stay professional.  


PPV is a great way to attract more followers and get paid for exclusive content that you produce online. Like all creators, you deserve to be paid for your creativity. This is why the best content should be charged at a higher rate!

All you need to do is choose the kind of OnlyFans you want to create and keep posting till you create a fan following. From then onwards, you can target your premium audience and produce unique content you can charge them for!