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AskNow Reviews [2023] - Is It Worth Your Time and Money?


  • High profile psychic experts
  • All experts are verified/screened
  • Easy access to many psychic reading services


  • Pricey readings rates
  • A limited number of bilingual psychic experts

Average Rating: 4

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Online platforms that provide access to well-known psychic experts have garnered much attention in recent times, and for a good reason.

With many folks going through difficult times, now thanks to a global pandemic and the uncertainty that comes with it, psychic reading experts provide people with the guidance they need.

One such platform where you can find the best psychic experts is AskNow. We have gone through many AskNow reviews by people who have used their services for some time now, and we decided to try it for ourselves. Hence, we had the chance to find out information on the platform’s quality of service, their psychic advisors, ease of use, pricing, customer service, and much more.

Instead of going through dozens of AskNow psychic reviews online, stay with us and read through this complete AskNow.com guide.


  • AskNow Overview
  • Highlights
  • Key Features
  • Pricing
  • How Does AskNow Work?
  • AskNow Alternatives
    • AskNow vs. Kasamba
    • AskNow vs. Keen Psychics
    • AskNow vs. Oranum
  • Pros and Cons
  • AskNow Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Summary
  • FAQs

AskNow Overview

What is an AskNow?

AskNow is an online platform that helps connect users with psychic experts via phone or email, depending on their personal preferences.

The platform has been functional since 2005, and it is one of the best American psychic sources for online psychic guidance. Users can take advantage of many psychic services: tarot readings, horoscopes, mediums, and plenty of other psychic readings that we’ll mention in this review.

Who is it best for?

AskNow is ideal for anyone looking to find an answer or advice on troublesome periods in life or heavy decision-making situations. People are dealing with all kinds of things, and sometimes they need something more, powers that can see further and more profoundly than the ordinary person can. AskNow psychics and mediums are here exactly because of that, to guide, help, and advise people when they need it the most.

How secure is it?

The platform uses the latest security protocols and industry best practices to ensure the safety of its users’ personal information. Therefore, they undertake all necessary measures for the technical and physical safety of your data. For instance, they use SSL protection for the security of finance-related information and transactions. Additionally, they follow all federal laws and regulations, and your info is off-limits to the public.

Why an AskNow Psychic?

And why not an AskNow Psychic? AskNow has many gifted and qualified psychic advisors who are ready to answer your questions via phone or chat at a convenient and affordable cost. Moreover, AskNow is a great option for those looking for psychic experts who can guide them in their love and relationships, career, personal lives and decipher the hidden messages in their dreams.

Users can contact the psychic experts immediately as soon as they have made their choice from the available options. And, you have nothing to worry about because all of the psychics are thoroughly screened, so you can rest assured that you will be getting advice from the best in their field of expertise.


Is there any warranty?

In fact, yes, there is one. If you happen to have a negative experience or you are dissatisfied by a particular reading, they will compensate you. The compensation consists of either a one-time credit (the price you paid for) or the value of extra 10 minutes to use them with a different advisor.

Ease of use (Interface)?

Excellent question. Because it is the fact that it is extremely easy to use is what sets this service apart from the rest.

It has a user-friendly website where clients can easily find the type of psychic advisor they are searching for. Apart from that, the site also lets you use other features such as

–  introductory offers,
–  videos, and articles,
–  online chat, and psychic spotlight,
–  and daily horoscope for all those who are interested.

First-time users also get a chance to ask a free question and get an instant reply from a live psychic.

AskNow Customer Support Service

You can get in touch with the AskNow customer support team in two possible ways:

–  By calling them at 1-800-660-1922
–  Or, you can send them an email at [email protected].

Remember that you are free to call them or email them round the clock, 24/7.

