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Wyzant Reviews 2023 - Pricing, Ratings, Alternatives, and more


  • Easy to use website
  • Excellent for young professionals
  • Get a refund after the first class


  • High starting fees for tutors
  • Potential password recovery issues

Average Rating: 4

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Too many tutors to choose from? Not sure how to decide who’s the best fit for you?

Here’s an idea; why not try Wyzant services? By choosing them, not only will your tutoring problem be solved, but you will also have the chance of choosing a variety of subjects that you might need that extra push for.

Stay with us and discover more about Wyzant, what it can do, how it can be done, and everything they offer.
Before our in-depth dive, let us take you through our table of contents and see everything we will elaborate on in this Wyzant review.


  • Wyzant Overview
  • Who can benefit from Wyzant?
  • How to become a Wyzant online tutor?
  • How to enroll in Wyzant and start learning?
  • How does Wyzant online tutoring work?
  • Wyzant Plans and Pricing
  • Does Wyzant offer a free tutoring service or a money-back guarantee?
  • Wyzant Cancellation Policy
  • Usability
  • Customer Service Support
  • Pros and Cons
  • Wyzant Ratings and Accreditation
  • Wyzant Customer Reviews
  • Wyzant Alternatives
    • Wyzant vs. Preply
    • Wyzant vs. Chegg
  • Why choose the Wyzant platform?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Wyzant Overview

Wyzant is an online platform in the area of educational technology. Their services include matching tutors with students, or, in other words, Wyzant offers an easier way to connect people with experts that can teach them.

This Chicago-based online educational platform was founded back in 2005 by Mike Weishuhn and Andrew Geant. These two Princeton graduates managed to build their kind platforms by gathering together alongside their friends and families at no less than $10.000. An educational platform that is ready to help you with over two hundred subjects aligned for you.

Additionally, today’s platform is the workplace to more than a hundred people, and it consists of individual experts in many subjects. Their experts cover a wide variety of subjects from

  • Literature,
  • Math,
  • and science,
  • to test preparation,
  • graduate-level courses,
  • music lessons,
  • language training, and many more.

So if you need English tutors or maths tutors this platform has them. Now, you must be thinking Wyzant is ideal for students, and it is but is it ideal just for those who are in school? Let’s find out.

Who can benefit from Wyzant?

It’s more than clear that Wyzant is an excellent and most beneficial online platform for students, those that are tight with time and like learning from the commodity of their homes.

However, Wyzant’s services are not just for them. This is an invaluable organization for tutors as well. Why? Because it is much needed and suitable for people who want to teach and work from their homes too.

How is that achievable?

This is made possible because of the flexibility and freedom the platform offers you. Educational online marketplaces are known for the broad possibilities that tutors can use to their advantage. For example, they can make their schedule, set up their hourly rate, make money online, and all these from the comfort of their home.

What about the students?

It is the same for students who want to attend online classes from home. This way, students are learning in a virtual classroom environment at their own pace. The platform encourages its students to interview multiple teachers, read Wyzant tutor’s reviews, and make an informed decision before choosing the most suitable expert for themselves.

How to become a Wyzant online tutor?

To be a tutor, you need to have at least eighteen years and have a permanent residence in the USA; also, you need to own a valid Social Security Number (SSN).

According to the rules and rights for being a tutor, you don’t have to be a certified teacher. Even though this platform is for freelancers, the hiring process for tutors is like for any traditional job.

To apply for the named position (in this case, tutoring position), you need to submit a cover letter and a resume. If you get accepted, you would be required to take proficiency tests that usually contain 8-20 multiple-choice questions. You are entitled to only one attempt to take written assessments or proficiency tests. Meaning, to start working on the platform might take some time, anytime between a day to a week.

How to enroll in Wyzant and start learning?

To start learning and using the services this platform offers, you need to go over these next four steps.

Step one
Choose a subject you want to or need more learning and effort. It is important that you know when you are available. Because you need to set up a most suitable time when and where you want to meet. Following the answers you will provide, the platform will help you find the perfect match.

