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ADP TotalSource Review - Features, Pricing, Alternatives (2023)


  • User-friendly mobile application
  • All-time automated support via phone
  • Staff Training and Growth Programs


  • No fixed pricing
  • Complexed user reports section

Average Rating: 4

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Most ADP TotalSource reviews are optimistic about the services provided by this PEO (Professional Employer Organization). Real experts from the company provide first-class services in HR, payroll, training, benefits administration, regulatory compliance, and risk management fields.

Based on various ADP TotalSource online reviews from review websites like G2, Software Advice, Gartner, and Trustpilot, ADP TotalSource has an average user rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Moreover, it is IRS-certified and accredited by ESAC. These accreditations and certifications combined with efficient services are helping ADP TotalSource flourish in the PEO business.

If you want to be next-in-line to the many satisfied customers, then scroll down to find out more about its features, pricing, and reputation on the market.


  • ADP TotalSource Bio
  • ADP TotalSource Awards and Recognition
  • ADP TotalSource Features
  • Main Services
    • HR Services
    • Payroll Services and Tax Support
    • Risk and Compliance
    • Benefits Administration
  • Extra Services
    • Reports and Analytics
    • ADP Mobile App
    • Workforce Management
    • Training and Development
  • ADP TotalSource Plans and Pricing
  • Cancellation Policy and (hidden) Fees
  • ADP TotalSource Pros and Cons
  • ADP TotalSource Customer Support Service
  • ADP TotalSource Ratings and Accreditation
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials
  • ADP TotalSource Alternatives
    • ADP TotalSource vs. Justworks
    • ADP TotalSource vs. TriNet
  • Summary
  • FAQs

ADP TotalSource Bio

What is ADP TotalSource? Who are they?

ADP TotalSource is an American company that offers complete HR (Human Resources) services and assistance to other companies and businesses. Additionally, this is a company that acts as a PEO – fully cloud-integrated software that handles everything for you: HR management, employees’ payroll, administration, insurance, benefits, taxes, workers’ compensation, etc.

This company is part of the leadership of the initial company that went under the name of Automatic Payrolls. Automatic Payrolls is a company that dates back from 1949, with head office in Roseland, New Jersey, the USA. This company, of 72 years, is the product of Henry Taub.

He was the man that made a vision turn into reality and founded the initial company. Further on, in 1961, the name changed into ADP (Automatic Data Processing), however, it wasn’t until the 90s, when the company began to serve as a PEO.

Who is it best for?

ADP TotalSource is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, it’s equally great for companies that come with pre-determined HR specifics, or companies that are already using other ADP services (ADP Workforce/Run, etc). Furthermore, it’s convenient for businesses who are looking to expand and grow, and having a PEO on your side, will enable you to focus on other primary points and tasks in your company.

ADP TotalSource Awards and Recognitions

We’ve already mentioned that ADP TotalSource is the product of a company with over 70 years of establishment. It would’ve been a surprise to hear there aren’t any awards or recognitions with their name on them. Let us check out some of them:

  1. ADP was on the 227 positions on the Fortune 500 list among the biggest US corporations (by revenue) in 2020.
  2. In 2020, ADP TotalSource has received the award for being elected as a Top HR product.
  3. For ten consecutive years, ADP carries the title ‘Leader’, according to the Multi-Process HR Outsourcing PEAK (2021).
  4. The company is also recognized for being among the top companies for diversity and inclusion in the States for eleven years straight.
  5. ADP TotalSource is part of the ‘’World’s Most Admired Companies’, fourteen years in succession.

Nonetheless, this is just a portion of the many recognitions on their shelf. Let’s move on and see what it is that they offer, what services and features are at your disposal if you decide to become their client.

ADP TotalSource Features

Though ADP TotalSource collaborates with small, medium, and large businesses; still, a small business can qualify for usage of their services if they have a minimum of five employees. Additionally, info worthy of noting is that ADP’s HR services are available in all fifty states.

What stands behind the ADP TotalSource full-service PEO review is an HR solution, hiring, payroll services, tax support, employee benefits, administration benefits, workplace safety, and much more.

Main Services

  • HR Services

The main features of the HR management services are the following: new hire onboarding, offboarding, recruiting, and HR-compliance training. ADP TotalSource also offers HR best practices, an employee handbook, flexible working options, and a healthier lifestyle for workers. Among the number of valuable HR solutions and services, they also have programs that let you grow professionally and career-wise. Whereas, for students, there are student programs related to loan repayment.