Key Features

What makes AskNow a great option for those who are looking for psychic experts is because the psychics on the platform have varied abilities and are available in various categories. Hence, you are sure to find a psychic expert to suit your needs.
The readings they offer are neatly categorized. Thus, here is a quick info on each of its top features and services:

  • Love and relationship

As the name would have it, this category, i.e., AskNow psychics, can clarify and advise on love, family, and relationship-related questions. With their advisors, you can speak from ex-lovers and husbands to painful split-ups and soulmates.

  • Career and goals

Are you thinking of changing your career or setting up new career-wise goals? Is it a good time? Maybe a psychic chat will sort out your dilemma or help you narrow down your Pros and Cons.

  • Money and finance

Financial advice coming from a psychic medium is not to be turned down. On the contrary, many psychic users seek advice on money-related topics. Taking a step forward financially-wise isn’t something easy to do, so why not have a good and spiritual consultation/session with AskNow’s psychic experts.

  • Tarot Readers

Tarot reading is one the most popular readings sought by many. A deck of seventy-eight cards holds a handful of answers—AskNow scopes from ordinary situations to sensitive and complex aspects of your life. Tarot readers use their powers to read through the symbols of tarot cards and get a more precise insight into the energy that prevails over your life.

  • Numerology

Numbers have proven to contain great answers for ourselves. Numerologists can do wonders for you with just your date of birth and name in their hands. For example, the numbers lead to a deeper meaning in different aspects such as strengths and weaknesses, fate, hidden talents, etc.

  • Spiritual Guides

These are psychics that are immensely led by their spiritual guides. Thus, this is their way of getting answers to your problems/questions. Spiritualists are said to have a higher power of connecting with someone else’s energy. Hence, they can redirect their energy and, with the help of their inner guides, lead you to specific areas of life.

  • Past Lives

Is there something that you can’t let go of from the past? And this particular thing keeps on holding you back. This is where the AskNow psychics step in and assist you to liberate yourself from the experience and move further on in your present life and situation.

  • Dream Analysis

Often dreams tell us more than what we can understand. Luckily, this platform comes with amazingly gifted dream analysts that can see a message through each object/symbol and enter some subconscious part of you.

  • Astrology Readings

Astrologists have a specific gift that lets them make connections between the planets, the universe, and your date of birth. Their telling and prediction usually are focused on particular events that are or will be taking place and your character. The stars and the universe can reveal plenty for one’s behavior.

Who is the best psychic on AskNow?

While there are many psychic experts available on the platform, a few stand out. Here are just some of the top-rated psychics that are available to answer your questions at AskNow:

  • Medium Sandra Lee

Medium Sandra Lee has over 25 years of experience as a psychic or, better said, a clairvoyant medium.

Her expertise includes tarot reading, spiritual guidance, love and relationships, money, careers, and goals. She is a Master advisor on AskNow, so you can rest assured that your future is in good hands.

  • Diva Vida

Diva Vida has also more than 25 years of experience as a life coach and love and relationship expert. Her expertise also includes energy reading, chakra, remote viewing, and she offers her services in English and Spanish.

  • Psychic Cristina

Cristina has more or less 30 years of experience as a tarot reader, spiritual guide, and numerologist. She also specializes in astrology, dream analysis, Runes and is an expert when in love and relationships. She is a master-level psychic who is one of the sought-after experts on the AskNow Platform. Moreover, Cristina can deliver assistance, advice, or solutions in both English and Spanish.

Plans and Pricing

AskNow offers extremely affordable payment plans with their Top-rated advisors available from $3.99 and $9.99 a minute. These are the psychic experts that have the highest reviews on the platform. Elite advisors charge between $10 and $12.99 a minute and offer a more specialized service.

At last, Master advisors come at the highest rate of $13 a minute and more. This service is for the ones seeking answers to some pressing questions about their personal lives, careers, etc.

However, one of the best advantages of using AskNow is that you can get a free psychic reading for the first five minutes (when you first sign up for the service). This gives you plenty of time to get an idea of what you are looking for and the service quality of the psychic expert you choose.

After the free love reading by phone, you can get access to various other services from online psychics that are available at different rates.

