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What Is a Reversed Tarot Card? — Benefits, Interpretation, and Meaning

Written by, Jelena Kabic

Updated May, 4, 2022

What is a Reversed Tarot Card?

In brief, a reversed Tarot card is one that is upside down. However, this kind of Tarot card can indicate that the meaning of the card is the opposite of what it normally means, or that the inquirer is experiencing a reversal of fortunes.

Are you ready to start exploring the world of reversed Tarot cards? If so, we have prepared a fantastic guide for you. As we move forward, this guide will give you all the information you need to start interpreting reversed tarot cards in your readings.

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How Do You Get a Reversed Tarot Card?

Common combinations and reversals

There are various ways that can get you a reversed Tarot card:

When looking at reversals, there are certain things to keep in mind:

For example, if The Tower card comes up in a reading, it can indicate that the inquirer is going through a troublesome and chaotic time. Or, it can also mean that the person is going through personal changes or transformations.

For example, if The Tower card is reversed, the building may still be standing, but it could be in disrepair.

For example, The Tower card upright represents a time of change and new beginnings. On the contrary, when The Tower card is reversed it could represent a time of stagnation and feel stuck.

Tip: Pay attention to the overall feeling of the card to get a better sense of its reversed meaning.

How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards?

Learning to read Tarot cards can be an exciting journey of self-discovery. And to try and master it is important that you take your time and learn the basics before trying out different decks or spreads. Additionally, it will be of great help to avoid any confusion on what type of card might suit best certain topics at hand.

For starters, at the beginner stage of reading reversed Tarot cards, we recommend you start by doing a simple three-card reading. This simple card reading will give you a chance to practice the interpretation of cards and their meanings without having to worry about too much information all at once.

Once you feel comfortable with reversed Tarot card readings, you can start doing more in-depth readings. Eventually, this can be pretty useful when dealing with a specific issue in your life and you want to get more insight into what is going on.

As you interpret the reversed Tarot cards, pay attention to the feelings and thoughts that start showing to you. Additionally, if you are not sure what to look for or pay attention to, it’s sufficient to know these feelings can be clues as to what the card is trying to tell you.

How To Interpret Reversed Tarot Readings

As we mentioned, the interpretation of the meaning of a card during a read is of vital importance.

Therefore, here are the four most common ways used for reversed Tarot cards interpretation:

Furthermore, some of the usual reversals that you may encounter in your readings are the following:

What are the Benefits of Reversed Tarot Readings?

Reversed Tarot readings bring various benefits and some of the most common ones include:

Final Thought

A reversed Tarot card reading can indicate that you are not listening to your intuition, or that you are ignoring the signs and signals that are being sent to you. That said, if you are experiencing a lot of negative cards in your readings, it might be time to take a step back and reassess the situation.

So, if at some point you feel that you are making decisions based on what others want for you, rather than what feels right for you, the reversed Tarot readings interpretation we’ve shared should help guide you. In other words, following the symbols and cards’ meanings will show you how to listen to your intuition and make decisions that feel good for YOU.