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Diamond Mattress Review - Affordable Handcrafted Sleep Wellness


  • Good temperature regulation
  • Forever warranty
  • Low motion transfer


  • Doesn’t offer a long term comfort
  • Some models are too pricey

Average Rating: 5

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Diamond is a family-owned mattress manufacturer company that has been around for over 70 years. This company was founded back in 1946, and it is situated in Rancho Dominguez, California, the USA.

Shaun Pennington (the present owner) decided to continue his family business and invest his time and energy in creating and delivering quality sleep and mattresses across the country.

How do they do this?

They handcraft their mattresses, produce their own innerspring, pocketed coils, and process their memory foams. Furthermore, they are one of the largest manufacturers with a wide range of firmness and layering option mattresses on the market.

Before we dig deeper into these mattresses’ characteristics, how’s made, and why is ideal for you, let us give you an overview of everything we will cover in this Diamond mattress review:


  • Diamond Mattress Details
  • Diamond Pricing and Discounts
  • Shipping and Return Policies
  • Customer Service
  • Diamond Mattress Reviews and Ratings
  • Diamond Mattress Alternatives
    • Diamond Mattress vs. Tuft and Needle
    • Diamond Mattress vs. Casper
    • Diamond Mattress vs. DreamCloud
  • Pros and Cons
  • Wrap Up
  • FAQs

Diamond Mattress Details

This family mattress manufacturing business is now in the hands of a fourth generation. And like the generations before them, they are putting you and your good sleep on top of their list, by offering you three types of mattresses.

Those are the following: hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses.

The hybrid is a great line of mattresses that offer plenty of options for support and comfort levels depending on what kind of mattress you are looking for.

It is free from known harmful chemicals and gas materials, and Diamond offers six different kinds of hybrid mattresses:

  • Grateful Hybrid
  • Intention Hybrid
  • Faith Hybrid
  • Transformation Hybrid
  • Rally Foam
  • Rally Hybrid

Further on, the Diamond mattresses are correspondingly arranged in five collections: G.I.F.T, Rally, Dreamstage, Generations, and Ethos.

G.I.F.T is the acronym for the following mattresses (Grateful, Intention, Fait, and Transformation).

The Rally collection consists of the Rally foam and Rally hybrid mattresses.

The Dreamstage is a luxurious handmade and custom made collection and it includes

–  Dream
– Cool Spring
– Black Diamond
– Luxury
– Hybrid
– Cool Foam
– and DreamStage Naturals.

However, this collection is sold only by exclusive retailers. In other words, these mattresses are not available for dropshipping, they are available for in-store pickup, only.

If you want to check them out you will need to visit your nearest dealer.

The Generations mattresses are exclusively designed to relieve pressure points and deliver serene rest. This is done through a high-quality combination of luxury foams and separately wrapped coils.

The Ethos collection throws light on luxury combinations mixed with eco-friendly substances.

What separates Diamond mattresses from the rest?

The overall quality of the mattress construction, as well as the high-quality materials used to do the same.

Diamond is a handcrafted mattress compressed in a box, with eco-friendly and healthy materials used in its construction. Additionally, some of their mattresses (like the DreamSuite Cool Latex Hybrid), have nested coils that offer twenty-five percent more support than most traditional spring systems.

The Diamond mattress also offers a 120 night trial period, alongside a forever warranty, and a white glove delivery service.

That being said, let us move further on with our review and see what kind of materials Diamond uses to construct their mattresses.


The Diamond mattress consists of a medical-grade and super-premium Hi-CORE and Certi-pur LUSH layers of foam. The company uses flexible foams in their mattresses, certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals and gases.

The layers include:

  • A foam layer of an inch.
  • Fast-recovery gel.
  • A three-inch memory foam made with medical-grade cooling and levels of recovery.
  • And a high-density foam at the base.

The mattress is also free from natural flame retardants, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds. This mattress is constructed as such to reach that ideal combo of solid support, yet to remain soft and comfortable.

Mattress Layers and Firmness

In the previous section, we’ve mentioned the foam layers Diamond mattresses are made of. Now let us focus on the level of firmness these mattresses have.

Diamond has three levels of firmness to choose from medium, firm, and plush. This is exactly why Diamond mattresses have something for everyone.

According to Diamond mattress company reviews by Slumber Search, Diamond offers firmness choices of 3, 5, and 7 indexes on a scale from one to ten (where one is soft and ten is firm).