Users also can opt for packages that AskNow has to offer, which is pretty straightforward at the cost of $1 a minute. Hence, you are eligible for

–  30 minutes for the price of $1 a minute with Elite advisors,
–  or 20 minutes for the cost of $1 a minute with Master advisors.

What payment methods does AskNow accept?

The service accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

How Does AskNow Work?

Though opening an account with AskNow isn’t complicated at all, still, let us walk you through the process step-by-step.

  1. Open their official website and go straight to the top right corner of the screen, where it says ‘Login.’ Since you don’t have an account with them, click on ‘New Customers Register Here.’
  2. When you click on the button mentioned above, you will be taken to a new window – the signup window.
  3. To create the account, you need to provide them with your first/ last name, a valid email, choose a username, and think of a good password. Lastly, enter your birth date, and thick the square box to subscribe to daily emails/news.
  4. Next, choose one of the packages offered.
  5. Now you can click on the orange ‘Sign Up’ button.

This process takes a matter of minutes, and you will be done with the registration in no time. Once you get your psychic login, you get instant access to the many online psychics available on the platform. Users can also sign up for the AskNow horoscopes that are sent daily to your email address.

Once you log in, you can begin your search using the easy-to-navigate menu that breaks up the various services such as psychic spotlight, online chat, daily horoscope, and live psychics.

Currently, sessions can be carried out via phone or email, where you can get readings from psychics, Elite and Master Advisors, which are the very best in psychic readings.

How to find a psychic?

The best way to find the psychic of your choice is by simply scrolling through the many psychic advisors who offer their services on the platform. Once you find a psychic you like, all you have to do is reach out and send them a message or call them if they are available online.

What types of readings are available on AskNow.com?

Users can get a variety of readings from AskNow, like the following

  • tarot readings,
  • Horoscopes,
  • chakra cards reading,
  • Claircognizance,
  • Clairsentience, and more.

Users can get answers to their most burning questions relating to their personal and love lives, finance and money, careers, and get spiritual guidance, and much more, all under a single platform.

Is there any available app?

The fact that there is also a user-friendly, cross-platform app that is available makes it even easier for users to get the answers to their questions on the go and It just makes the entire procedure more convenient. The app offers the same commodities as the desktop version: confidential and discreet readings, daily horoscopes, the freedom to contact any psychic you want, etc.


How to save money, get a better reading, and maximize your reading

Here are some tips suggested by the psychic advisors themselves and people who already experienced online psychic reading.

  • Find a quiet room, or schedule a reading when you know your house is empty.
  • Grab a notebook/ notepad and a pen to scribble down some important info you might hear.
  • Decide beforehand what questions you want to ask the psychic advisor. Focus on one topic in particular.
  • Try not to interrupt the psychic while speaking, and listen carefully.
  • Be realistic when asking questions.

AskNow Alternatives

The popularity of platforms where you can find psychic experts is increasing over the past few years, which is why there are quite a few alternatives to AskNow. Here, we are going to take a quick look at what these alternative services have to offer and how they differ from AskNow.

AskNow vs. Kasamba

Kasamba and AskNow, offer psychic readings through phone and chat. More or less, both platforms offer the same services and features.

Kasamba users can choose from the 65+ different psychic advisors that are available on the platform.

Unlike AskNow that offers five free minutes upon sign up, Kasamba offers only three free minutes of psychic calling once you signup for the service.

On the plus side, they do have a significant downside in common: none of the two offers their users video chat sessions.

AskNow vs. Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics is another platform where you can get psychic readings and tarot readings along with plenty of other services. The service is also available through a mobile app, which makes it more convenient for users to get answers to their most burning questions instantly.

The platform lets you enjoy three free minutes of expert advice once you’ve signed up for the service. Whereas, with AskNow, you can have five free minutes with any psychic advisor.

However, Keen Psychics is not one of the cheapest around, costing around $1.99 per minute for reading by any psychic advisor. Simultaneously, AskNow can’t praise themselves at somewhat low prices. However, if compared to Keen, then AskNow offers lower prices.