Step two
This is the step where you get to pick one of the 65.000 and more tutors. Feel free to browse all the experts covering the area you need them for. As Wyzant suggests, it is preferable to read as many Wyzant online tutoring reviews as possible before deciding. That being said, you can also read more Wyzant reviews on Reddit and other reputable rating sites that offer verified customer reviews, like the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Plus, you will find plenty of customer reviews on their official website too.

Step three
Once you find an instructor that you like, you need to interview him/her to find out if he/she is the most suitable tutor for you. To do this, you can message them directly via Wyzant’s website and arrange an interview. Or, you can start a chat via the Wyzant app. You have to understand that it is essential to chat and converse with tutors before deciding on anyone because this is the only way you can know them a little better.

Step four
Since you already decided who your tutor will be, now it is time for you to book your first lesson. There are two options for learning: you can have lessons in-person or online with your teacher. Yes, the platform enables 1-to-1 lessons with your mentor.

How does Wyzant online tutoring work?

We are sure you have a vast idea of how an online class looks, but still, let us see how Wyzant online tutoring looks.

As you’ve already imagined, the lesson is 1-on-1 in an online classroom. Moreover, Wyzant has an online learning tool of its own, so the learning process takes place through this very tool.

The online learning tool comes equipped to offer stable and clear video and audio connections. Additionally, it offers an interactive whiteboard where you can upload documents or work out equations. This tool offers some pretty advanced tech features, like editing text and code in real-time.

And if all of the above seems like it’s too much to take in or you still feel unsure about some things, you have nothing to worry about. Wyzant has prepared for you something as an intro video, where you will get all the tips and how to go ahead and prepare for your first online lesson.

One more thing, please do log in from either your desktop or tablet device for your learning sessions.

NB: You will be able to download everything from the whiteboard, and you can review your lesson also (use Wyzant’s recording tool).

Wyzant’s Plans and Pricing

Before going into numbers and prices, it is good to know that you have no long-term commitments towards Wyzant. Even better, students are only charged after their lesson is complete. As we already mentioned earlier, teachers set their pay rate, and they get to keep seventy-five percent of the price.

On average, the price ranges between $30 and $60 an hour for tutoring services. Wyzant takes a commission on those services. The commission was forty percent in the past, and later it dropped to as low as twenty percent. However, starting from January 2019, the platform changed the commission again, and now it charges tutors a twenty-five percent fee.

Is Wyzant worth the money?

According to data from Wyzant, as of March 2020, the average hourly rate on Wyzant is no more than $45. Looking at this number, it seems that a lot of teachers on the platform are costly. But the truth about the value and cost of this application lies in the wide variety of experts and tutors that it offers.

Let us explain this differently, imagine that you find a tutor that has a suitable price range for you, but he might not be the best one for you. Also, many great tutors are available for as much as $25 an hour, or less, for the most popular tutoring subjects like algebra, calculus, chemistry, or physics on the platform.

To make things even more transparent, take a look at this breakdown:

  • The average tutoring price is $45.
  • More than 20% of tutors ask for at least forty dollars for their service, and less in some cases.
  • No more than 25% of them charge above $50.

Since we are on the topic, let’s see what their refund and cancelation policy is like.

Does Wyzant offer a free tutoring service or a money-back guarantee?

While Wyzant doesn’t offer free tutoring services of any kind, they have something called a ‘Good Fit Guarantee’ policy—that is close to free or money-back options.

This policy gives the student the chance to find out if he/she has a teacher who is a ‘good fit’ for him/her. If the student isn’t satisfied with the new tutor within the first hour of the lesson, he/she is entitled to a full refund.

Wyzant Cancellation Policy

For students, there is no cancellation policy because they don’t have to subscribe to their services. As previously stated, you only pay after you attend a session. However, tutors have their cancellation policy that can go up to 36 hours in advance.

According to their policy, cancellation fees cannot be managed 30 minutes before the scheduled end of a lesson. They also can’t be managed more than seven days after the initial date of the booked lesson.