  • Payroll Services and Tax Support

ADP TotalSource makes payroll processing simple and straightforward. Hence, it saves you a lot of time by finishing everything you need in just a few clicks. Their payroll services offer direct deposit as well as online payroll solutions. In addition to this, ADP automatically estimates your retirement contributions with all possible deductions, incorporating taxes by providing professional support.

As far as taxes go, as specified above, following the local employment tax laws, employees are paid by ADP, either through direct deposit, checks, or via a payment card.

  • Risk and Compliance

PEO’s partnership is efficient for ADP TotalSource because it enables a wide range of experts in all spheres. As a result, your business will comply and keep up with the latest OSHA reports, insurance, health, and safety training of the company.

Additionally, the ADP SmartCompliance set-up of arrangements coordinates with third-party service providers to assist your dealings with an assortment of administrations.

  • Benefits Administration

ADP offers Fortune 500-caliber benefits administration. Such, involving

– expert guidance depending on your needs,
– computer benefits,
-competitive retirement savings plans: 401(k) plans. 403(b) options, as well as IRA retirement plan,
– insurance and healthcare.

Extra Services

  • Reports and Analytics

ADP provides your company with essential and custom revealing highlights, including components of financial information, staff participation, and other advantages. Moreover, the ADP DataCloud can help in the detection of the main trends, patterns, and issues regarding the business areas.

  • ADP TotalSource Mobile App

It can’t get more convenient than having an on-the-go HR outsourcing service that you can manage from anywhere. You are given an overview of plan information, like

– the balance of your payment card and transactions you’ve made
– contact information about any of your employees,
– employees’ worker profiles,
– team schedules, etc.

All-in-all, through the app you can access key managerial features, as well as key employee features. And if you are worried about how secure a mobile transaction of this kind would be, you shouldn’t.

The mobile app and the desktop platform are connected to the same secure server – all transfer of information is encrypted.

  • Workforce Management

The innovative ADP workforce management software integrates easy and fair compliance, analytics, and payroll. Furthermore, the extensive experience of ADP TotalSource makes it an outstanding resource for problems that occur like immigration needs and unemployment management. By having ADP TotalSource’s workforce management on your side, you can get rid of paper sheet tasks, and save more or less forty minutes a week, with the help of their automated notifications and advanced timecard exactness.

  • Training and Development

Employee learning programs and worker’s training and development handbooks are introduced as additional services in the learning administration of ADP.

ADP TotalSource Plans and Pricing

Like every other PEO service provider, ADP TotalSource also does not provide fixed plans and prices. You need to generate a quote based on your business specifics.

However, all plans from ADP TotalSource include:

  • Training and development
  • HR enrolling
  • Payroll processing and taxation
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Risk and compliance
  • All-time customer support

According to a verified ADP PEO review 2020, a combination of such services usually ranges from $125 to $155 a month (individually for each employee).

In the end, this is not an apples-to-apples comparison. PEO service providers’ fees vary considerably based on the used services, the ZIP code of your business, the regularity of payroll running, the number of staff, and other factors.

If you want to find out more, you can visit their official website and find a special offer, which can grab your attention. For instance, ADP offers three months of free payroll from the moment of signing up, and they have four different payroll packages to choose from:

  • Essential Payroll
  • Enhanced Payroll
  • Complete Payroll and HR Plus
  • HR Pro: Payroll and HR

Cancellation Policy and (hidden) Fees

Additionally, ADP TotalSource charges for the following two, if required: a W-2 preparation form, 1099, and 1095-C.
Other services that may require some additional charges are 401(k) plans, ADP Talent Suite, and some other insurance-related options.

What ADP doesn’t provide is a contract for more extended periods or cancellations of the same. Therefore we can state there are no termination fees.

ADP TotalSource Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly mobile application.
  • All-time automated support via phone.
  • Staff Training and Growth Programs.


  • No fixed pricing.
  • Complexed user reports section.
  • Not necessarily easy to set it up.

ADP TotalSource Customer Support Support

Numerous ADP TotalSource customer reviews express their satisfaction by giving a high rating to this 24/7 available payroll software. However, there is always another side of the story as with this one — indicating the ADP TotalSource complains about the long wait time when responding to issues. Regardless of this, ADP’s customer support gives its maximum to solve various types of questions and customers’ concerns about ADP’s services.