This index factor indicates there is a mattress for people with various expectations and needs. For instance, people who are slightly smaller when it comes to their overall body size and side-sleepers too should opt for a medium-firm mattress. Opposed to those who like sleeping on their stomachs, they should go for a firmer mattress, like the one indexed 7 on the firmness scale.

Here we will dive deep in explaining the layers and how the mattress is built. The mattress comes with four layers, though they have some differences because of the different levels of firmness and types of mattresses.

The basic layers of the mattress are:

Layer 1 – Cover
Layer 2 – Cooling gel memory foam
Layer 3 – Transition foam
Layer 4 – Pocketed zone coil system

Diamond Mattresses Breakdown

This section is dedicated to pointing out the similarities and differences between the different types of Diamond mattresses.

G.I.F.T – This collection has two kinds of covers. A quilted cover with high-density polyethylene yarns and a non-quilted stretch knit fabric cover with a diamond-shaped pattern design.

Diamond mattress cool touch gel reviews revealed the second layer from the G.I.F.T collection includes a diamond sparkle foam that contains graphene and has an open-cell design. The graphene allows heat to travel more efficiently away from the body and the open-cell design allows better overall airflow of the mattress.

Intention Hybrid – Following Diamond mattress memory foam reviews we found out that the Intention Hybrid has the same second material layer as the G.I.F.T mattress; the only difference being the shape. It has a convoluted sparkle foam that gives this mattress a bit more softness.

Grateful Hybrid – The Grateful collection has a different layer of poly foam. The foam used has swirl gel-infused memory foam that gives a little more firmness than the sparkle foam.

Transformation Hybrid – The Transformation models have an additional layer of micro or nano coils under the second layer. Diamond sleep mattress reviews state the micro-coils create a weightless or “no-pressure” feel and a comfortable sleep environment. These models have a rather deeper cushioning and plushness than other models.

The Rally – The Rally series consists of five layers but in comparison with the Transformation models, they are more customizable.

There are three types of design combinations that you can choose from. Additionally, you can customize and choose different core, cover, or comfort layers of your Rally mattress.

  • Core

– Springs
– Foam

  • Cover

– Baseline cover
– Cooling cover, for an extra $200
– Supercharged + copper-infused foam, for an extra $400

  • Comfort

– Firm
– Medium
– Plush

In the end, all Diamond mattresses have the same support layer. For instance, in a queen-size mattress, the support core consists of 744 coils that give excellent weight distribution. A bunch of those coils is zoned in a higher density in the center third of the mattress. They are nested more closely together to give bigger support to our heaviest body parts – the stomach and the hips. The perimeter of the mattress is encased with a dense foam that gives nice and strong edge support.


The diversity of firmness among the various mattress types gives distinct comfort level options to choose from.

Consequently, the solid foundation of its built-in coil-on-coil system creates a solid bed base that offers good pressure distribution and long-term stability. With a combination of contouring foams, the Diamond mattress also provides pressure relief. Especially the hybrid model’s contours to your natural shape and offer a great level of comfort. For example, the Transformation Hybrid is excellent at relieving pressure around the shoulders, back, and hips areas.

The Diamond reviews show they have great scores of initial comfort levels from most customers. Whereas, Diamond mattress complaints report issues with maintaining that comfort level over time.

Motion Isolation

According to reviews, Diamond Mattress has good motion isolation. The zoned support system prevents motion transfer and causes less disturbance if you sleep with a partner. The most expensive, the Transformation Hybrid also offers the best motion transference. If you have a restless partner then this one’s for you.

Diamond sleep mattress reviews show that specifically, the Intention Hybrid has impressive motion transference even though it is a bouncy mattress. The Intention’s five inches of foam enables better absorption of motion across the whole surface of the mattress.

Edge Support

We stated already that the perimeter of the mattress is encased with high-density foam which gives it greater firmness and good edge support. Following some Diamond mattresses, user reviews report that heavier people might experience some sinkage while sitting on the edge of the Intention Hybrid. But that is because the edge doesn’t have springs and there the five inches of copper foam are compressing for the most part.

Overall, the Diamond mattresses offer stable and great edge support. The firm encasement of the bed will keep you secure.

Temperature Regulation

The Diamond mattress shines when it comes to temperature neutrality. There are several reasons why it has good temperature regulation according to Diamond cool touch mattress reviews. Those are the following:

  • The open-cell design foam enables a better airflow than other mattresses.
  • It uses graphene in the foam layers. Graphene is a conductor and can transfer heat more efficiently.
  • Polyethylene conductive yarns are used in some of the cover mattresses that give coolness to the touch and create a good sleeping material.