Bear in mind that a lesson cancellation comes with a nine percent service fee. The tutors establish their fees, so they need to let their students be aware of them before starting the tutoring.

Another information worth mentioning: don’t make any cancellation via emails, phone calls, or by using a messaging app because it won’t be taken into account. You can make cancellations only via Wyzant messaging.


Having researched plenty of customer reviews, we found out that the Wyzant platform has a user-friendly interface and it is easy to use.

The only problem that caught our attention is the password recovery option. Therefore, if a user forgets a password, it may experience trouble resetting it. However, nothing to worry about since you can always refer to their broad and very well-explained FAQs page.

Also, what’s great about Wyzant is that you can have it on the go. The platform is accessible via computers and smartphones—You can download the app from your Google Play Store or Apple store.

Customer Service Support

Most Wyzant customer reviews suggest that customer care services are working promptly. There are a couple of ways to reach them. For instance, if you have any inquiries, you can contact the Wyzant support team

Wyzant also has a Facebook community and a Wyzant Blog that can help its users. Or, if you don’t feel like waiting for a reply back, hop on to their extensive and very well put together FAQs section and see if the solution to your problem is there.

Pros and Cons


  • Get a refund after the first class
  • Easy to use website
  • Excellent for young professionals


  • High starting fees for tutors
  • Potential password recovery issues
  • Cancelation fee

Wyzant Ratings and Accreditation

After having gone through as many as possible Wyzant customer reviews on different rating sites, it was evident that most of the testimonials are positive. The platform has a good reputation on the market.

Let’s find out how well Wyzant ranks up on some of the most reputable review rating sites.

Trustpilot: According to Trustpilot, Wyzant has 1.442 reviews, of which 87% have excellent ratings. Wyzant has an overall consumer satisfaction of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sitejabber: On Sitejabber, Wyzant has 268 five-star ratings out of 427 reviews. And it has an overall consumer rating of 3.9 on Sitejabber.

Indeed: Wyzant has received 213 five-star ratings out of 474 reviews on this reputable site. The overall consumer rating is 4 stars out of 5.

BBB: We are happy to let you know that Wyzant is the owner of a shiny BBB accreditation since 2007 (just two years after its foundation – impressive). The BBB graded it with a high-top A+. There aren’t many reviews to be found on their site; however, they received a 1-star rating out of 5. This is a rating made based on a mere nine reviews. Yet, there’s info that Wyzant managed to close fifteen complaints in the last three years, from which six were resolved in the past year.

From the data mentioned above, you can see that even though most Wyzant tutoring reviews are positive, there are also some complaints.

But, we also know they stand behind everything they do and are dedicated to resolving issues, and that’s proof of how reliable and stable they are.

Is Wyzant legitimate?

Wyzant is a legitimate business. For example, if you want to start as a test prep tutor and help students with score improvement, the platform asks for verified credentials to rely on, such as an SSN and consent to do a background check on you. Also, the price cut that it gets for the services provided is another argument that Wyzant is a legitimate platform.

In the end, as much as it is in your best interest as their students or tutors working on their platform, for Wyzant to be legitimate and following all regulations, the same goes for the people behind the platform too.“`

Wyzant Customer Reviews

The overall impression that we had after going through numerous customer reviews is highly positive. And feel free to go ahead and check for yourself on wyzant.com for reviews (this link) some of the reviews left for them. Here you can find Wyzant reviews by real students.

From what we could’ve read through, it seems like the students are really satisfied with the services they got from Wyzant and their massive team of experts. Anyway, we decided to give you a bit more customer reviews, some better than others and vice versa.

Wyzant Negative Reviews




(The screenshots are taken by Trustpilot, BBB, and Sitejabber)

Wyzant positive reviews




(The screenshots are taken from Trustpilot and Sitejabber)

Wyzant Alternatives

There are many different sites and brand competitors similar to Wyzant’s platform, offering tutoring services. That’s why we decided to pick two of the most suitable Wyzant alternatives and let you have a peek into their differences and similarities.

