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What Is a Release Form on OnlyFans?

Written by, 16best Team

Updated August, 21, 2023

OnlyFans involves creators and influencers putting out exclusive content in the form of pictures, videos, and live streams for their subscribers. This allows them to earn revenue through the platform and pay their bills.

A release form on OnlyFans protects the model’s content from being used against their permission. Creators don’t need to use these forms if they are modeling for the content themselves. 

All you need is a smartphone to capture pictures and videos. The iPhone is celebrated for its excellent camera quality, and there are other options in the market to consider. However, creators must understand the importance of uploading a release form on OnlyFans.

Let’s explore what you need to know about release forms on OnlyFans.

What is a Release Form? 

A release form on OnlyFans is the same as a model release used on various platforms. If you’re looking to monetize your platform, you likely need to fill out this document to protect your content from piracy.

It also lets the monetization platform know that there is an agreement between the creator or model and the photographer that allows them to post their content online. It is mandatory for the photographer to fill out this form, especially if they are posting media on their personal accounts of various models.

This gives the model the right to control how their images and videos are used by the photographer on their account. Therefore, it protects their content from copyright and gives them exclusive rights to it. After signing the release form, the photographer may use the media for commercial projects. 

A creator release protects the platform from the creator’s claims against privacy, which is an agreement between the platform and the creator.

Key Elements of a Release Form

The purpose of a release form is to protect the model from their content being unfairly used by the photographer. Without this form, photographers may record models and use their media to earn personal profits, which is unethical and illegal.

By signing a release form, OnlyFans knows that the model you’ve used in the pictures and videos has agreed to be in the video. In short, it protects their rights.

OnlyFans requires the creator to also be the model. This means you cannot use someone else’s media on your account to earn profits. If you do, your account may get suspended or deleted for violating the platform’s key requirements.

However, you can do this if you produce a release form with the authorization of the model in the pictures and videos. Once the document is signed and presented to the platform, the photographers gain the right to reproduce and distribute the content according to their needs.

On the part of the model, it is necessary to read through the entire terms and conditions before signing it to avoid being manipulated by a third party.

Importance for Content Creators

In most cases, content creators are the ones with the right to sell their content. If you’re modeling in your own pictures and media, you don’t need to sign a release form. But if you choose to designate this task to a third party, your release form serves as consent.

Content creators are protected by the platform from copyright and content piracy. But there is no way to prevent it since subscribers can record the media and use it on different websites.

However, content creators can feature other people on their accounts, which is where it’s important to sign a release form. Collaborating with models and running your own account is an agreement between two parties about who monetizes what with which content. Models may get a cut or simply be paid for their media, while content creators utilize it on OnlyFans for better profits.

It is understandable that models want to distance themselves from the platform since subscribers are guilty of harassment and even deviant behaviors. Therefore, they can simply get paid by content creators who upload the release form after getting a signature from the model.

Considerations for Subscribers

Subscribers are protected on OnlyFans through anonymity. Even if you follow someone’s content, your information and personal details will not be visible to them. However, you can choose to share these details so the content creators see more than just your fan ID.

Many people use fake names on OnlyFans to protect their identity. Even if a creator searches for a fan’s ID, nothing will appear. Therefore, OnlyFans protects its subscribers and their identities from being found out, which is a pro and con.

It is an advantage for the subscribers because they can remain anonymous online. Subscribers often don’t want others to know they’re using the platform and about their preferences for adult content.

It is a disadvantage because subscribers can harass, stalk, and threaten content creators without the fear of being reprimanded.

Reviewing and Signing Release Forms

An OnlyFans release form can easily be downloaded online. Creators can ask the model to fill it out manually by inputting their details and adding a signature. Once the form is signed and uploaded, OnlyFans reviews the details in 48 hours or more before approving it.

Models are often called co-stars since their content is being used by a creator who collaborates with them on the project. OnlyFans also requires verification through a selfie to confirm that the model has agreed to the terms and conditions.

Release forms are incredibly important to sign in these circumstances. They are also a legal requirement because the platform has to be careful about the content it posts. It prevents the possibility of minors being filmed and used on these platforms, which is a heinous crime.

Usually, release forms are verified within two to three business days. However, during busy months, it can take an extra day or two.

Confidentiality and Privacy

OnlyFans is a platform that features adult content. This makes it important for subscribers to maintain their privacy, which is facilitated by OnlyFans. 

Subscribers can create an anonymous account using a different email. This allows them to maintain their privacy and use the platform freely without their personal details popping up anywhere. However, it is worth mentioning that there have been many instances of hacking where subscribers have lost their accounts. But if they follow the necessary privacy guidelines described on the OnlyFans website, they can protect their identity.

Creators need to provide extensive details to OnlyFans since they are connecting their bank accounts with the platform. They also need to submit documents to verify their identities. However, this is part of a confidentiality agreement between the creator and the platform. The platform agrees to only use these documents for specific functions, such as taxes and transferring funds. They cannot legally use the creator’s personal details for anything else, or else they would face lawsuits.

Therefore, creators and subscribers can rest assured that their personal details are protected from misuse, and the platform takes responsibility for any wrongful actions.

Seek Professional Advice

Subscribers do not really need professional advice for using OnlyFans if they do their research and protect their identity. They can easily remain anonymous and purchase subscriptions without any consequences.

However, creators are at greater risk due to a number of reasons. If they are using their own content on the platform, they are less removed from harassment, abuse, and threats. The platform cannot fully protect creators against misbehaving subscribers, which is a serious concern for many.

If creators are using someone else’s content, they can handle criticism or misbehaviors because it is not targeted towards them. This is partly the reason why models separate themselves from the platform by signing a release form. However, regardless of who is using the account, there is still a need to seek professional advice.

When using explicit content or being at risk of harassment, it is crucial to know your rights and seek professional advice from a lawyer. Also, you may face troubles with the OnlyFans platform itself, requiring the need for legal counsel.

Although it is a bit costly, it is definitely worth at least getting a second opinion from an expert. Once you are fully aware of the consequences of your actions and the legal actions you can take to protect yourself, your OnlyFans experience will improve.


Signing a release form and uploading it on OnlyFans is crucial for creators that use models for their content. It gives the model’s consent to use their media on the platform and is a legal requirement that protects OnlyFans from litigious action.

The process is straightforward and involves filling out a form you can find online and asking the model to verify their identity before signing and uploading it on the platform. Once this is achieved, creators can freely use their co-star’s content on the platform to earn revenue.

Any agreement between the creator and model is between them. OnlyFans only requires the release form to confirm the model’s consent to being used on the platform.