Washable Cover

To preserve the hygiene of your Diamond mattress the cover is applicable for spot cleaning with a mild detergent.
Moreover, the company recommends using a water-resistant mattress protector so you can further protect your mattress. That way you can remove any kind of staining without soaking it with water because too much water can damage a mattress.

Diamond Mattress Pricing and Discounts

Alongside the wide variety of mattresses, there’s a range of prices to choose from, and almost every customer can find one that suits them the most. It is true that Diamond mattresses offer reasonable and affordable prices, but also pricier options.

Let’s have a good look at the table:

Types/Sizes Twin  Twin XL Full Queen  King Cal King
Grateful Hybrid $899 $949 $999 $1.099 $1.399 $1.399
Intention Hybrid $1.099 $1.149 $1.199 $1.299 $1.699 $1.699
Faith Hybrid $1.399 $1.449 $1.499 $1.599 $1.999 $1.999
Transformation Hybrid $1.599 $1.649 $1.699 $1.799 $2.199 $2.199
Rally Foam $1.099 $1.149 $1.199 $1.299 $1.599 $1.599
Rally Hybrid $1.099 $1.149 $1.199 $1.299 $1.599 $1.599


Diamond mattress, like other businesses, often has active discounts or promotions. At the moment it offers $200 off the full price and two pillows for free with every mattress you buy.

The platform enables you to make the payment via Affirm. With Affirm you can make monthly payments over 6, 12, or 18 months with around 15% APR. On the plus side, you can find many coupons and discount codes on Diamonds products, starting from 10 to 50%.

Furthermore, there’s a special discount for people who are in the military. You can find out more information by dialing the number left on their official website.

Shipping and Return Policies

They ship their products for free across all of the US, except to Alaska and Hawaii, there are extra shipping costs involved. Your order will be delivered to you within 3 to 7 business days. There’s also a White Glove Service for an extra $149 fee—The service includes setting up the new Diamond mattress and removing your old.

They offer a forever warranty for the G.I.F.T and Rally models, all other models are covered with a twenty-year warranty.

The warranty does not apply to material damage, such as stains, burns, cuts, tears, and other misuses that you can read about in their warranty policy. The company will replace your mattress for free if a defect occurs in the first ten years. After more than ten years, Diamond will repair or replace the mattress with a new one, for half the price of the first purchased mattress.

The company also entitles you to 120 trial nights of use for their mattresses. If in that period you are not satisfied with the mattress you can ask for a replacement or a full refund.

Customer Service

Diamond mattresses have pretty straightforward customer support. You can either reach their customer support agents via phone at 888-752-8051 or by filling out a web form on their page.

Diamond Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Diamond generally has a good reputation, in part because it’s been on the market for a very long time and because they gave the company a new, more advanced, and improved structure.

The company mattresses are reviewed by several sleep experts like NestMaven, Sleepopolis, Sleep Sherpa, and Slumber Search. Let’s see their ranking on some of these prominent rating sites.

Slumber Search rated Diamond mattresses with an overall score of 8.4 out of 10.
The Diamond mattress rating by GoodBed is 88% from 100%, based on more than 300 customer reviews.
The BBB (Better Business Bureau) rated this company with a shiny A-, but Diamond mattress doesn’t have a BBB accreditation. On the downside, this company has scored a fairly low 1-star rating/5, based on just four customer reviews.

Customer Reviews

No review is ever complete if there aren’t any comments and reviews by people who gave the product a chance. So, it’s time to hear it from the people themselves. Brace yourself for some positive and less positive verified customer reviews.

Positive Customer Reviews



(The screenshots are taken from verified customer reviews left on Slumber Search and Combo Reviews)

Negative Customer Reviews



(The screenshots are taken from verified customer reviews left on BBB and Slumber Search)

There are a lot of positive reviews but there are some negative ones that show consistency (as you can see).
Some of the past complaints are towards the customer support reaction. A big portion of the 2021 Diamond mattress reviews states the customer support representatives resolve matters quickly and efficiently.

Most negative customer reviews are about how the warranty is applied and that some of the mattresses deteriorate, create depressions, or sag within time. For example, for a mattress to be replaced the warranty will only apply if it has an indentation greater than 1.5 inches. The company doesn’t emphasize it, as some Diamond mattress customer reviews state.

Diamond Mattress Alternatives

Having a backup plan won’t do any harm. Therefore, many alternatives offer similar types of mattresses like the Diamond ones.