Wyzant vs. Preply

Maybe one of the most striking differences is that Preply has a global reach. It has more language tutors than tutors for other subjects compared to Wyzant (many tutors belong to different language groups). On the other hand, both Wyzant and Preply offer desktop and mobile access to their platforms. Preply’s tutors get a commission from 18-33 percent, while it costs students less because there are hourly plans. The Preply services starting price are from $5 up to $45 per hour. Compared to Wyzant’s $30 to $60 hourly rates.

Wyzant vs. Chegg

The most significant difference between these two platforms is that Chegg offers a 30-minute free trial in the first seven days. While, as from what it says on Wyzant’s website, your first lesson with them is for free. Unlike Wyzant, Chegg’s pricing includes different plans that vary from $6.95 for an online chat lesson to $30 a month for a video call lesson. The $15 weekly plan gives you thirty minutes of tutoring, and you can cancel a session anytime. Moreover, there is a pay-as-you-go plan costing 75 cents a minute with no additional charges.

Which One Is A Better Option?

Preply takes a 100% commission fee for the first lesson the tutor gives. The more hours with students a tutor has, the less percentage of commission he receives. The fee varies from 33 to 18 percent, and it depends on the number of completed hours a tutor has finished. According to the Better Business Bureau, Preply is not BBB accredited.

Wyzant is BBB accredited. It also has an average hourly rate of $45, while on other platforms, the maximum hourly rates can reach up to $45.

This info suggests that working on the Wyzant platform as a tutor can help you earn more money than other platforms. As for students, since tutors are offering different hourly rates, you will be able to pick out what suits you the most.

Why choose the Wyzant platform?

While there are many reasons why you should go ahead with Wyzant, let us remind you of some of the perks you will get if you make them your choice.

Wyzant enables 1-to-1 lessons with your tutor through video, voice, and chat. The website platform is easy to use. It gives two possibilities for learning: in-person or online learning with a teacher.

As a student, you can get a refund if you don’t like the class. This platform has good graduate school programs, and it has more than 10.600 private graduate tutors. If you want to excel in your graduate school studies, Wyzant can help you do that.

As a tutor, you can earn more money on Wyzant than other platforms, which is good for young teachers. That being said, from August 2020, the platform launched the Group & Individual Homeschooling Tutor Concierge Service. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Wyzant platform had a surge of requests by over 2.400% percent for online or hybrid learning. This is another fact that on this platform, you can find work as a tutor.


To sum it up. Wyzant as an online educational platform varies high among its colleagues/competitors. It may not be the cheapest online platform of its kind, but it does come with certain perks. You have more than 64.000 tutors to choose from. Even more, you can interview your tutor – how great is that? On the plus side, Wyzant offers many subjects to choose from: algebra, literature, music lessons, sports, etc. It’s even more interesting and unique since you have the chance to meet with your tutor in person. We are sure that many parents would like to have a short conversation with the tutors of their children.

Hopefully, this Wyzant review was of great help to you, either as a student or as someone good at tutoring in a specific subject.


1. Can I have online lessons using my tablet?

According to the Wyzant support team, yes, you can. You can use a touch-enabled device for an online lesson. However, Wyzant suggests using Google Chrome on your tablet, but for the ultimate user experience and connection, they recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.

2. What browser do I need?

The platform at the moment is supported by two main and most used browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The audio/video Wyzant platform runs only on these two browsers.

3. Why isn’t my video working?

If your video is not working, the support team, as well as Wyzant reviews, suggests you visit this page. But, if you are a Chrome user, you will need to hover over the ‘Allow’ button at the top of your screen and click on it so the camera can start working.

On the other hand, if you are a Firefox user, you will be asked to share your camera and microphone. And, if you are still facing problems, you need to double-check that your camera is turned on and nothing is covering the same.

Though, if you are experiencing some audio problems, it might depend on how old your computer may be (older computers sometimes don’t come with integrated microphones).