These are the given customer support options of ADP:

  • Phone support (24/7)
  • Online support
  • Email

Other resources available on their website are:

  • Various Articles
  • Available Knowledge Base
  • FAQs section

ADP TotalSource Ratings and Accreditation

What makes ADP TotalSource a popular payroll trend is its long presence on the market. And with such a presence, there are numerous online ratings. Here are some of them:

Capterra – ADP has a 4.3 star-rating/5, based on 184 customer reviews.

TrustRadius – This website gave ADP 3 out of 5 stars, a decision made on just 34 reviews.

G2 – ADP scored 4.5 star-rating/5, thanks to no more than 95 reviews.

GetApp – From this site, ADP received 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 184 customer reviews.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) – To our and your surprise, ADP TotalSource scored a fairly low 1.8 star-rating/5. And this rating is based upon more or less 142 reviews. Moreover, ADP is BBB accredited, with an excellent A+ grade.

You would be happy to hear that ADP is accredited by the National Association of Professional Employer Organization and the Employer Services Employer Assurance Corporation. Nonetheless, no less important is that APR TotalSource is an IRS-certified PEO.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

No review is complete without actual testimonials by verified customers.

Positive Customer Reviews

After thorough research and reading more than 40 customer reviews and comments we noticed numerous positive comments about the ADP TotalSource PEO services, which are proven to be reliable and easy to navigate.
Furthermore, most of the positive reviews about this payroll process are thanks to the easy and efficient job known as an all-in-one HR solution. Besides, it makes it handy for employees since they can make a copy of their paychecks, submit the PTO time, or check the benefits they have requested. Here are some of them:




(The screenshots are taken from verified reviews left on Capterra, GetApp, G2, and TrustRadius)

Negative Customer Reviews

As far as ADP TotalSource negative reviews are concerned, the most common are the charges for an inaccurate number of purchased items and the lack of speed from customer service in answering questions related to specific issues. Have a look at some:



(The screenshots are taken from verified reviews left on Capterra and GetApp)

ADP TotalSource Alternatives

Some of the most frequently encountered ADP TotalSource alternatives are Justworks, TriNet, Paychex Flex, and Rippling.

For the sake of the review, we decided to make a comparison between ADP and two of their alternatives.

ADP TotalSource vs. Justworks

ADP TotalSource Justworks
ADP TotalSource functions through a co-employment model that makes sure that both sides are satisfied with its services. It deals with small businesses (5 to 50 employees) and mid-sized businesses consisting of 50 to roughly 1.000 employees. Because it is certified as PEO, it helps its customers with resource management, but with higher costs than Justworks. It is suitable for smaller companies that are looking to simplify their payroll software. It offers many employee benefits. The onboarding process and the online platform are justified as simple and less expensive than the ADP TotalSource.

ADP TotalSource vs. TriNet

ADP TotalSource TriNet
Many customers have complained about higher costs at the time of the implementation. Some of them claimed the customer support team wasn’t knowledgeable enough to give answers to each question. Despite this, others say that ADP has many benefits to offer for PEO’s with HR concerns. TriNet is similar to Justworks since both offer a wide range of HR services and benefits, but only for smaller businesses.
The most extraordinary feature of TriNet is the friendly and assistive customer support staff.


Almost in each ADP TotalSource review, you will find positive comments about the clients’ treatment taking part in small businesses. But this treatment is usually the result of ADP TotalSource solutions provided by the PEO, which helps many customers having a small or large number of employees.

What makes the ADP TotalSource appealing to organizations is the broad choice of features for small companies. Yet, ADP has pretty higher prices than other payroll programs. Nevertheless, with its long-lasting experience, customers will be able to advance their HR strategy altogether with payroll services and tax support.

Considering everything, we can say that ADP TotalSource is the perfect choice for legal compliance and risk management.


1. How Do I View My ADP Pay Statement?

Login into your account at adp.com—here you can access your pay statements, as well as W-2 forms. However, this is possible only if your employer has granted you access. You will need a registration code to access all the information.

2. What Steps Are Needed When Migrating to ADP TotalSource?

A migration strategy starts right away from the moment of signing up with ADP TotalSource.
You will be provided with an organizational development consultation, for an in-depth estimate of the things your business requires. Afterward, ADP starts with the finalization of usual employee processes.

3. Can ADP TotalSource Help Save My Company Money?

Legit ADP PEO reviews find ADP TotalSource as a good value for money even though it keeps its prices higher than other service providers. The profoundly moderate employee benefits are the most important and valuable features that assist numerous businesses to ultimately save a considerable amount of money.