In this review, we decided to compare the Diamond mattresses against the ones of Tuft and Needle, Casper, and DreamCloud.

Diamond Mattress vs. Tuft and Needle

The biggest advantage of Diamond mattresses is the way they are constructed and the quality of materials used. Additionally, they produce pocket coils and also process the memory foam they use.
Their mattresses are also highly praised when it comes to body support, though some people aren’t happy with the support provided. Eventually, there are three types of firmness levels, so choose accordingly. However, it’s the durability of their mattresses that lowers their scores among customers.

Nevertheless, Tuft and Needle are equally good alternatives, since they also offer new designs and concepts supported by high-quality materials. They are known for their pressure-relief mattresses and the new concept that involves antimicrobial embedded protection in the top layer. Whereas, when it comes to edge support, customers can help it but complain about it.

Both of these brands are great in their way, and they both offer discounts (coupons, codes). For instance, Tuft and Needle have veterans discounts, while Diamond mattress doesn’t. But, when it comes to popularity, Tuft and Needle take over the lead, no matter the years of business, Diamond remains a less known brand when compared to the latter.

Diamond Mattress vs. Casper

To start with, Casper prices are way lower than the cheapest Diamond mattress offered. Or, Casper’s lowest-priced mattress costs $356, opposed to Diamond’s $899.
When it comes to new concepts and upgrades, Casper has proven to be quite the competitor, since they don’t stop surprising their loyal customers with something new in the palette of mattresses and features (like the Snow Technology).

Customer reviews are praising Casper on its edge support, whereas, Diamond doesn’t seem to sparkle in this part. On the other hand, Casper’s mattress durability can’t match the one of Diamond.
And in the end, there is a difference in the mattress warranty and trial period they offer. Diamond comes with a lifetime warranty and a 120-night trial period. Compared to Casper’s 100-night trial period and a limited warranty of ten years only.

Diamond Mattress vs. DreamCloud

Let’s start with a price comparison. DreamCloud comes with a lower price, $699, opposed to Diamond’s price of $899. Furthermore, DreamCloud’s mattresses provide great spine support, though they come with only a single level of firmness. Whereas Diamond mattresses align three types of firmness – there’s something for everyone.

Eventually, DreamCloud mattresses have a ‘stay-put technology that makes sure you won’t be disturbed by a partner who can’t stop moving in the bed. On the other hand, Diamond offers some great models with a low-motion transfer. For instance, their Intention Hybrid is a usual pick for couples.

Even though Diamond has luxury offers on its menu, still, DreamCloud has the biggest range of luxury models, compared to a good number of competitors. Speaking of luxury, did you know that DreamClouds’ covers contain a cashmere blend?

When it comes to a trial period, DreamCloud enables you a full year to get to know and love your new mattress, compared to Diamond’s 120-night trial. Yet, both brands offer a lifetime warranty on their mattresses, which is great.

Pros and Cons


  • Good temperature regulation
  • Great airflow
  • Forever warranty
  • Low motion transfer
  • Handcrafted
  • Wide variety of mattresses
  • A product line that provides customizable models


  • Doesn’t offer a long term comfort
  • Memory foam mattresses lose structure over time
  • Some models are too pricey

Wrap Up

To wrap it up. Diamond mattress reviews show these mattresses have one of the best systems that enable their excellent breathability and temperature regulation. It has really good edge support and good motion isolation. This is enabled because of the high-quality materials used, the company even produces their coils and processes the memory foam.

On the plus side, it comes with a forever warranty and with a variety of different firmness mattresses to choose from. Diamond is also one of the few companies that offer customizable mattress models.

Following numerous satisfied customer reviews revealed that ordering a Diamond mattress is like ordering handcrafted sleep wellness—one that comes with a relatively competitive price tag.


1. Can you flip a Diamond mattress?

The company does not state that you should flip the mattress. The Diamond mattress has a support layer and a comfort layer, if you flip it you are not going to get the same benefits it gives.

Flipping it can cause excessive pressure on the comfort layer and damage it. In other words, if you turn the mattress, you stand a good chance of ruining it.

2. Are Diamond mattresses made in the USA?

The company has been a family-owned business for over 70 years and all of their mattresses are made in the USA—The factory’s location is in Los Angeles, California.

3. Is a Diamond mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes, Diamond mattresses have the perfect model for side sleepers, one that needs to be either soft or medium-soft. That being said, their most suitable mattress type has to be the Intention Hybrid mattress.

Also, a truly great thing is the fact that they have a variety of mattress firmness collections to choose from.