One striking difference is that AskNow is available in two languages, English and Spanish (however, not all psychics deliver readings in Spanish).

AskNow vs. Oranum

Oranum is another platform where you can get a free psychic reading or tarot reading from live psychics. The service can be joined for free, and every new user gets $9.99 free credits. The prices for each reading session will vary depending on the psychic expert and the service.

It may not be of great importance, though; it is an interesting piece of information. Compared to most of its fellow competitors, Oranum is situated in the EU (Luxembourg). AskNow is a US-based psychic online platform.

However, Oranum prevails above AskNow, with the availability of video chat sessions, because this is something you can’t get with AskNow.

In the end, both platforms come strong with a wide range of psychic readings, and they both guarantee to protect your privacy and information.

Pros and Cons


  • First 5 minutes free
  • High profile psychic experts
  • All experts are verified/screened
  • Easy access to many psychic reading services
  • Available in English and Spanish


  • A limited number of bilingual psychic experts
  • Straightforward deals
  • Pricey readings rates (Elite and Master advisors)

AskNow Customer Reviews and Ratings

We are coming to the end of this AskNow review. Thus, before we wrap up things, let’s see AskNow’s online rating.

Rating Site Star-rating and Number of reviews
Sitejabber 2-star rating; 96 customer reviews
Trustpilot 3.3-star rating; 18 customer reviews
BBB (Better Business Bureau) 1.25-star rating; only 8 reviews

*AskNow doesn’t have a BBB accreditation.

Customer Reviews

AskNow enjoys some pretty solid customer reviews because of the many features and ease of service the platform has to offer. Let’s see some positive and less positive customer reviews.

Positive Customer Reviews




(These are verified customer reviews left on Sitejabber and Trustpilot.)

The positive AskNow.com reviews are some of the highest when compared to other psychic platforms, which is easy to see why.

Negative Customer Reviews



(These are verified customer reviews left on Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and the BBB.)

As you can read the above-mentioned AskNow psychics complaints, not everything is great for everyone on the platform.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t say much either. It is entirely normal to have positive and negative reviews about the same site. And it is ok for people to have different experiences with the same platform. While some are thankful to AskNow, others complain about them. You’ll have to give it a try and let us know about your experience with them.


To sum it all up. AskNow.com is one of the most popular online psychic venues in the United States. And it comes offering plenty of psychics readings: tarot readings, spiritual guidance, past life readings, love and relationship, finance-related advice and solutions, and many more.

Their policy is pretty straightforward, as well as their pricing packages. The service also offers some great discounts and special features that new users can take advantage of, which is a welcome bonus.

And while like many other psychic platforms, they too lack video chat readings (people prefer video chat-based readings). But, you can still opt to have a reading through phone or a live chat. Their website and their app are easy to use, and everything is categorized; thus it’s easy to navigate through. Moreover, the site is bilingual. There’s an option to switch to Spanish, which can’t be found frequently with other sites of this range.

Hopefully, these AskNow reviews brought you to make a final decision, and ultimately you’ll give AskNow a try.


1. What is the most effective method for locating a Psychic on AskNow?

The service offers an easy-to-navigate menu where users can choose the psychic expert, depending on their requirements and the questions they want answers to. Users also get to take advantage of the Psychic Spotlight feature, which gives you access to some of the top-rated psychic experts on the platform.

2. Is an AskNow Psychic Reading worth it?

AskNow is consistently rated as one of the best options online when it comes to platforms to find psychic experts. The platform is easy to use and even has its mobile application, making it extremely easy for people to get access to the best psychic advisors available online, regardless of their physical location. So, yes, it is worth it.

3. Does it provide any affiliate programs?

Yes. AskNow does offer users access to an affiliate program, and you can earn up to $100 for every new customer you introduce to the service (the same has to sign up to the platform).

Moreover, you can gain up to $100 in commission with each sale, which is a pretty sweet deal.